This sleeping action is dangerous. If you don’t pay attention, your child will get hurt and become stupid! Stop now

In her sleep, Wei Wei was awakened by the baby’s crying again. She hurriedly propped up her tired body mechanically, walked to the child to pat the baby, softly comforting, but the child cried more and more. As a novice mother, Wei Wei is very deprived of sleep. The fragmented sleep time makes her whole brain unable to function rationally. Now that the child does not mean to stop crying, she is completely dazed and does not know what to do. At this time, Wei Wei’s lover also woke up. He rubbed his confused eyes and said: “Try to pick up the child, shake it, shake it, I think many people use this to coax the child to sleep.” When Weiwei heard this, she suddenly realized that she quickly picked up the child and started shaking it as if she was grabbing a straw. At first, she controlled her strength and shook gently, but the cry of the child did not mean to stop at all. This made Wei Wei more nervous and agitated-she involuntarily increased the intensity and amplitude of the shaking. But the effect is very small… In fact, when the baby feels everything is very comfortable, he won’t cry. There is no way to solve the problem blindly like Wei Wei. More importantly, shaking a baby like her to a large extent may harm the child’s health unknowingly without realizing it. This is really not alarmist! Shaking the baby improperly may cause “baby shaking syndrome”. 1. What is baby shake syndrome? Infant shaking syndrome is also known as baby cradle syndrome. The American Academy of Pediatrics AAP describes it as a kind of head abuse injury, which mostly occurs in children between 0-4 years old. In other words, it refers to the damage to the baby’s brain after violent or continuous shaking: mild cases: vomiting, restlessness, fatigue; severe cases: bleeding from eyes and/or ears, difficulty breathing, slow reactions, developmental delay, and mental retardation ; Even worse, they will die from intracranial hematoma. 2. Just shaking, why does it cause brain damage? Give everyone an image metaphor. Regardless of adults or children, the brain tissues are as fragile as “tofu” and must be protected from external impacts in order to protect the safety of brain tissues. “Tofu” is placed in the box and shaken gently, there will be no damage, but if it is shaken vigorously at acceleration and deceleration, it will be very hurt! The baby’s head development is inherently not stable enough. Compared with adults, the weight and volume of the baby’s head account for a much higher proportion of the whole body. In addition, the neck muscles of infants and young children are not yet mature and the head support is weak. When someone shakes them hard, the child’s head will turn involuntarily. This violent shaking makes the infant’s fragile brain tissue oscillate back and forth in the hard skull, which is prone to damage, swelling, and even tearing and bleeding. 3. These dangerous actions can also cause shaking syndrome. Not only violent shaking can cause shaking syndrome, these actions can also bring the risk of brain damage to the baby: throw the child into the air and catch it; hold the baby in circles; Throw the baby directly on the bed/sofa, etc.; these pictures seem warm and loving, but the process of throwing the baby up and falling freely can produce speed differences, which will make the baby’s hard skull and delicate and delicate brain tissue They collide with each other, creating danger. Warm reminder: It is recommended to choose a stroller with shockproof function, and put a soft and comfortable baby pillow on the baby when going out to avoid bumping the child’s head. Fourth, this is not okay, that is not okay, how can you coax the child? Shaking baby syndrome is caused by vigorous, violent, and continuous shaking. Gentle shaking will not bring evil results. Be careful. If mom and dad are upset by the children’s quarrel, they must pay attention to control their emotions, otherwise it is easy to miss and cause excessive force. In addition, once the baby is crying, parents need to find out the cause in time, whether it is hungry, urinating, sick or uncomfortable, or caused by too cold and too hot, and find the source of the crying through judgment. Excluding these factors, the following comfort methods can be used for reference: (1) The baby can be wrapped in an appropriate amount of clothing, like a newborn baby, but be careful not to be too tight. Some babies also like baby slings very much, because the slings can be close to the family’s body and sway gently and slightly. (2) Give your baby a pacifier. Pacifiers, as the name suggests, the biggest role is to satisfy the baby’s non-nutritive sucking and soothe the baby’s emotions. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breast-fed babies 4-6 weeks after birth, when the baby has learned to eat breast milk and has developed a breast-feeding habit, then use a pacifier. After 6 months, you can gradually

What should I pay attention to in the treatment of children’s vitiligo?

