Why is kidney disease not cured for a long time? The kidney doctor tells the truth

There are many types of nephropathy, and there are dozens of specific pathological types. The prognosis of each type of nephropathy is not necessarily different after intervention and treatment. Some types of kidney disease can maintain long-term stability of kidney function, while some kidney disease may persist and even cause renal failure. Then, in the treatment process, there are many factors that affect the different results of kidney disease, the most important and the most critical factor is the quality of the medication. If there is no correct treatment plan from the beginning, how can we talk about the long-term stability of the disease? We often say that “disease comes from the mouth.” Some bad eating habits, such as high-salt and high-protein diets, will increase the burden on the kidneys. In fact, “misuse of drugs” is more harmful to kidney function, and even fatal! Drug abuse is too bad for the kidneys! Many people are recruited. Which drugs are needed to be vigilant or even stay away from during the treatment of kidney disease? Antipyretic and analgesic (common cold medicine). How many nephrologists who usually take medicine without reading the instructions, please raise your hand! This kind of medicine is not very familiar just by looking at the name, but in fact, you may often use it. The most common type of medicine containing antipyretic and analgesic ingredients is the common cold medicine. Such as Gankang, Ganmaoling, Ganmao Capsule, Vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets, etc., these medicines all have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, and they are antipyretic and analgesic ingredients. However, these ingredients are clearly nephrotoxic and unfriendly to friends with kidney disease. Misuse or large amounts of them will increase the risk of kidney failure. For kidney friends who have a lot of proteinuria, hormones and immunosuppressive drugs are often used, which will cause a certain decline in their own immunity. At this time, more attention should be paid to prevent colds and other infections to avoid taking cold medicines to cause illness Aggravation. The universal “anti-inflammatory” medicine was the “anti-inflammatory medicine” that was used most for infectious diseases such as colds and fever when medicine was underdeveloped in the last world. Many people are accustomed to understanding anti-inflammatory drugs as “antibiotics.” Today we do not talk about the drug resistance caused by the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and the adverse consequences for the disease. Mainly talk about the pros and cons of kidney disease treatment. Antibiotics are also commonly used drugs for the treatment of kidney disease, mainly to deal with the immune inflammatory response in the kidney. But in fact, some antibiotics are clearly nephrotoxic: amphotericin B, neomycin, cephalosporin II, etc., which are at higher risk of kidney damage; and less damage but cannot be ignored, such as: gentamicin, kana Mycin, streptomycin, vancomycin, sulfa drugs. The application of these drugs is mainly intravenous drip. Infusion will allow the drugs to be directly transmitted through blood circulation to various parts of the body, and the risk of kidney damage will be greater and more direct. Antibiotics are nephrotoxic, as long as the dose is well controlled, most of them will not harm the kidneys. Due to the renal insufficiency and even renal failure in patients with nephropathy, the glomerular filtration rate and endogenous creatinine clearance rate decrease, the detoxification ability cannot keep up, and the misuse will cause major problems, and acute renal failure is very easy to occur. In the treatment of nephropathy with aristolochic acid, western medicine plays a major role, and some therapies of Chinese medicine can also play an auxiliary treatment function. It is mainly to regulate blood circulation, accelerate toxin metabolism, and create a good living environment for the kidneys. However, a small number of nephrologists prefer to reject traditional Chinese medicine, worrying about “Chinese medicine hurts the kidney.” There is indeed a type of Chinese medicine that is clearly nephrotoxic, and it is the well-known Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid. For example, Qingmuxiang, Fangfangji, Asarum, Guanmutong, Tianxianteng, Du Heng, etc. are all related drugs. But all medicines have advantages and disadvantages, and have side effects and positive effects. According to the correct dosage and the compatibility of the medicine, it has a positive effect. If the medicine is used indiscriminately, it is not surprising that the medicine is not followed by the doctor. It is still recommended that everyone, if the condition recurs or worsens, don’t panic, communicate with the doctor in time about the treatment plan, and avoid blind medication.

“Kid-injury” behavior announced, staying up late is nothing, seeing the top spot, don’t act recklessly

