Causes of kidney deficiency: these diseases are related to kidney deficiency

  Kidney is “the foundation of nature”. If you compare a big tree to a human being, then the tree is a kidney and can transmit nutrients. People with kidney deficiency are undernourished and are prone to “withering”. Men with kidney deficiency often go to the toilet and have erectile dysfunction. Women with kidney deficiency not only urinate more frequently and complexion is chlorosis, but also decrease libido and menstrual disorders. What are the causes of kidney deficiency? The following diseases are related to kidney deficiency and must be highly vigilant. &Nbsp.Beware of diarrhea and kidney deficiency.    People with diarrhea often have kidney deficiency, but diarrhea is not necessarily a kidney deficiency. Some people have diarrhea due to improper diet, which has nothing to do with kidney deficiency. But diarrhea for no reason may be related to kidney deficiency. People with kidney deficiency have frequent urination at night and frequent urination at night, and severe diarrhea will not stop. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, insufficient kidney yang is the main cause of diarrhea in Wugeng, and the treatment should be based on solid astringent and antidiarrheal. The effect of taking Sishen pills is significant. Sishen pills are composed of Chinese medicinal materials such as Schisandra, Evodia, Psoralen, Nutmeg, etc. Aconite and Paojiang can be added as appropriate to treat cold limbs.  Shortness of breath, be alert to kidney deficiency  Shortness of breath is related to kidney deficiency? People with shortness of breath often lack kidney qi, and when they exercise too much, they have shortness of breath, pale complexion, and even hypoxia. The main reason for shortness of breath is the lack of kidney qi and the inability to accept air, which can cause breathing problems. If the kidney qi is sufficient to receive enough air and breathe smoothly, people will not experience shortness of breath.  Impotence, be wary of kidney deficiency   Impotence is a common male disease that can be caused by kidney deficiency. Invigorating the kidney and yang is an effective method for treating impotence. People with impotence will have common symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy, erectile dysfunction, shortness of breath, and lack of energy. But in addition to kidney deficiency, damp-heat betting and blood congestion blocking the collaterals are also causes of impotence.  Tinnitus is alert to kidney deficiency  The kidney opens up to the ears. If the kidney qi is insufficient, people will experience tinnitus symptoms. Tinnitus refers to a long-term buzzing and hissing sound in the human ear under normal conditions. There are many reasons for tinnitus, such as wind-heat invading the ears, fullness and obstruction in the ears, unsuccessful emotions, and irritability. Patients with weak spleen and stomach and kidney deficiency who have tinnitus symptoms should be treated with spleen-tonifying and nourishing qi medicine.

The first prescription for invigorating the kidney: Liuwei Dihuang Decoction

&nbsp.&nbsp. Liuwei Dihuang Decoction has been circulating for nearly two thousand years. It was created by the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing, who summed up the experience of predecessors. Qian Yi, a pediatrician in Song Dynasty, subtracted Guizhi and Fuzi from the basis of Shenqi pills. &nbsp.&nbsp. The main effect of Liuwei Dihuang Decoction is to “nourish yin and nourish the kidney”. It can be used for all diseases caused by kidney yin loss and insufficient kidney yin. &nbsp.&nbsp.Many senile diseases often have symptoms of kidney yin deficiency, such as hot flashes, night sweats, palms and feet upset and hot, dry mouth and throat, insomnia and dreams, dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, red tongue, less fluid and no moss Wait. As long as it has more than 3 symptoms in the above-mentioned manifestations, it is suitable to be treated with Liuwei Dihuang Decoction. &nbsp.&nbsp.Rehmannia glutinosa congee and stew soup can be used for home conditioning. For example, use 60 grams of dried rehmannia glutinosa to decoct the concoction, boil the japonica rice with water and add the rehmannia glutinosa juice to make a gruel, which can be seasoned with sugar and eat on an empty stomach every morning and evening. This porridge can clear heat and promote fluid, cool blood and stop bleeding. It is a product for the care of patients with yin deficiency and fire. It is a good food therapy product for constipation caused by body fluid loss of the elderly.

Seven symptoms of kidney deficiency in men

 Kidney deficiency is a terrible thing for men. Kidney deficiency means that men have health problems that affect sexual function, decreased body immunity, and back pain. However, many men do not know whether they have kidney deficiency. In fact, just pay more attention to your own body, and note that if the following eight conditions occur, you may have kidney deficiency.   low back pain:    low back pain is based on kidney deficiency, which can be divided into internal injuries and strains. Internal injury and kidney deficiency generally refer to congenital deficiency, chronic illness and physical weakness or excessive fatigue. In mild cases, it is difficult to bend or stand upright, and in severe cases, heel pain and waist weakness occur. Strain and kidney deficiency refers to excessive physical exertion or long-term engagement in the same fixed posture Work (such as using a computer, driving a car, etc.) will damage the kidney qi for a long time, resulting in insufficient kidney essence.   Dizziness, tinnitus:    Many people have had the feeling of dizziness. The feeling of dizziness, spinning, nausea and vomiting is uncomfortable, and dizziness patients are often accompanied by tinnitus, which may even lead to deafness over time. The causes of dizziness and tinnitus are mostly related to the liver and kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine says that “the kidney stores the essence and produces the marrow, and the marrow accumulates for the brain.” Therefore, kidney deficiency can lead to insufficient marrow seas, loss of the brain, and dizziness and tinnitus.   Dizziness, weakness, insomnia, and dreams:   As one of the important organs of the human body, the kidney nourishes and warms other organs. If other organs remain unhealed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidney. Many chronic diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, hypertension, etc., are often accompanied by symptoms of kidney deficiency.   Cold limbs:    “Chill” refers to the feeling of being afraid of cold and wind blowing. “Cold limbs” refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even to the elbows and knees. “Chills with cold limbs” are often accompanied by kidney deficiency symptoms such as sore waist and knees, tiredness, lack of energy, lazy speech, and lack of thirst.  Asthma:   The kidneys have the function of “suppressing qi”. Due to kidney deficiency, the inability to absorb qi will cause shortness of breath, excessive exhalation and less inhalation, making it difficult to breathe freely. In severe cases, symptoms such as increased wheezing and cold sweats may occur. Nocturnal polyuria:    Generally, the frequency of nocturia is more than 2 times, or the urine volume is more than 1/4 of the whole day. In severe cases, nocturia is once an hour, and the urine volume is close to or exceeds the daytime urine volume. Such a situation is classified as “night polyuria” “. Normal urination during the day and excessive urination at night are the characteristics of this disease, mostly caused by weak kidney qi.   constipation:    people with constipation often suffer from anal fissures and hemorrhoids due to difficulty in defecation, which affects work and life, and is miserable. Although constipation is an abnormality in the conduction function of the large intestine, its root cause is kidney deficiency, because the kidney opens in the second yin and governs the second stool. The conduction of stool must be stimulated and nourished by the kidney qi to function properly.