  Because of the onset of vitiligo disease, there are some people and the characteristics of age and sex. Many children in life have suffered from vitiligo injuries and distress, but doctors said that parents should not be too anxious if they find that children have white spots. Although vitiligo is a stubborn disease, there is no problem with treatment and recovery. It’s just that parents need to grasp the good opportunity for early treatment of vitiligo and choose a specialist hospital to treat their children in time. So, what should we pay attention to in the treatment of children’s vitiligo?   1. Can’t blindly treat: Children are a relatively special group of patients with vitiligo, and their functions are not fully developed in all aspects, their body resistance is relatively poor, and they cannot be treated blindly. To choose a regular professional vitiligo hospital to receive scientific treatment.  2. Do not use drugs blindly: In the treatment of children with vitiligo, what parents worry about is safety. There is no medicine for treating vitiligo that can be cured twice a day. You cannot easily trust the so-called remedies, and you cannot blindly use some external medicines, otherwise it will cause unimaginable consequences for the child.  3. Don’t ignore it: It is found that a child has vitiligo. Don’t underestimate its existence. This will be very harmful to the child’s growth and development, and it will also affect the child’s physical and mental health in the future. Be sure to go to a regular vitiligo hospital for diagnosis and treatment first, so as not to miss a better treatment time and bring more trouble to the treatment.   The above is the relevant introduction of what doctors should pay attention to when treating children with vitiligo. I hope it can help you. Warm reminder: As it is difficult for children to accept and cooperate with complicated treatment measures for vitiligo, especially topical therapy, it is difficult to adhere to rubbing medicine every day, so parents of children with children should be patiently guided, take good care of, insist on daily inspections and supervise the use and assistance Rub the important things on the affected area and help the children grasp the medication method.

How do children eat in autumn? Nutritionist: 2 kinds of nutrition should be supplemented, 3 kinds of food should be eaten less

Autumn is here, and the weather slowly turns cooler, so there are some changes in the children’s health. Xiao Tiantian is 5 years old and has a long head and brain, which is very lovable, but as soon as autumn comes, the little guy has itchy throat, dry stool, and even constipation. “Mom, I’m so sad.” Xiaotiantian’s mother was so anxious when she heard her son say this, so she quickly consulted a nutritionist and girlfriend. According to my best friend, children’s diet in the fall requires extra attention, otherwise various symptoms are prone to appear, so how do you adjust your baby’s diet? 1. Symptoms that children are prone to in autumn First of all, let’s talk about why there are different symptoms in autumn and what are the symptoms. In the autumn, because of the dry climate and the immature development of the children’s organs, we are very sensitive to changes in the weather. As a result, dry nose and throat, coughing and infection, and dry stools or even The phenomenon of constipation is what we often call “getting angry.” So if you want to keep your children healthy, dietary conditioning is essential. So what should we parents do? 2. What should babies pay attention to during autumn diet? Because of the dry climate, you need to pay attention to the following points in your diet: 1. Trace elements First of all, because of the dry autumn climate, babies’ trace elements need to be supplemented in particular, because of this Certain respiratory diseases can be avoided. In addition to trace elements, there are other nutrients that need to be supplemented, such as high-quality protein. Since our baby’s autumn diet needs to pay more attention to supplement the above two types of nutrition, how should we eat specifically? 3. What do babies eat in autumn? Some moms and dads may still be confused about how to prepare specific autumn foods for their babies, so let’s talk about it. 1 Vitamin B foods Let me talk about vitamin B first. We just learned that it is good for avoiding respiratory infections. So which foods contain it? 1) Vegetables are some vegetables first, such as spinach and rape in dark vegetables. In addition, we should also allow children to eat more fruits and vegetables in the autumn season, such as pumpkin, cucumber, lotus root, white fungus, lily, yam, raw pear, etc. These vegetables have a certain effect of clearing fire and nourishing lungs. 2) Coarse grains The second is coarse grains, such as oats, yellow millet, corn, mung beans, white kidney beans, etc., because these foods are rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Our mother can usually give the baby some multi-grain porridge or multi-grain rice. We can make mung bean soup, lotus seed lily porridge, etc., which not only supplement vitamins, but also supplement a certain amount of potassium. 2 In addition to supplementing children with more vitamin B, high-quality protein autumn also needs to supplement high-quality protein. Why is this? Because in autumn, babies have high nutritional intake requirements, and their own organs and tissues need high-quality protein to help their development and growth. So which foods contain high-quality protein? In fact, all kinds of meat (pork, beef, duck, etc.), dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.), fish and shrimp, and soy products (tofu, soybeans, etc.) are rich in high-quality protein. . We have learned from the above, is there any food in autumn that children should not eat? 4. Foods that are not suitable for children in autumn are dry in autumn. There are several types of food that children should eat less, or even not, including: 1 sugary drinks Children drink as much water as possible and drink less sugary drinks. 2 Cold and cold foods In autumn, reduce the intake of cold and cold foods, such as watermelon and cantaloupe. Eat as little as possible. 3 Spicy foods Minimize the intake of spicy foods in autumn, try to eat some sour fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, kiwis, etc. V. Summary 1 Autumn is dry, and children are prone to dry mouth and even constipation. Therefore, in terms of diet, our parents need to regulate and reduce dryness for children. 2 Children need more vitamin B and high-quality protein in autumn. 3 In autumn, children have 3 kinds of food to eat less. For dry autumns, would you prepare some food for your children? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together. The picture is from the Internet. It is not easy to write. Thank you for your attention, likes, collection or recommendation to friends. If you have any questions about healthy parenting, please leave a message. Author: health management division Yuan crystal (a food goods) has three hospitals in Shanghai for seven years pharmacists, now a senior health management division, good at writing, reduced fat camp healthy parenting science text