One out of every 10 people in our country suffers from kidney disease. According to a recent study published in the top international medical journal “The Lancet”, the prevalence rate of adult chronic kidney disease in my country is as high as 10.8%. In other words, 1 out of every 10 adults around us suffers from chronic kidney disease of varying degrees. The kidneys are very delicate and easily injured. Which daily habits are the most harmful to the kidneys? Take a look at the list of kidney injury behaviors, you must have committed it too! Staying up late in addition to the well-known damage to the liver, staying up late can also damage the kidneys. Suncheon is the best way to keep healthy. Sleep at night no later than 11 o’clock. Abuse of drugs. Some painkillers can cause great damage to the kidneys, such as ibuprofen. You must follow your doctor’s advice when taking it and read the instructions carefully. The incidence of chronic kidney disease in Taiwan is very high, which may be related to the local people’s preference to eat folk prescriptions and health medicines. Some “protein supplements” health products are likely to cause excessive protein intake and burden the kidneys. Overwork and heavy work leads to physical fatigue, which leads to symptoms of kidney deficiency. Secondly, overuse of the brain, the huge work pressure and life pressure lead to the mental inability to relax, mental labor is tired, and it is easy to hurt the kidneys. Excessive drinking often drinking, alcohol will affect the metabolism of purines in the body, causing functional disorders, thereby generating more uric acid; secondly, after drinking, the human body will also produce a large number of ketones and lactic acid, they and uric acid in excretion A competitive relationship leads to too little excretion of uric acid. In addition, the human body needs to consume a lot of water to metabolize alcohol, which will increase the concentration of uric acid in the body. Sudden strenuous exercise For people who have not exercised for a long time, sudden strenuous exercise may cause excessive kidney damage, which can lead to acute kidney failure. Over-eating salty, eating high-purine shabu, high-purine, high-fat, high-calorie food intake too much, a long time, no matter how good the kidneys will be tired. In fact, eating too salty, sweet, oily, and too much protein will increase the burden on the kidneys. Especially shabu hot pot must be eaten less. Seafood is beer. Many people like to drink beer with seafood. This way of eating can also harm the kidneys. Seafood products are high-protein foods containing purine and uric acid components. When mixed with beer, they will produce too much metabolites such as uric acid and urea nitrogen, which will increase the burden on the kidneys and easily lead to hyperuricemia, and even kidney stones and uremia. . Drinking strong tea often contains caffeine, and a small amount can have a refreshing effect. If you consume too much, it will speed up blood flow and increase blood pressure. The body often contains high concentrations of caffeine, which will bring a huge burden to the kidneys. High pressure and irritable mood. Modern people have a lot of pressure in work and life. “I am very upset” has become a mantra of many people. And these emotions can hurt the kidneys. Kidney disease is known as a silent killer, but it is not without performance, but if you have the following atypical symptoms, it may be that your kidneys are calling for help: Take care of kidney health, please do two more things 1. Exercise first, exercise can improve Human body metabolism has a good effect on the excretion of uric acid, which can reduce the content of uric acid in the body; secondly, excessive fat accumulation will affect xanthine oxidoreductase and cause purine metabolism disorder, and regular exercise can consume fat faster , Indirectly play a role in stabilizing purine metabolism. 2. People who drink tea with high uric acid, drink more chrysanthemum tea, the acid lowering effect is better. The chrysanthemum reduces acid, and Huai chrysanthemum is better. Yuntai Bingju, as a subspecies of Huai chrysanthemum abounds in ancient Huaiqing Mansion, has an outstanding acid reducing effect. It has a high content of acid-reducing ingredients, several times that of ordinary chrysanthemums, and it has also won the title of “chrysanthemum nobles”. Studies have confirmed that chrysanthemum glycosides and choline have a very good promotion effect on the metabolism of uric acid after entering the human body. In addition, they also inhibit the production of uric acid and promote the dissolution of urate, which is of great benefit to lowering uric acid. Flavonoids: It can play a very good role in protecting the kidneys and can effectively prevent complications of hyperuric acid. High uric acid, it is recommended to drink hot water for a few minutes and drink one or two cups a day.

Staying up late is bad for the kidneys? The conditioning method has a coup

According to reports, one out of every 10 people in the world suffers from kidney disease. And more and more studies have shown that lack of sleep is significantly related to the rapid decline in renal function. Injury to the kidney, the first place is staying up late! In addition to the well-known damage to the liver by staying up late, staying up late also hurts the kidney. Staying up late can cause more damage to the kidney. The kidney is the body’s main detoxification organ. Normally, it is the period of kidney detoxification from 23 to 1 in the morning. , Staying up late for a long time can easily cause a loss of vitality and blood in the body, which can lead to various diseases. Work at sunset and sunrise is the best way of living. Don’t sleep later than 11 o’clock at night. Therefore, you should avoid staying up late in your life and develop a good work and rest habit. Secondly, keep your waist warm to prevent cold; more attention to drinking water can help reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the kidneys, accelerate the circulation of body fluids, and help toxins Excreted from the body, and pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol.

Fear is the source of the first kidney injury!

