What should people with epilepsy usually pay attention to?

For the dietary requirements of patients with epilepsy, there is still a lack of systematic research and clear conclusions. The following aspects can be used as reference and guidance. Ketosome diet Ketome diet refers to a high-fat diet. After eating, patients with epilepsy produce ketones in the body, which is effective for certain seizures or reduces seizures. However, high-fat diets are often rejected because they are difficult to tolerate. The diet that is considered effective is currently under study. Observation of vitamin supplements and certain elements found that the lack of vitamin B6 and certain elements such as calcium and magnesium in the food of epilepsy patients are prone to seizures. Therefore, some doctors routinely use vitamin B6 as an adjunct therapy. Taboo drinking alcohol and alcoholic beverages may induce seizures in patients with epilepsy, and should be advised not to drink or quit drinking. Although not every clinical episode of patients is related to drinking, as a doctor or family members, they should still be advised not to drink. If it is found that drinking is clearly related to the seizure, it should be forcibly abstained to ensure safety. In the gathering of relatives and friends, festivals and holidays, you can use tea instead of wine. Establishment of a scientific diet should ensure adequate nutrition for patients with epilepsy, and avoid overeating and hunger in the diet. However, it should be noted that if the patient is overweight, and some antiepileptic drugs have adverse effects on weight gain, such as sodium valproate, carbamazepine, etc., you should consult further when taking weight control or weight loss measures. Treated doctors should not do it blindly. The weight gain caused by drugs is mostly self-limiting, that is, to a certain extent, it will not increase again. Adopting dieting or restricting eating measures will cause the same problem if improperly caused blood sugar drop and electrolyte disturbance. The so-called spontaneous hypoglycemia is often seen in the young people, especially women, so we should pay special attention to it. What should be paid attention to in the process of epilepsy patients? (1) People who often use computers for a long time, even working in front of the computer screen all day, can easily cause reflex epilepsy. The predisposing factors are flash, light color and graphics. Patients with epilepsy who have been dealing with computers for a long time should pay attention: once the duration of each application of the computer should not be too long, and it should be used after intermittent rest; second, the computer screen should be equipped with a filter device, and sunglasses can be worn to reduce the light intensity; three Never work when tired or emotionally unstable. The above measures may prevent or mitigate its adverse effects. (2) The general principle of working as a driving worker is that under the complete control of the drug, if the drug has been withdrawn or the drug has been reduced, the driver may be allowed to drive. Clinically, accidents or seizures in patients with epilepsy are also observed, mostly when the drug is stopped for no reason, excessive fatigue and distraction, but rarely occurs when the concentration is concentrated. But this issue is not for patients and doctors to decide. The medical condition should be explained by the doctor and approved by the relevant vehicle management department. (3) Workers engaged in mental work such as scientists, researchers, teachers, writers, etc., except for persuading them to combine work and rest, to participate in physical activities properly, do not need to impose restrictions. (4) Those who are engaged in field work, deep well work, mine tunnel work, or joining the army should be advised to change their routes. If there are special circumstances, you can ask a specialist to work with relevant personnel to study and make suggestions. In short, although the epilepsy is refractory to the nervous system and has repeated attacks, it is not incurable in rumors. Once the diagnosis of epilepsy is established, family members and patients should establish correct ideas. The “role” of the patient in the family and society should be changed. For example, certain activities are restricted, certain jobs cannot be participated in, and lifestyle and diet are also affected. Adjustment is needed; the most important thing is to follow the doctor’s advice from now on, and take antiepileptic drugs regularly and for a long time.