9 inner monologues for children with autism

&nbsp.&nbsp.I believe everyone is familiar with autism, but how much do you know about children with autism? The following are some of the inner thoughts of a child affected by autism. I hope that everyone can communicate with these children more in the future and help them get out of their difficulties. &nbsp.&nbsp.1. First of all, I am a child and I have autism. But I am not a “autistic disorder” first, but a child first. Please give me more encouragement and confidence. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, it’s not that I don’t listen to instructions, but that I can’t understand them. Please walk into me. Tell me directly what to do in the simplest words, so that I can live with pleasure. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. My perception is chaotic. The usual sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, perhaps the subtle details that you can’t even notice, are painful tortures for me. You may think that I am avoiding shrinking or violent resistance, but in fact I am just protecting myself. &nbsp.&nbsp.4, please be patient, because my vocabulary is limited. &nbsp.&nbsp.5, I am a &quot.rigid thinker&quot., I will find it difficult to understand your words, so metaphors, hints, puns, polysemous words, cynicism, criticism, etc., make me at a loss. &nbsp.&nbsp.6. The language is difficult for me to understand. So I give priority to visual ability. Please show me how to do it, not just tell me how to do it. &nbsp.&nbsp.7. Please try to find out which traps are causing me emotional breakdown. Take a notebook and write down the time, environment, characters, and activities of each emotional breakdown and temper. Maybe you can find some rules to follow. &nbsp.&nbsp.8. Please pay attention to and cultivate the things I can do, not the things I can’t do. &nbsp.&nbsp.9. Help me learn social interaction. I don’t know how to interpret facial expressions, body language, emotions, and emotions. If you can always guide me on how to make a reasonable social response, I am very grateful to you. Experts remind: Children with autism and normal children have different inner thoughts, so we should try to get close to them and understand their innermost depths, so that they can allow normal people to grow up healthily. The above is mainly about “Do you know the inner world of autistic children?” Everyone should be clear.

How to reduce children’s rebellious behavior

Reduce the child’s rebellious behavior and avoid yelling For parents of rebellious children, yelling is a very serious problem. Parents who often use yelling to restrain their children, educated children are more likely to have personal attacks, verbal attacks and social withdrawal, and lack positive behavior. When you yell, the child has found your weakness and successfully interfered with you. He has also learned to yell from you. Therefore, the more the parent yells, the more rebellious the child. How to get rid of yelling? There are three ways: ①Learn to be a listener and calm yourself down through understanding. ②Identify your own signs of anger, calm yourself down or leave early, and then solve the problem after you calm down. ③Use softly speaking instead of yelling, the smaller the voice, the greater the power.

