Insomnia and hair loss is a manifestation of a woman’s kidney deficiency

 What is kidney deficiency? Kidney deficiency refers to insufficient kidney essence and yin and yang. When the kidney is weak, immunity is reduced, energy is insufficient, sexual function is reduced, and women even lose sleep and hair loss. Regarding kidney deficiency, there is a folk saying that “ten women have nine losses.” Kidney deficiency is very harmful and women should pay attention to it. In daily life, if a woman has symptoms of insomnia and hair loss, she should check to see if she has any signs of kidney deficiency, to further diagnose and treat the disease.  &Nbsp.What are the manifestations of kidney deficiency in women?   1. Often go to the toilet: Women will not go to the toilet if they don’t drink water, but when they drink water, women want to go to the toilet. This is a manifestation of female kidney deficiency. In severe cases, even unable to bear urine, symptoms of urinary incontinence appear.   2. Insomnia and hair loss: Women love beauty, and hair is very important to women. Frequent hair loss makes women very distressed, and the cause of hair loss may be kidney deficiency. People with kidney deficiency may also experience insomnia and dreaminess. Poor long-term sleep quality affects physical health, loss of appetite, indigestion, and listlessness.   3. Diarrhea: occasional diarrhea is normal, and frequent diarrhea is abnormal. Women with frequent diarrhea should be vigilant, and timely invigorating the kidney will help relieve symptoms.  4. Obesity: Some women will get fat even if they do not overeating. This is actually a manifestation of kidney deficiency, but it may also be caused by genetics.

Causes of kidney deficiency: these diseases are related to kidney deficiency

  Kidney is “the foundation of nature”. If you compare a big tree to a human being, then the tree is a kidney and can transmit nutrients. People with kidney deficiency are undernourished and are prone to “withering”. Men with kidney deficiency often go to the toilet and have erectile dysfunction. Women with kidney deficiency not only urinate more frequently and complexion is chlorosis, but also decrease libido and menstrual disorders. What are the causes of kidney deficiency? The following diseases are related to kidney deficiency and must be highly vigilant. &Nbsp.Beware of diarrhea and kidney deficiency.    People with diarrhea often have kidney deficiency, but diarrhea is not necessarily a kidney deficiency. Some people have diarrhea due to improper diet, which has nothing to do with kidney deficiency. But diarrhea for no reason may be related to kidney deficiency. People with kidney deficiency have frequent urination at night and frequent urination at night, and severe diarrhea will not stop. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, insufficient kidney yang is the main cause of diarrhea in Wugeng, and the treatment should be based on solid astringent and antidiarrheal. The effect of taking Sishen pills is significant. Sishen pills are composed of Chinese medicinal materials such as Schisandra, Evodia, Psoralen, Nutmeg, etc. Aconite and Paojiang can be added as appropriate to treat cold limbs.  Shortness of breath, be alert to kidney deficiency  Shortness of breath is related to kidney deficiency? People with shortness of breath often lack kidney qi, and when they exercise too much, they have shortness of breath, pale complexion, and even hypoxia. The main reason for shortness of breath is the lack of kidney qi and the inability to accept air, which can cause breathing problems. If the kidney qi is sufficient to receive enough air and breathe smoothly, people will not experience shortness of breath.  Impotence, be wary of kidney deficiency   Impotence is a common male disease that can be caused by kidney deficiency. Invigorating the kidney and yang is an effective method for treating impotence. People with impotence will have common symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy, erectile dysfunction, shortness of breath, and lack of energy. But in addition to kidney deficiency, damp-heat betting and blood congestion blocking the collaterals are also causes of impotence.  Tinnitus is alert to kidney deficiency  The kidney opens up to the ears. If the kidney qi is insufficient, people will experience tinnitus symptoms. Tinnitus refers to a long-term buzzing and hissing sound in the human ear under normal conditions. There are many reasons for tinnitus, such as wind-heat invading the ears, fullness and obstruction in the ears, unsuccessful emotions, and irritability. Patients with weak spleen and stomach and kidney deficiency who have tinnitus symptoms should be treated with spleen-tonifying and nourishing qi medicine.

Why do men have kidney deficiency

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency refers to the lack of yin and yang in the kidneys. Many men sometimes feel tired, dizzy, and then memory decline, hair loss, spermatorrhea and impotence, it is likely to be kidney deficiency , If not treated in time, kidney deficiency can even lead to infertility and other diseases. If you can prevent kidney deficiency based on the cause of the male kidney deficiency, it will benefit your health and save time and effort. The main causes of male kidney deficiency are as follows. 1. Congenital deficiency. Some people have insufficient sperm and blood at birth. This may be because the mother is not healthy enough to provide adequate nutrition for the fetus, or the mother is pregnant with drunken sex, or the father is also insufficient or the father’s age Too big, or one or both of the parents are minors, the body is not fully developed, and the pregnant woman’s bad habits, etc., these reasons may cause the child’s congenital kidney failure. Therefore, for the health of the next generation, parents must undergo a physical examination before marriage and become pregnant at a suitable age. After pregnancy, they must take good care of the pregnant woman’s body and pay attention to nursing.  2. Strong male sexual desire, excessive indulgence, or frequent masturbation in adolescent body when men are not mature, may also lead to kidney deficiency, so men, especially adolescent boys, should pay attention to temperance in this regard. .  3. Too much pressure on the body will also be reflected in the body. If men are indulged in worry, they will not relax their mood for a long time, which will damage the liver and spleen, and cause kidney deficiency. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy and positive mood. 4. Poor living habits, if you often go to bed late, overworked, and can’t get your sleep supplemented, after 10 o’clock at night, the liver function is working, and people need to enter a deep sleep state at this time, and many men are in a state of excitement in the middle of the night. Affect your health and bad eating habits. For example, regular consumption of cold food can also damage your kidneys. Therefore, it is necessary to form a healthy work and rest routine, not to overwork, and to exercise and exercise. It is not for the average person to avoid kidney deficiency. As long as you change your lifestyle slightly, adjust your life and mental state, if you can usually pay attention to these, then you don’t have to wait until your body loses to find a way to remedy it. Otherwise, you will regret it. Beyond reach.

What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency in women? 5 symptoms to pay attention to!

 Can women have kidney deficiency? When it comes to kidney deficiency, many people think that it is a symptom that only occurs in men, but in fact, women also have kidney deficiency. Do you know the symptoms of kidney deficiency in women?   Early signs of a woman’s kidney deficiency    1. One of the symptoms of a woman’s kidney deficiency: premature aging    Chinese medicine believes that the condition of the kidney is closely related to the physique. The body with sufficient kidney qi is strong and energetic, while those with kidney deficiency tend to be weak and mentally weak. The most common manifestation of kidney deficiency in women is premature aging, such as early gray hair, hair loss, forgetfulness, hearing loss, and aging vision. 2. Symptoms of Kidney Deficiency in Women: Early menopause The menopausal symptoms of normal women generally appear around the age of 50, but women with kidney deficiency will begin to experience menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, upset, insomnia, nervousness, and irritability at the age of 40 to 45. Menopausal symptoms such as irritability.  3. The third symptom of kidney deficiency in women: gain weight Women with kidney deficiency are more likely to gain weight than ordinary women. The endocrine function of people with kidney deficiency will decrease, and the effect on fat decomposition and metabolism will also be weakened. Fat is more likely to accumulate in the body, resulting in physical obesity.  4. The fourth symptom of kidney deficiency in women: cold libido   The kidney governs reproduction, and the function of the female reproductive system with kidney deficiency will also be affected, such as irregular menstruation, decreased libido, and even infertility, miscarriage, etc. 5. Symptoms of kidney deficiency in women: Women who are afraid of cold and kidney deficiency are particularly afraid of cold, which is caused by insufficient kidney yang, especially in autumn and winter, they will have cold knee pain, cold limbs, and even increased nocturia and spirit Symptoms such as malaise.

