Under what circumstances, women have to do vaginal tightening surgery?

Under what circumstances, women have to do vaginal tightening surgery? Condition 1: Post-partum relaxation causes female stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse embarrassment Keywords: urinary leakage, urinary incontinence Many postpartum mothers face the same embarrassment: laughing, coughing, jumping or carrying heavy objects. Urine leakage will occur, and the more serious consequence is that the anterior wall relaxation can also cause the bladder to bulge, which can cause urinary retention, uterine prolapse and renal function damage in severe cases, and may also cause rectal prolapse, and Cause constipation. Condition two: postpartum relaxation leads to abnormal husband and wife life embarrassment Keywords: dryness, pain, bleeding normal postpartum secretion function decline, vaginal wall valgus cannot be closed, long-term dryness, frequent bleeding, pain, this situation should consider surgical treatment Condition three: postpartum relaxation of the vaginal wall and levator ani muscles caused by embarrassment Keywords: itching, odor, frequent urination, urinary urgency. The relaxation caused by this situation is mainly due to the widening and lengthening of the vestibule. The distance between the urethra and the anus becomes shorter, and bacteria in the intestine can easily invade the birth, urethra, and urethra, leading to repeated attacks of urinary tract infections. Surgical treatment should be considered in the above cases.