Do parents still have questions this time? CCTV actually said the same…

&nbsp.&nbsp.The question of “children blinking frequently” is really a commonplace talk, and I have repeatedly emphasized that it may be a signal of childhood tic disorder! However, there are still some parents who don’t take it seriously. Let’s take a look at how Yang Ma teaches this lesson for everyone. &nbsp.&nbsp. In the CCTV “Is it Real” column, host Huang Xi and two guests verified whether it was true. In the video, the reporter interviewed relevant experts, and the answer was confirmed to be true. &nbsp.&nbsp. The frequent blinking of a child is indeed a sign of tic disorder. However, the symptoms of tic disorder are not fixed, and there are single or multiple symptoms at the same time, such as shrugging, grinning, raising eyebrows, facial twitching, clearing throat and twisting neck, etc. &nbsp.&nbsp.Some parents think that it’s just a bad habit, so sometimes they can’t help but scold their children. In fact, this is not good, and the pressure exerted is more serious. Some parents are very worried about this situation. I know it is a disease, but I don’t know how to control it. &nbsp.&nbsp.Friendly reminder: blinking and tic disorder in children cannot be simply equated.

Intensive Q&A (ENT Department) 20200805

It’s time to answer questions about the nose once a week. Let’s take a look at these issues. See if yours was selected? Questions and answers rules 1. Question method: a. Ask questions directly in the group (format: nickname + question), the more detailed the better. 2. The question time is 20:00-21:003 every Tuesday evening. Please refer to the top Weibo Q for how to join the group. Mother Xiang: Boy, 3 years and 8 months old, had adenoid hypertrophy last winter. It will be fine when the weather is warm. Beginning in June of this year, there were severe panting, especially when the air conditioner was turned on, the frequency of panting was very high, and it was not very obvious at other times. When I did not wake up in the morning, I felt that my nose was a little bit blocked. I can always pull out the nose gaze myself, and when the air is relatively dry, I will get a nosebleed. How should the doctor treat it? Dr. Wells: Hello, thank you for your trust. You can first try to use hypertonic seawater nasal spray for 2 weeks. If the effect is not good, add nasal spray hormone for 2 weeks. The general symptoms can be basically relieved. Q Dongdong’s mother: The current 10-month-old child has nasal congestion from about 10 days after birth, the nose always has nasal scabs, gurgling nasal congestion, sprayed with salt water, and high isotonic use has no results. I took it a few days ago The doctor said that it was okay to do endoscopy, but I just didn’t understand why the nose was congested. It was like a bad cold and nasal congestion when taking milk. Ask the doctor for help to look at the test result sheet and recommendations. Dr. Wells: Hello, thank you for your trust. From the endoscopic point of view, the child’s upper airway is basically unobstructed. Although there is adenoid hypertrophy, it does not cause obvious blockage of the posterior nostril. Therefore, apart from spraying sea salt water to maintain nasal cavity care, no drug intervention is required. A child’s thick breath sounds may have something to do with adenoids, but because the child cannot be checked in person, it is impossible to determine the extent of its impact on the child. But for 10-month-old children, it is recommended to observe first. Dr. Iss is an otolaryngology doctor, attending physician, and a master of medicine. He is currently working in a tertiary hospital in Chongqing and is also a new father. Sina Weibo signed a contract with the media, special science authors on platforms such as Doctor Aiwen, Doctor Chunyu, Fenda, and Shukang. He has written more than 60 medical science popularization articles, has 180,000 fans on Sina Weibo (@宝贝的喏斯同学), has about 6 million popular science readers, and provided nearly 10,000 online consultations.

How to relieve the anxiety of lonely children?

