Application prospect of pirfenidone in treating keloids

The treatment of keloids is constantly updated and developed. At the same time, the research on the treatment of keloids is also constantly being carried out. Not long ago, some scholars published a related literature about pirfenidone inhibiting keloids. &nbsp. Keloids are benign proliferative skin lesions that are difficult to treat and are a source of distress for patients. As far as its mechanism is concerned, recent literature shows that the conversion of keloid epidermis to dermis is one of its important pathogenesis. In the past, by studying the effect of the antifibrotic drug pirfenidone on keloid keratinocytes, it was found that pirfenidone has a certain inhibitory effect on keloids. In the experiment, keratinocytes isolated from normal skin tissue and scar tissue were cultured in vitro, and the effects of pirfenidone on cytotoxicity, cell migration, cell proliferation, and EMT-related genes and protein expression were studied. The experiment found that pirfenidone can significantly reduce the levels of vimentin and fibronectin in normal and keloid keratinocytes, and hinder the migration of basal cells. When the concentration of pirfenidone was from 200-1000ug/ml, the proliferation rate of cell basal cells showed a significant dose-dependent decrease. When the concentration of pirfenidone was as high as 1000ug/ml, the experiment did not find any cytotoxic effect . This study suggests that pirfenidone may inhibit the progress and recurrence of keloids. The literature shows that pirfenidone may have the prospect of treating keloids, but it is worth noting that the response of the same cells to the same drugs in vivo and in vitro is usually different. The most important thing is the effect of pirfenidone on cells in the body. The experimental results still need to be supported by clinical application data.

Clean your skin~

The principle of small bubbles The small bubbles form a vacuum circuit by vacuum negative pressure, which fully combines the ultra-small bubbles and the nutrient solution, and directly acts on the skin through the specially designed small spiral tip, which can be deep in a safe and painless state. Cleansing the face, removing aging keratinocytes, removing sebum blackheads, thoroughly removing all impurities, mites and oil residues from the funnel of the hair follicle, and at the same time filling the funnel of the hair follicle with nutrients to provide long-lasting nourishment to the skin and make the skin moist, delicate and shiny. The small bubble can be said to be an entry-level medical beauty, no trauma, the price is also the price of cabbage, and the medical beauty Xiaobai can also be fully accepted. The first step of the small bubble cleaning treatment process: low irritation and gentle cleansing of the lactic acid-rich solution, spray and absorb it on the entire face, and then use negative pressure to suck off the dead skin cells. Step 2: Special care for the penetration of the solution rich in salicylic acid in the T-zone, which helps to remove blackheads and other dirt. The third step: moisturizing/nutrition supply is rich in extracts of dentula, and the deep penetration of urea hyaluronic acid solution can supply moisture and nutrition to clean skin. The fourth step: disinfection and cleaning After the third step, solution 4 cleans and disinfects the instrument system. Benefits of small bubble management 1. Remove excess oil, mites and makeup powder from pores to keep pores clear and whiten skin. 2. Remove pore dirt, exfoliate waste keratin, and promote better absorption of nutrients to the skin. 3. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, inhibit sebum secretion, adjust water-oil balance, improve acne. 4. Sedative anti-allergy, repair barrier, improve sensitive muscles. 5. Moisturizing, improving dry tightness, peeling, fine lines. 6. Inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, exfoliate waste keratin, lighten skin and rejuvenate. 7. Astringe pores, restore skin elasticity, firm and nourish skin. 8. Prevent problems such as blackheads, pimples, acne, and spots. Who is suitable for small bubble management? Small bubble management is a deep cleansing, exfoliating, and blackhead management project. It can be done for all skin types, but it should be noted that thin skin, inflammatory acne skin is best not to use small bubbles to suck suction, Available smear management. Notes on the management of small bubbles 1. After the AS1 (fruit acid) and SA2 (salicylic acid) are over, you need to wipe off the acid with an ice towel and wash it with water for many times until there is no tingling sensation. 2. Thin skin, long operation time, excessive suction, allergy to the product, etc. may cause small red spots or red skin. Before you decide to manage small bubbles, you must first understand what kind of management method your skin is suitable for. . 3. Oily skin, thick cuticle, etc., can be used once more than three days until the skin problem is improved; dry, aging skin type, once more than two weeks. It should be noted that blackheads are constantly being generated and cannot be completely eliminated, so the effect of small bubbles is only to temporarily clean the skin and needs to be done regularly. Although the management of small bubbles is only an immediate effect, compared to the crude methods of pig nose stickers and blackhead spatulas, fast and safe small bubbles are a more friendly choice.