Seven symptoms of kidney deficiency in men

 Kidney deficiency is a terrible thing for men. Kidney deficiency means that men have health problems that affect sexual function, decreased body immunity, and back pain. However, many men do not know whether they have kidney deficiency. In fact, just pay more attention to your own body, and note that if the following eight conditions occur, you may have kidney deficiency.   low back pain:    low back pain is based on kidney deficiency, which can be divided into internal injuries and strains. Internal injury and kidney deficiency generally refer to congenital deficiency, chronic illness and physical weakness or excessive fatigue. In mild cases, it is difficult to bend or stand upright, and in severe cases, heel pain and waist weakness occur. Strain and kidney deficiency refers to excessive physical exertion or long-term engagement in the same fixed posture Work (such as using a computer, driving a car, etc.) will damage the kidney qi for a long time, resulting in insufficient kidney essence.   Dizziness, tinnitus:    Many people have had the feeling of dizziness. The feeling of dizziness, spinning, nausea and vomiting is uncomfortable, and dizziness patients are often accompanied by tinnitus, which may even lead to deafness over time. The causes of dizziness and tinnitus are mostly related to the liver and kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine says that “the kidney stores the essence and produces the marrow, and the marrow accumulates for the brain.” Therefore, kidney deficiency can lead to insufficient marrow seas, loss of the brain, and dizziness and tinnitus.   Dizziness, weakness, insomnia, and dreams:   As one of the important organs of the human body, the kidney nourishes and warms other organs. If other organs remain unhealed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidney. Many chronic diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, hypertension, etc., are often accompanied by symptoms of kidney deficiency.   Cold limbs:    “Chill” refers to the feeling of being afraid of cold and wind blowing. “Cold limbs” refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even to the elbows and knees. “Chills with cold limbs” are often accompanied by kidney deficiency symptoms such as sore waist and knees, tiredness, lack of energy, lazy speech, and lack of thirst.  Asthma:   The kidneys have the function of “suppressing qi”. Due to kidney deficiency, the inability to absorb qi will cause shortness of breath, excessive exhalation and less inhalation, making it difficult to breathe freely. In severe cases, symptoms such as increased wheezing and cold sweats may occur. Nocturnal polyuria:    Generally, the frequency of nocturia is more than 2 times, or the urine volume is more than 1/4 of the whole day. In severe cases, nocturia is once an hour, and the urine volume is close to or exceeds the daytime urine volume. Such a situation is classified as “night polyuria” “. Normal urination during the day and excessive urination at night are the characteristics of this disease, mostly caused by weak kidney qi.   constipation:    people with constipation often suffer from anal fissures and hemorrhoids due to difficulty in defecation, which affects work and life, and is miserable. Although constipation is an abnormality in the conduction function of the large intestine, its root cause is kidney deficiency, because the kidney opens in the second yin and governs the second stool. The conduction of stool must be stimulated and nourished by the kidney qi to function properly.

How to treat the kidney from the spleen?

Although kidney disease is based on the kidney, the spleen and stomach are closely related to the kidney. The pathological product “wetness” plays a pivotal role in the occurrence, development and prognosis of the disease. If the temper is strong, the water will not stop, and the blood will flow in the veins. If the spleen is inadequate and the movement and transformation are abnormal, and the water and liquid stop gathering in the body, edema develops. “Su Wen · Zhi Zhen Yao Da Lun” said: “All dampness and swelling belong to the brand.” “Jing Yue Quan Shu” said: “Spleen deficiency means that soil does not contain water but counteracts”. Kidney and spleen are mutually reproductive. “Fu Qingzhu Nvke · Pregnancy” said: “The spleen is acquired, and the kidneys are congenital. The spleen is not congenital and cannot be transformed, and the kidneys are not acquired.” The spleen governs the movement and transformation of the kidney yang. , And the gasification effect of the kidney governing the opening and closing of water requires the assistance of the temper, that is, “soil can make water.” The spleen and kidney are coordinated with each other physiologically, and also affect each other pathologically. Deficiency of the spleen and loss of dampness and cessation of dampness in the spleen can cause kidney deficiency and flooding over time; loss of qi and qi in the kidney can also affect the function of spleen and spleen. Therefore, the “Danxi Heart Method” says: “The husband is the one who gets his life, water and the valley. Water is the kidney, and the valley is the spleen. However, the kidney cannot produce water, and the spleen cannot produce water. The kidney and the spleen combine qi The stomach is a sea of ​​water and valleys, and because of deficiency and inability to pass through, the flooding of kidney water can impregnate the soil of the spleen, so the triple-burner stagnates, the meridians are blocked, the water seeps into the skin, and the muscles are injected with edema.” “Suwen· “Shui-Re Acupoint Theory” says: “Kidneys, the stomach is closed, and the door is not closed, so it gathers water and follows its kind.” Such as wetness gathers into water, overflows the skin, and becomes edema; stops in the chest and abdomen, in the skin Outside the membrane, it becomes pleural effusion and ascites; wet accumulation becomes turbidity, ascending and descending, and turbid yin does not fall, and oliguria, nausea, vomiting, and renal dysfunction are seen as “Guange” and “kidney fatigue” diseases. The strength of the spleen and stomach determines the occurrence, development and prognosis of the disease, and the effect of drugs also depends on the compress and transfer of the spleen and stomach. In addition, most of the products that nourish qi, nourish the kidney and nourish yin, nourish greasy and help dampness. If the spleen and stomach are not strong, the deficiency will not be supplemented, which will only increase the harm. Therefore, by regulating the spleen and stomach, “the stomach is strong, and the internal organs are strong.” When formulating prescriptions, strengthening the spleen, replenishing qi and dissipating dampness is a common method. Because the spleen and stomach are invigorating, the source of dampness can be eliminated. In the water dampness and damp turbidity syndrome, light penetration and dampness should be the mainstay, and it should not be overused to expel diuresis or bitter cold to clear benefits to prevent injury to the spleen and stomach. In the stage of chronic renal failure, due to the failure of the spleen and stomach to strengthen the function of the spleen and the stomach, the rise and fall disorders, and the upside down of the stomach qi are more common. In addition, when using rhubarb for kidney failure and damp turbidity syndrome, it is advisable to control it, because it is easy to be bitter and cold to ruin the stomach and damage the qi of the spleen and stomach.