&nbsp.&nbsp. Everyone should see autistic children in their lives. Children with autism are a special group. They are sensitive to changes in things and themselves. How should the mood of autistic children be relieved? This is what many parents want to know. Today, I will introduce some ways to relieve anxiety in children with autism. let us see! &nbsp.&nbsp.1. Stay regular&nbsp.&nbsp. When life becomes regular, children can predict what will happen next, so that the child will become very calm. If there is about to change, you should inform her in advance. Tell him what will happen next, and communicate with him patiently. &nbsp.&nbsp.2. Distracting attention&nbsp.&nbsp. When you are acting or losing your temper, don’t stop her from being able to divert his attention, wait until he calms down, distract them, and give her a fun Play some soothing music on his toys, or the TV he usually likes to watch, so that his emotions will be slowly controlled. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Find out the root cause of the trigger&nbsp.&nbsp. Simply put, you need to understand what the child wants first. This is very important. Parents need to observe carefully and find out the root cause of the trigger. , Take notes at any time, and try to control his behavior before the next behavior. &nbsp.&nbsp.4. Comfort him and hug him tightly&nbsp.&nbsp. Many autistic children will feel extremely uneasy and insecure because of tactile and hearing disorders. In life, you can wear pressure vests to keep your children under cover. The feeling of hug, so that he will feel more secure and his emotions will be better controlled. &nbsp.&nbsp.I will show you how to relieve the excitement of children with autism. You should also understand it now, regardless of the method used above. Everyone must know that these methods cannot be effective every time, because a child needs an opportunity to vent. Sometimes, make her cry, make her scream. As long as it does not hurt her health, it is best to comfort her after releasing his emotions.

Those parenting problems that novice parents struggle with

Novice parents are always entangled with parenting problems Jie Jie’s parenting mailbox: (click on the article name, enter the article link) The mother’s pregnancy process is like the process of learning to drive, the parenting process is the primary learning, and the childbirth process is the exam. Growing up is the process of driving internships in the “own race”. Novice drivers are very similar to novice parents with children. They must be cautious, suspicious, unavoidable, and often surprised. The elders’ methods and experience in bringing children are not necessarily recognized by novice parents. Novice parents in the Internet age can find Du Niang if they have any questions. Parents who raise children step by step according to written knowledge are also “indigenous”. , Hot and professional theoretical school. What happened to this child? Is calcium deficiency? Is zinc deficiency? Flatulence? Why do you sweat so much? ……Those misunderstandings of the baby’s “flatulence” are the tendons under the baby’s tongue short? Baby’s spine is healthy, do you know? On the high and low value of the baby’s appearance, the problem of the baby “drinking water” Is the baby “hot”? The “rabies” that worries mommy mother’s horrified “kiss of death” baby is calcium deficiency? How to feed it? My baby is iron deficient and anemia, how to make up? Does your child need zinc supplementation? Why is my baby losing hair? Baby keeps moving, is it ADHD? Why does baby sweat so much? 1

What should I do if children don’t like to eat vegetables and fruits in summer? Nutrition tells you 2 ways

Since the summer when she fell into the vault, Tiantian’s mother has been anxious. No, the 5-year-old daughter Tiantian usually eats a lot of food at her meals, but recently, she eats less and less, which is placed on the plate. A lot of vegetables are left every time, and fruits are not eaten much. Every time my mother asks Tiantian, why not eat vegetables or fruits, the children always say that they don’t want to eat anymore, this can make mother anxious. In fact, in the hot summer, poor appetite often occurs, but the child is in the developmental period. If the nutrition is not guaranteed, such as the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, it is likely to affect developmental health. So, how should our parents respond? 1. Vegetables are hot in summer. Many children have poor appetite. Some children who don’t like to eat vegetables don’t even touch them. This makes parents anxious. How can nutrition keep up? We all know that vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. So what can our parents do? 1) Ways to make up for not eating vegetables. In fact, we can add vegetables to water or milk, crush and stir to make a milkshake, which can quench thirst and supplement nutrition. Text | Yuan crystal2) The practice of vegetable milkshake The practice of vegetable milkshake is also very simple, we can use cucumber, spinach, kale, etc., first crush them into fines, then add water or milk to make a milkshake. Above, a delicious vegetable milkshake is completed, so do you know what other nutritious milkshakes we can make for children? Second, the fruit is right, that is to make fruit shakes. 1) Ways to make up for not eating fruits. Some children may not like to eat certain fruits very much. For example, some don’t like apples, some don’t like strawberries, etc. But fruits are also rich in vitamins. If you don’t eat it, these nutrients cannot be supplemented. It is a pity that it may even affect your development. So what can parents do? 2) The practice of fruit milkshake In fact, we can prepare a delicious fruit milkshake for children, the method is also very simple. We can put the fruits we like to eat, such as bananas, mangoes, oranges, etc. into the food processor, and add water or milk at the same time, so that a cup of fruit smoothie is complete. The above is how to make a glass of fruit milkshake. At this time, you may say that, although this allows children to eat vegetables and fruits, my children don’t drink them because they don’t taste good. What should I do? 3. Other nutrients that can be added. In fact, we can add some other foods to season it, and at the same time, it can add more nutrients. For example, we can add sweet cocoa powder, or peanut butter, or sweet and sour yogurt, so that children can choose a nutritious milkshake they like. 4. Summary Teacher Yuanyuan reminds you: 1 In the hot summer, children may have poor appetite and are unwilling to eat. At this time, for the development of children, parents must think of ways instead of letting it go. 2 We can add vegetables and fruits to water or milk to make milkshakes to make up for children’s nutritional deficiencies. For children who do not want to eat and have poor appetite in summer, do you have any good methods and suggestions? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and we will discuss together. The picture is from the Internet. It is not easy to write. Thank you for your attention, likes, collection or recommendation to friends. If you have any questions about healthy parenting, please leave a message. Author: health management division Yuan crystal (a food goods) has three hospitals in Shanghai for seven years pharmacists, now a senior health management division, writing good nutrition guidance, reduced fat camp healthy parenting science text