The autumnal equinox is the time to nourish the kidney

The “fen” of the autumnal equinox means “half”. In ancient times, the autumnal equinox was divided into three periods: “The first period of thunder begins to close; the second period of sting insects; the third period of water begins to run down”. The ancients believed that thunder made its sound because of the strong yang energy. After the autumnal equinox, the yin energy began to grow strong, so thunder no longer occurred. One autumn rain and one cold, at the autumnal equinox, it’s time to nourish the kidney. Kidney, why do you need it? The ancients believed that the kidney qi and feet are strong. A person’s life will inevitably go through the stages of birth, old age, sickness and death, and the growth and development or decline of the body at each stage depends on the rise and fall of kidney essence and kidney qi. After the autumnal equinox, the plants and trees gradually wither, and all things begin to die. The cold air is in the body, and the cold air communicates with the kidneys, so it is said that the Yang Qi of the kidneys is most consumed in winter. An injury to the Yang Qi of the kidney can easily cause cold, cold, low back and knee pain, frequent nocturia, etc. The weakness of the kidney qi can damage the kidney yin, and dizziness and tinnitus will also accompany it. It can be seen that nourishing the kidneys in four seasons, especially after the autumnal equinox, should pay more attention to the maintenance of the kidneys. Modern research believes that kidney qi is closely related to human immune function. After the weather becomes cold, nourishing the kidney can not only enhance the body’s ability to resist the cold, but also improve the body’s immunity and disease resistance, and delay aging. The lung is the master of qi, and the kidney is the root of qi. The kidney can absorb the clear qi inhaled by the lung and prevent superficial breathing. If the kidney’s function of receiving qi is normal, the breathing is even and regulated. If the kidney does not receive qi, the symptoms of asthma will appear at every turn, and the symptoms of breathing more and less breathing can occur. After the weather turns cold, respiratory diseases enter the season of high incidence, and nourishing the kidneys helps the lungs breathe and naturally absorbs the qi, so as to achieve the effect of “guiding the kidney and protecting essence” and prolonging life. Attention should be paid to nourishing the kidneys throughout the year, especially in autumn, when the elderly and children are particularly prone to asthma. This is the manifestation of kidney deficiency. The autumnal equinox generally needs to replenish the kidney in advance, and the kidney can be replenished before it is easy to pass the winter, which is equivalent to taking the amount in advance. There are many foods that can nourish the kidney. In addition to black black sesame seeds, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other black foods that can nourish the kidneys, it is also recommended to eat more walnuts, medlar, lotus seeds, snow fungus, ginseng and other foods that invigorate the spleen and kidney during the autumnal equinox. Adequate sleep plays an important role in the biochemistry of qi and blood and the maintenance of kidney essence. It is clinically found that many patients with renal failure have the experience of staying up late, over-fatigue, and lack of sleep. Therefore, do not stay up too late, develop good work and rest habits, go to bed early and get up early, which is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence. In autumn, ensure adequate and balanced nutrition. In addition, the reasonable arrangement of three meals a day is also very important. It is necessary to follow the principles of eating well in the morning, having a full lunch, and eating less in the evening, and allocate them appropriately. When eating, do not swallow it hungrily and chew slowly, so that the intestines and stomach can better digest and absorb the nutrients in the food, and it is also conducive to maintaining the water in the intestines, which plays a role in promoting body fluid and moisturizing. In addition, keep your mood happy, Mo Beiqiu. The autumnal equinox is the solar term that equals the time of day and night. It also follows the law of balance between yin and yang in health preservation, so that the body maintains “yin and yang secret”. “Autumn Equinox” Autumn is high and fresh, and the climate is getting cooler. Patients with stomach problems should keep their stomach warm. People suffering from chronic gastritis should pay special attention to keeping the stomach warm, adding clothes in time, and sleeping at night with a quilt. In addition, we must pay attention to the taboos, do not eat too cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, too sticky food, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid overeating. At the autumn equinox, pay attention to adding “autumn clothes.” In the autumnal equinox, the weather turns cooler, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and human immunity will also decrease. At this time, bacteria can easily invade and people are also prone to get sick. It is recommended to always pay attention to weather changes and add clothes in time to prevent colds. Today’s society is becoming more and more open, and the temptation people are facing is also growing. White-collar workers, including some adolescents, often “fail in mind and move rashly with each other”, and the kidney essence is darkly drained, which directly causes kidney essence damage. How to avoid this situation, in addition to strengthening the knowledge and education of nourishing the kidneys, we should also cultivate other hobbies and enrich their cultural activities, such as practicing calligraphy, learning painting, exercising, etc., to enrich their spiritual world and broaden their minds. Cultivate sentiment, build a strong body, develop a good attitude and good habits of self-cleaning and positive.

Fear is the source of the first kidney injury!

Fear is the source of the first kidney injury! Many people think that it hurts the kidneys if they are tired or having sex too much. In fact, there is a fundamental reason for kidney damage, that is, fear of kidney damage. I do not advocate forcing a child to do what he does not want to do, because it will be very miserable, and that kind of fear can only be realized in his own heart. Especially with violence such as intimidation or cursing, the child’s kidney qi will definitely be hurt, and the consequence of injury will be self-defeating. Unconscious life will feel a lot of uneasiness, because this kind of uneasiness triggers a compensatory reaction that becomes obsessed with the fame, fortune, power, and face of the material world, like. The drowning man grabbed as desperately as driftwood. Children who have childhood shadows or grow up intimidated generally have weaker kidney qi. And the insecurity will accompany the whole life and continue to damage the kidney qi. For example, a common real case in our daily life: a chicken in a chicken farm was terrified in an earthquake and did not regenerate eggs. The owner of the chicken farm went to get some Liuwei Dihuang Wan to feed the chicken and try it out. Sure enough, the chicken started laying eggs again after eating Liuwei Dihuang Wan. If a person is in a state of “dementia”, it is possible that his sexual desire will also become particularly large, because the ladder of his life ambition has been cut off, and the kidney qi has no chance to go up. Anyone who is unwilling to face and defeat the real world is considered disappointed. However, if you escape into a “closed addiction” world because you can’t face the real world well-addiction may be stamp collecting or reading comics. People have various forms of addiction, and some have love addiction. One day, no one loves him and he can’t live. All addictions are because this person does not have enough ambition and courage to let him face the truth in real life, so that he is very dissatisfied with reality. Anyone who is addicted to “addiction” activities often cannot suppress his sexual desire, because his kidney qi can only go down but not up, and he refuses to sublimate his kidney qi. This phenomenon is often related to plaything loss. So if you are a person who has the shadow of childhood fear and is scared to have no sense of security for a lifetime; or you are a person who is not satisfied in the real world and has no ambitions. Your kidney qi is difficult to replenish, no matter what supplements you take, it won’t work. Because the sequelae of fear has been devouring and hollowing out your kidney qi. What should I do if the kidney is overdrawn? It’s not taking medicine or tonifying the kidney, but the first thing to do is to resolve fear and unwillingness. Worrying about this and that all day long, the kidney will hurt after a long time. Ideals cannot be satisfied, escape from reality, and kidney qi cannot grow. After a long period of time, there will be no kidney qi. Without kidney qi, the ambition will disappear, and this person will become hopeless!

What is the difference between “Qing” with deficiency of lung qi and “Qing” with deficiency of kidney qi?

