The golden time of raising Baimai: 21:00 to 23:00 in the evening

&nbsp.&nbsp.This time period is when the Sanjiao meridian is in order. This meridian can reach the internal organs of the body, so it is also a good time to increase vitality and nourish the veins. Many people will use their evening time for exercise or entertainment, but remember: from 21 to 23:00, you should calm down. &nbsp.&nbsp.Nurture Baimai late: do three actions! &nbsp.&nbsp.1, combing hair with fingers: Qi and blood are smooth. As the saying goes, combing your hair a thousand times will reduce your illness by half. There is a technique in Tuina exercise called “Taking the Five Classics”. Every time you comb your hair, you are combing the Five Classics. It has the functions of dredging the scalp meridian, improving blood circulation and promoting metabolism. To play a health role, comb your hair with your fingers for no less than 3 minutes at night. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, warm water foot bath: nourish the kidneys. The kidney meridian of the human body originates from the foot. After soaking your feet in warm water, it has a warming effect on the kidney meridian, which will naturally also form a good effect on the kidney. There is a prime time to soak your feet, and the best time to soak your feet from 9 to 11 in the evening. And this period of time is also the time period to raise the veins at night. It should be noted that the water temperature of the foot bath must be moderate, not too hot or too cold. &nbsp.&nbsp.3, beat the back at night: good to fall asleep. Beating the back before going to bed can clear the meridians, promote the circulation of qi and blood, effectively improve sleep, and urge people to fall asleep. There are usually two methods of beating the back, beating and striking, both of which are performed along both sides of the spine. &nbsp.&nbsp. Use virtual palms for shooting and virtual fists for punching. Vibration is generated by compressed air; the technique should be light but not heavy. Use both palm roots and palm sides at the same time, with uniform rhythm and flexible focus. It can be tapped from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, at a speed of 60 to 80 beats per minute, and the time for each back beat is limited to 20 minutes.

Symptoms and treatment methods of male kidney deficiency

1. Low back pain    Many people don’t know that low back pain is actually one of the symptoms of a man’s kidney deficiency, and low back pain can also be divided into internal injuries and strains. In general, patients with internal injury and kidney deficiency are mostly caused by internal congenital deficiency, chronic illness or excessive fatigue. Patients with mild symptoms may find it difficult to bend or stand upright, and if the condition is severe, they may also experience heel pain and waist weakness. 2. Insomnia and more dreams     If men suffer from long-term insomnia and dreaminess, the kidneys are causing trouble. At this time, you should pay attention to the fact that kidney deficiency is endangering your health. As one of the important organs of the human body, the kidney nourishes and warms other organs. If other organs remain unhealed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidneys. 3. Polyuria at night    Urgency and frequent urination are not all prostate problems, because kidney deficiency can also lead to frequent urination. It can be said that frequent urination is also one of the reasons for men’s kidney deficiency. Generally speaking, patients with nocturia frequency more than 2 times, or urine output more than 1/4 of the whole day, belong to people with kidney deficiency. In some serious cases, nocturia may occur once an hour, and the urine output is close to or exceeds the daytime urine. At this time, we must pay special attention to the quantity situation. 4. Chilling of the limbs    There are many men who experience chills in their limbs. Even when the weather is relatively warm now, many men will feel abnormally cold with a little wind. At this time, men should pay attention. It is very likely that you already have kidney deficiency. The so-called “cold limbs” refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even to the elbows and knees. Fifth, asthma     For the symptoms of men’s kidney deficiency, asthma is also one of the manifestations, because the kidneys have the function of “suppressing qi”. If the kidney is weak, it will not have the effect of inhaling breath. At this time, it will cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Exhale more and less inhale. At this time, it will make you feel difficult to breathe. If the situation is serious, it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as increased panting and cold sweats. How to treat a male kidney deficiency 1. Hold a solid    stretch out your hands, buckle your thumbs in your palms, with your fingertips at the base of your ring finger, then bend the other four fingers, apply a little bit of force, and hold your thumbs firmly! The strength should not be too great, just a little bit of strength.  The grip can hold the spirit and energy in the body. You can hold it while walking, riding in the car, chatting, watching TV. 2. When the heels are raised and the feet are raised, the five toes grip the ground, the legs are brought together, the levator anus is retracted, the shoulders are lowered, the project is erected, and the Baihui upper collar. When the feet are pushed down, relax your body, gently clenching your teeth, first Slowly fell halfway, and then shook the ground slightly. Heel-lifting can pull the bladder and kidney meridians of the back and legs, and lightly shake the ground can also massage the internal organs. 3. The most suitable time to soak your feet in hot water is 7-9 o’clock every night. This is the time when the blood and qi and blood of the kidney meridian are the most weak. At this time, soaking feet and massaging can improve the blood circulation of the whole body and achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidneys and liver. . The container for foot bath is preferably a wooden basin. The foot bath should not be too hot. The temperature is about 40℃. Soak your feet for a long time, preferably 15-30 minutes. 4. Walking with heels. Now people are more and more aware of the benefits of walking. At night, we will see many people doing exercises, but the correct way to walk is to take a big step. The heel must be on the ground first and pay attention to the knees. Don’t bend! As you move your legs forward, pay attention to the toes stretched out as if you were kicking a ball. When the front legs land, the back toes stand up.   The heel touches the ground first, which actually stimulates the “Kidney Meridian” points. Frequent walking in this way can effectively prevent osteoporosis. 5. Three-element standing post    with feet apart, shoulder-width apart, hands folded forward from both sides of the body in front of the abdomen, position at the same height as the navel, arms rounded. At the same time, both knees are slightly bent, and the center of gravity sinks. The knee joints opened slightly to the sides. Make the crotch round. The back should be slightly arched, the chest should be covered, and the back should be pulled out, so that the lower back is slightly arched back, and the Mingmen point is opened. In this way, the front and back, left and right, and up and down are all round, and the whole person looks very round. This is a basic method to replenish vitality. Frequent treatment can make the kidneys abundant and strong. 6. Rub the kidney and sit on the edge of the bed, rub the palms together until the palms are warm, press on the back and waist respectively, and massage the kidney points on the back and back until there is a feeling of heat. It can be repeated in the morning and evening, about 200 times each time, which can invigorate the kidney and qi. 7. Take a deep breath When you take a deep breath, choose an environment with fresh air and try to inhale through your nose. Keep breathing soft, slow, even, and deep. Take 6 deep breaths as a group. Then calm down the adjustment, you can do it again. Chinese medicine says: The lung governs exhalation, and the kidney governs the intake of breath. It is recorded in the “Huangdi Neijing” that the kidney has