Back pain is kidney deficiency? This is not necessarily

Kidney deficiency is not uncommon in daily life. Many people know what kidney deficiency is, but they don’t know what the symptoms of kidney deficiency are. Every time the body feels uncomfortable, they find that they have symptoms of kidney deficiency. At this time, the situation is normal. They are all serious, and there is no such good treatment. So, what are the symptoms of kidney deficiency? (For men’s health issues, click here for online consultation.) Generally speaking, men with kidney deficiency generally have the following manifestations: 1 Mental memory loss, memory loss, inattention, insufficient energy, and reduced work efficiency. 2 Emotional mood is poor. Emotions are often difficult to control, dizziness, irritability, irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.&nbsp.3 Lack of self-confidence, lack of confidence, lack of confidence, lack of enthusiasm for work, lack of passion for life, no goals and directions (for male health issues, click here for online consultation ) 4 Sexual function Decreased sexual interest in men, decreased libido, impotence or impotence but not firmness, nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea & nbsp. 5 Urinary symptoms such as frequent urination, waiting for urine, long urination & nbsp. Symptoms of kidney deficiency There may be: premature aging, forgetfulness, insomnia, loss of appetite, bone and joint pain, weakness in the waist and knees, fatigue, fatigue, vision loss, and hearing loss. Hair loss, gray hair, hair loss or early white beard, loose teeth, etc. (for men’s health problems, click here for online consultation). Kidney function declines when kidney deficiency is obvious. The common situation is that it is easy to sleep at night and it is difficult to fall asleep. ——Whether the quality of sleep is good can be known from the health of the kidneys. Many men have symptoms of kidney deficiency. If these symptoms are obvious, they need to be improved as soon as possible to restore kidney health to avoid serious kidney deficiency. When you find that you have the above When you have symptoms, you must first consider whether it is caused by kidney deficiency. If it is kidney deficiency, you must go to a specialist hospital for treatment as soon as possible. At the same time, you must correct your bad habits in your life so as to ensure your health.&nbsp.

Symptoms and treatment methods of male kidney deficiency

1. Low back pain    Many people don’t know that low back pain is actually one of the symptoms of a man’s kidney deficiency, and low back pain can also be divided into internal injuries and strains. In general, patients with internal injury and kidney deficiency are mostly caused by internal congenital deficiency, chronic illness or excessive fatigue. Patients with mild symptoms may find it difficult to bend or stand upright, and if the condition is severe, they may also experience heel pain and waist weakness. 2. Insomnia and more dreams     If men suffer from long-term insomnia and dreaminess, the kidneys are causing trouble. At this time, you should pay attention to the fact that kidney deficiency is endangering your health. As one of the important organs of the human body, the kidney nourishes and warms other organs. If other organs remain unhealed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidneys. 3. Polyuria at night    Urgency and frequent urination are not all prostate problems, because kidney deficiency can also lead to frequent urination. It can be said that frequent urination is also one of the reasons for men’s kidney deficiency. Generally speaking, patients with nocturia frequency more than 2 times, or urine output more than 1/4 of the whole day, belong to people with kidney deficiency. In some serious cases, nocturia may occur once an hour, and the urine output is close to or exceeds the daytime urine. At this time, we must pay special attention to the quantity situation. 4. Chilling of the limbs    There are many men who experience chills in their limbs. Even when the weather is relatively warm now, many men will feel abnormally cold with a little wind. At this time, men should pay attention. It is very likely that you already have kidney deficiency. The so-called “cold limbs” refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even to the elbows and knees. Fifth, asthma     For the symptoms of men’s kidney deficiency, asthma is also one of the manifestations, because the kidneys have the function of “suppressing qi”. If the kidney is weak, it will not have the effect of inhaling breath. At this time, it will cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Exhale more and less inhale. At this time, it will make you feel difficult to breathe. If the situation is serious, it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as increased panting and cold sweats. How to treat a male kidney deficiency 1. Hold a solid    stretch out your hands, buckle your thumbs in your palms, with your fingertips at the base of your ring finger, then bend the other four fingers, apply a little bit of force, and hold your thumbs firmly! The strength should not be too great, just a little bit of strength.  The grip can hold the spirit and energy in the body. You can hold it while walking, riding in the car, chatting, watching TV. 2. When the heels are raised and the feet are raised, the five toes grip the ground, the legs are brought together, the levator anus is retracted, the shoulders are lowered, the project is erected, and the Baihui upper collar. When the feet are pushed down, relax your body, gently clenching your teeth, first Slowly fell halfway, and then shook the ground slightly. Heel-lifting can pull the bladder and kidney meridians of the back and legs, and lightly shake the ground can also massage the internal organs. 3. The most suitable time to soak your feet in hot water is 7-9 o’clock every night. This is the time when the blood and qi and blood of the kidney meridian are the most weak. At this time, soaking feet and massaging can improve the blood circulation of the whole body and achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidneys and liver. . The container for foot bath is preferably a wooden basin. The foot bath should not be too hot. The temperature is about 40℃. Soak your feet for a long time, preferably 15-30 minutes. 4. Walking with heels. Now people are more and more aware of the benefits of walking. At night, we will see many people doing exercises, but the correct way to walk is to take a big step. The heel must be on the ground first and pay attention to the knees. Don’t bend! As you move your legs forward, pay attention to the toes stretched out as if you were kicking a ball. When the front legs land, the back toes stand up.   The heel touches the ground first, which actually stimulates the “Kidney Meridian” points. Frequent walking in this way can effectively prevent osteoporosis. 5. Three-element standing post    with feet apart, shoulder-width apart, hands folded forward from both sides of the body in front of the abdomen, position at the same height as the navel, arms rounded. At the same time, both knees are slightly bent, and the center of gravity sinks. The knee joints opened slightly to the sides. Make the crotch round. The back should be slightly arched, the chest should be covered, and the back should be pulled out, so that the lower back is slightly arched back, and the Mingmen point is opened. In this way, the front and back, left and right, and up and down are all round, and the whole person looks very round. This is a basic method to replenish vitality. Frequent treatment can make the kidneys abundant and strong. 6. Rub the kidney and sit on the edge of the bed, rub the palms together until the palms are warm, press on the back and waist respectively, and massage the kidney points on the back and back until there is a feeling of heat. It can be repeated in the morning and evening, about 200 times each time, which can invigorate the kidney and qi. 7. Take a deep breath When you take a deep breath, choose an environment with fresh air and try to inhale through your nose. Keep breathing soft, slow, even, and deep. Take 6 deep breaths as a group. Then calm down the adjustment, you can do it again. Chinese medicine says: The lung governs exhalation, and the kidney governs the intake of breath. It is recorded in the “Huangdi Neijing” that the kidney has

There are so many classifications of kidney deficiency, don’t you know?