What is the difference between “Qing” with deficiency of lung qi and “Qing” with deficiency of kidney qi? 1. Deficiency of lung qi, caused by wheezing: symptoms: shortness of breath, low timidity, snoring in the throat, weak coughing, thin sputum, spontaneous sweating, fear of wind, easy to catch colds, red tongue, pulse weak. Treatment method: nourishing the lung and replenishing qi. Recipe: Bufei Decoction and Yupingfeng Powder. In the prescription, ginseng, astragalus, and Atractylodes atractylodes nourishes lung qi; Fangfeng helps Astragalus to nourish qi and protect; Schisandra chinensis condenses the lung and relieves asthma; Rehmannia glutinosa nourishes essence to dissipate qi; Aster and mulberry bark phlegm to benefit lung qi. If cold phlegm is full, add stalactites, perilla, and coltsfoot flower to warm the lungs to relieve phlegm and relieve asthma. If there is less food and loose stools, qi in the abdomen, lung and spleen have the same disease, it can be treated with Buzhong Yiqi Decoction. If accompanied by cough, choking, sputum, low quality and stickiness, irritating heat, dry mouth, flushing complexion, red tongue, thin tongue, thin pulse, and deficiency of both qi and yin, you can use Shengmai San plus adenophora, polygonatum, lily, etc. to nourish qi and nourish yin. If phlegm is hard to come out, add Fritillaria, Trichosanthis to moisten lungs and resolve phlegm. 2. Asthma caused by kidney qi deficiency: Symptoms: prolonged wheezing, short breath, excessive exhalation and less inhalation, excessive wheezing when moving, no continuous breathing, frequent incontinence due to coughing in urine, or leaching after urination, thin and tired , Face and limbs are cold, or have tarsus, pale tongue, thin fur, fine or weak pulse. Treatment: Tonifying the kidney and qi. Recipe: Jinkui Shenqi Pills and Ginseng Clam Powder. The front warms and nourishes the kidney yang, and the rear receives qi to the kidney. You can also add curculio, fairy spleen, amethyst, agarwood, etc. to warm the kidney and soothe the breath and relieve asthma. If you see cough, dry mouth and pharynx, red zygomatic lips, red tongue, less fluid, and thin pulse, this is kidney yin deficiency. Qiweiduqi pill and Shengmai powder can be used to nourish yin and absorb qi. If it is both standard and solid, turbid phlegm and lungs, wheezing and coughing, too much sputum, shortness of breath, full of stuffiness, greasy moss, this is the symptom of “upper solidity and lower deficiency”. Tonga amethyst, agarwood, etc. Kidney deficiency and shortness of breath, often accompanied by blood stasis, such as face, lips, claw nails, tongue, dark and dark, sublingual green veins, etc., can be added peach kernel, safflower, chuanxiong, etc.

Do these seven points to nourish the kidney in autumn

The dog days have passed, and the temperature has gradually cooled down, and the imprints of autumn are becoming more and more obvious. Spring is born in summer, and autumn is harvested in winter. Autumn is the main “harvest” and communicates with the lungs. So, is autumn just a season for lung nourishment, and has nothing to do with kidney maintenance? actually not! “Autumn harvest” is not only related to the lungs, but also to the heart and kidneys; if the “autumn harvest” is not done well, it will affect the “winter storage”, and lead to insufficient kidney qi and kidney essence. So, how do we carry out autumn regimen? Sleep is the best kidney replenishing medicine. As the saying goes, “Medicine is not as good as food tonic, and food is not as good as sleep tonic”, which means that a good night’s sleep is worse than taking tonic. Sleep in the four seasons. In spring and summer, you should “lie late and get up early”; in winter, you should “lie early and get up late”. In autumn, you should “lie early and get up early”. It is best to get up before sunrise, not too late. Adequate sleep can ensure that there is enough blood to return to the internal organs and nourish the kidneys. Scientific and reasonable exercise As the saying goes, life lies in exercise. Some people with poor kidneys have poor physical strength and exercise. Don’t think that exercise is of no use to the kidneys. In fact, it is not. The various organs in the human body actually affect each other. Many acupuncture points correspond to the various organs in our body. To give the simplest example, there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet that are connected to our kidneys. Therefore, jogging or exercising more often has many benefits for the kidneys. Especially many people nowadays sit for a whole day due to work reasons, and do not move around. Sitting for a long time can cause great damage to the kidneys. The kidneys of the human body are hidden in the waist. If you do not pay attention to this aspect, it may cause damage to the kidneys Causes varying degrees of damage. With a healthy diet, we must have a reasonable and healthy diet in our daily lives. Many patients with kidney diseases are caused by poor eating habits. It is common to take too much salt into the body. Long-term consumption of too salty food may cause damage to the kidneys, so you must usually eat a low-salt diet. Especially for people with poor kidneys, they should get used to a light diet. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the reasonable combination of meat and vegetables. Don’t eat big fish or overeating. These bad habits will all Affect kidney health. Although it is said that “spring will cover autumn freezing” to keep warm well, but “one autumn rain and one cold, ten autumn rains need to add cotton”, and “autumn freezing” must have a degree. It is necessary to insist on “autumn freezing” and Make sure not to hurt your body due to cold. We must be flexible. When the weather changes smoothly or at noon when the climate is warmer, it is okay to wear less clothes. But once there is a strong cold air activity that causes the temperature to drop sharply or when the temperature is very low in the morning and evening, you should increase your clothing in a timely and appropriate manner to keep warm. Regulating emotions, autumn is bleak, touches the scene, and is easy to lose. At this time, you should maintain a peaceful and calm heart to ease the autumn and solemn air. It’s fine to go out to play with family and friends, climb up to the distance, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, adding more fun to life. Abstinence nourishing essence “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says that “spring and summer nourish yang, autumn and winter nourish yin”, “autumn and winter nourish yin” means that people should follow the law of nature in autumn and winter, and pay attention to the accumulation of yin essence. The climate is cold and severe in autumn. People should follow the natural law of autumn harvest and winter storage in the autumn and winter season, “convergence of kidney qi”, should be restrained in sexual life, and avoid injury to the kidney due to sexual strain. Scientific drinking water is relatively dry in autumn, so you should take the initiative to drink water every day and drink less frequently to ensure that there will be no symptoms of water shortage in the body. Of course, we must also grasp the principle of drinking water according to the amount of intake, that is, the amount of intake is based on the amount of output. Drink plenty of water quickly. In addition to drinking water, we can also eat some seasonal fruits. &nbsp.

Men have these 4 major manifestations, be careful to incarnate a man with kidney deficiency!

In TV commercials, it is said every day that improper sexual intercourse and exhaustion can cause a man’s kidney deficiency, causing weakness in the waist and knees, impotence, and tinnitus. What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency in men? What should I do about kidney deficiency? Symptom 1: Polyuria at night. Over the past half month, I have increased the number of nights and urine output, and sometimes I even have to get up 3 to 4 times a night. No one can sleep well, and doze off at work during the day. I’m really afraid of being seen by my boss. Generally speaking, the frequency of nocturia is more than twice, or the amount of urine exceeds 1/4 of the whole day. In severe cases, it even rises at night once an hour, and the amount of urine is close to or more than the amount of urine during the day. This situation is ” Peeing at night”. Urine is normal during the day, except for more urine at night, and polyphagia is caused by weak kidney qi. If you want a radical cure, you must grasp the step of Wenfu’s innate kidney-yang qi. Only by strengthening the function of invigorating and absorbing qi in the kidney can the effect of yang and yin retreat be obtained. Symptom 2: Dizziness and tinnitus For this auto show, I have been busy with my colleagues for a month and a half. Although the project is progressing smoothly now, my body is ill. I often experience dizziness and tinnitus during work, and sometimes even faint suddenly. Many people have experienced dizziness. The feeling of spinning around the world is really uncomfortable. In addition, dizziness patients often have tinnitus, which affects their hearing and causes deafness in the long term. The cause of dizziness and tinnitus are mostly related to liver and kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that “the kidney stores the essence and produces the marrow, and the marrow accumulates for the brain.” Therefore, kidney deficiency will lead to insufficient marrow sea and loss of the brain, resulting in dizziness and tinnitus. For such patients with kidney deficiency, it is necessary to replenish kidney qi, and the essence and feet will be full, which can naturally eliminate dizziness and tinnitus. Symptom 3: Constipation A year ago, I started to suffer from constipation. When it was “convenient”, it was almost painful. Although I have taken a laxative from the doctor, it is only a temporary effect and can only solve the pain for a day or two. Due to difficulty in defecation, constipation will have symptoms such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids, which have a great impact on work and life. Although constipation should belong to the abnormal conduction function of the large intestine, the root cause is still caused by kidney deficiency. This is because the kidney opens to the second yin and governs the second stool. The conduction of stool must be stimulated and nourished by the kidney qi to play a normal role. The treatment of constipation should start with the treatment of kidney deficiency. You can consume some Chinese medicines with the effects of nourishing the kidney and promoting yang, nourishing the intestines, and nourishing the essence and blood of the stool, such as hemp seed and fleece-flower root, but should be taken under the guidance of professional Chinese physicians. Symptom 4: Low back pain I always feel sore and uncomfortable in my waist when I come in. When playing golf with a client, I feel pain when I use a little bit of force. The root of low back pain is kidney deficiency, which can be divided into strain and internal injury. Internal injury and kidney deficiency usually refer to congenital deficiency, chronic illness, weakness, or overwork. Mild symptoms include difficulty in bending or standing upright, and severe symptoms such as heel pain and waist weakness. Strain generally refers to too heavy a physical burden, or the same movement for a long time, such as driving, using a computer, etc., which will damage the kidneys in the long term. Qi causes insufficient kidney essence. If low back pain occurs frequently and cannot be relieved after rest, it must be solved by kidney-tonifying methods, such as Jinkuishenqi Pills, Liuwei Dihuang Pills, and Dabuyin Pills. They should also be consumed under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners.

