Patients with keratitis should pay attention to their diet!

Keratitis, also known as corneal ulcer, is more common in daily life. Most of the causes are related to factors such as careless eye hygiene, corneal trauma, bacteria, fungal virus infection, and malnutrition. The main symptoms are eye pain, ciliary congestion, redness, tearing, eye tingling and blepharospasm, and a series of symptoms such as decreased vision. Once suffering from keratitis, if it is not controlled or treated in time, the damage to the eyes is very serious. It directly affects the patient’s vision function, thereby threatening the entire eyeball and causing the patient’s vision to decrease. In severe cases, it can develop into corneal ulcers, Complications such as corneal fistula and corneal perforation can even cause blindness in patients, so we must pay attention to it. In clinical practice, many patients with keratitis will ask, can we eat braised pork during the illness? It can be eaten, but it should be noted that the diet should be based on light and easy-to-digest food, with reasonable, balanced and diversified nutrition. You can take in some foods rich in protein and vitamins and fresh fruits and vegetables, such as milk, eggs, soy products, etc., avoid excessive consumption of greasy, fried, seafood, high-calorie, spicy and pungent foods, and avoid tobacco and alcohol. Strong tea, coffee. At the same time, we must develop a good routine in daily life, pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, avoid staying up late and tired, avoid excessive eye use, and maintain an optimistic attitude. Pay attention to personal hygiene. You can go outdoors to expose your eyes to fresh air, but avoid sun exposure.

To cool off the heat in summer, you need to be prepared to go to swimming venues

To cool off the heat in summer, everyone will go to swimming venues, but if the residual chlorine content in the swimming pool is too high, it will irritate sensitive parts such as the eyes, and may damage the cornea, causing eye redness, pain and other discomfort. You may also be infected with some contagious eye diseases, such as trachoma and pinkeye. Trachoma is a chronic infectious conjunctival keratitis caused by the infection of Chlamydia trachomatis. In severe cases, it can affect vision and may even cause blindness. It is one of the main blind eye diseases. Pink eye disease, also called epidemic conjunctival keratitis, is a highly contagious contact infectious disease. It usually has a rapid onset. The main symptoms include eye congestion, pain, and photophobia, and may also be accompanied by watery discharge. Some patients may also experience systemic symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and fever. In severe cases, it may affect vision and cause corneal pansies. Pinkeye can spread infection, the onset is more rapid, the incubation period is 1-3 days. I suggest everyone: on the premise of ensuring that your body is in good condition, do personal hygiene, bring your own swimming suits, bath towels, towels and other personal items, avoid sharing towels, cosmetics and other items with others, and it is best not to wear contact lenses when swimming , After swimming, rinse your body and swimming objects, and try not to rub your eyes with your hands.