For many people with kidney deficiency, it is not clear what the symptoms are. “Is cold hands and feet caused by kidney deficiency?” “Is fatigue and night sweats caused by kidney deficiency?” Today, I will talk about which condition is kidney deficiency and which kind of kidney deficiency corresponds to different symptoms. &nbsp. Kidney deficiency is divided into kidney yang deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, kidney qi deficiency, and kidney essence deficiency. 1. Causes of kidney-yang deficiency: inherent yang deficiency, chronic disease, yang deficiency in aging, yang deficiency in chemotherapy, etc. Symptoms: ① Fear of cold: “Yang deficiency produces cold.” Although it is not very cold outside, you still feel cold in your hands and feet, and your waist and knees are sore. In summer, it feels cold when the air conditioner is blown on. ②Insufficient energy: Compared with people of the same age, oneself appears older and older than others. Lazy talk, no interest in anything. ③Fatigue and weakness: After getting up every day, the body feels fatigued, especially after having sex, lacks energy, shouts tired all day, and memory is significantly reduced. ④Frequent nocturia: The number of wakes up at night increases, which affects sleep. ⑤ Weak physique: Although serious illnesses are not committed, minor illnesses continue. If you catch cold, you are prone to cough and cold. &nbsp.2. Causes of kidney yin deficiency: chronic illness and depletion, insufficient congenital endowment, excessive sexual intercourse, over-consumption of products that warm and dry yin, injury and blood loss. Symptoms: night sweats, tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, dreaminess, waist and knee pain, heel pain, hair loss, loose teeth, flushing of cheeks, upset and hot hands and feet, dry mouth and red tongue, etc. &nbsp.3. Reasons for kidney qi deficiency: aging, excessive overdraft of the body (such as work pressure, excessive diet), diseases (such as diabetes, tuberculosis and other wasting diseases), improper postpartum conditioning, etc. Symptoms: easy fatigue, shortness of breath, sore waist and knees, frequent urination (more nocturnal urine), pale tongue coating. Males have sperm or premature ejaculation, and females have leucorrhea and fetal movement is easy to slip. &nbsp.4. Reasons for the deficiency of kidney essence: old age body failure, insufficient congenital endowment, chronic illness wastage, acquired loss of nutrition, etc. Symptoms: stunted growth in children, short stature, retarded intelligence and movement, delayed fontanelle, weak bones, male infertility, sexual dysfunction, female menopause, infertility, premature aging, tooth loss, tinnitus and deafness, forgetfulness and trance , Slow movements, weak foot atrophy, dullness and so on. There are many types of kidney deficiency. Friends who want to invigorate the kidney suggest that you go to the hospital to use Chinese medicine to invigorate the kidney under the guidance of a doctor.

Bad kidney function ≠ kidney deficiency! Bad kidney function, 4 ways to help you improve

When it comes to kidneys, most people will come up with these words in their minds: “Kidney deficiency” and “Kidney”. Friends who often watch TV at home can even think of the well-known ad slogan: “He is good and I am too. it is good”. However, the kidney mentioned in the advertisement is the “kidney” in the traditional Chinese medicine, not the kidney in modern medicine. Kidney deficiency ≠ poor kidney function. The reason why many people have such a misunderstanding is that it confuses the concept of kidney in Chinese medicine and modern medicine. What is the “kidney” in modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine? The kidney in modern medicine is a group of substantive organs in anatomy. It mainly carries the functions of producing urine, excreting body metabolites, and regulating the body’s water and salt metabolism and acid-base balance. . Kidneys in modern medicine The human body produces a variety of metabolites in the metabolic process, which are mainly eliminated from the body in urine through the kidneys. If kidney problems occur, the health of the human body will also be affected. The “kidney” in Chinese medicine is a very broad concept. The “Internal Classic” says: &quot.The kidney stores essence, governs water, governs qi, governs bone, bone produces marrow, marrow communicates with the brain, its flower is growing, and its aperture is in the ear…&quot. According to modern medicine, the “kidney” in Chinese medicine covers the functions of the human body’s urinary, reproductive, endocrine, nerve, and blood vessel systems, and is not a specific organ. The “kidney deficiency” in Chinese medicine refers to the disorder of these systems, which leads to memory loss, lack of energy, dizziness, decreased sexual function, and weakness in the waist and knees. Poor kidney function ≠ that thing is no good! Marital life is an exercise that requires full dedication. In this process, whether it is physical, psychological or even environmental problems, it will affect the final quality. The kidney is only involved as a member of the body, so when it doesn’t work, is it too arbitrary to throw the pot to him? Take care of kidney health and do 4 things in life 1. Reduce staying up late, although the kidney does not stay up for 24 hours Stopping operation to maintain good health, but the kidneys also have a “biological clock”. The blood flow of the kidneys will be reduced by half at night, and the operation efficiency will be lower than that during the day. Frequent staying up late will cause “biological clock” disorder and cause kidney damage. 2. Healthy eating. Regular diet and moderate exercise are the unchanging rules for maintaining health. In addition, it is necessary to specifically name and “criticize” the starfruit. Carambola contains a neurotoxin. Generally speaking, if people with normal kidney function eat a small amount of carambola, this toxin will be filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. But for patients with impaired kidney function, this neurotoxin is left in the body because the kidneys are unable to filter, which leads to various symptoms of poisoning. 3. Taking medicines according to the doctor’s advice will increase the burden on the kidneys. Some Chinese medicines containing aristolochia have strong nephrotoxicity and easily cause kidney failure. When taking these medicines, they should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. 4. Regular check-ups in the early stages of kidney disease often have no symptoms, so it is easy to be ignored by people. The annual physical examination is very important. If you find abnormalities in the kidney function indicators, you should find a professional doctor for symptomatic treatment.

Differentiation and treatment of fallopian tube obstruction

Traditional Chinese medicine: Jie Hongye’s micro-signal bwfxhy88 tubal obstructive infertility. Western medicine mostly uses tubal drainage, tubal interventional therapy, hysteroscopy, etc., but there are low pregnancy rates. 1. Etiology and pathogenesis The main cause of infertility due to obstructive fallopian tube is abortion, menstruation, and postpartum vascular emptiness, which results in the invasion of virulent toxins, and the infertility due to obstruction. Or combined with dampness and heat, qi stagnation, cold and dampness, or combined with spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency or Yin deficiency. Damp-heat is internalized, feeling the evil of damp-heat, blood stasis obstructs Chong Ren, blood circulation is not smooth; elementary depression, excessive anger, stagnation of liver qi, stagnation of qi and blood stasis, blood stasis blocking cell pulse; cold drink cold, long staying in the wet ground, stasis Blood and cold and dampness are mutually knotted, and Chong and Ren are blocked; if the spleen body is weak, if you live in the Lingnan wetland for a long time, the spleen deficiency and dampness will be knotted together, and Chong and Ren will not nourish; Chong Ren loses nourishment and the blood vessels are blocked. 2. Syndrome differentiation and treatment 2. 1. Main symptoms of damp-heat stasis syndrome: lower abdomen pain, lumbosacral soreness, large volume, yellow and white color, thick texture, may be accompanied by low-grade fever, dry mouth, bitter mouth, chest tightness, appetite, yellow and short urine , Dry stool; dark red tongue, petechiae, yellow and greasy fur, pulse string or numbness. Treatment method: clearing away heat and removing dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Recipe: the addition and subtraction of Zhidai Recipe consists of red peony root, paeonol, red sage root, plantain, Alisma orientalis, Maodongqing, Passepartout, Paitongcao, Honeysuckle. For those with high heat, add Scutellaria baicalensis and Phellodendron to clear heat; for severe lower abdominal pain, add Cyperus rotundus and Corydalis to relieve pain; for dry stool, increase yellow, magnolia, and citrus fruit to relieve fever; for those with inflammatory mass, add Sanleng and zedoary can promote blood circulation to eliminate symptoms. 2. The main symptoms of qi stagnation and blood stasis syndrome: emotional depression, swelling and pain of the boss, fullness of the flank, irregular menstruation, poor menstruation, blood clots in menstruation, less abdominal distension and pain, two Milky fullness; dark tongue or tongue with petechiae, thin white coating, thin pulse string. Treatment method: promoting qi and blood circulation, removing blood stasis and dredging collaterals. Recipe: Xiaoyao powder plus and minus prescription composition: Angelica, Bupleurum, Red peony root, Poria, Atractylodes, Salvia, Cyperus rotundus, Turmeric, Citrus aurantium, Maodongqing, Chuanshi, Passepartout. For those with obvious qi stagnation, add frangipani, Amomum villosum, and magnolia to regulate qi stagnation; for those with obvious pain in the abdomen during menstruation, add corydalis and wood incense to relieve pain. 2. 3. The main symptoms of spleen deficiency and dampness and blood stasis syndrome: lower abdomen pain, falling bulge, lumbosacral soreness, aggravated after fatigue, a little more volume, thin white color, fatigue, fatigue, loose stools, long-term marriage infertility; tongue The texture is pale, with petechiae, white or greasy fur, slow and weak pulse. Therapeutic method: Recipe for strengthening the spleen and dissipating dampness: Wandaitang plus or minus, the composition of the prescription: Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, Zhigancao, Angelica, Red peony root, Danshen, Cangzhu, Passepartout. For patients with severe spleen deficiency, add astragalus and Chinese yam to strengthen the spleen and qi; for patients with kidney deficiency, add Dipsacus, Epimedium, Psoraleae, Morus sylvestris, and Cuscuta to warm the kidney qi; for obvious blood deficiency, add Polygonum multiflorum and chicken blood Vine replenishes blood to produce blood. 2. 4. The main syndrome of cold-damp stasis syndrome: late menstruation, low menstrual flow, dark color and blood clots, white and thin color, cold limbs, cold pain in the abdomen and swelling, warm and comfortable. Xiaoshu is clear and long; pale tongue, white and greasy fur, heavy pulse or weak pulse. Treatment method: warming meridians and dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals. Recipe: Shaofu Zhuyu Decoction. Recipe composition: Angelica, red peony root, chuanxiong, evodia, fennel, corydalis, cassia twig, wormwood, tuckahoe, and atractylodes. For patients with spleen deficiency and fatigue and fatigue, add Codonopsis and Astragalus to invigorate the spleen and qi; and kidney deficiency to see lumbosacral soreness, add Chuan Dipsacus and Morus sylvestris to warm and invigorate kidney qi; lower abdominal pain is obvious, add wood fragrance and black medicine to regulate qi to relieve pain. 2. 5. The main symptoms of kidney deficiency and blood stasis syndrome: menstrual disorders, lower abdomen pain, waist and leg pain, frequent nocturia, clear and long urine, loose stools; pale tongue, thin white coating, heavy and thin pulse. Treatment: Tonifying the kidney, activating blood and dredging collaterals: Guishen Pills. The composition of the prescription: Angelica, Red peony root, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Mulberry, Dipsacus, Cuscuta, Passepartout, Rehmannia, Atractylodes, and Chinese yam. For those with kidney-yang deficiency, add cinnamon, cooked aconite, and epimedium; for those with kidney-yin deficiency, go to Angelica, add dogwood, Ligustrum lucidum, and Eclipta prostrata.