Have you taken care of your skin?

The physical barrier function of the skin is bidirectional. On the one hand, it has protection against mechanical, physical, chemical, and microbial damage to the outside world, and protects all important organs in the body. On the other hand, it can prevent the loss of nutrients and moisture in the body, and maintain the moisture content of the skin. If the skin barrier function is not perfect, the lighter ones will affect the beauty and beauty, and the heavy ones may cause skin sensitivity, inflammation, atopic dermatitis, and polymorphism. Sexual eye rash and other diseases occur. The skin structures related to the physical barrier of the skin are: sebum film (moisturizing lipids and sweat glands emulsify to form a transparent weak acidic film covering the skin surface called “sebum film”. Moisturizing lipids are secreted by sebaceous glands and keratinocytes disintegrate The lipid is composed of 12% of squalene, 26% of wax fat, 57.5% of triglyceride, 3.0% of cholesterol ester and 1.5% of cholesterol. The iconic component of moisturizing lipid is squalene, which not only has “lock water” “The role of anti-ultraviolet damage, the relatively stable lipid and moisture content of the sebum film can maintain the integrity of the sebum film, is the first line of defense of the skin barrier.) The stratum corneum (the stratum corneum is located in the skin The outer layer, which is in direct contact with the external environment, can be regarded as a special biosensor located at the outermost layer of the skin. It can repair the bad external environment and surface trauma through a complex biological process involving multiple enzymes in a short time. To restore the normal physiological function of the skin, the stratum corneum is composed of 12-16 layers of flat and nucleated keratinocytes overlapping each other and arranged in a mutually restricted manner. The lipid matrix is ​​sandwiched between each layer of keratinocytes to form a stable “brick wall structure”; namely : The keratinocytes constitute bricks, the lipid matrix constitutes stucco, and the physical barrier function of the skin is mediated by this special structure. The intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum mainly include ceramide 50% and fatty acids 10%~20 %, cholesterol 25%, etc. The optimal molar ratio of ceramide, free fatty acid to cholesterol distribution in the stratum corneum lipid is 3:1:1: the reduction of intercellular lipid composition can reduce the skin’s water storage and moisturizing function, which also directly affects The growth of keratinocytes is regulated by differentiation. At the same time, during the repair process after the skin barrier is damaged, three components (ceramide, cholesterol, free fatty acids) need to be replenished. When the components are not healthy or the ratio changes, the repair of the barrier will be delayed. In addition, the intermediate silk-related proteins in the stratum corneum continue to degrade to form natural moisturizing factors and sugars, lactates and other natural moisturizing factors, which play a key role in maintaining the optimal hydration state of the stratum corneum.)