How should children’s vitiligo be treated?

It is slightly different from the treatment of vitiligo in adults. Children with vitiligo have immature body development and poor disease resistance. Improper use of medication during treatment will cause secondary damage to the child’s body, and the child is not suitable for long-term medication, so in the treatment of vitiligo , How to treat children’s vitiligo?   has different treatment plans for different types and stages of vitiligo. Generally, individualized treatment should be carried out according to the child’s physical condition and condition.   In the treatment of vitiligo, physical phototherapy has an important position. For children with vitiligo, the commonly used narrow-band ultraviolet radiation and the American 308nm excimer laser are commonly used. Among them, the US 308 excimer laser is suitable for all ages and various parts, and children patients can use it with confidence without worrying about side effects.   When the leukoplakia is in a stable period, transplantation can be used. This operation can help the leukoplakia to recover. This operation is also suitable for children. In life, parents should pay more attention to their children’s emotions. Emotional factors have a great influence on the treatment of the disease. Frequent communication and more company can make the child have a happy mood. This is very helpful for the treatment of the disease.

My child is sick, why do I always love fever at night?

& Nbsp Author: Sun Ark (pediatric physician) fever is one of the most common symptoms of pediatric emergency door, as a pediatrician, can often encounter parents take their children to see the doctor on duty at night, many parents also kept saying “Children are still good during the day, but they have a low fever. Why does the body temperature come up at night?” Definition of children’s fever: pediatric clinical, usually the axillary temperature of children (mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer to measure the underarm) is more than 37.3℃ (Pediatrics) It is often limited to 37.5°C. Compared with adults, especially young children, the basic body temperature is slightly higher), which does not drop for 24 hours, which is called fever. According to the temperature of heat generation, it is also divided into low heat, moderate heat, high heat and super high heat (as shown below). The main cause of fever in children, the most common infectious diseases in pediatrics, including infections of viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and other pathogens, can cause inflammation of the respiratory tract or inflammation of the digestive tract. It is a common disease that causes fever. Some small babies, especially newborns After the first fever, there may be an acute rash in young children. &nbsp. Why does baby love to have a fever at night? There is no clear scientific explanation for the obvious phenomenon of fever in children at night. The current guess may be related to the following reasons: 1. It is related to the physiological characteristics of the child when the child is sick. The child is active during the day and the relevant hormones secreted by the human body at this stage More, the immune system is active, the nervous system is active, and various organ systems of the body are functioning effectively, and the body can suppress the infection pathogen more efficiently. &nbsp. But at night, the body is at rest, the brain is at rest, the nervous system is dormant, and then the functions of various organs of the body are relatively reduced. The infection response that was temporarily suppressed during the day is released, and the pathogens begin to replicate in large quantities, causing inflammation. Easier to heat. 2. Compared with children’s water intake during the day, children are relatively dehydrated during nighttime sleep, and the body is more prone to fever under lack of water, which is also one of the possible reasons. &nbsp. 3. Children’s neglected fever &nbsp. Compared with adults, children have a greater tolerance to fever, especially high fever. In other words, children have fever during the day, even above 38.5℃, and often do not affect play and appetite. The parents did not care about the child’s mental health, nor did they care about and measure their body temperature. But at night, when the baby sleeps quietly, it is easy to find abnormal body temperature; there are many children who have too much activity during the day, and they will sleep unsteady at night when they are sick and have fever. It is hot, and the child is known to be hot after the measurement. If your baby has these conditions, you need to go to the hospital in time to be “normal” during the day. Fever at night is only a characteristic of children’s illness, but it does not mean that the disease will become worse at night. The general course of fever is 3-5 days. Parents need to closely observe the status of the child (more than 6 months). If the following conditions are met, it means that the risk of fever is not high and you can continue to observe:&nbsp. But when the child has the following conditions, They also need to be brought to the hospital in time for treatment: &nbsp.