O-shaped legs are not terrible. Doctor Yao teaches you how to correct them.

We have talked about before, X-shaped legs, today I want to give you a popular science, another common leg type-O-shaped legs that are not good-looking. What is an O-leg? When the feet are upright, the two knees are separated, there is a large distance between them, and they cannot be close together. It is also commonly known as the “leg ring”. & nbsp. & nbsp. Why are there O-legs? The main reason is mostly the sequelae left after rickets in childhood, due to lack of vitamin D, calcium deficiency caused by bone softening; also caused by congenital diseases. What are the hazards of O-legs? First, it affects appearance and gait, which easily cause psychological inferiority and affect physical and mental health. Second, walking is easy to be unstable, easy to fall, and during intense exercise, the pressure on the inner side of the knee joint is large, which can easily cause joint wear and tear, causing osteoarthritis and causing pain. Third, it is easy to affect the hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint injury, causing a series of arthritis, especially in the middle-aged and old age. O-shaped legs affect the appearance and should be corrected as soon as possible. At a young age, it can be corrected by exercise: the first simple exercise is leg pressing, which can be positive or lateral; the second action is also very simple, kicking the leg, the calf is outward Kick the leg; the third action is the pinch leg movement, feet, knees, at the same time close and clamp, insist on relaxing after 3 minutes, practice 3-5 groups a day, after practice, pay attention to your walking posture, you must restrain yourself. Severe O-shaped legs need to go to the hospital to wear auxiliary equipment to correct it. Doctor Yao Jinghui, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University (Guangdong Orthopedics Hospital, Guangdong Orthopedics Research Institute), hopes to help everyone’s health!