[Is 211 Project” a key university?]

Case broadcast: Candidate Xiao Guo, after being admitted to a remote “Project 211” university, automatically dropped out of school and went home within a few months of school. What is going on? Let’s listen to a section of his narrative: The main reason I applied for this school was because I thought it belonged to the “211 Project.” Unexpectedly, after enrolling, I discovered that it was formed by the merger of several schools, and the architecture major I was studying was just a very ordinary school. Whether it was the campus environment or the student management, it was in line with what I had imagined. Universities are different, and the accommodation is also outside. There are still three or four miles away from the school. Like a day student, you can’t feel the atmosphere of a major university at all. I went home during the National Day holiday and chatted with classmates from other general colleges and universities. Only then did I realize that the electronic design class of my school uses one computer, but my school uses two people to share one; I have been majoring in architecture for more than 30 years. Graduates are very popular with employers. My school didn’t have this major 10 years ago, so no one else knew about it. I felt very unbalanced in my heart. I was more than 40 points higher than them in the college entrance examination! So as soon as I returned to school after the National Day holiday, I applied to the school for withdrawal. Case comments All candidates and parents who have a little knowledge of universities may have heard of the term “211 Project”, and they are probably national key universities. So, what exactly is the “211 Project” university? The “Red Head Document” issued by the Ministry of Education described it as follows: “The ‘211 Project’ colleges and universities have decided to focus on the construction of about 100 higher education institutions in order to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and to meet the challenges of the world’s new technological revolution. Cultivate and accumulate high-quality backbone talents required by all walks of life for the development of China in the 21st century, and solve major scientific and technological problems in economic construction and social development, and enable Chinese higher education to occupy a place in the world. Key disciplines have entered the ranks of the world’s advanced level.” If the keywords in this description are extracted, it can be summarized as: “Project 211” is to face the 21st century and focus on the construction of about 100 colleges and universities and a number of key disciplines. . For candidates and parents, all universities that are listed in the “one-book batch” when recruiting students across the country are national key universities; universities that are only listed in the “one-book batch” when recruiting locally are local key universities. Selected from “Ticketing Skills for College Entrance Examination Volunteers”

Causes of intractable epilepsy

 What is the cause of refractory epilepsy? The cause of epilepsy causes a lot of harm to many of us, and patients with epilepsy can choose a suitable method to receive treatment. Intractable epilepsy is a special type of epilepsy. It is difficult to cure and seriously troubles patients with epilepsy. Refractory epilepsy is not stubborn from the beginning. It may evolve into refractory epilepsy due to various reasons such as failure to treat it in time, incorrect treatment, and often factors that induce seizures.   Intractable epilepsy refers to those who still have convulsions after 2 to 3 years of long-term large doses of multiple antiepileptic drugs that still do not relieve. Some doctors further define the use of sufficient single or multiple drugs for epilepsy treatment after the diagnosis of epilepsy, and the blood concentration reaches the therapeutic level, it is still difficult to fully control the patient for a long enough time (2 to 3 years) , Which is called intractable epilepsy.   In order to better help everyone understand the origin of intractable epilepsy, let us first give a relatively easy to understand example. When a person returns home at night, he finds that the door of the house cannot be opened. This may be due to several reasons. 2. Going to the door of the house, but the key is wrong, and the wrong key has been used to open the door. 3. The home is right, and the key is right, but someone locked it from the inside, so it can’t be opened. Many simple epilepsy evolved into intractable epilepsy. Just like this example, there are mainly the following points. 1. At the beginning of treatment, the diagnosis was wrong.    2. The diagnosis was correct, but the treatment method was wrong.    3. The diagnosis was correct, the treatment method was also correct, but because it was a major attack and delirious epilepsy, or there was a brain node People with epilepsy who have sclerosis and diffuse neurological tumors tend to evolve into intractable epilepsy.   Through the above explanation of what is the cause of intractable epilepsy, you can understand it. In order to reduce the evolution of intractable epilepsy, it is necessary to promptly go to the regular epilepsy hospital for treatment when the epilepsy is discovered at an early stage. The diagnosis is clear, suitable for patients. The formal and effective treatment method is the cure and effective control of epilepsy. Guarantee.

What are the reasons for controlling schizophrenia?

