The autumnal equinox is the time to nourish the kidney

The “fen” of the autumnal equinox means “half”. In ancient times, the autumnal equinox was divided into three periods: “The first period of thunder begins to close; the second period of sting insects; the third period of water begins to run down”. The ancients believed that thunder made its sound because of the strong yang energy. After the autumnal equinox, the yin energy began to grow strong, so thunder no longer occurred. One autumn rain and one cold, at the autumnal equinox, it’s time to nourish the kidney. Kidney, why do you need it? The ancients believed that the kidney qi and feet are strong. A person’s life will inevitably go through the stages of birth, old age, sickness and death, and the growth and development or decline of the body at each stage depends on the rise and fall of kidney essence and kidney qi. After the autumnal equinox, the plants and trees gradually wither, and all things begin to die. The cold air is in the body, and the cold air communicates with the kidneys, so it is said that the Yang Qi of the kidneys is most consumed in winter. An injury to the Yang Qi of the kidney can easily cause cold, cold, low back and knee pain, frequent nocturia, etc. The weakness of the kidney qi can damage the kidney yin, and dizziness and tinnitus will also accompany it. It can be seen that nourishing the kidneys in four seasons, especially after the autumnal equinox, should pay more attention to the maintenance of the kidneys. Modern research believes that kidney qi is closely related to human immune function. After the weather becomes cold, nourishing the kidney can not only enhance the body’s ability to resist the cold, but also improve the body’s immunity and disease resistance, and delay aging. The lung is the master of qi, and the kidney is the root of qi. The kidney can absorb the clear qi inhaled by the lung and prevent superficial breathing. If the kidney’s function of receiving qi is normal, the breathing is even and regulated. If the kidney does not receive qi, the symptoms of asthma will appear at every turn, and the symptoms of breathing more and less breathing can occur. After the weather turns cold, respiratory diseases enter the season of high incidence, and nourishing the kidneys helps the lungs breathe and naturally absorbs the qi, so as to achieve the effect of “guiding the kidney and protecting essence” and prolonging life. Attention should be paid to nourishing the kidneys throughout the year, especially in autumn, when the elderly and children are particularly prone to asthma. This is the manifestation of kidney deficiency. The autumnal equinox generally needs to replenish the kidney in advance, and the kidney can be replenished before it is easy to pass the winter, which is equivalent to taking the amount in advance. There are many foods that can nourish the kidney. In addition to black black sesame seeds, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other black foods that can nourish the kidneys, it is also recommended to eat more walnuts, medlar, lotus seeds, snow fungus, ginseng and other foods that invigorate the spleen and kidney during the autumnal equinox. Adequate sleep plays an important role in the biochemistry of qi and blood and the maintenance of kidney essence. It is clinically found that many patients with renal failure have the experience of staying up late, over-fatigue, and lack of sleep. Therefore, do not stay up too late, develop good work and rest habits, go to bed early and get up early, which is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence. In autumn, ensure adequate and balanced nutrition. In addition, the reasonable arrangement of three meals a day is also very important. It is necessary to follow the principles of eating well in the morning, having a full lunch, and eating less in the evening, and allocate them appropriately. When eating, do not swallow it hungrily and chew slowly, so that the intestines and stomach can better digest and absorb the nutrients in the food, and it is also conducive to maintaining the water in the intestines, which plays a role in promoting body fluid and moisturizing. In addition, keep your mood happy, Mo Beiqiu. The autumnal equinox is the solar term that equals the time of day and night. It also follows the law of balance between yin and yang in health preservation, so that the body maintains “yin and yang secret”. “Autumn Equinox” Autumn is high and fresh, and the climate is getting cooler. Patients with stomach problems should keep their stomach warm. People suffering from chronic gastritis should pay special attention to keeping the stomach warm, adding clothes in time, and sleeping at night with a quilt. In addition, we must pay attention to the taboos, do not eat too cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, too sticky food, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid overeating. At the autumn equinox, pay attention to adding “autumn clothes.” In the autumnal equinox, the weather turns cooler, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and human immunity will also decrease. At this time, bacteria can easily invade and people are also prone to get sick. It is recommended to always pay attention to weather changes and add clothes in time to prevent colds. Today’s society is becoming more and more open, and the temptation people are facing is also growing. White-collar workers, including some adolescents, often “fail in mind and move rashly with each other”, and the kidney essence is darkly drained, which directly causes kidney essence damage. How to avoid this situation, in addition to strengthening the knowledge and education of nourishing the kidneys, we should also cultivate other hobbies and enrich their cultural activities, such as practicing calligraphy, learning painting, exercising, etc., to enrich their spiritual world and broaden their minds. Cultivate sentiment, build a strong body, develop a good attitude and good habits of self-cleaning and positive.