Is it unhealthy for the crescent under the nail to disappear? Not relevant

When I was a child, I often heard adults say that the lack of crescents on the nails meant that I was in bad health, so the children would meet together head to head, crescents, crescents. Is this really true? Is there any scientific basis for this statement? The real name of the crescent on the nail is the half-moon, which is actually a newly grown keratin cell. Newly born keratinocytes are white, and when it is completely keratinized, it becomes a translucent nail. So to put it plainly, the crescent on a nail is a newly grown, underage nail. Under the skin behind the nail root, there is a piece of tissue called “methyl”, which produces a lot of keratin cells every day. Due to the metabolic growth of the body, keratin grows slowly on both sides and grows faster in the middle, so crescent-shaped white marks are formed. The size and number of crescents are not directly related to their health. Crescents generally exist, but the crescents of some people are hidden and we can’t see them. For example, some people’s crescents start too far behind and hide under the skin; some people cover the roots of the nails with thicker skin, blocking the crescent; while others crescents grow slowly. Through careful observation, we will find that the growth rate of the thumb is usually faster, so the crescent is generally more than the crescent on the little thumb or other fingers. To sum up, there is no scientific basis for judging health by whether you can see the crescent or the crescent of the finger. In 2012, there was an article in the “China Traditional Chinese Medicine News” that specifically clarified that the diagnosis of crescents lacks the theoretical support of traditional Chinese medicine. As you age, your metabolism gradually slows down, and crescents may slowly become smaller or disappear. This is normal, and don’t worry too much. If there are usually more crescents on the nails, and suddenly decrease or disappear in the short term, suggesting that the growth rate of keratin has slowed down, then we really need to pay more attention from our own nutrition, sleep, mood, stress and other perspectives. In addition, it is best to check the thyroid function. When the crescent on the nail suddenly increases in the short term, be wary of the possibility of hyperthyroidism. There is also a special case where the crescent becomes very large, directly covering half of the nail, even the entire nail is white, and the nail is thinned. This nail is called Terry nail. In 1954, Dr. Richard Terry discovered that patients with liver disease, especially those with liver cirrhosis, had such special manifestations and reported them, so they were also named Terry nails. Studies have found that Terry nails are more common in patients with cirrhosis, chronic heart failure, and adult diabetes. This special sign can provide a certain guiding significance for doctors to diagnose and treat patients in clinic. In addition to crescents, some people say that the appearance of vertical streaks on the nails indicates that the body is relatively weak. This is also without any basis. The small and transparent vertical streaks on the nails are normal physiological phenomena that appear with age. Long wrinkles. In short, crescents are not equated with physical health.

Why do people still dye their hair N times and still have good hair quality, how did they do it?

“Dr. Liu, Dr. Liu, you said how to maintain the hair after perm dyeing? I have been permed for a few days, and I feel that my hair is getting dry and rough! What should I do?” Miss Design looked at me with a grievance over her “wool roll”. As a hair doctor, I guess many fairies have troubles in this respect. After perming the hair, I don’t know how to take care of it. Looking at the increasingly dry hair, I’m at a loss! My hair is dry and dyed, how to maintain it? Today, hair doctor will study with you! 1. How does perm dyeing damage hair? Hair mainly contains protein (90% -95%), lipid (1% -9%) water, minerals and trace elements (accounting for 0.26%, although small, but indispensable, is an essential component of hair fiber and pigment ). The protein is mainly deformed keratin (α-keratin). Alpha-keratin mainly depends on disulfide bond cross-linking to maintain structural stability, which is the decisive factor for maintaining the stability of hair fiber physicochemical properties. The damage caused by changes in keratin structure is mainly caused by various perm agents, hair dyes, bleaches and hair straighteners. They all penetrate into the cortical layer structure from the hair scales and then have various effects to affect the hair quality. Dyed and permed hair is chemical damage, because the structure of the hair has been destroyed, and the hair keratin has changed, so it can only be repaired. 2. The essence of hot dye repair? Dyeing and repairing can only start from the hair shaft and cannot change the hair follicles. From a biological point of view, after the hair grows out of the scalp, it has become dead cells, and all injuries are permanent and irreversible. All we can do is use hair care products to reduce the damage caused by the friction and physically repair the hair scales. The hair scales are closed when the hair just grows. After shampooing, combing hair, grasping, perm dyeing … will make the hairy skin lift, but the hairy skin is not what you want to close, you can close it … You can choose physical repair, which is to use hair care products to fill the raised gaps to make the hair smoother and prevent greater damage caused by friction between the hair. The lubricating layer formed by repairing can also slow down the rate of water loss in the hair. 3. Hair care after perm dyeing? When shampooing, shampooing, shampooing, shampooing, shampooing and shampooing should be selected, and then conditioner should be used to keep the hair soft and fluffy. Regular maintenance recommends that friends should go to a regular hair care facility to do hair care every other month. Many friends are very dissatisfied with the newly dyed and hot hairstyles. The next day, they went to teacher tony to ask for a new color and style. This will cause great damage to the hair. The longer the interval between the second perm dyeing, the longer the better! Strengthen and nourish a lot of dry hair without luster at all, in addition to lack of moisture is lack of nutrition. In addition to using a conditioner every time you wash your hair, deeply nourishing your hair once a week is a great way to enhance your hair’s shine. After shampooing, apply the essence from the root to the end of the hair, and repeat 3 times until the essence is absorbed. After persisting for a month, the dryness of the hair will be reduced and the gloss will naturally increase. Eating seaweed hair gloss depends largely on the role of thyroxine in the body. However, when a woman is over 30 years old, her body’s ability to secrete thyroxine decreases. The iodine in seaweed food is very rich, this element is the main raw material for thyroid hormone synthesis in the body. Therefore, often eat seaweed foods, hair growth, moisturizing. Ensure the intake of green vegetables & yellow fruits lack of vitamins is also easy to cause hair dullness. For example, vitamin B has the effect of promoting hair growth and giving the hair a natural luster, while vitamin C can activate the microvascular wall, so that the hair can smoothly absorb nutrients in the blood. Therefore, usually eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, leek, celery, mango, banana, etc., not only can beautify the skin, but it also has a multiplier effect on the restoration of healthy and shiny hair. Eat beans often Eating soybean products such as tofu can not only increase the gloss and elasticity of hair, but also prevent split ends or breakage. Eating more soy products and drinking more soy milk can not only promote the metabolism of brain nerve cells, but also prevent the formation of gray hair.