· The child looks very mentally and mentally abnormal: extremely irritable, drowsiness, mental depression, dull eyes; even convulsions (thermal convulsions). &nbsp.·Purple lips, fingers, and toes appear blue, face blue, body skin blooms, or purple spots appear. · Fever is accompanied by persistent headache, abdominal pain, chest pain, sore throat, ear pain, or rash on the body during fever. ·The child frequently vomits and cannot eat, the diarrhea continues, the urine volume decreases significantly, there are no tears when crying, the lips are dry, the spirit is twitching, the baby’s fontanelle is depressed, and go to the hospital for treatment immediately (prompt for dehydration). · The child is still short of breath or the breath is irregular, the nose is instigated, moaning, the heart rate increases, the activity is reduced or inactive, and the child is extremely tired. ·Fever and frequent coughing affect the sleep life of the child at the same time, or appear wheezing symptoms, cough and sputum with blood, difficulty breathing caused by fever, hoarseness and difficulty speaking, metal sound cough (acute laryngitis). ·Children older than the age group complained of headaches, stiff neck, and bulging anterior fontanelle of the infant (bulge of fontanelle). ·Infants under 6 months of age have a fever, regardless of whether the child looks good or not, they should go to the hospital for consultation. &nbsp.·Children’s body temperature is greater than 38.0°C, and they will not retreat after more than 3 days. · Go to the hospital immediately if the fever temperature exceeds 40.0℃. ·hair

Five ways to get your child out of the negative effects of autism in a short time

   Many children have autism. Once autism occurs, it will affect their health, especially if they are unwilling to communicate with others. This psychological pressure is great. Patients will behave silently and even affect their physical and mental health. Next, we will discuss five misunderstandings that need attention.  First of all, many patients think that autism can be improved by active and effective methods, but autism cannot be solved by medication alone. The most important thing is to participate in activities. Parents and friends should take their children to actively participate in meaningful activities in some schools or social organizations. At the same time as the activity, children should open their hearts and communicate with others. Only in this way can the autism problem be effectively improved.   Second, there are many treatments for autism, especially for diseases. They believe that after autism occurs, children should keep calm and rest more. However, at this time, on the contrary, children should participate in more games and improve the disease through game therapy. Parents should bring their children to participate in more games and exercises. In the process of playing and exercising again, they can help children vent their bad emotions, help autistic patients develop intellectual functions, and help autistic children get out of misunderstandings.   Third, music therapy, music can relax patients, and can help children enjoy the benefits of music through central nerve stimulation. If the music is too exciting and stimulates the eardrums of the child, this is not an easy way to treat them. Relaxing music is needed to relax the child’s nervous system. Fourth, the treatment of psychologists. If the child’s autism problem is serious, drug treatment alone will not work. The method of psychological treatment is very critical. At this time, you should talk to the doctor. The psychologist can help the child enter the heart. The world, clearly understand the causes of children’s autism, so as to take targeted treatment, this is a good treatment.   Fifth, do not rely on a treatment method during the treatment process. Many parents believe that relying on one method is the main process of treating the disease, but the treatment needs to be carried out in a reasonable and effective way to make the patient’s condition completely return to normal. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the problems in the process of disease treatment.  In summary, the five types of treatment in the article can help children get rid of the negative effects of autism in a short time. Although autism will not affect children’s life safety, it will affect children’s health. Autism can only return to normal when the parents are highly myopic.  