5 tips for protecting the kidney! ! !

1. Drinking water often, the kidneys are afraid of drinking less water. If the water supplement is small, it will affect urination, accumulate toxins, and endanger kidney health. Therefore, develop the habit of taking the initiative to drink water. Also, take a sip and drink slowly. 2. Drink less drinks, especially functional drinks, which will not only cause nerve irritation, but also affect the body’s pH. The kidney is the main organ that regulates the pH of the human body. Drinking beverages for a long time will burden the kidneys and increase the probability of kidney damage. 3. It is advisable to have a light life, pay attention to light diet, do not exceed the standard of salt in food, and do not exceed 6g per person per day. Otherwise, excessive salt intake will be metabolized by the kidneys, which will increase the burden of kidney excretion, promote the decline of kidney function, and induce kidney disease. 4. Sleep well. Sufficient sleep plays an important role in the biochemistry of qi and blood and the maintenance of kidney essence. Don’t stay up too late, develop good work and rest habits, go to bed early and get up early, which is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence. 5. Use medicine with caution. Drugs enter the body, metabolize and decompose in the liver, and are excreted through the kidneys. Long-term medication can easily damage the kidneys and cause problems such as kidney disease and kidney weakness. The prevention of kidney disease starts from every bit in life.

What are the symptoms of death syndrome?

  Despermia is one of the most important causes of male infertility, but many male friends don’t know much about this disease, and most of them are discovered accidentally during routine physical examinations in the hospital. Therefore, most patients still often neglect the early treatment of this death syndrome, which delays the golden period of treatment and causes a considerable increase in the condition. So what are the symptoms of death syndrome?   What are the symptoms of death syndrome    1. The symptoms of death syndrome are generally different, and the symptoms are not obvious. For example, many patients have prostate infection, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, or low libido. These are all symptoms of dead sperm.   2. For the symptoms of death syndrome, generally speaking. Insufficient viability of semen and the presence of abnormal sperm are also symptoms of dead sperm syndrome. 3. Men’s kidney essence loss, yin deficiency and fire, burning kidney essence or congenital insufficiency, physical weakness after illness, insufficient kidney qi, loss of essence or gluttony, damp-heat connotation, fumigation of essence, impaired kidney essence or Mental depression, liver failure to relieve irritation, wood stagnation and fire, kidney essence being played with, etc., these are all symptoms of death syndrome.   The above explanation is the symptom of death syndrome. If you have the above symptoms, you should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and early treatment and recovery.

How to prevent kidney disease every day and make up the kidneys?

1. Regulate Jingqi, scientific diet is nourishing the kidney and improving the deficiency of kidney essence. Scientific and effective diet is undoubtedly the most critical. You can eat kidney supplement foods in daily life, such as melanin foods. It is said that the main kidney is black, and the melanin food can naturally complement the kidneys, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame and so on. The second key to diet is to replenish the spirit and regulate the energy. How do you say this? Kidney essence and kidney qi are indispensable, both belong to the vital source of human life. In this regard, men with kidney deficiency know best. Ginseng, maca, wolfberry, qiangshi, etc. are all tonic herbs, but the effect is not ideal if it is simply brewed for drinking. It is recommended to drink their fermentation broth directly and extract it through food fermentation. The medicinal ingredients have higher absorption rate and more thoroughness. The fermentation broth like ginseng maca complex bacteria belongs to this type and can be bought online. 2. Maintain a good mood and avoid excessive psychological pressure. Excessive stress will lead to the deposition of acidic substances and affect the normal metabolism. Proper adjustment of mood and self-stress can maintain weak alkaline constitution, thus preventing the occurrence of kidney disease. 3. Participate in aerobic exercise to exercise properly, exercise more in the sun and sweat more, which can help eliminate excess acid in the body, and can also prevent the occurrence of kidney disease.

What should I do if I always dream of sleeping?