“Come and see” itching and hot skin

Today we come to talk about the topic of itching, coolness and pain. Don’t laugh, I’m talking about serious things … I have seen too many patients with itchy skin in the outpatient clinic (please forgive me for not being kind enough to start bragging since Hi.) To be honest, I’m going to say the right thing. Patients with this type of skin disease have a common feature: itching, peeling, scratching, redness, and sometimes exudate, thickened keratin, and scales. This is not the point of skin peeling and thickening of scaly skin. What’s more important is that they all like to scald these itchy places with hot water. They say that the hotter the itch, the itchier the hotter. There is a kind of catching foot called “Shuang” that can’t be described in words until the itching disappears and the pain begins to appear! What follows is that you do n’t know what kind of disaster will happen to the skin that is often scalded by hot water? First, the skin will be red, swollen, painful, and exuded; then the cortical layer will begin to thicken and then pigmentation will begin, and severe burns and other undesirable malignant diseases will develop. Did the friends startle? It really doesn’t scare you. If this is the case, skin cells will easily divide into malignant cells. The consequences are of course very serious! (This kind of photo is too scary. If you go online to find it yourself, there will be unexpected surprises.) Please allow me to popularize science: the structure of the skin. The basal layer cells of the lowermost layer of the human epidermis have become polygonal spiny cells, flat Granulocytes of basophilic granules, flat keratinocytes without nucleus and organelles. This process of skin structure generally takes 28 to 45 days. The differentiation process of the epidermis is controlled by many factors and is easily disturbed (external stimuli such as hot water, scratching, inflammation, etc.). All factors that can cause basal cell division and differentiation can cause hyperkeratosis and hypokeratosis. Excess keratin formation or keratin accumulation can make the horny layer hyperkeratotic. Incomplete keratinization or abnormal keratinization results in incomplete keratinization and poor keratinization. I summed up the core content of the above popular science: the stratum corneum of the skin is the protective barrier of our skin. If it is abnormal, various problems of skin diseases will follow one after another. Therefore, doctors often recommend applying ointments such as vitamin E cream to protect our stratum corneum. In addition, through consultation, it was found that the vast majority of patients often use their hands to tear these keratinized skin, resulting in more severe peeling. Some housewives do not protect their hands and directly contact degreasing agents such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid, soap, etc., which makes their skin more and more fragile! So what is the correct way of washing supplies? 1. It is absolutely forbidden to overheat the water to scald the skin, keeping the water temperature at about 30 degrees; 2. Apply moisturizing cream or animal oil every time after washing the skin. Patients with severe peeling and cracking can wear PE gloves or wrap the skin with plastic wrap; 3. Do not eat spicy food, tobacco and alcohol (because tobacco and alcohol will aggravate edema and other side effects of skin and blood vessels); 4. Prohibit random medication Use and over-apply ointments of unknown ingredients; 5. Go to the dermatology department of a regular hospital for professional examination (such as dermoscopy, skin CT, blood routine, immunization, skin fungal detection, allergen detection, etc.) Solution; Okay, children’s shoes, the above is my words, time, remember, itchy skin must not be hot, professional doctors will help you overcome the disease, and restore your healthy skin! Please correct me if there is any discrepancy, and you are welcome to leave a message in the comment area! [Original Statement] This article is an original work, please indicate the source when reprinting, otherwise you will be held liable.