The kidney is good, everything is good, the kidney is bad

The kidney has three main functions: one is to store essence, the other is to hold qi, and the third is to produce bone marrow. That is to say, the kidney is responsible for the growth of bones, and the birth is the marrow. According to the ancient Chinese medicine “Huang Di Neijing”, the marrow is divided into brain marrow, bone marrow and spinal cord. Bone marrow is used for hematopoiesis. Bone marrow deficiency is due to insufficient kidney essence and kidney qi. The kidneys decide whether the body is good or bad! Kidney is not good before aging! The kidney is good, everything is good, the kidney is bad, and the disease is full of kidney deficiency. It is a general term. It is mainly divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. These two symptoms are different. Patients with kidney yang deficiency are afraid of cold and edema, cold and pain in the waist and legs, frequent urination, chronic diarrhea accompanied by sexual dysfunction, impotence, nocturnal emission, and premature ejaculation. Patients with kidney yin deficiency are mainly haggard, sore back, and weakness of lower limbs. Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral thrombosis, uremia, renal failure, etc. are all complications of nephropathy caused by the late stage of kidney deficiency. In the early stage, they only felt a bit of kidney deficiency. Most people think they are not sick and will not pay attention, so they ignore The maintenance of the kidneys. As everyone knows, nourishing the kidneys, in fact, is often supporting their own lives! The following three, beware, your kidneys may have developed symptoms of weakness. Symptoms of kidney deficiency in men 1. Excessive sexual intercourse When you are in bed with your girlfriend or wife, “please do not think of Shu” Kidney deficiency phenomena such as forgetfulness, backache and so on! If this balance is broken, men will develop impotence, premature ejaculation, synovial fluid, semen disease and other diseases. 2. Hair loss and gray-haired mental workers have been under high pressure for a long time, and have no time to take care of exercise. In addition, the imbalanced diet causes weak kidney qi and weak blood and qi. Both are causes of gray hair. If the hair turns white or the kidney qi is weak, . 3. Backache and backache Chinese medicine believes that “the waist is the palace of the kidneys”, and kidney deficiency can be reflected as backache, which is characterized by painful pain after fatigue! Low back pain is basically due to kidney deficiency, chronic illness, or excessive fatigue. Long-term work in the same fixed posture (using a computer, driving, etc.) will damage kidney qi over time, resulting in insufficient kidney essence. 4. When the fatigued kidney function is not good, many wastes are difficult to be excreted from the urine, and there will be feelings of lack of energy, fatigue, fatigue, etc. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients leak from the kidneys, and excreted through the urine, there will be boring performance. 5. Loss of appetite does not want to eat, anorexia, or even nausea, vomiting, is also a common symptom of kidney disease. Some patients always go to the Department of Gastroenterology or Hepatology first to see if they have stomach or liver disease. If they don’t have stomach or liver disease, they leave it alone and forget to see a nephrologist, which delays their condition. Many women think that kidney deficiency is only a man’s business. Kidney repair is a man’s patent. If you often have pain in your lower back, you may find that your face is dull, dark circles around your eyes, and lack of luster after removing makeup. This may be the cause of kidney deficiency. The kidneys are good, everything is good, the kidneys are not good, the symptoms of kidney deficiency in women with a variety of diseases 1, hair loss, a lot of hair on the pillow when you wake up in the morning. The woman’s breasts began to sag, and fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. 2. Insufficiency of blood and energy, he looks dauntless and yellow every day. He doesn’t dare to go out without makeup. He has dry skin, dying hair, dry and cracked nails, dizzy eyesight, numbness of hands and feet, tiredness, insomnia, dreaminess, forgetfulness, palpitation, and trance. Kidney deficiency causes qi and blood to fail to function properly. 3. Decreased sexual performance Your husband clearly expressed sexual requirements for you, but you often feel exhausted and have no desire. The husband even suspects that you have an affair. Teacher Zhelong 4. Urinary problems: I often get up at night. I have frequent urination during the day (deficiency of kidney yang) or symptoms of low urine volume (deficiency of kidney yin). 5. Insomnia often can’t sleep at night, even if asleep, and always dreaming, the quality is very bad. 6. The memory has dropped. What I thought about yesterday is not remembered today. Teacher Zhelong 7. Irregular menstruation Irregular menstruation, often pushed back or more than a week in advance, menstrual leak, menstrual period is long, the amount is small but dripping, even leading to infertility. 8. The waist and knees are sore and stooped for a long time or a little exercise will feel backache; a little standing time will feel leg pain. 9. Dark circles and bags under the eyes wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and find that your eyes become fisheyes, and there are terrible bags under your eyes and dark circles. You often feel pain in your eyes, and your eyes are dazzled. There is no longer a bright sense of seeing things. Kidney is good, everything is good, kidney is bad

Tiangui decides your ups and downs and takes good care of your kidneys

First let’s understand the function of the lower kidney: 01. Tibetan essence kidney is mainly Tibetan essence. The growth and development of the human body are related to the essence in our kidneys. What we derive from the father’s sperm and mother’s egg can produce this life embryo. , And then gestated into a complete life. Therefore, the kidney master stores essence. 02. The main reproductive kidney is the main sexual desire reproduction and reproductive system. The kidney of traditional Chinese medicine is very different from the kidney of western medicine. For example, the kidney of western medicine may be a detoxified organ of a urinary tract, but the kidney of our traditional Chinese medicine , It is a system. It is a huge system that is related to our growth and development and the impact of bones on intellectual development on reproductive development. In Chinese medicine, the kidney is compared to the energy of Tiangui. Our human heart can supply blood. Through the blood supply of the heart, our blood is distributed to all parts of the body, then nourished, and then opened and closed by our lungs, and then the body is realized. The gas exchange transfers our oxygen to the whole body through the cardiopulmonary circulation. So the tangible pump is the heart and lungs, but in fact there is an invisible pump in the distance of life. This pump is called the Tiangui pump. In the current language, it is the pump of kidney energy. This is what we have to say One topic that came to be called the source of life. The energy of the kidneys is the source of our lives. Kidney qi is sufficient, the kidney’s source of power will promote our body’s growth, growth, strength and prosperity, until the death of life. So kidney and sex and reproduction are closely related. 03. Some of the main growth and development people have received the innate energy of their parents, so it is said that they are born to be healthier. Now we have some reports that some children are not afraid of cold in winter, and they are not afraid of cold in winter. That is, the innate endowment is very sufficient, so that the child’s immunity and cold resistance are better, but on the contrary, some children suffer from the lack of energy of their parents and the energy of the sky, and they appear to be frail and sick, and they will die seriously. So the kidneys are growing and developing. Some girls have stunted growth and flat chest when puberty comes. Some boys have smaller testicles, smaller penis, and smaller buttocks, so these are all caused by insufficient energy of Kidney Qi Tiangui. 04. The main bone is the bone marrow and the ambition is that our kidney qi is enough and our skeletal system is relatively strong. When people reach the age of 50 or 60, due to the decline of kidney qi, this time they can not be well nourished to the bone marrow, it will make calcium Loss leads to osteoporosis, so the kidney is the main bone and the marrow is born. There is a lumen in the middle of the bone. The content of this lumen is full and filled with marrow. When the marrow is sufficient, this healthy level of the human body is It will be relatively high, and when the spinal cord is full of energy, our brain will be well nourished and supplied, and it will show that the brain has strong memory and good memory. So on the contrary, if our medullary emptiness and brain medullary emptiness will cause us to lose our memory, it will cause forgetfulness or even severe cases, it will produce Heimz disease. So the bones of the kidney give birth to the bone marrow. After the bone marrow is full, we can still have strong ambitions and strong courage. However, if we have insufficient kidney energy and deficiency of kidney energy, it will make us depressed and make our hero short of breath. Therefore, the kidney has a considerable relationship with our ambitions. 05. Kidney water, for example, our urine is the kidney supervisor, when our body fluid metabolism is disordered, the body may have edema, men may have hypnotism, and even affect the prostate. For example, hyperplasia, hypertrophy, inflammation, this will affect the distribution of such a function of the main kidney fluid. Water in our body accounts for 60%-70%, and it reaches 80% during infancy, so water is very important for every living body. We believe that the water intake of a person in 24 hours must be moderate. Of drivers are not convenient to urinate because of his work, many drivers hold back urine, or simply do not drink water for a long time, it will damage the kidneys. Some driver friends, because of the long drinking time, the filtration of the kidney and the metabolism of the kidney are disturbed. Leading to uremia, it is too late to discover at this time. Therefore, drink at least 1500ml per day, but do not advocate excessive drinking. Excessive drinking will increase the burden on the kidneys, so this is to drink water to a moderate level. 06. Kidney masters qi. On the surface, we see that our breathing is the opening and closing of the lungs. This contraction and expansion of the alveoli are completed, but in fact, the kidney is also involved