&nbsp. Everyone dreams when they sleep, but some people forget when they wake up, and some people have clear and even vivid memories of dreams. The latter is often due to poor sleep depth, or often awakened by nightmares. In the view of Chinese medicine, many dreams and even nightmares are a kind of morbidity. The etiology is related to poor mood and even poor health. Because of poor sleep quality, it is easy to remember the content of dreams, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable after waking up, and it is more tired during the day. 1. The psychological cause of dreams Dreams are related to the current state of mind. As the saying goes: think about the day, dream at night. Emotions are diffuse. When awake, emotions such as entanglement, fear, anxiety, depression, etc., are easily diffused in a dream-like way. Therefore, a bad mood can easily lead to multiple dreams and even nightmares. Most dreams of mentally ill patients carry this color. People who are anxious about exams often dream that they cannot find the exam room or cannot complete the paper. In the psychology reports I made a few years ago, people at the scene often asked about nightmares, and people who often had nightmares often had problems with their marriage. Dreams are related to the subconscious. What is suppressed in the subconscious mind is also easy to express in a deformed way. For example, a woman often dreams of having sex with her father and immediately cleans her body after waking up, and she is very painful. This has a certain relationship with her sexual repression and Electra. Dreams are related to external stimulation from the body. The Department of Psychology of Peking University once did an experiment: a student who thought he never dreamed was hypnotized and went to sleep. When he entered the rapid eye movement sleep stage, he was blown with a fan and sprayed to spray his head and arms. At this time, his body began to move and do a running shape. Wake it up at this time and ask him if he is dreaming? He said excitedly: I was really dreaming just now! Dreaming that he would catch rain on the street, the cold wind and the raindrops forced him to run quickly. Dreams are related to the internal stimulation of the body. For example, many people had the experience of dreaming about looking for the toilet when they were young, holding a bite of urine, looking for the toilet everywhere, it was easy to find it, quickly urinating, then found the bedwetting! In the same way, people who drink too much alcohol are prone to dreaming and looking for water to drink everywhere. People in adolescence are more likely to have sex dreams, while elderly elderly people rarely have sex dreams. Dreams are related to physical illness. People with low blood pressure, or people with a bad heart, often fall from heights in their dreams; people with hot bodies in their bodies often get roasted in their dreams; people with a nose that does not have a breath, they often wake up in dreams; people with liver depression Dreaming is easy to get angry and quarrel. Second, the dream of more dreams because Chinese medicine believes that the heart is the master of God. When God does not keep his house, people are prone to various problems, including dreams. People with guilty guts and guts will lead to insomnia, so they have extra dreams. The theory of five elements in traditional Chinese medicine believes that the heart is on the scorch and belongs to fire; The yang in the heart drops to the kidney, which can warm the yang of the kidney; the yin in the kidney rises to the heart, which can nourish the yin of the heart. Under normal circumstances, the heart fire and kidney water move up and down, coordinate, communicate with each other, and maintain a dynamic balance. This is called heart-kidney intersect, or water and fire. Heart-kidney disagreement refers to the morbid state that the physiological relationship between heart-yang and kidney-yin is abnormal. If you think too much, or are in a depressed mood, your heart fire is high, and the kidney water does not extinguish your heart fire, you will feel restless. This is called heart and kidney. The main clinical manifestations are: upset, insomnia, palpitations, vertigo, ear whine, forgetfulness, five upset fever, dry throat, dry waist, sore waist, lower spermatorrhea, red tongue, pulse count. If the heart and kidney are not in contact, it is easy to cause dreams. Insufficiency of kidney essence can also lead to dreams. Kidneys produce medulla, and the brain is the house of primordial spirit. Insufficiency of kidney essence can also lead to the emptiness of the medullary sea, leading to dreaminess and dizziness, and mental slack. 3. How to eliminate the problem of multiple dreams, seek treatment for the disease, and treat the disease. One is to optimize the state of mind and eliminate inner entanglement. The first is to solve any tangled problems as soon as possible, rather than shelving, shelving can easily lead to anxiety. When you can’t solve it yourself, you can accept psychological counseling. Often, a few words of a psychological counselor can make you feel awkward. The second is to ask Chinese medicine for treatment. Since people with deficiency of heart and yin, people with deficiency of heart and blood, and people with impaired kidney essence are willing to dream, then we can solve these problems by taking Chinese medicine, supplementing heart yin, supplementing heart blood, and supplementing kidney essence. Those with deficiency of heart and yin can take Tianwang Buxin Dan; those with insufficient heart and blood can take Baizi Yangxin Pill; those with deficient heart can take Anshen Dingzhi Pill and Suanzaoren Granule; those with deficiency of heart and spleen can take Guipi Wan; insufficient kidney essence You can eat left

Masturbation loss-pleasure and sentimental

“Eating food and sex”, as a part of sexual behavior, masturbation is a natural instinct. After a person’s sexual organs are mature, changes in hormone levels will prompt people to unconsciously stimulate the genitals, thereby producing a pleasant feeling. In the case of sexual depression, proper masturbation is good for the body and mind and can loosen the depressed heart. But everything has a degree, too much indulge in the pleasure brought by masturbation, it is bound to suffer the pain caused by excessive body consumption. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is responsible for reproduction, the liver is responsible for the discharge, and the completion of sexual behavior is to consume kidney essence and liver blood. Excessive discharge of sperm will inevitably consume kidney essence, damage the kidney qi, and cause waist and knee weakness, fatigue and laziness. Dizziness, tinnitus, nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation are the symptoms of kidney deficiency. Liver blood should be nourished by kidney essence. Insufficiency of kidney essence means liver blood deficiency, and the performance of neurasthenia such as forgetful insomnia, depression and anxiety. If these injuries occur prematurely, it will lead to adolescent developmental delay and long-term mental and physical decline, seriously affecting the quality of life. Therefore, masturbation is not impossible, but to master the degree of goodness, you can judge the condition of kidney qi according to whether it is easy to backache after masturbation. If it is easy to backache, you should rest well and you can’t hurt it.