Rescue the obscure goblin with closed mouth, pores and blackheads

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Many people have a hard time as a mixed skin. Presumably, the days of oil skin are even worse! Is it a pound of oil, a pimple, and more and more closed mouths? It seems that there are small particles around the eyes? I have been asked a lot of these questions recently, so I decided to create a collection of problems that are prone to appear in the summer. No matter how difficult it is, I have a solution. Come on, get on! ❶ & nbsp. Closed forehead & nbsp. & Nbsp.❷ & nbsp. Greasy pores & nbsp. & Nbsp.❸ & nbsp. Unshakable blackhead & nbsp. Closed forehead & nbsp. Let ’s talk about closed mouth first, closed mouth is really annoying, squeeze , It will immediately deteriorate into red and swollen acne, but if it is not crowded, it looks and replies, and it can’t cover the makeup, even the stars are successful. The full name of closed mouth is “closed pimples” (open pimples are blackheads and whiteheads). It is a type of acne. To put it simply, too much oil blocks the pores, and then the oil gathers together to form needles or rice grains. Pimples, combined with abnormal keratinization, directly block pores. Greasy pores and large pores are really beautiful invisible killers. Every time you apply makeup, you need to spend a lot of time to cover the concealer. At this time, the makeup will look heavy and very worrying! Many little fairies have put a lot of effort into shrinking their pores, but people often go into a misunderstanding: “The enlarged pores are caused by skin dehydration, aging of the horny, imbalance of oil and water, etc., do the corresponding skin care homework You can make your pores smaller. “If you think so, it is very likely that the skin that you have spent time protecting in the past is in vain, and it does not make your pores smaller. The lingering blackheads and blackheads can’t be pulled out, and the spring breeze is blowing again … for a time, I don’t know which of the blackheads and the closed mouth is more annoying. In fact, blackheads are similar to closed mouths, except that closed mouths are closed, blackheads are open, and the front end of sebum particles exposed at the opening of the hair follicle is oxidized and blackened, which is blackheads. This hard grease grain can be thought of as a carrot buried in solid soil. If you pull it directly, a big hole will appear in the land, and even a few cracks will be cracked. The skin will be swollen and sensitive, and may even become infected. Therefore, to get rid of blackheads correctly, we must start from two aspects: 1. Soak the soil, and then easily take out the radish, the land will not be greatly damaged. 2. Be less radish! Having said so much, how to do the above three annoying skin problems? You can get rid of the acid skin. Fruit acid rejuvenation (acid brushing), in fact, uses acidic liquid to soften the keratin, clear pores, help you discharge keratin / garbage accumulated in the opening of the sebaceous glands more smoothly, and can also play a role in inhibiting the formation of acne. When we are greasy or lazy during skin care, the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands and clogged pores are not cleaned in place, and the aging cuticles will pile up together and cannot be cleaned. Brushing acid can remove aging keratin and smooth the skin. After the fruit acid rejuvenation, many little fairies’ faces will appear, and the acne under the skin will come out like crazy. This is a normal phenomenon. Do not pick it up and wait for it to naturally scab and fall off. All right. & nbsp. Then you need to pay attention to the follow-up skin care, it is best to choose skin care products with simple ingredients, safe, suitable for sensitive muscles; diet, mainly light; sleep, sleep early. It is estimated that many fairies have heard that after the acid is applied, the skin becomes thinner and thinner. This is a “human-to-human” phenomenon. Do you know what it means to use it correctly? Refers to your own skin, the acid concentration and frequency that can be tolerated, and each person’s situation is different. The doctor will adjust the concentration appropriately according to your situation. As long as you don’t work too hard, there will generally be no major problems. . & nbsp. It ’s not as good as making money as much as possible to make acid. The slower the concentration, the lower the low frequency, the slower the build up of the skin ’s tolerance. & nbsp. In fact, skin problems that are often difficult to deal with can often be solved by simple and rough methods, so you who are bothered are not obedient. & nbsp.