How do men understand their sexual function?

Sexual function has been crucial for men from ancient times to the present. Why do you say this? Because it concerns the issues of male self-esteem and future generations, the prominence also has a charm bonus, which is often more popular. Many men want to know whether they have strong functions in this respect. From a medical point of view, how to distinguish them? Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the strength of male sexual function can be concluded by observing the finger, because the hand is the epitome of all the organs of the human body, and can reflect whether the function of many organs is maintained in a normal state. Not only can you detect the signal of the disease, but you can also know some abnormalities that are not easy to see. Under the vertical bisector of the male middle finger, the left and right sides above the focal zone have too many lines, and the concave line is too heavy. It is easy to have genital function problems, especially impotence and premature ejaculation; and the small and small fingers are prone to kidney qi and kidney yang Symptoms of insufficiency, this situation is also manifested as waist and knee soreness, and sexual function is not strong. Have male health problems? Click here to consult the human tongue online to connect with multiple organs such as heart, liver, spleen and kidney, and the base of tongue is connected to the kidney to observe whether the reproductive function is normal. Generally speaking, the tongue of normal Jiangang should be light red and thin white fur. If the tongue is light and light in color, it means that the waist and knees of men are sore and the hands and feet are easy to cool. This is a sign of insufficient kidney qi and kidney yang, which will naturally affect Male sexual function. Men’s sexual function is directly linked to their mental health. Men who are not tired and full of energy are generally very strong in this respect, and conditioning is essential. Therefore, men should pay special attention to diet, sports, daily life and rest in order to have a good body.

Is the test tube the golden key to open the door to pregnancy?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. I met a couple in the outpatient clinic last week, married for a long time without pregnancy, the man’s sperm motility is low, but it will not affect the pregnancy, although the woman’s menstrual cycle is normal, but premenstrual irritability, irritability, The amount of menstrual flow is too small. Judging from the examination, neither of them had much problems, but it was difficult to get pregnant. So the two went to a test tube, but the result was not implanted twice. So he was recommended by Western medicine to see Chinese medicine. Combining the symptoms and pulse of the two people, considering from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the current physical condition of the two people is difficult to get pregnant, why? The pulse of the man is Shen Xiaomai, especially the bilateral ulnar veins, there is no strength at all, and the pulse is sometimes paused, which is what we call the knot vein. This is a serious pulse of kidney qi. He also said that he often feels Weakness, sweat, panic, dizziness, qi deficiency is undoubtedly. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the main reproduction, and kidney qi has a very important role in reproduction. People with kidney qi deficiency have no passion when the couple is in the same room, but only routinely complete the task. In this case, how can sperm have the power to advance? Besides, the woman has a weak liver pulse string and a weak spleen pulse. Combined with the premenstrual response, there is obvious liver depression and spleen deficiency. Many women who are not pregnant for a long time will have abnormal liver pulses, which is the cause of mental and emotional stress. Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the main source of drainage, liver blood is sufficient, and liver qi is smooth. All physiological functions of the human can function normally. If the pressure is too long, or staying up late for a long time, and the staleness of tantrums will damage the liver blood and cause liver qi stagnation. This can affect ovulation. Some people have ovulation, but poor tubal peristalsis or poor endometrial receptivity can also affect fertilization and implantation. Therefore, for those who want to become pregnant, especially those who want to conceive naturally, they must first adjust their bodies and conserve the “seed” soil to get a good pregnancy, and the future baby will be healthier. . Test tube is not a golden key, a good body is!

Causes of death syndrome in Lanzhou male

The cause of death syndrome? Death spermia is one of the main “killers” that cause infertility in many men, and there are many reasons for male friends to have death sperm. So, what causes men to suffer from death syndrome? Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital ( will take you to take a closer look. The main causes of death syndrome are as follows: 1. Inflammation of the sexual reproductive organs can cause congestion and edema of the reproductive organs, blood stasis, and ischemia and hypoxia, leading to sperm death. In chronic spermatitis, fructose secretion decreases and sperm die. Orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, the secretion is affected, and the trace element zinc is reduced, the sperm metabolism is affected and died, and the cause can be targeted for targeted treatment. Dead sperm disease refers to a decrease in the survival rate of sperm. If the death sperm exceeds 40%, this disease is one of the causes of male infertility. 2. Necrosis is mostly due to deficiency of kidney qi, or weak endowment, congenital deficiency of kidney qi, or early marriage, unreasonable sex, overwork, or masturbation, damage to kidney qi, dysfunction of sperm production , Lethal increase in sperm. Or factors such as lack of body yin and blood, or excessive use of warm and dry yin products, or emotional internal injuries, yin essence and dark consumption, etc., cause kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency and fire, and kidney sperm, causing sperm death. 3. Syndrome differentiation is common in kidney qi deficiency, kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. Kidney qi deficiency type, often accompanied by fatigue, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, frequent urination, etc. Kidney yang deficiency type, often accompanied by low back pain, impotence, impotence, cold limbs, etc. Kidney yin deficiency type, often accompanied by five upset fever , Night sweats, dry mouth and throat. The overall treatment is mainly to warm the kidney and kidney. How to judge death syndrome? Semen laboratory examination found that dead sperm accounted for more than 40%, can be diagnosed as the disease. Those who have artificially increased dead sperm due to improper inspection methods or not in accordance with normal regulations, or who have extremely weak or inactive sperm motility but are not really dead sperm are not considered to be the disease. If the abstinence time is too long, the number of dead sperm will increase and the sperm survival rate will decrease. Sperm also have different survival time under different environments and temperature conditions, such as in cold or hot environments. The two should be distinguished from dead sperm disease. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: com&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.:

Kidney is the foundation of human life

“Kidney is the basis of human life” was proposed by Zhang Daning, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, in the early 1980s. It is an important discussion involving basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, clinical diagnosis and treatment, health and disease prevention, and longevity. Zhang Daning believes that the entire life activity of the human body has a direct or indirect relationship with the kidney. The essence in the kidney is the material basis of the entire life activity of the human body. Ancient people’s understanding of the importance of kidney “Kidney” is an important content of the theory of viscera in traditional Chinese medicine, which has been more comprehensively discussed in “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”. With the development of medicine, relevant theories and practical researches on kidney have been continuously deepened. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has unique insights into the importance of the “kidney” function. For example, “Su Wen·Linglan Secret Code”, when discussing the viscera, gives the kidney function “a strong official, skillful Yan’s position. “Zuoqiang”, which means “stronger than work”, refers to people’s “physical strength”; “trick” means “skill, dexterity, and intelligence” and refers to the “intelligence” of the human body. In other words, the physical strength and intelligence of the human body are the responsibility of the kidney. Coupled with the statement that the essence gas in the kidney affects the life span of the human body, the important position of the kidney in human life activities can be seen. “Difficult Sutra” specifically pointed out the concept of “life gate”, “the left is the kidney, the right is the life gate.” Zhang Daning believes that the essence of Mingmen is the kidney, and “Mingmen” is an integral part of the kidney. The proposal of Mingmen laid a foundation for the later generation theory of “the main fire of the Mingmen, the kidney yang”. The medical sage Zhang Zhongjing comprehensively discussed the common clinical renal diseases in “Treatise on Typhoid Miscellaneous Diseases”, and formulated effective treatments and prescriptions. The famous Bawei Shenqi Pills are derived from this. Later, in Chao Yuanfang’s “On the Origin of Diseases”, Sun Simiao’s “Thousand Gold Recipes”, Qian Yi’s “Straight to Children’s Proof”, Zhu Danxi’s “Ge Zhi Yu Lun”, Zhang Jingyue’s “Jing Yue Quan Shu”, etc. The deeper the understanding of the physiology and pathology of the kidney in the life activities of the human body, the more comprehensive the treatment of syndrome differentiation of various common clinical kidney deficiency syndromes. The Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, created by the Qian Yi in the Song Dynasty based on the theory of “Kidney Deficiency, No Reality” and “Everytime Care for Yin”, has become a classic prescription for nourishing kidney and yin in traditional Chinese medicine. On the basis of the systematic research of medical classics in the history of medical classics, Zhao Xianke of the Ming Dynasty put forward new theories through a long period of clinical practice, brought the kidney and life gate to the highest position of human life activities, and wrote “Medical Medicine”. Zhao Xianke believes that the fundamental life activity of the human body is “the life and fire of life”, that is, “true yin and true yang”, in fact it is “kidney yin and kidney yang”. B’s Liuwei Dihuang Pills; lack of kidney yang, that is, the lack of Mingmen Huo, Zhongzhong Bawei Shenqi Pills. The kidney is the foundation of human life. “Su Wen·Six-section Theory of Visceral Image” says: “The main sting of the kidney is the essence of the seal, and the essence is also.” The essence of the kidney includes the innate essence and the acquired essence. For the parents, the latter is derived from the food water valley and is derived from the spleen and stomach. Both are hidden in the kidney, and they are used for each other and depend on each other, becoming the material basis of human life activities. Kidney storage essence, refined qi, kidney essence belongs to yin, kidney qi belongs to yang, in a certain sense, kidney essence and kidney yin, kidney qi and kidney yang are the same, but there are differences in the use of clinical syndrome differentiation . Kidney yin is the foundation of yin fluid, and kidney yang is the foundation of yang qi. Therefore, the essence of kidney constitutes the material basis of the overall renal function of traditional Chinese medicine. In order to systematically explain the function of Chinese medicine kidney, Zhang Daning summarized the kidney function into the following ten aspects. The kidney is related to human growth and development. The process of human growth and aging stems from the rise and fall of essence in the kidney. “Su Wen·Ancient Naive Theory” said: “A woman is seven years old with strong kidney qi and longer teeth; from two to seven days, the sky is so long… Bad and childless. Husband is eight years old, kidney qi is strong, hair is long and teeth are more… Eight or eight teeth are gone” clearly points out the close relationship between human body growth, growth, strength, old age and the rise and fall of essence in the kidney . Strong qi in the kidney is young and long-lived, and inadequate qi is premature. Therefore, the clinical treatment of premature premature aging and health and longevity must start from the essence of the kidney. Kidney and Respiratory Function Respiratory function of the human body depends on the lungs and kidneys. Although the breath depends on the lungs, the inhalation of air is closely related to the kidneys. Kidney master breathing, “Dysmenorrhea · Four Difficulties” cloud: “exhale heart and lungs, inhale liver and kidneys.” In the Qing Dynasty, Lin Peiqin said in “Treatment of Syndrome”: “The lung is the main qi, the kidney is the root of the qi, the lung is the qi, the kidney is the qi, the yin and yang intersect, and the breath is peace.” Lin

Masturbation loss-pleasure and sentimental

“Eating food and sex”, as a part of sexual behavior, masturbation is a natural instinct. After a person’s sexual organs are mature, changes in hormone levels will prompt people to unconsciously stimulate the genitals, thereby producing a pleasant feeling. In the case of sexual depression, proper masturbation is good for the body and mind and can loosen the depressed heart. But everything has a degree, too much indulge in the pleasure brought by masturbation, it is bound to suffer the pain caused by excessive body consumption. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is responsible for reproduction, the liver is responsible for the discharge, and the completion of sexual behavior is to consume kidney essence and liver blood. Excessive discharge of sperm will inevitably consume kidney essence, damage the kidney qi, and cause waist and knee weakness, fatigue and laziness. Dizziness, tinnitus, nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation are the symptoms of kidney deficiency. Liver blood should be nourished by kidney essence. Insufficiency of kidney essence means liver blood deficiency, and the performance of neurasthenia such as forgetful insomnia, depression and anxiety. If these injuries occur prematurely, it will lead to adolescent developmental delay and long-term mental and physical decline, seriously affecting the quality of life. Therefore, masturbation is not impossible, but to master the degree of goodness, you can judge the condition of kidney qi according to whether it is easy to backache after masturbation. If it is easy to backache, you should rest well and you can’t hurt it.

Can you see the kidneys in these six parts?

The kidney is one of the important organs of a person. Whether the kidney is good or not is related to the health of this person. However, as people’s biochemical habits and dietary habits change, more and more people have kidney problems. So, how does kidney deficiency affect people? How about looking at one’s kidneys? Kidney deficiency eventually leads to kidney yin and yang deficiency, which causes discomfort to the body. These symptoms vary depending on the deficiency of kidney yin and yang. For example, female friends with kidney yang deficiency are prone to cold and cold limbs, waist and knee pain, and fatigue. Etc.; kidney yin deficiency is mainly manifested as sore waist and knees, frequent upset fever, hot flashes, zygomatic red, night sweats and insomnia. What do you think of a kidney? Observing these 6 parts, you can see 1. Eyes and eyes are the windows of the soul, and it is also a barometer of human health. From the color and clarity of the eyes, you can see the health of the kidneys. If the eyes are clear and divine, it means that qi and blood are enough, and if the eyes are dull, dull and dull, and the eyes are cloudy, it means that the kidney is inadequate. 2. The quality and appearance of ears are closely related to the quality of kidneys. If the ears are large, the flesh is rich and soft, and the earlobe is full, it indicates that the person is in good nutrition. If the outline of the two ears is small, and the meat of the earlobe is thin, and the cartilage of the ear is large, this means Human constitution is congenitally deficient. Therefore, people with thick ears have sufficient kidney energy; those with thin ears and small ears are mostly kidney qi deficiency. 3. Look at the hair. Human hair has a close relationship with the kidney, so the health of the kidney can be seen from the growth of the hair and the maintenance of the healthy state. If you have a lot of hair loss, and the hair is getting thinner, you should be alert to the problem of kidney deficiency. 4. Looking at the hand is at the farthest end of the blood circulation, so looking at the hand can also see whether the kidney is healthy. First of all, you can understand the body’s qi and blood by the temperature of your hand. If your hands can always maintain a relatively warm state, it means that the person’s qi and blood are relatively sufficient and running smoothly. And if you often have cold hands, you should pay attention. In addition, the shape of the finger can also reflect the body’s blood gas. Generally people with insufficient blood gas will have flat, weak or thin fingertips. The fingers are full and the flesh is flexible, which means that the blood is full. 5. There is also a close relationship between teeth and kidneys. If the teeth of adults are sparse, easily loosened, and have exposed roots, most of them are caused by lack of kidney gas. 6. The health of the skin depends on the kidney. Mainly look at gloss, elasticity and wrinkles. If the skin is rough and dull, dark, yellow, white, blue, red, and long spots all indicate poor health and problems with kidney function.