How is the treatment of male infertility in Lanzhou better?

How is the treatment of male infertility in Lanzhou better? This has always been a concern of many male friends. In fact, there are many ways to treat male infertility. However, many people think that Western medicine treatment will have certain side effects on the body, so I would like to use Chinese medicine to treat male infertility. How to treat male infertility? Today Lanzhou Long University Hospital ( takes you to understand a bit. Widows are desires without end. Of course, it is not that people do not have desires, but we should adopt a posture of convergence for desires. In ancient China, widowed lust was regarded as the method of “long age wide heir”, which means that widowed lust is the first focus of longevity and many heirs. The principle of low desire is not to always be emotional, because the emotion moves the kidney, if the person wants to be emotional, the kidney yang will follow, and the kidney yang will move as soon as it moves, and if it is old, it will appear inadequate and cause difficulty in pregnancy. . Why should men rest their anger? Because the kidney is closed and the liver is drained. When the person is angry, the liver will be hurt. When the liver starts to drain, the kidney’s storage function will be neglected. Too. In this case, it is easy to consume kidney essence, unable to nourish the essence. So it was the liver that looked angry on the surface, but it was the kidney that hurt the root. The word “labor” of labor not only refers to sex, but also includes eye labor, ear labor and mental labor. The eyes are tired. The ancients said: “The essence of the five internal organs is gathered in the eyes.” The human eyes gather the essence of the five internal organs, so the eyes are too important for people. But we modern people use eyes too much, especially computers. When we stare at one day, it can be said that computers have become a great devil. Ear labor consumes kidney essence. Ear labor means that people always listen to those useless things. Who nagging something with you today, you listened. Who nagging something with you again tomorrow, you listened again. Then you will worry about it, which will consume kidney essence. It takes a lot of effort. In modern society, whether it is a student or a white-collar worker in the workplace, the competition is extremely fierce. The word we often talk about is-“Tired.” In fact, one of the secrets of longevity for long-lived elderly people is to be able to vent the dark side of life in time and live happily. Therefore, hard work can raise essence and can live longer. The so-called cautious taste is the cautious taste, which must be eaten carefully. Among all the foods eaten, grains are the most nutritious. Both before and after pregnancy, men and women should eat grains. Men do n’t have to go to the pharmacy to buy medicines to replenish essence, not only spend money but also adjust kidney essence. No matter what kind of medicine, there is a bias. The reason why the medicine is used to cure diseases is to use the bias of the medicine to attack the evil things in the body and attack the poison with poison. Foods such as grains are of a peaceful nature, and the most nutritious body and essence are grains. Drinking alcohol before pregnancy will definitely cause big problems. Blood is kinetic energy, a boat that moves forward with essence, and the nutrients in blood are essence. The fine master converges, and the blood and qi dominate. If the blood is not restricted, it will overflow, and the overflow of blood will cause the essence to disperse, which affects the quality of the essence. So drinking will hurt the blood, which is essentially sperm damage, which directly affects pregnancy. Lanzhou Longda Hospital ( Warm Tip: In fact, as long as you develop good lifestyle habits, and then actively cooperate with doctors to treat, male infertility can be cured as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can click online Consult or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City.

What to do if I often suffer from insomnia?

Chinese medicine for insomnia is called “insomnia” and “insomnia”. It is mainly caused by yin and yin and yin and yang disorders, and is related to a variety of factors, such as heart and spleen deficiency, heart and kidney failure, phlegm and fire disturbance, insufficient kidney essence and indigestion. Frequent insomnia is very painful, which will not only cause mental fatigue, memory, immunity, depression and other mental illnesses, but also cause blood pressure and blood sugar fluctuations, induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and harm your health! Recommend a medicine and food homology recipe for insomnia, based on the addition and subtraction of classic ancient recipes, which can clear the mind and calm the mind, communicate with the heart and kidney, and reconcile Yin and Yang. Applicable to cardioplegia, upset night sweats, palpitations and insomnia. [Wuwei Anshen Soup] Composition: Gardenia 9g, Cinnamon 3g, Sour Jujube Kernel 10g, Fushen 10g, Schisandra 9g. Usage: Shuijianbi, twice a day. Usually, those with deficiency of qi and blood can add longan, jujube, yellow essence; those with deficiency of kidney essence can add wolfberry fruit, rehmanniae; those who are full of upset heart can add lotus seeds, light bamboo leaves;