Did you have a face check before doing photon rejuvenation?

If the cuticle repair ability is weak or the cuticle is thin, it is not recommended to do photon directly. I suggest you repair the cuticle first before doing this project. Secondly, if a person with a thin stratum corneum does photons, the skin will become sensitive. This is because the absorbed heat denatures the keratin in the stratum corneum, which destroys the normal structure of the stratum corneum. Both membrane and basal layer may have an impact. Or in the process of reduction, if the stratum corneum is repaired slowly, it is easy to appear pigmentation, allergies, redness and other phenomena. At this time, it may be difficult to achieve the desired results by photorejuvenation. Therefore, before any project treatment, it is necessary to interview a regular doctor to diagnose the facial condition and confirm the appropriate treatment plan.

According to the analysis of anti-acne ingredients, who is the “handle” in the anti-acne industry? (under)

Yesterday we talked about what are the anti-acne ingredients, today we will take a closer look at these ingredients ~ 1, Vitamin A acid Vitamin A acid is a first-line treatment of acne, it can not only reduce inflammation, antibacterial, regulate keratin, but also improve the enlarged pores , Wrinkle removal, treatment of photoaging skin diseases, etc., can be called “all-round”. There are many types of retinoic acid, the more common ones are all-trans retinoic acid, isotretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene. The irritancy of tretinoin to the skin is also a big problem. Patients are prone to “retinoic acid dermatitis” when they use it for the first time-red skin, dry peeling, and tingling. Patients with these discomforts can continue Reduced use, these discomforts will disappear after the skin establishes tolerance after a period of time. The use of retinoic acid can also improve the photosensitivity of patients, so strict sun protection during the topical application of retinoic acid is very important. Retinoic acid has a good therapeutic effect on inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. The low concentration of adapalene has a good effect on acne type. Tazarotene is more suitable for moderate to severe acne. 2. Benzoyl peroxide Benzoyl peroxide is a commonly used external medicine for the treatment of acne. The history of its treatment of acne can be traced back to 1950. As a first-line treatment for acne, it has excellent antibacterial and acne-dissolving effects. The antibacterial effect of benzoyl peroxide exceeds that of most topical antibiotic gels, and there are no concerns about drug resistance. It is a commonly used drug in dermatology. The concentration of benzoyl peroxide ranges from 2.5% to 10%, and the therapeutic effect of different concentrations is not much different, but there are only 5% dosage forms in China. During the treatment of acne, BPO will cause the skin to release free radicals, which has a certain harmful effect on healthy skin. Patients often take the method of spot application. BPO is suitable for pustular acne. It has a poor effect on non-inflammatory acne. It is better to use clindamycin gel or salicylic acid for dense inflammatory acne. However, the biggest problem with benzoyl peroxide is its skin irritation. 1% -2% of the population will experience allergic reactions, redness, swelling and pain in the skin, and unlike tretinoin can be gradually tolerated. Especially for Asian people, skin testing is required before using benzoyl peroxide products to avoid allergic reactions. 3, Salicylic Acid Salicylic acid is a commonly used external medicine for acne treatment, which has the effects of acne, oil control, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and two-way conditioning of keratin. As a fat-soluble acid, salicylic acid can unclog pores, reduce excessive sebum secretion, and promote acne metabolism by promoting keratin metabolism. The concentration of salicylic acid has anti-keratosis and anti-keratosis bidirectional keratin conditioning effect at a concentration of 1% -4%, and salicylic acid above 5% has a keratolytic effect. The salicylic acid used for chemical skin rejuvenation is generally more than 10% and has the effect of exfoliating keratin. The concentration of external salicylic acid is generally about 2% -3%, which will not damage the stratum corneum. Its bidirectional conditioning of the stratum corneum can also help to stabilize the stratum corneum while removing excess stratum corneum. Boleda 2% supramolecular salicylic acid solves the problem that salicylic acid can only be dissolved in organic solvents such as alcohol and ether through supramolecular chemistry, greatly reducing the irritation of salicylic acid and greatly improving patient compliance, even Sensitive skin can also be used.

Thinning and soft hair is a sign of hair loss, this method can be improved!