There are many benefits of black sesame, but everything has two sides, and eating it wrong may hurt your body!

Modern people, with fast-paced nights and unstoppable classes over time… The lifestyle has changed a lot, and staying up late has obviously become a daily habit! But do you know? Often staying up late and sitting for a long time are very harmful to the kidneys. Kidney injuries can lead to hair loss, lack of energy, energy and blood, etc. What is more terrible is that this situation is getting younger and younger. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, “the kidney stores essence, its hair is developing” The obvious manifestation of kidney qi deficiency is hair loss and gray hair. Many people will lose hair and lose their hair or even baldness in middle age. The main reason is the lack of kidney qi. The rare thing about black sesame seeds is that it has a kind of “run” which is different from other foods. Although there are many benefits of black sesame seeds, everything has two sides. If you eat it wrong, you may hurt your body! How to eat black sesame? There is a class of people who like to eat black sesame raw, but in fact, raw black sesame contains a lot of protein inhibitors, which has an inhibitory effect on stomach acid, intestinal digestion and absorption, and has an adverse effect on the human gastrointestinal system. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that every child must be fried, so ingredients such as black sesame are more suitable for fried. However, for those with weak spleen and stomach, it is not easy to digest cooked black sesame alone. Therefore, although some people eat black sesame, they can still see complete black sesame seeds or black granules when they are excreted. Black sesame is a better digestion method, it is recommended to grind it into powder. The method of nine steaming nine sun black sesame pills is to steam black sun sesame seeds and dry them. Separate the skin and flesh of sesame seeds, remove the sesame skins, stir-fry, beat into a powder, mix with white honey and make into small pills. &nbsp.

Why do you say “beyond the blood”?

Why do you say “beyond the blood”? Mainly to illustrate the close relationship between hair and liver blood. The predecessors believed that the nutrition of hair comes from blood, so when young and full of blood, the hair is dense and black and shiny; the old liver has insufficient blood, kidney qi deficiency, and the hair becomes pale and easy to fall off, so it is “more than blood.” Said. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that hair is the external manifestation of the rise and fall of kidney qi, and it is also a sign of the body’s blood gas. Therefore, the hair’s density, moisture, dryness, toughness and brittleness can reflect the state of the body’s internal organs, qi and blood, and even the functional state of human life. Wufa elegant, is a symbol of youthful body full of energy and vitality. He Fa Tong Yan, is the performance of the aged people’s blood and blood, old age and strong. The discussion of the hair growth process in Chinese medicine was first seen in “Su Wen·Ancient Naive Theory”: when a woman is seven years old and a man is eight years old, “the teeth are longer and longer” due to kidney qi; women are twenty-eight and men are thirty-two Before and after due to kidney qi, “long hair”; women thirty-five, men around forty years old, because of qi and blood began to “because the beginning of fall”; women forty-two, men around forty-eight years old, because of kidney qi failure, Start white”. The scriptures clarify the evolution of hair due to the increase of human age, and point out the approximate ages and causes of human hair growth, growth, fall, and whiteness. Hair is the kidney. Ancient medical experts observed that the hair from full to thin, from black to white is closely related to the increase of age, and the life process of the body’s growth, growth, strength, and oldness mainly stems from the rise and fall of the essence gas in the human kidney. The “Nei Jing” emphasizes that “the hair is the kidney”… Chinese medicine believes that although the nutrition responsible for human hair growth comes from blood, its vitality is rooted in the kidney. The kidneys are full, and the hair is shiny; the kidney qi is weak, and the hair is white and shedding. Because the “kidney is the main bone marrow”, the kidney essence is full of blood, and the blood is strong, the hair can be nourished and endless. Therefore, “Su Wen· Five Organs Generation” speaks: “The kidney is also the bone, and its glory is also”, which shows the physiological relationship between the hair and the kidney. Modern medicine also believes that human hair is related to the rise and fall of bone marrow. Blood is the main substance supplying hair follicle nutrition. The red and white blood cells in the blood are formed in the bone marrow, and the decline of the bone marrow is caused by the lack of mucin-like proteins and bone colloids. The lack of these substances directly affects the growth of hair. Generally speaking, hair graying is one of the signals of gradual aging of the whole body, as the saying goes: “People grow old from the head first, more white, less black. That is to say, from the changes in hair, you can roughly see the kidney The ups and downs of Jingqi and the evolution of aging. Of course, there are some young people with white hair, commonly known as “less white heads”, and those who are still full of blue silk and black temples, which are mostly caused by different endowments or genetic factors. “Qianjin Yaofang” said: “Worry is too white”, and “too much thought, then God consumes qi and blood, and sideburns” makes sense. In addition, in daily life due to not paying attention to self-maintenance, or due to illness relations, so that the hair brittle yellow qualitative change, or even fall off is not uncommon example of the author: Fan Song, born in 1970, was born in family medicine, Chinese medicine ancestral Fan fourth generation, his childhood with his grandfather medical school, grow up Later, he followed his father to study medicine and practice medicine for 30 years. The four generations of ancestral prescription “Yangyin Huaxian Decoction” dialectical addition and subtraction, specializing in the treatment of interstitial pneumonia fibrosis and comorbidities, with unique curative effect. After graduation, the famous Chinese medicine expert Fan Shuqing.