Fear is the source of the first kidney injury! Many people think that it hurts the kidneys if they are tired or having sex too much. In fact, there is a fundamental reason for kidney damage, that is, fear of kidney damage. I do not advocate forcing a child to do what he does not want to do, because it will be very miserable, and that kind of fear can only be realized in his own heart. Especially with violence such as intimidation or cursing, the child’s kidney qi will definitely be hurt, and the consequence of injury will be self-defeating. Unconscious life will feel a lot of uneasiness, because this kind of uneasiness triggers a compensatory reaction that becomes obsessed with the fame, fortune, power, and face of the material world, like. The drowning man grabbed as desperately as driftwood. Children who have childhood shadows or grow up intimidated generally have weaker kidney qi. And the insecurity will accompany the whole life and continue to damage the kidney qi. For example, a common real case in our daily life: a chicken in a chicken farm was terrified in an earthquake and did not regenerate eggs. The owner of the chicken farm went to get some Liuwei Dihuang Wan to feed the chicken and try it out. Sure enough, the chicken started laying eggs again after eating Liuwei Dihuang Wan. If a person is in a state of “dementia”, it is possible that his sexual desire will also become particularly large, because the ladder of his life ambition has been cut off, and the kidney qi has no chance to go up. Anyone who is unwilling to face and defeat the real world is considered disappointed. However, if you escape into a “closed addiction” world because you can’t face the real world well-addiction may be stamp collecting or reading comics. People have various forms of addiction, and some have love addiction. One day, no one loves him and he can’t live. All addictions are because this person does not have enough ambition and courage to let him face the truth in real life, so that he is very dissatisfied with reality. Anyone who is addicted to “addiction” activities often cannot suppress his sexual desire, because his kidney qi can only go down but not up, and he refuses to sublimate his kidney qi. This phenomenon is often related to plaything loss. So if you are a person who has the shadow of childhood fear and is scared to have no sense of security for a lifetime; or you are a person who is not satisfied in the real world and has no ambitions. Your kidney qi is difficult to replenish, no matter what supplements you take, it won’t work. Because the sequelae of fear has been devouring and hollowing out your kidney qi. What should I do if the kidney is overdrawn? It’s not taking medicine or tonifying the kidney, but the first thing to do is to resolve fear and unwillingness. Worrying about this and that all day long, the kidney will hurt after a long time. Ideals cannot be satisfied, escape from reality, and kidney qi cannot grow. After a long period of time, there will be no kidney qi. Without kidney qi, the ambition will disappear, and this person will become hopeless!

Is kidney deficiency equal to the ability to have intercourse?

The kidney is the foundation of the innate. Everyone knows the importance of nourishing the kidney, but many people think that it is necessary to nourish the kidney in winter. In fact, summer is also a period of high incidence of kidney disease. So, what is the manifestation of kidney deficiency? If your complexion gets worse and worse, people are more prone to fatigue. You are tired for a while, but it takes several days to get over. You often have backaches, dizziness, fatigue, sleep worsening, and even memory loss. , Sexual dysfunction, frequent urination and urgency, and even hair loss, anemia, tinnitus, gray hair, premature aging and other symptoms, then you should be careful that you may have kidney deficiency. Kidney deficiency is actually the deficiency of kidney essence and yin and yang. The most common ones are kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. You can simply test yourself for kidney yin deficiency. It is often manifested as “heat” syndrome with weak waist and knees, night sweats, dry mouth and tongue. Five upset, heat and other kidney-yang deficiency, often manifested as “cold” syndrome accompanied by backache, coldness, edema, nocturia, white or black complexion… In addition, for men, kidney deficiency is more prone to impotence, premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission. It’s not unreasonable that people say that kidney deficiency will not work. Women are more likely to suffer from cold uterine infertility, irregular menstruation or early menopause. Naturally, there is no “sexual blessing” between husband and wife. What is more worrying is that the kidneys are “innate.” “The foundation”, the main body is to keep the essence of the kidneys and feet, so that the body can be strong and the internal organs can function normally. Therefore, once the kidney is weak, it is like a car without gasoline, and the soil without nutrients will not only affect your life, but will slowly take away your health. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to nourishing the essence and nourishing the kidney, especially after the summer, some common living habits are “kidney killers”, so we may suffer from chronic kidney disease without knowing it. 1 Summer 4 “Kidney Injury” What behaviors in summer will let us inadvertently ruin kidney health? 1. Irregular work and rest In summer, the weather is hot and the days are long and nights are short. Many people have irregular work and rest habits. Staying up late and insomnia are common. However, lack of sleep can easily lead to a decline in immunity and the risk of kidney disease will naturally increase. 2 Improper diet Summer is the season for drinking beer and eating skewers. These are high-purine foods, which directly increase the burden on the kidneys. More and more young people are suffering from kidney disease related to this. 3 Drink less water and sweat more in summer, and correspondingly reduce urination, which may lead to urinary system infection, which may reverse infection and lead to nephritis. So be sure to drink more water and urinate more in summer. 4 Greed and cold is the main cause of kidney disease in the middle-aged and elderly people in summer. Kidney loves heat and cold, long-term exposure to air-conditioning can damage the kidneys. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioner first, and turn off the air conditioner after the indoor temperature drops. At this time, people enter the room to rest and do not blow directly at the air conditioner.