Actually, you are more powerful than you think

1. During my confinement period, because my family had something to do with it, my mother-in-law came back half a month later. At that time, the paternity leave of the husband also happened to expire, and he needed to go back to work. I have always been accustomed to their careful care, and suddenly became helpless and a little uncomfortable. I am at a loss, my body has not recovered, the wound is still painful, and I don’t know how to take the child alone. However, the child’s crying does not allow me to hesitate. I bought books on childcare and started reading about feeding. Every night, boil the boiling water before going to bed, set the alarm clock, and flush the milk as soon as possible to prevent children from crying at night. Every morning, give your child a refreshing face, wash ass and change diapers. I learned what it looked like in the parenting video, and I was very careful step by step. I was afraid I might hurt my child ’s feet. The first time I faced the child’s yellow poop, I was a little afraid to start cleaning up. But looking at the child’s pure face, I also dared to learn what my mother-in-law looked like, and took a wet tissue to clean it. Just try and adapt like this day by day, the big things that once felt difficult to deal with have gradually become my daily little things. After the full moon, I went to the medical examination. The doctor said that the child was well fed and all the physical indicators were good. Now, during the daytime I am still alone with children. But compared to the initial panic, now I can properly handle the children and housework. There are many firsts in life. Before I start, I always think I ca n’t do it, but after real hands-on, I will find that the difficulties in reality are not as much as one-tenth of the imagination. No matter how difficult it is, as long as we set out to do it, the difficulty will become smaller. & nbsp. 2. During the epidemic, I received a notice from the school that I would broadcast two lessons to students. At that time I felt very stressed and my brain was blank. I still don’t know how to operate the live broadcast software, nor have I tried to lecture online. As a teacher who has been adapting to the traditional teaching model for many years, I felt the challenge of the podium with new technology for the first time. I really want to refuse such a challenge, and I don’t want to be ugly in public. However, parents and students heard that I was going to broadcast live after class, and the enthusiasm was high, and the information and phone calls were continuously consulted every day. Riding a tiger, I can only find a solution. I searched the operation procedure of the live broadcast software on the Internet, downloaded the software to my mobile phone, and operated it repeatedly until I was proficient and smooth. In the evening, when the children are settled, the lesson preparation begins, and the courseware is uploaded to the live broadcast room in advance. Although I was fully prepared, because it was the first live broadcast, I was still very guilty and even prepared to be approved. The result was beyond my imagination. The students’ interest in learning in the live broadcast room was stronger than usual. They asked new questions. The atmosphere of the whole class was beyond my expectations. After the class, parents sent WeChat to thank. School leaders also said that when the school starts, I will use my classroom model and effects as a topic to promote and promote the whole school. The era runs forward, and new changes occur in our lives at all times. Changes in this environment will also pose new challenges to our capabilities. This requires us to have the guts to try. Face every challenge, do not resist, do not resist, do it boldly, you will find that you are more powerful than you think. 3. We will experience many first time in our life, the first job search, the first competition, the first journey … Before we leave, we always think that we will encounter many roadblockers. The actual difficulties may not be as terrible as imagined, and those roadblockers are nothing but imaginary obstacles. We will also experience countless unknown moments. Because it is unknown, it makes people afraid, and the only way to break it is to act. It’s better to explore the depth of the water than to wander and complain. Actually, the biggest difficulty is not the challenge, but we dare not face the challenge. Many times, most of the difficulties and fears that we think about have not happened. “There is no trouble in the world, I am afraid that there are people who are interested.” This is true. As long as you are willing to do it, even the most difficult things can become small things. The charm of life is that you never know what kind of splendid you will bring to yourself in the next second. Only by taking action can we see more beautiful possibilities. Source: cat sister Circle of Power (ID: tqq1214cat) | Author: Green cool

what should do if a child can not focus?

The younger the child’s concentration is relatively less concentrated. For example, infants and young children may only have a few minutes of attention, and the time of attention at school age is about 30 minutes. Therefore, children’s lack of concentration is related to their age. Of course, if the child shows inattention that is not the same as age, pay attention to whether the child will have attention deficit problems. Now in the hospital, the scale test and objective inspection methods can also be used to help determine whether the baby has attention-deficit problems. For children who are not attentive, it is found that the sooner the treatment effect will be, the better. It is also helpful for the improvement of children’s academic performance.