Bai Lujiang, don’t forget to cheer up the kidney

The cool breeze arrives, the white dew drops, and the chilling cicadas scream. At zero o’clock on September 7, 2020, the Bailu solar term will enter, and the northern regions will enter a cool autumn pattern. August Festival… Yin Qi gradually heavier, dew is also white. As the weather turns cooler, many dewdrops will be found on the ground and leaves in the early morning. This is because water vapor condenses on it at night, so it is called white dew. Place eighteen pots in the summer heat, and do not show your body in Bailu. As the saying goes: In the summer there are eighteen pots, and the white dew should not be exposed. What I said is that the summer is still very hot, so you have to take a bath with a basin of water every day. After eighteen days, when you reach Bailu, you should not be naked to avoid catching a cold. Starting from Bailu, the weather is getting colder and colder. Some people have cold hands and feet, cold limbs, frequent urination, fatigue and other symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine says this is a manifestation of insufficient kidney qi, so Bailu should nourish kidney qi. Stick to soak your feet before going to bed at night. Use warm water to soak your ankles. The time should be 15 to 30 minutes. It is best to soak your body slightly warm. After soaking your feet, massage the Yongquan and Taixi points. Keep rubbing the ears, the kidneys open up to the ears, and the ears have close reflection areas, which are connected to every organ in the body, so rubbing the ears often is a good way to maintain health. Rub the waist, the waist is the home of the kidneys, regular massage helps to invigorate the kidneys and qi. Rub the palms of your hands together until it gets hot and put it on your waist. Massage your palms up and down toward the skin until you feel hot. Do it again in the morning and evening, about 200 times each time. After soaking your feet, sit on the bed with the soles of your feet facing each other. The Yongquan point on your feet is the starting point of the kidney meridian, so that you can connect to the kidney meridian. Hold the calf muscles in a large area, and massage them outwards and upwards. Repeated operations will turn the calf muscles from top to bottom, from bottom to top, until the calf gets hot. After Bailu, the amount of exercise and exercise intensity can be appropriately increased compared with summer. You can choose to jog, play Tai Chi, gymnastics, play basketball, badminton, guide, etc., to sweat but not fatigue, which will help the body’s blood Tune up. In the process of exercise, we can choose a suitable exercise method according to the actual situation of our body, and exercise appropriately, which can strengthen the physical fitness and maintain the kidneys.