Director Wang Hongxia explained the concept of “kidney” in Chinese and Western medicine. How much do you know?

In the eyes of many people, the kidney has an extraordinary meaning for men. It seems to be a representative of men’s sexual function, reproductive ability, and good health. In fact, the above-mentioned understanding is very one-sided. If you hear someone say this next time, you can respond to TA with a reasonable and well-founded sentence, “Old driver, you made a mistake!” The reason why the “kidney” is regarded as a representative of sexual ability is because people are concerned about traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. The concept of “kidney” is not well understood. From the perspective of modern medicine, the “kidney” of Chinese medicine is a collection of organs and functions. Director Wang Hongxia of the Department of Nephrology of Traditional Chinese Medicine told us that the concept of “kidney” mainly includes: urinary system and its functions, adrenal glands and their functions, gonads (testes, ovaries) and their functions, thyroid and its functions, immune system functions, hypothalamus-pituitary- The function of the adrenal (gonad/thyroid/thymus) axis. “Kidney deficiency” is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine, which refers to insufficient kidney essence and yin and yang. From the perspective of modern medicine, “kidney deficiency” includes the human body’s growth, development, reproduction, water and fluid metabolism, and mental and emotional abnormalities and deficiencies. There are many types of kidney deficiency, among which the most common are kidney yin deficiency, kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. Typical symptoms: sore waist and knees, upset, irritability, dizziness and tinnitus, dry mouth and throat, five upset and hot, insomnia, night sweats, constipation, and urine , Men’s spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, decreased or hyperactive libido, women with oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, or uterine bleeding, infertility. Prominent symptoms: dysphoric heat deficiency, sweating and kidney yang deficiency. Typical symptoms: chills and fear of cold, mental fatigue, fatigue, cold limbs, waist and knees Soreness, cold back pain, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, forgetfulness, insomnia, loss of appetite, hair loss, white hair, loose teeth, oliguria and swelling, or excessive urination at night, long and clear urine, diarrhea or constipation, men’s impotence, premature ejaculation, or loss of libido, Women with menstrual disorders, incessant dripping, dysmenorrhea, and infertility. Prominent symptoms: fear of cold and fatigue. When “kidney deficiency” is manifested, the first thing is to use modern medical methods and methods to clarify the type of disease. When there are only functional symptoms of “kidney deficiency” and no clear organic diseases, TCM has unique advantages in syndrome differentiation and treatment. TCM treatment can also be used as an auxiliary supplement to the treatment of organic diseases. The organic combination of Chinese and Western medicine can complement each other to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

How to judge whether I have kidney deficiency? Doctor: There are 4 common signs of kidney deficiency, teach you 5 ways to change

