What is the relationship between heart and kidney in Chinese medicine?

Classical Moments-Dr. Haishu repeats the Internal Classics-Five Colors 0824 [Original]  The kidney acts on the heart, the heart is diseased, the kidney acts as a response, and the appearance is the same. The color of the man lies in the king of the face, which is a pain in the lower abdomen; the pain in the lower part is the pain of the egg; its straightness is the pain of the stem, the height is the root, the lower is the head, and the genus of fox hernia and yin. The woman lies in the face of the face. It is a disease in the bladder. Dissipation is pain, and stroke (don’t tug) is gathering. The members of each side are like their colors. It then goes down to the callosum for lewdness. It is as moist as a paste, which is unclean for overeating. Figure 1 Translation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: Syndrome of Heart and Kidney Diseases; the complexion and the part are combined for inspection, the doctor must master the relationship between the two [rose] good Morning