After the diagnosis of gestational diabetes, you may need these in addition to the blood glucose meter

Gestational diabetes is a very common complication during pregnancy. After a diagnosis is made, doctors usually let pregnant mothers go home to control their diet and monitor blood sugar. Therefore, the blood glucose meter has become a necessity. After all, the blood glucose monitoring 5-7 times a day can only be done at home. Be sure to choose a reliable blood glucose meter to monitor blood glucose. What you see is the result, what you need is accuracy. For the choice of blood glucose meter, you can choose according to your personal preferences, but it is recommended that you buy a big brand, moderate price (don’t buy a hundred dollars and one hundred test strips), the accuracy will be higher. I usually see too many pregnant mothers admitted to hospital because of “high blood sugar”. As a result, the blood sugar is not high as soon as I am hospitalized. It turns out that the blood glucose meter is not accurate. If the blood glucose meter is inaccurate, all these pains will be in vain. In addition to the blood glucose meter, there are actually two items that are strongly recommended for pregnant mothers with high blood sugar: 1. Food said that managing a good diet is the first step for all diabetic patients, whether it is gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes in the elderly. Moreover, most gestational diabetes patients can control their blood glucose within an ideal range just by adjusting their diet. The key to the diet of diabetics is food quantification. We will calculate the energy intake of a day based on the height, weight and weight gain of pregnant mothers, and then tell her how much to eat daily for staple food, how much meat to eat, and how much to eat , How much fruit to eat. At this time, the patient may be confused: Dr. Ding, how many staple foods are there, and how big is the 200g apple? How many walnuts are 20g of dried fruit? At this time, I may show them food models, such as this: or I will use my hands and fists to make a rough estimate, such as this: But in the end I will add one more sentence, you buy a food to weigh it, dozens of dollars , Let you easily grasp the quantitative food! And you don’t need to weigh it all the time. You can remember the amount of food you eat a few times, such as rice, buns, fruits, dried fruits and other convenient quantitative foods. Special reminder: nutritionists tell everyone about the weight of food, all refer to the weight of life. For example, let you eat 1 or 2 rice in one meal, where 1 or 2 is the weight of raw rice, convert mature rice to 120g-130g; let you eat 2 two meats (100g), it may be only 75g when cooked; let you eat 1 Catty dishes, even less when cooked. Diabetes diets do not recommend eating sugary foods such as sweets, desserts, and cakes. The remaining staple foods and fruits are the foods that affect blood sugar the most. Grasp the intake of these two types of food, blood sugar can basically be controlled. According to your food intake: a minimum of 1 or 2 staple foods per meal (cooked rice weight 120g-130g, steamed bun weight 75g), a maximum of 1 and a half (cooked rice weight 180g-200g, steamed bun weight 110g); hungry and add 1-2 Fruits plus meals (150g-200g each time). 2. Urine ketone test strips For those who have tried the ketogenic diet, they will not be unfamiliar with this test strip. This test paper is used to measure the content of ketone in urine. The ketone body is an intermediate product of fat metabolism when the intake of carbohydrates (derived from staple foods, fruits, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.) is insufficient. When the ketone body reaches a certain concentration in the body, it can be quickly detected by urine. During the non-pregnant period, some ketone bodies in the body are harmless to the human body, because ketone bodies can be further used by human cells to generate energy. However, during pregnancy, try to avoid the production of ketone bodies, because ketone bodies will be detrimental to fetal growth and development, especially the development of the nervous system. If you have ever tested positive for urine ketone bodies, you will know that this is not a joke. The obstetrician will ask you to drink more water and let you repeat the test again and again until the urine ketone bodies return to negative. For sugar moms who have never turned negative, they may be directly admitted to the hospital. Among pregnant mothers with diabetes, positive ketone bodies are very common. Most of them are caused by not following the doctor ’s instructions. Many sugar mothers find that the blood sugar of the staple food is particularly perfect, so they reduce the intake of staple food on their own, so that it will be due to carbohydrate intake. Insufficient to produce ketone bodies. But what I want to say here is that beautiful blood glucose monitoring results are never the ultimate goal of controlling blood sugar, but the health of you and your fetus. If only the blood sugar is qualified, but the urine ketone body is positive, it is also a failed sugar control. Generally speaking, the daily intake of 130g carbohydrate can avoid the production of ketone bodies. Converted into staple food is about two and a half (weight), allocated to a day is: a meal of two staple food