Every time I have just washed my head in a fluffy and refreshing way, there will be a feeling of being the most beautiful when I walk on the street, and I can’t suppress my confidence! But many hair friends are born with soft and soft hair, not only sticking to the scalp, but also showing their faces! And as work pressure increases, hairline issues are also a headache. Congenital hair is thin and soft, indicating that your hair itself is thin and soft, this problem is not big, you can strengthen some maintenance later. However, if the hair formed is small and thin, the original hair is also thicker and harder, but as the age grows, the hair becomes very thin and soft, and the amount of hair becomes less. You should pay attention to such hair problems. What causes the hair to become thinner and softer? To solve the problem of fine hair, first of all, we must understand the cause of the problem. The three main factors for healthy hair growth. First, healthy hair growth requires adequate blood circulation and hemoglobin to provide nutrition to the hair nipples. Secondly, sufficient protein is also needed to allow hair follicles to synthesize various keratins, thereby forming hair. The process of hair follicle cell differentiation will be affected by some external factors, mainly hormones (androgens inhibit hair growth, estrogen promotes hair growth). If your hair is very good, but gradually becomes thinner, then there is a 99% possibility It is related to the above three factors, among which androgens are the main reason. Why does hair become thinner and softer? The hair thinning and softening is essentially the weakening of the hair follicles ‘ability to synthesize hair, while the lack of hair is the loss of hair follicles’ ability to synthesize hair. After all, the same thing is the same thing, that is-the hair follicle’s ability to grow hair is weak. Solutions for the degradation of fine and soft hair People with fine and soft hair have a lot of troubles, no matter whether they have more hair or not, they will appear less. It is easy to stick to the scalp when it is soft and soft. Hair is thin and soft, and it is difficult to increase the amount of hair in a short time. It is necessary to start with some daily habits. 1. The main component of hair is sulfur-containing hair keratin, which also contains many trace elements. These are essential elements of the body. If the body lacks these elements, the hair will be dull. 2. We usually eat more protein-rich things, such as meat and eggs. 3. Fine hair is often accompanied by symptoms such as hair loss. Such a situation generally occurs in adolescents and middle-aged people. Stress should be the main killer. Now in a fast-paced life, your hair is an indicator of your health. 4. Among many reasons, genetic causes are not ruled out. Normally, we should add zinc appropriately, eat more kelp, black sesame and the like, wash hair at the same time, take some Yangxueshengfa capsules, which can effectively protect Our hair.

Why are there large peelings on my fingers or palms?

Every end of spring and early summer, patients with large peelings of fingers and palms often come to the clinic for consultation. Is it eczema? NO! Dermatologist diagnosed with “exfoliative keratolysis”. What is exfoliative keratolysis? Exfoliative keratolysis (keratolysisexfoliativa, KE) is also called lamellar laxity. It is a superficial exfoliative skin disease of the stratum corneum of the palm and plantar. The typical manifestation of exfoliative keratolysis is the appearance of a ring-shaped rash with an inflated blister in the middle, and then the rash disappears and flake peeling occurs. In more severe cases, multiple lesions will fuse, which may cause the entire surface of the palm and plantar skin to peel off. Although exfoliative keratolysis can cause peeling, the symptoms of discomfort are mild for the patient, and there may be a slight itching or burning sensation before peeling. In addition, the skin may become sensitive and have slight pain after continuous peeling and thinning, but some people do not feel any discomfort, but just feel that the hand peeling is ugly. Why does exfoliative keratolysis occur? The reason is unclear. People with eczema are more likely to develop, but exfoliative keratolysis is not itself eczema, so hormone therapy is ineffective. In addition to eczema, people with other atopic diseases (allergic rhinitis, asthma) also seem to be more prone to exfoliative keratolysis. Sometimes, there are many people in the family who are suffering from exfoliative keratolysis, indicating that genetics may also have a certain impact. In addition, high temperature and humidity, friction, long-term soaking in water, and excessive sweating, these factors may also cause the disease to worsen. What should I do if I have exfoliative keratolysis? Although exfoliative keratolysis can relieve itself, it is also prone to repeated attacks, and there is currently no special treatment. But the symptoms can be improved by the following care methods: 1. Avoid frequent hand washing, reduce the use of soap, soap and hand soap, you can consider using a more moisturizing shower gel to wash your hands. 2. Avoid direct contact with irritants, such as detergents, solvents, shampoos, etc .; when you have to contact, consider wearing gloves. 3. Avoid peeling off the peeled skin by hand. The skin that has been lifted can be cut flat with a nail clipper. 4. You can apply urea ointment, vitamin E ointment, petroleum jelly and other oily ointments to the cracked and peeling skin to keep the skin moisturized. 5. If you have peeling feet, you need to keep the shoes dry and breathable, and wear cotton socks; you can prepare several pairs of shoes to change to avoid damp shoes. A