What is kidney deficiency? First of all, kidney deficiency is the concept of Chinese medicine, and it has nothing to do with the kidney of western medicine. In other words, it has nothing to do with the kidneys, which are the organs that excrete and secrete in our body, such as nephritis, kidney failure, and kidney stones. The scope of the “kidney” of Chinese medicine is extremely wide. It is the “innate foundation” and “source of life”, which governs the yin and yang of the whole body. “Neijing” says: “The kidney controls the sting, the foundation of sealing, the essence is also. The waist, the palace of the kidney”, “The kidney is the water, the body fluid”, “The kidney controls the bones, and the marrow fills the brain. “Qihua is in hair”, “Kidney governs qi” and so on. Are you dizzy? To put it simply, the kidney in the meaning of Chinese medicine includes the functions of the spirit, urinary system, respiratory system, exercise, reproductive system, etc. It is just an abstract concept. Many symptoms in Chinese medicine, such as listlessness, backache, backache, fatigue, insomnia, dreaminess, lethargy, sexual dysfunction, spermatorrhea, excessive urine output, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, dry mouth, night sweats, low fever, red zygomatic, hands and feet Heart heat and so on can be regarded as symptoms of kidney deficiency. Therefore, the World Health Organization classifies it as a “culturally specific disorder”, which is a national concept disease and is classified under the category of psychological disorders. How to judge whether I have kidney deficiency? 4 signs to understand 1. Get fat. When your life is still the same, you don’t eat a lot, and your appetite does not increase, but your weight rises day by day. Sometimes even if you exercise every day, there is no effect . In fact, few people associate gaining weight with kidney deficiency, but it is true that one of the culprits of kidney deficiency is gaining weight. You cannot deny this. If you find that your weight is increasing day by day, don’t take it seriously and ignore it. 2. Hair loss There used to be black, shiny, and beloved hair, but one day it was found that it was gradually drying up and losing its previous luster, and it would fall out as soon as it was scratched, that is, using good shampoo and hair care products , Still can’t save the embarrassment on the head, then you have to consider whether this problem is related to the decline of kidney function. 3. Eyelid swelling When you wake up in the morning, you find that your eyes are dry. You might think that this is because you have been working in front of the computer for too long. Don’t jump to conclusions in such a hurry, and carefully observe whether your lower eyelids are severely swollen. These are signs of kidney deficiency, indicating that your kidneys cannot expel toxins from the body in time with the help of urine, and their function is fading. 4. Cold desires, lack of initiative and self-confidence, lack of confidence, lack of enthusiasm for work, no passion for life, no goals And direction, this is actually a manifestation of kidney deficiency. How can daily life be improved? If the above uncomfortable symptoms appear in daily life, the most important thing is to go to a regular hospital to find out the cause. Don’t listen to the influence of some advertisements and publicity to buy medicine for yourself. If it is really a problem with the kidney organs, taking medicine indiscriminately will aggravate the condition. In addition to going to the hospital to find out the cause and symptomatic treatment, there are several suggestions: (1) Quitting alcohol and smoking alcohol and cigarettes damage the body, especially the liver, kidney and other vital organs, everyone is familiar with. (2) Stay up late, regular work and rest. Modern people’s life is under pressure, so that their work and rest are irregular, and they often stay up late. To nourish the kidneys, one must work and rest regularly and not stay up late. (3) Appropriate exercise, reasonable diet, healthy diet and exercise are well known to the body, so I won’t repeat them. (4) Relaxing and not taking medicine indiscriminately. A good mentality is also the key to treatment and conditioning. It is especially important to re-emphasize not to take medicine indiscriminately. Many medicines can harm the kidney organs. Don’t be afraid of kidney deficiency. Indiscriminately cast a doctor. (5) Drink plenty of water. Drinking water regularly will help to eliminate toxins in the body. If you drink tea often, you may wish to drink more green tea and black tea in your daily life, which is beneficial to antioxidant and protect the blood vessels of the kidneys, but you need to be careful not to drink too strong tea. Conclusion Kidney deficiency sounds terrible, but in fact it is just a description of the state of the human body by Chinese medicine, not necessarily a disease. Suspected symptoms of “kidney deficiency” should be taken seriously and go to a regular hospital for examination. The most important way to improve many “kidney deficiency” is to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than relying on the so-called “kidney-tonifying medicine.” (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Five small daily symptoms, you can see whether the male is kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency refers to the deficiency of kidney essence, yin and yang, and there are many types, among which the most common are kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. The symptoms of kidney-yang deficiency are backache, cold limbs, chills, and even edema, which are “cold” symptoms. Poor sexual function can also lead to kidney-yang deficiency; the symptoms of kidney-yin deficiency are “hot”, mainly including Backache, dry heat, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. &nbsp. When a person suffers from kidney deficiency, whether kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency, will lead to a decrease in the person’s immune capacity, the treatment of kidney deficiency should be combined with prevention and treatment. &nbsp.1.&nbsp.Yawning frequently: Yawning is a common physiological phenomenon, yawning when the body is tired and lazy, or when there is not enough sleep. But if you yawn frequently regardless of time period, you must pay attention, because this is a manifestation of kidney deficiency. In addition to mental fatigue, people who yawn again and again often have cold limbs, increased nocturia, and swelling of the abdomen due to lack of food. They need to be alert to kidney health problems. &nbsp.2.&nbsp. Salty mouth: Nothing to eat, but there is a salty bitter taste in the mouth, which is a sign of kidney deficiency. People with salty mouth usually have symptoms such as dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees, five upset and hot, insomnia and dreaminess. If you look at your tongue, you will also find red tongue and thin tongue coating. &Nbsp.3.&nbsp. Unreasonable panic: Kidney deficiency can cause good fear, and it is also accompanied by forgetfulness, blank brain, back pain, knee pain, upset and insomnia. &nbsp.4.&nbsp. Fear of cold: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if the human body has sufficient Yang Qi, it can resist the cold and maintain the body temperature without feeling cold. On the contrary, if the Yang Qi is weak, you will be afraid of the cold. Cold hands and feet. The kidneys happen to be the source of Yang Qi and the energy source of the human body. The treatment of all types of chills involves the problem of warming the kidney yang. Chills caused by kidney-yang deficiency are often accompanied by symptoms such as lack of energy, aches and weakness in the waist and knees. In addition, if a man has kidney deficiency, he will have premature ejaculation and slippery sperm. &nbsp.5.&nbsp.White nails: As the end of the human body, nails can usually reflect many situations. If the part above the half-moon mark is ruddy and full, it means that the body’s blood is sufficient and can fill the end, but if the nail Pale color and white spots, which must represent kidney deficiency.

Kidney nourishment has no effect, come and see if you are good?

&nbsp.&nbsp.Many people suspect that they have kidney deficiency and will take some tonics or kidney-tonifying foods. The strange thing is that they have eaten a lot and spent a lot of money, but they have no effect. The most likely reason is that you have not made up for it. Kidney deficiency, as a traditional Chinese medicine concept, is actually divided into many types. You can’t take any kidney medicine. Kidney deficiency has differences in Yang deficiency, Yin deficiency, Qi deficiency, and essence deficiency. Tonifying the kidney has the difference of nourishing kidney yang, nourishing kidney yin, nourishing kidney qi, and replenishing kidney essence. Only by correcting the kidney can the symptoms and signs of kidney deficiency be improved. Nowadays, nourishing the kidney and keeping in good health are often misunderstood. Some people abuse the kidney and yang drugs for quick effects, but purely using aphrodisiacs can easily damage the kidney yin, resulting in sores in the mouth and tongue, bleeding in the nose and mouth, and patients with high blood pressure are also likely to induce cerebrovascular disease. Some people often take medicine that nourishes kidney yin for health preservation, and if kidney yin is overdone, it will damage kidney yang and make yin and yang out of balance. Many people have some misunderstandings about kidney deficiency: 1. As long as it is kidney deficiency, eat whatever has the effect of nourishing the kidney. In fact, it should not be like this. Chinese medicine divides kidney deficiency into kidney-yang deficiency, kidney-yin deficiency, kidney-qi deficiency, and kidney-essence deficiency. Therefore, before invigorating the kidney, we must first identify what needs to be supplemented and choose a suitable kidney medicine. For example, it is obvious that the kidney yin is deficiency, but taking aphrodisiac medicine will only make the deficiency worse and the situation will become more serious. &nbsp.Second, nourishing kidney is impotence, this is a wrong concept. Chinese medicine for invigorating the kidney covers many aspects, including reproduction, urinary, nerve, bone, endocrine and so on. Reproductive function decline is just one symptom. &nbsp. Third, women do not need to invigorate the kidney, on the contrary, if the female kidney-yang deficiency, they need to invigorate the kidney. The proportion of women with kidney-yang deficiency is higher. Regulating and invigorating kidney-yang deficiency can improve female physique and improve symptoms. &nbsp.&nbsp.How to invigorate the kidney is correct? A big principle for nourishing the kidney: The emphasis is on balancing yin and yang. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony of qi and blood and the harmony of yin and yang. To make up, first use to determine whether one is kidney deficiency. If the kidneys are healthy, and blindly tonic, it will only break the balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Therefore, the replenishment should have a clear pertinence and should be considered from adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, and should not artificially destroy the balance of yin and yang of the body.

Is kidney deficiency equal to the ability to have intercourse?