I firmly believe that everyone has a good grasp of schizophrenia. It is a common disease in clinical medicine. The occurrence of this disease is very harmful to patients. Generally, patients who have schizophrenia are suspicious. Laughing, forced illusions, and other illnesses not only cause harm to the patient’s mental health, but also harm the patient’s normal clothing, food, housing, and transportation. For every schizophrenic patient, medical treatment is necessary and is critical. The people below Let’s talk in detail.  The treatment of schizophrenia will also be divided into various treatment methods, such as group mental health education, counseling and psychological therapy or some mixed treatment methods. The purpose is to improve the ability to solve difficulties and formulate treatment plans. The development trend of social cognition of mutual help and mutual assistance, and its proper medication and side effects.  Patients with schizophrenia have no self-knowledge about the disease, do not recognize the disease, and do not accept medical treatment. The key problem is to reject injections and to take antipsychotic drugs internally. In the medical care, we first use the method of language communication with schizophrenic patients. The attitude must be affable, careful, and sincere in language, and strive to win the trust of schizophrenic patients. Use the method of vegetable diarrhea to let schizophrenic patients talk about their own ideas as much as possible, and give expression, comfort and appropriate specific guidance. In the treatment of schizophrenia, antipsychotic drugs play a key role. Supportive psychotherapy, improving the natural environment for the social development of patients and their rehabilitation treatment strategies for improving the social development adaptability of patients are also crucial. Generally in the subacute link, dominated by medication. In the diffuse link, the mental state social development rehabilitation treatment strategy has a very key effect on preventing seizures and improving the patient’s social development adaptability. There are many kinds of treatments for schizophrenia in clinical medicine. Patients must choose a proper way to carry out treatment. Drug treatment is very important. I hope that the content of the article can help everyone, and everyone The split patient can recover.

How to eat uric acid and gout

In recent years, the incidence of hyperuricemia in our country has increased year by year, with the prevalence rate as high as 10%; in some coastal areas that advocate seafood and beer, the incidence rate is as high as 20% -30%. Not only that, the age of onset is getting younger, and even some children are suffering from hyperuricemia. Factors such as diet, abnormal purine metabolism, and tumors have contributed to the increase in morbidity. Therefore, the Health and Family Planning Commission issued the “Dietary Guidelines for Patients with Hyperuricemia and Gout” in 2017 to guide the diet of patients with hyperuricemia and gout. Which foods must not be touched, and which can choose more foods to eat daily, are mainly divided into the following three. Food Internal organs to be avoided: such as pig liver, pig kidney, beef liver, etc. Shelled seafood: such as oysters, lobsters, razor clams, scallops, etc. Stock broth and gravy: such as chicken soup, fish soup, pork rib soup, etc. Patients with acute gout attacks, poor drug control, and chronic gout arthritis should also ban alcoholic beverages. Foods that need to be restricted Animal foods with high purine content: such as beef, lamb, pork, etc. Fish food: such as grass carp, yellow croaker, bream and so on. Foods containing fructose and sucrose: such as honey, preserved fruits, cakes, sweet drinks, etc. Alcoholic beverages: such as beer, liquor, rice wine, etc. If you have to drink alcohol, men should not exceed 2 alcohol units and women should not exceed 1 alcohol unit. Recommended foods Low-fat milk and dairy products: low-fat milk, goat milk, yogurt, etc. Eggs: eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, goose eggs, etc. Fresh vegetables: more than 500 grams per day, choose more melons, cucumbers and other vegetables with more water content. Staple food thickness: such as millet, oatmeal, brown rice, etc., and fine white rice and noodles. Adequate drinking water: 2000-3000mL per day, evenly distributed throughout the day, boiled water is best to prevent gout, and 5 key keys to diet One: weight loss for obese people, control total energy intake to maintain normal weight, help stabilize blood uric acid. Obese patients should control their food intake and gradually reduce to normal weight. How to judge whether the weight is appropriate? We often use “Body Mass Index” to judge. Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) / height (m) / height (m) The result is between 18.5-23.9, which is normal weight; greater than 24 is overweight, you need to lose weight. The second key: control carbohydrates, moderate Eating coarse grains of white sugar and brown sugar are refined sugars. Eat less or not. Coarse grains such as millet and oats account for more than 30% of the staple food, which is equivalent to the key three of a meal: control protein, multi-select eggs and milk protein intake should not be too high; if combined with impaired kidney function, protein intake To be lower. High-quality protein sources choose eggs and milk. The guidelines recommend: CKD1-2, protein intake 0.8-1.0g / kg / d; CKD3-5, protein intake 0.6-0.8g / kg / d. Key four: control fat, eat less fatty meat diet should be light, not too greasy; eat greasy foods such as pork belly, fatty meat, pig brain, fried food, vegetable oil for cooking, refuse lard and butter. Key five: establish well Eat less and eat more meals, and do n’t consume too much meat in one meal. Use less spicy seasonings, such as spicy hot peppers and peppers. Discarding the soup after the food is boiled can reduce the purine content of the food. A reasonable diet can not only stabilize blood uric acid and reduce the risk of gout, but also delay the occurrence and development of complications such as decreased kidney function and kidney stones. If there are related problems such as kidney disease, you can directly [Private letter] Professor Mo Feifan