What should I do if my child’s grades in the high school entrance examination are not satisfactory?

The past few days have been extremely uneasy for many parents because of the high school entrance examination results. The children are relatively ideal in the test, so they are naturally happy, and there will be no anxiety, confusion, and anxiety for the time being. What should I do if my child is not satisfactory in the exam? In the past few years, after every middle school entrance examination result came out, there were always parents asking for help from Brother Zhilin with infinite anxiety. Ms. Xiong’s daughter usually has good grades, but her scores on the high school entrance examination failed to pass the scores of key high schools. Ms. Xiong was disappointed and said that she could not accept this result. She believed that the teaching quality and learning atmosphere of key high schools were particularly good, and the chances of entering key universities in the future would be high. Normal high schools were far behind in this regard. In order to strive for such a good environment for her daughter, she wants to use her relationship to let her “squeeze” into key high schools. She didn’t know whether it was appropriate to do so, so she called Zhilin for advice. Brother Zhilin did not approve of her approach: Reason 1: Sending the child to a key high school in an improper way will not only make you and the child feel unreasonable, but also cause great harm to the child’s body and mind. As soon as children enter the school gate, they will have a sense of inferiority. They feel that they are unworthy and inferior. Their self-confidence and self-esteem are hit hard, which seriously affects their study and life. Due to the limited level of children, they cannot keep up with the pace of learning in school, and their grades are often unbearable, and the school has become a hell. In the long run, children will have serious psychological problems, and they are likely to have sequelae in their future life (or even a lifetime), which is definitely not worth the gain. Reason 2: There is no best school, only the most suitable. Which school the child’s score is in indicates which school the child’s level belongs to, which is more suitable for the child. Children study and live in a school that suits them. Not only can they easily cope with their learning tasks, but they can also maintain physical and mental health, which is more conducive to building self-confidence, sense of belonging and security, and has a positive impact on future life. Due to a few minutes’ difference with the key high school, don’t be too entangled and frustrated about it. You might as well accept the reality and enter your own school. Because the level of the child is absolutely excellent in this school, not only can his grades remain excellent, but he will also enjoy more opportunities and resources, which is very conducive to the healthy growth of the child, and it is very likely to enter a good university in the future. The key is: physical and mental health! This is more important than anything else. Ms. Xiong accepted Zhilin’s suggestion and decided to accept the reality, accept the child, and stop worrying and suffering. She decided to take her daughter out to travel and relax-it has not been easy for her daughter for so many years. Because of her own changes, the whole family is filled with a happy and harmonious atmosphere, changing the depression and dullness that has been for many years. Ms. Liu’s son usually has average grades. She always hopes that his son can work hard to enter high school and go to university in the future, because he has a college degree and can find a better job. The son did work very hard, but it backfired. The son’s score did not reach the score of an ordinary high school, so he could only enter a technical school. Ms. Liu was very sad and entangled in this, and she was unwilling to admit her son to technical school. Brother Zhilin told Ms. Liu: First, your child has worked hard but still failed to enter ordinary high school, so it means that the child is not suitable for high school. Even if the child is “sent” into high school through various methods, it is completely impossible to keep up. It will only increase the child’s pain and delay the child’s development in other areas. Although technical schools are unbearable from the perspective of mainstream values, in fact many majors are urgently needed for social development, such as car repair, cooking and so on. If you can study hard, you will be able to learn a skill by the time you graduate and get a job easier. This is an advantage that ordinary university graduates do not have. Second, accept children. This point is very important. In mainstream values, technical school is equivalent to depravity and unsuccess. Children are likely to lose self-confidence and even self. Parents should tell their children: No matter what environment they are in, it is always right to study hard and be positive. It is good to be able to enter a good high school, but if you fail to do so, you cannot label yourself as “unsuccessful”. The senior high school entrance examination is just a small turn in life. Only by learning to face setbacks calmly and working hard can you become a real winner in life. Every legitimate profession is sacred. Engaging in any of them is contributing to the society. It shows that you are a valuable person and your parents will be proud of it. Three, help the child one