The kidney is the foundation of the innate. Everyone knows the importance of nourishing the kidney, but many people think that it is necessary to nourish the kidney in winter. In fact, summer is also a period of high incidence of kidney disease. So, what is the manifestation of kidney deficiency? If your complexion gets worse and worse, people are more prone to fatigue. You are tired for a while, but it takes several days to get over. You often have backaches, dizziness, fatigue, sleep worsening, and even memory loss. , Sexual dysfunction, frequent urination and urgency, and even hair loss, anemia, tinnitus, gray hair, premature aging and other symptoms, then you should be careful that you may have kidney deficiency. Kidney deficiency is actually the deficiency of kidney essence and yin and yang. The most common ones are kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. You can simply test yourself for kidney yin deficiency. It is often manifested as “heat” syndrome with weak waist and knees, night sweats, dry mouth and tongue. Five upset, heat and other kidney-yang deficiency, often manifested as “cold” syndrome accompanied by backache, coldness, edema, nocturia, white or black complexion… In addition, for men, kidney deficiency is more prone to impotence, premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission. It’s not unreasonable that people say that kidney deficiency will not work. Women are more likely to suffer from cold uterine infertility, irregular menstruation or early menopause. Naturally, there is no “sexual blessing” between husband and wife. What is more worrying is that the kidneys are “innate.” “The foundation”, the main body is to keep the essence of the kidneys and feet, so that the body can be strong and the internal organs can function normally. Therefore, once the kidney is weak, it is like a car without gasoline, and the soil without nutrients will not only affect your life, but will slowly take away your health. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to nourishing the essence and nourishing the kidney, especially after the summer, some common living habits are “kidney killers”, so we may suffer from chronic kidney disease without knowing it. 1 Summer 4 “Kidney Injury” What behaviors in summer will let us inadvertently ruin kidney health? 1. Irregular work and rest In summer, the weather is hot and the days are long and nights are short. Many people have irregular work and rest habits. Staying up late and insomnia are common. However, lack of sleep can easily lead to a decline in immunity and the risk of kidney disease will naturally increase. 2 Improper diet Summer is the season for drinking beer and eating skewers. These are high-purine foods, which directly increase the burden on the kidneys. More and more young people are suffering from kidney disease related to this. 3 Drink less water and sweat more in summer, and correspondingly reduce urination, which may lead to urinary system infection, which may reverse infection and lead to nephritis. So be sure to drink more water and urinate more in summer. 4 Greed and cold is the main cause of kidney disease in the middle-aged and elderly people in summer. Kidney loves heat and cold, long-term exposure to air-conditioning can damage the kidneys. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioner first, and turn off the air conditioner after the indoor temperature drops. At this time, people enter the room to rest and do not blow directly at the air conditioner.

The relationship between kidney and physique

There are differences in physique, as stated in “Lingshu·Shoutian Rigid and Soft”: “The birth of human beings is rigid and flexible, weak and strong, short and long, and yin and yang.” Depending on the parents, the physical quality of the parents is the basis for the life of the offspring. Generally speaking, the parents are strong, the offspring are also strong, the parents are weak, and the offspring are also weak. The life of the offspring comes from the essence of the parent’s kidneys. Only when the essence of the parent’s kidneys is full, the offspring can gain strong vitality and have a good physique. Conversely, if the parents are weak and have insufficient kidney essence and barely conceive, their children will be weaker. At the same time, age is also a major factor affecting physical fitness. People are most energetic in the young and middle-aged period, when their children are more robust, healthy and less ill. If the birth is too early or too late, the kidneys are insufficient in essence, and most of their children are not strong, weak and sick. Therefore, the strength of physique depends mainly on innate endowments. Children with insufficient congenital endowments and body kidney deficiency often affect growth and development, and there are “five delays” (late delay, delayed walking, delayed onset, delayed tooth, and delayed speech) and “five soft” (soft head, soft hands, soft feet, and mouth). Soft, muscle atrophy), cranial relieving, chicken breast, etc. Adults with kidney deficiency, often suffer from prolonged labor, weakness of the waist and knees, shortness of breath, or shortness of breath when moving, premature aging, short and frequent urination, or enuresis, indifference, infertility, or slip fetus, irregular menstruation, nocturnal emission , Impotence, low back pain, edema and fatigue and other diseases. The constitution of kidney deficiency often does not have a long life. The innate essence is sufficient, and it can grow up healthy and normal after birth, and obtain strong life activities. The process of growth and aging of men and women described in “Suwen · Ancient Innocent Theory” is an evolutionary process that uses the essence of the kidney as the basic substance to stimulate the activities of the internal organs. Therefore, regulating the yin and yang of the kidneys is of great significance for strengthening the physique. At the same time, the spleen and stomach in the middle Jiao is the foundation of the acquired, the sea of ​​water and valleys that transforms vitality and blood, and the fullness of the innate essence depends on the continuous filling of the fine water and valleys of the acquired. Prescriptions are endless, so regulating the spleen and stomach or spleen and kidney is often an important means of regulating physical fitness.

Men have these 4 major manifestations, be careful to incarnate a man with kidney deficiency!

In TV commercials, it is said every day that improper sexual intercourse and exhaustion can cause a man’s kidney deficiency, causing weakness in the waist and knees, impotence, and tinnitus. What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency in men? What should I do about kidney deficiency? Symptom 1: Polyuria at night. Over the past half month, I have increased the number of nights and urine output, and sometimes I even have to get up 3 to 4 times a night. No one can sleep well, and doze off at work during the day. I’m really afraid of being seen by my boss. Generally speaking, the frequency of nocturia is more than twice, or the amount of urine exceeds 1/4 of the whole day. In severe cases, it even rises at night once an hour, and the amount of urine is close to or more than the amount of urine during the day. This situation is ” Peeing at night”. Urine is normal during the day, except for more urine at night, and polyphagia is caused by weak kidney qi. If you want a radical cure, you must grasp the step of Wenfu’s innate kidney-yang qi. Only by strengthening the function of invigorating and absorbing qi in the kidney can the effect of yang and yin retreat be obtained. Symptom 2: Dizziness and tinnitus For this auto show, I have been busy with my colleagues for a month and a half. Although the project is progressing smoothly now, my body is ill. I often experience dizziness and tinnitus during work, and sometimes even faint suddenly. Many people have experienced dizziness. The feeling of spinning around the world is really uncomfortable. In addition, dizziness patients often have tinnitus, which affects their hearing and causes deafness in the long term. The cause of dizziness and tinnitus are mostly related to liver and kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that “the kidney stores the essence and produces the marrow, and the marrow accumulates for the brain.” Therefore, kidney deficiency will lead to insufficient marrow sea and loss of the brain, resulting in dizziness and tinnitus. For such patients with kidney deficiency, it is necessary to replenish kidney qi, and the essence and feet will be full, which can naturally eliminate dizziness and tinnitus. Symptom 3: Constipation A year ago, I started to suffer from constipation. When it was “convenient”, it was almost painful. Although I have taken a laxative from the doctor, it is only a temporary effect and can only solve the pain for a day or two. Due to difficulty in defecation, constipation will have symptoms such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids, which have a great impact on work and life. Although constipation should belong to the abnormal conduction function of the large intestine, the root cause is still caused by kidney deficiency. This is because the kidney opens to the second yin and governs the second stool. The conduction of stool must be stimulated and nourished by the kidney qi to play a normal role. The treatment of constipation should start with the treatment of kidney deficiency. You can consume some Chinese medicines with the effects of nourishing the kidney and promoting yang, nourishing the intestines, and nourishing the essence and blood of the stool, such as hemp seed and fleece-flower root, but should be taken under the guidance of professional Chinese physicians. Symptom 4: Low back pain I always feel sore and uncomfortable in my waist when I come in. When playing golf with a client, I feel pain when I use a little bit of force. The root of low back pain is kidney deficiency, which can be divided into strain and internal injury. Internal injury and kidney deficiency usually refer to congenital deficiency, chronic illness, weakness, or overwork. Mild symptoms include difficulty in bending or standing upright, and severe symptoms such as heel pain and waist weakness. Strain generally refers to too heavy a physical burden, or the same movement for a long time, such as driving, using a computer, etc., which will damage the kidneys in the long term. Qi causes insufficient kidney essence. If low back pain occurs frequently and cannot be relieved after rest, it must be solved by kidney-tonifying methods, such as Jinkuishenqi Pills, Liuwei Dihuang Pills, and Dabuyin Pills. They should also be consumed under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Female friends, check yourself to see if you have kidney deficiency?

