Xiebie recorded medical words: What subsidy is for rocotinib for myeloproliferative diseases?

Rucotinib is a kinase inhibitor that can be used to treat myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera. The method of administration is simple, just take it orally. As an emerging drug, is there any special point about rucotinib in treating myelofibrosis? Shi Shurong/Xie Bielu Director WeChat consultation platform zkxk9999 is called “targeted drug” rucotinib, which mainly inhibits the activation of the entire JAK-STAT channel, reduces the abnormally enhanced signal of the channel, and obtains the therapeutic effect. The essence of JAK is a tyrosine kinase that binds to hematopoietic growth factor receptors in cells. As an inhibitor of the JAK2-STAT pathway, Rucotinib can specifically inhibit the abnormalities of the JAK2-STAT signaling pathway caused by the JAK2, CALR or W515L 3 gene mutations, thereby acting as targeted therapy, improving symptoms, and improving quality of life. purpose. So what is the price of rocotinib? On November 28, 2019, the 2019 China Medical Insurance Negotiation Drug Catalog was announced. Rucotinib (Jiekewei), as the world’s first drug for the treatment of myelofibrosis, was included in the reimbursement scope of China’s national medical insurance for the first time. The bid price of medical insurance is 5mg/tablet, 131.13 yuan. After Rucotinib was included in the medical insurance, the specific price fluctuated up and down. Regarding Lucretinib, there are related assistance programs: Jiekewei (Ruketinib) 1. Co-aid plan: every Jiekewei treatment year (12 months) as a cycle, patients provide the first 3 months of Jiekewei Drug certificate, 9 months after the assistance of Jiekewei drug after approval of the project. (Note: It is calculated as 30 days per month) 2. The first phase of the plan: For patients who meet the pre-sick subsistence allowance, free assistance will be provided after the project is approved. More and more clinical data show that rucotinib can improve the quality of life of patients, shrink the spleen, reduce blood transfusion dependence and improve the symptoms of myelofibrosis. Not only that, rucotinib can significantly extend the overall survival time of patients. However, patients are not allowed to take medicines privately. Patients with myeloproliferative diseases should take medicines safely according to the doctor’s instructions. For more patient communication help, please follow the WeChat public account [True Red Patient Club] zkxy120