What to do if your face is allergic to redness

What to do if you are allergic if you accidentally, it is common for friends with red bloodshot eyes to have itchy skin allergies. If your face is not properly treated, allergic symptoms will appear. Skin allergies affect not only our beauty, but also our Healthy, what should I do if I have redness on my face? How is red blood on my face formed? Red blood on my face is a skin problem caused by the thinning of the stratum corneum of the skin due to innate or acquired factors and the expansion of the capillaries. The forming factors are as follows: 1. I have used wrong cleaning products like some soaps, makeup remover, makeup remover, deep cleansing mask, wipes, etc. These things have a strong degreasing function, long-term use or every time If you wash your face for too long, you can also remove the lipids between the keratinocytes while removing the oily dirt on the skin surface. The loss of keratinocyte junctions will inevitably cause the keratinocytes to loosen, the cell gap will increase, and the barrier function will be greatly reduced. 2. Use the wrong functional products. Many of the products for removing freckles, acne and blackheads on the market contain salicylic acid, fruit acid, tretinoin and other ingredients. If you use this product for a long time, it will cause excessive exfoliation of the keratin and skin changes. Thin, and destroy the function of the keratin barrier, over time will form sensitive muscle red blood. 3. Life and rest problems Some bad lifestyle habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc., are also very harmful to the skin, which will cause the decrease of intercellular lipid production and make the skin sensitive and fragile. 4. Hormone Long-term dependence on hormone therapy or the use of skin care products containing hormones will inhibit the synthesis of intercellular lipids. Fat red blood on my face is always allergic and itchy how to do, do daily skin care work. Fully moisturize the skin. The stratum corneum of the red blood skin is generally thin, so this kind of skin cannot maintain enough moisture, so in the air-conditioned room in summer or the dry climate in winter, such a person will have a better skin quality. The average person can more sensitively feel that the skin is dehydrated and dry, so such people should usually strengthen the skin’s moisturizing work. Targeted massage The phenomenon of red blood streaks on the surface of the skin indicates that blood is accumulated in the blood vessels, so the most effective way is to add proper massage at the same time as daily basic care. This will not only promote blood circulation, but also reduce red blood streaks, The occurrence of redness. Reduce skin irritation Usually reduce skin irritation, don’t over-expose, blow cold wind, etc. Try not to eat spicy food. Also, those complicated skin care operations should be stopped in time.

Can brushing acid shrink pores?

Has a certain effect of shrinking pores. Nowadays, fruit acid, salicylic acid and complex acid have been widely used in chemical exfoliation and skin care products. The main indications include the improvement of acne, chloasma, superficial scars and keratosis. These acids have similar effects and each has its own focus. In general, the main causes of enlarged pores include strong secretion of sebaceous glands, relaxation of tissues around the pores and hypertrophy of hair follicles. One possible mechanism for fruit acid to improve pore size is that fruit acid loosens the keratinocytes accumulated in the opening of the sebaceous glands, corrects the abnormal keratinization of the hair follicle epithelium, and makes the secretion of the sebaceous glands smooth. Small molecular weight fruit acids can penetrate into the dermis, thereby stimulating collagen synthesis and increasing the support of surrounding tissues for hair follicles. At the same time accompanied by reduced oil secretion. In addition, fruit acid can activate the metabolism of keratinocytes, renew or rebuild the epidermis, and promote the elimination of melanin particles, reducing pigmentation. Generally speaking, the research on whitening takes about 3 months, if applying high concentration of fruit acid, sun protection is necessary.