# 夏健康 指南 #Talk about the treatment of amenorrhea with traditional Chinese medicine, there are dry goods in it

& nbsp. & nbsp. Clinical treatment of amenorrhea is divided into primary amenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea, emotional amenorrhea 3 syndrome types, and according to different basal body temperature selection of corresponding prescription drugs for symptomatic treatment. However, there are three general principles of treatment: to examine the cause, focus on the liver and spleen, and nourish the kidney first. & nbsp. & nbsp. One is that the liver is a blood-staining organ, and the woman is based on blood. In addition, the liver is connected to the pulse. The liver blood is injected into the pulse, which is one of the sources of menstruation. It is very easy to lead to liver dystrophy; both, the kidney mainly stores essence, the kidney’s essence is up and down, and it controls the growth and reproduction of the human body. Tiangui is derived from kidney qi, so the rise and fall of kidney qi directly affects menstruation and pregnancy. However, many women consume kidney qi in the delivery of the belt, causing amenorrhea. Due to the insufficiency of kidney qi (including kidney yin and kidney yang), the invisible water of Tiangui is inaccessible. Chong Ren is not full, and the blood vessels are impassable, so that the blood sea is empty and there is no source. & nbsp. For the treatment of amenorrhea, we must not eagerly try our best to attack the arrogance, when we nourish the kidney and nourish the blood, the blood will be passed down. Nourishing the kidney is the main purpose of treating amenorrhea. The general treatment of amenorrhea should be to nourish the heart and nourish the kidney. The blood is the source of the blood, the spleen and stomach are the source of blood. This is the basic treatment principle. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & bb & nbsp. & nbsp. & bb.n & nbsp. & nbsp. One method: Syndrome differentiation & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.b & b & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.b & bb . & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Clinical specific medicines for your reference: 1. Primary amenorrhea Ji kidney is full of vigour, full of impulse, and the affairs of the moon are nowadays. & nbsp.1) Basic prescription: fried angelica, native place, rehmanniae, Chuanxiong, Ligustrum lucidum, epimedium, Cistanche, dogwood, dog’s ridge, Huang Jing, He Che Da Zhu Wan for one month of treatment, should be observed for 3 months and measured at the same time Basal body temperature. After treatment, if the body temperature is biphasic, which indicates that the condition is improving, it can be changed to the Tiaojing prescription. & nbsp. 2) Recipe for regulating menstruation: Angelica, Radix, Chuanxiong, White Peony, Achyranthes bidentata, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Xiangxiangfu, Guizhi, safflower, Zelan smooth water, still need to continue treatment until 3 months after discontinuation After the matter can still come on time, it is said to be cured. 2. Secondary amenorrhea is mostly single-phase basal body temperature, clinical application of cycle therapy. Give birth to the kidneys and collaterals, and take them repeatedly according to the cycle. & nbsp.1) First prescription: Poria, Habitat, Rehmannia, Epimedium, Heather Leaves, Achyranthes bidentata, Astragalus officinalis, Male clove, Lulutong, Guizhi, Asarum, Ophiopogon japonicus Pak Fung Pill 1 capsule & nbsp .Take 7 doses to nourish the kidney and collaterals. & nbsp.2) Follow-on prescription: Poria, Habitat, Rehmannia, Curculigo, Epimedium, Heather, Amethyst, Staghorn Frost, Ligustrum lucidum, Cistanche deserticola, Fenugreek Hecha Dazhu Wan 10g, 8 doses to nourish the kidney Pei Yuan. If the basal body temperature appears biphasic, it should be a sign of improvement, and then use Siwu Tang plus Liqi Huoxue to promote menstruation, the month can be down, generally in the short term, it is not easy to see merit, and a certain process is required to work. 3. The basic formula of emotional amenorrhea: angelica, native place, Chuanxiong, white peony root, Bupleurum, incense, Chinese medicine, salvia miltiorrhiza, turmeric, Achyranthes bidentata, safflower such as irritability, nervousness and irritability, plus Huai wheat 30g, raw licorice 3g. The disease is mostly caused by amenorrhea due to environmental changes, inability to adapt, or depression, which affects emotions. We treat from the liver, using Siwu Tang plus Bupleurum and other products that relieve liver and qi, and have achieved good results. In addition, it is also commonly used clinically to relax the liver and regulate the menstruation. Pay attention to both yin and yang, use both cold and heat, double treatment of qi and blood, or clear first and then make up, or

Professor Wu Zhongchao: Are kidney preparations suitable for all ages, and are they treasure medicines for detoxification?

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Wu Zhongchao Inheritance Studio of National Old Chinese Medicine & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Acupuncture Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Wu Zhongchao Chief Physician & nbsp. & nbsp.nsp & nbsp. Lecture Hall 1, Famous Teacher of National Medical University, Beijing Youchunkang Medical Research Institute, the main prescription of Shenqi Pills or Bushen Pills 1. The warming and kidney yang prescriptions or preparations represented by Jinkui Shenqi Pills are generally called “kidneys” “Qi Pill” basically means “Jin Kui Shen Qi Pill”. This prescription originated from “Essentials of the Golden Chamber” by Zhang Zhongjing in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Among them are the Liuwei Dihuang Pills, with Gui and Fu. In fact, yin and yang are combined, and kidney yang is the main one. The original prescriptions are: dried rehmannia glutinosa two, cornel four two, yam four two, Alisma three two, Poria three two, peony skin three two, cinnamon four two, cannon aconite one or two. Grinding into fine powder, refining honey and pills, as big as Wuzi. Each time the wine is 15 to 25 pills (two to three dollars), twice a day. 2. Jishengshenqi Pills will be changed to Jishenshenqi Pills (Yan Yonghe) on the basis of Jinkushenqi Pills in the later generations: it is Jinkushenqi Pills with psyllium and achyranthes, To enhance the role of diuretic and kidney. Indications are kidney yang deficiency, swollen waist, heavy feet, unfavorable urination, or abdominal distension, loose stools, phlegm for asthma. 3. The prescription of pure kidney yin or kidney yang can also be called as kidney pill mainly including Zuogui pill and Yougui pill. Zuo Guiwan: Originated from “Jing Yue Quan Shu”. Pure kidney yin. Zuo Gui Maru, from Volume 51 of “Jing Yue Quan Shu”. It is a tonic. It has the effect of cultivating the strong water and strengthening the yin of the left kidney. Indications are insufficiency of true yin and kidney yin, deficiency of heat endogenous, deficiency of essence, deficiency of body fluid. The main symptoms are weak body, long-term illness, spontaneous sweating and night sweats; insomnia and many dreams, leftovers can’t help; or qi deficiency and ignorance; deafness; dry mouth and dry tongue; The drug composition is: Dahuai cooked eight two (24g), Chinese yam (fried) four two (12g), Chinese wolfberry four two (12g), cornel meat four two (12g), Sichuan Achyranthes (wine washed, steamed) three two (Not needed for fine skiers) (9g), Cuscuta (made) forty-two (12g), deer gum (knocked, fried beads) for four-two (12g), turtle gum (chopped, fried for beads) for four-two (no fire) Not necessary) (12g). First steam the pestle paste to refining the ground, refining honey into pills, such as big sycamore. Each serving of more than 100 pills is delivered with rolling soup or light salt soup before eating. Yougui Maru’s side is derived from “Jing Yue Quan Shu”. Warm up the kidney and fill the essence. Indications: Insufficiency of kidney yang, decay of life door, fatigue, timidity, chills, cold limbs, impotence, spermatorrhea, infertility, sore waist and knees, self-survival of pee, arthralgia, swollen body; Cold, eating less, or vomiting, bloating, or stomach upset, or umbilical abdomen, or abdominal pain, or diarrhea, diarrhea frequently. The medicine composition is: Huai Shu 250g, fried yam 120g, dogwood 90g, wolfberry seed 120g, staghorn gum 120g, dodder seed 120g, eucommia ulmoides 120g, angelica 90g, cinnamon 60g, aconite 60g. & nbsp. 4, other types of kidney-tonifying preparations 4, other types of kidney-toning preparations, there are some other different types of kidney tonic prescriptions. For example: Bushen Shengjing Recipe, Bushen Zhuangyang Recipe, Bushen Shengxue Recipe, Bushen Yijing Recipe, Bushen Zhuyu Recipe, etc. Basically, I intend to favor kidney and yin, or kidney yang, or kidney yin and yang. Some of the above-mentioned kidney-reinforcing prescriptions are based on syndrome differentiation and are based on kidney yang or kidney yang deficiency. It has nothing to do with “detoxification” in modern times. Second, the concept of kidney is different between Chinese and Western medicine. The concept of Chinese medicine for kidney is not equal to the concept of “detoxification”. Human metabolic waste in fluid, so-called “detoxification”, belongs to the urinary system. The kidney of traditional Chinese medicine has a wide range of concepts and many connotations. It includes morphological kidney content, kidney main water, sperm storage, ear opening, its prosperity, main bone growth, main growth and development, etc. Kidney water is only part of its function. The kidney deficiency of traditional Chinese medicine should distinguish between kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency. If the syndrome is unclear and the wrong one is used, it will not only invigorate the kidney, it may even be harmful, and of course it is not even possible to talk about “detoxification.” I ca n’t look at the text, and I ca n’t even see the “kidney qi”