25-year-old man has sudden kidney failure, these three or three kidney injury habits, many young people do not care

26-year-old Xiaowu (pseudonym) was diagnosed with renal failure. On the hospital bed, Xiaowu watched a video of himself playing basketball and suddenly dropped his phone on the ground. Xiaowu’s mother didn’t blame her before, and she picked up her phone silently. Xiaowu has always been a very sunny child. His favorite sport is playing basketball and playing games, but a few days ago, his mother found that Xiaowu was always tired and lack of energy. The mother thought it was caused by the child staying up at night and didn’t care. But this situation lasted for half a month, Xiao Wu always went to the toilet at night, and suddenly fainted one night. When he arrived at the hospital, the blood glucose concentration in Xiaowu’s body increased, and the normal person was more than 20 times higher, and kidney failure had already occurred. In the ICU ward, Xiao Wu was unconscious for 3 days before waking up. The doctor said bluntly that he might have sequelae. Xiaowu’s mother cried out with a cry: “Why, why does a child so young get kidney disease, and the child does not drink and has no girlfriend”. The doctor appeased Xiaowu’s mother. During constant inquiries, the doctor was also very helpless. Three kidney habit, many young people do not control. Sudden kidney failure in a 25-year-old man. These three or three kidney-damaging habits. Many young people don’t care. 1. Drinking carbonated beverages for a long time contains a lot of phosphorus, sugar, food additives and other substances. Further increase kidney damage. When Xiao Wu plays basketball every day, it is best to drink 2 bottles, which lasts for several years. Foreign studies have shown that excessive consumption of carbonated beverages will increase the risk of kidney stones, kidney failure and other kidney diseases. 2. The long-term function of holding back the kidneys is to metabolize the body’s toxins through urination, and long-term holding back the urine will prevent the toxins from being excreted normally. The repeated absorption of toxic substances occurs as the ureter contaminates the kidney, increases kidney damage, induces nephritis, and blocks the kidney. Xiaowu has such a habit, whether it is playing basketball or playing games, he often holds back urine, and sometimes the kidneys hold back urine. A 25-year-old man has sudden kidney failure. These three three habits of kidney injury. Many young people don’t care. 3. Staying up all night and staying up late is also very kidney-damaging. It has been clinically found that many people with renal failure experience excessive staying up late, excessive fatigue, and lack of sleep. The study found that compared with people who sleep 7 hours a night, people who sleep less than 6 hours have a significantly increased risk of proteinuria, and those who lack sleep have a faster decline in kidney function. Therefore, if you want a good kidney, you must not stay up late to ensure a good and regular sleep. There are three reasons for kidney failure, I hope you are not one of them: 1. Hypertension clinically shows that more than 80% of patients with hypertension die of kidney failure. Long-term blood pressure increase, increase the pressure of the kidneys, make the kidneys overload exercise, and over time, cause the decline of kidney function. At the same time, high blood pressure causes arteriosclerosis, blood flow slows down, kidney ischemia, and blockage induces kidney failure. 2. Nephritis patients’ self-lesion of the kidneys, under active treatment, will eventually lead to renal failure and uremia. Such as nephritis, glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones, or recurrent diseases of the reproductive system are all high-risk people suffering from kidney failure. Actively treat the underlying disease and avoid the deterioration of the condition. 3. Overwork, overwork, and excessive stress have become part of the death of young people today. Living stress and staying up late not only affect the health of the kidneys, but also cause the body’s immunity to decline, endocrine disorders, and metabolic disorders. Long-term edema, dark circles, sore waist and knees, and even high blood pressure, heart disease, directly or indirectly affect kidney health. Protect the kidneys and do 4 good things. A 25-year-old man has sudden kidney failure. These three or three kidney-damaging habits. Many young people don’t care. 1. Drink more tea. Protect the kidneys and detoxify the kidneys. Moisture, increase urine, promote waste excretion, reduce kidney burden. It is also very beneficial to protect kidney health by using some small plants that protect the kidney and diuresis and soak water instead of tea. Gu Gu Ding Mai Mai tea, soak in water, can promote kidney detoxification, prevent nephritis, and benefit kidney health. Use Gu Gu Ding, Mai Mai Xu, Yu Zhu, and thorn rose flower to make tea bags, then brew hot water to replace tea. The barley whisker, which enters the kidney and bladder, can diuretic and choleretic, improve nephritis edema, urinary tract infection, reduce or eliminate puffiness, reduce or eliminate urinary protein, etc., help improve chronic nephritis and promote kidney detoxification. Gu Gu Ding, has the reputation of “wetting bed grass”, diuretic dialysis, and antibacterial