Female friends, check yourself to see if you have kidney deficiency? In recent years, the incidence of kidney deficiency patients has remained high, and women are no exception. In daily life, many women now feel that they have symptoms such as memory loss and hair loss. Many people will habitually think that they are too tired and need to rest. In fact, it is because of kidney deficiency! So how can female friends check whether they are kidney deficiency? What? Check for yourself! 1. Get up in the morning and often have hair drops. 2. There is an obvious trend of weight increase or decrease. I woke up in the morning and found that the abdominal muscles were loose and weak, pale and bloodless. 3. Memory loss. I can’t remember what I thought of yesterday. 4. Eat three meals a day, eat very little, exclude weather factors, even if the taste is very suitable for you The food often tastes the same as chewing wax. 5. I often can’t sleep at night, even if I fall asleep, the quality is very bad. 6. I often get up at night and have frequent urination during the day. 7. Decreased sexual performance, and my husband has clearly expressed sexual demands on you , But you often feel exhausted and have no desires. 8. Work mood has not been able to rise. What puzzles you most is that the nameless fire is very big, but there is no energy attack. 9. After 1 hour of work, the body is tired, chest tightness and shortness of breath. I hope to go home early and go to bed for a while, but I can’t sleep after going to bed. 10 . Obviously feel that the breasts are not firm before, and the muscles are loosened, and gradually get fat. 11. Easy to catch a cold, prone to nasal congestion, dry throat, sore throat, runny nose, throat tightening and other symptoms. 12. Reading for half an hour will feel dry eyes, Swelling and pain. 13. Sit and squat for a while. After standing up, I feel black eyes, dizziness and tinnitus. Commonly used kidney-tonifying foods, women’s beauty starts with diet: 1. Ejiao: Used for blood deficiency, less menstruation, and not solid. Metrorrhagia and blood during pregnancy. Containing a variety of amino acids, it is better than iron in treating anemia, improving calcium balance in the body, and can be used for uremic renal anemia. Ejiao stewed red dates: 30 red dates are cooked and 10 grams of donkey-hide gelatin are added. 2. Black sesame seeds: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, used for menstrual diseases and male diseases with less essence and blood loss. Black sesame stewed chicken: 50 grams of black sesame, stuffed into the chicken, add water and simmer for 2 hours. 3. Longan meat: used for blood deficiency, insomnia, palpitation and other menopausal symptoms caused by liver and kidney deficiency. 4. Angelica: Used for irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and postpartum abdominal pain caused by blood deficiency and blood stasis. The effect of Angelica on the uterus depends on the functional state of the uterus and presents a two-way regulation. It is also used for renal anemia caused by chronic renal failure. Angelica Motherwort Eggs: 30 grams of Angelica sinensis and 50 grams of Motherwort. Add eggs and cook for 1 hour after boiling.

Men with kidney deficiency are more harmful, how to improve the phenomenon of kidney deficiency?

The trouble caused by kidney deficiency to men is not only as simple as waist soreness and leg pain. If it is not treated in time, it can also cause memory loss, inattention, emotional control, and irritability. In addition, patients will also It is manifested as lack of confidence, lack of passion in life, and symptoms such as frequent urination and waiting for urine, which are more likely to cause male infertility. So, what are the common symptoms of kidney deficiency in different males? 7 symptoms of kidney deficiency in men 1. Backaches and leg pains, frequent urination, urgency, sitting in the car stiff for a long time, plus driving nervousness, the formation of qi stagnation and blood over time Stasis eventually leads to kidney deficiency. 2. Chilling with cold limbs “Chilling” refers to the feeling of being afraid of cold and wind. “Cold limbs” refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even to the elbows and knees. “Chill with cold limbs” is often accompanied by kidney deficiency symptoms such as sore waist and knees, tiredness, lack of energy, lazy speech, and light mouth but not thirst. 3. Dizziness, weakness, sleeplessness and dreaming. Kidney is one of the important organs of the human body to nourish and warm other organs. If other organs remain unhealed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidneys. Many chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, hypertension and other patients are often accompanied by symptoms of kidney deficiency. 4. Polyuria at night. Generally, the frequency of nocturia is more than 2 times, or the urine volume is more than 1/4 of the whole day. In severe cases, nocturia is once an hour, and the urine volume is close to or exceeds the urine volume during the day. Pee”. Normal urination during the day and excessive urination at night are the characteristics of this disease, which is mostly caused by weak kidney qi. 5. Dizziness and tinnitus Many people have experienced the feeling of dizziness. The feeling of dizziness, spinning, nausea and vomiting is uncomfortable, and dizziness patients are often accompanied by tinnitus, which hinders hearing, and may even lead to deafness. The cause of dizziness and tinnitus is mostly related to liver and kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine says that “the kidney stores the essence and produces the marrow, and the marrow accumulates for the brain.” Therefore, kidney deficiency can lead to insufficient marrow sea, loss of the brain, dizziness and tinnitus. 6. Constipation People with constipation often suffer from anal fissures and hemorrhoids due to difficulty in defecation, which affects work and life and is miserable. Although constipation is a transmission function disorder of the large intestine, its root cause is caused by kidney deficiency, because the kidney opens in the second yin and governs the second bowel movement. The conduction of stool must be stimulated and nourished by the kidney qi to function normally. 7. Low back pain. Low back pain is basically caused by kidney deficiency, which can be divided into internal injuries and strains. Internal injury and kidney deficiency generally refer to congenital deficiency, chronic illness and physical weakness or excessive fatigue. In the mild cases, it is difficult to bend or stand upright, and in the severe cases, heel pain and waist weakness may occur. Strain refers to excessive physical exertion, or long-term work in the same fixed posture (using a computer, driving, etc.), which will damage the kidney qi for a long time. Insufficient kidney essence. 4 small movements for a man to strengthen the kidneys. After rubbing the soles of the feet with both hands, rub the soles of the right feet with the left hand and the soles of the left feet with the right hand, once in the morning and at night, with 300 strokes each time. Retract the anus exercise to relax the whole body and breathe naturally. When exhaling, do the anal contraction movement, relax when inhaling, repeat about 30 times. Massage the waist with the palms of both hands. When the palms of the hands are warm, place them on both sides of the waist, with the palms facing the skin, massage the waist up and down until you feel the heat. Once in the morning and evening, about 200 shots each time. Tai Chi practice Tai Chi, it is best to do it early in the morning in a park with fresh air, under a tree, or by the water.