The cancer girl has been away for 24 days, but her story is not lost

At the beginning of May, I saw a little sad news. Du Kemeng, the 14-year-old girl who made the medical documentary “World 2”, passed away: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. You may not yet know who she is. &nbsp. In the title of “The World”, she introduced herself like this: “My name is Du Kemeng and I am 13 years old. We have a disease called malignant bone tumor. This is a terrible cancer that occurs in children Body.&nbsp. The probability of getting the disease is only three parts per million. What is this concept? I have calculated that this is equivalent to you tossing 22 coins in a row, which are all positive.”&nbsp.We usually think that we have cancer Patients, the condition is definitely not so good. But she was an accident: she sat on the hospital bed at night, and was very excited to tell the film crew a method of self-entertainment: raised her hand above her head, opened her fingers, and you put yourself a firework. You can put two at a time! &nbsp.&nbsp. Everyone was surprised by her death. Because she has been updating her Weibo and public account to share her current situation. But what people did not expect is that her death is not a completely sad thing. In her public account message, I saw someone thanking her: I am a patient with depression, thank you for giving me strength. Someone is telling her about her current situation: –Mengmeng, I have been better recently. Some people because she wants to influence more people: – because of you, I want to continue on the path of clinical medicine. In the past few days, I chatted with Xie Shuhao, the director of the first episode of The World, and Hua Yingqi, Du Kemeng’s attending doctor. Then I discovered that a 14-year-old girl who was seriously ill could be so powerful. And this power can attract more power. &nbsp. 2&nbsp. “The World” is a documentary documenting the daily life of a hospital. There is new life here, and there are people in the intensive care unit. This shooting experience is actually quite difficult for the film crew. However, Xie Shuhao, the director who shot Du Kemeng’s story, said that Du Kemeng’s support gave him the courage to finish the film. When I asked the doctor and the director about their impressions of them, they gave me an almost identical answer: “She has a 20-year-old adult who is mature, but still as simple and cheerful as a child her age.” The director is in The first time she saw her in the ward, she took the initiative to introduce: This is the “Beautiful Girl’s Ward”. The children in this ward suffered from a rare cancer, malignant osteosarcoma. But every time a new child comes in, Ke Meng will gossip with them first: Which doctor in the hospital looks particularly handsome, and which doctor is particularly fierce. Her attending doctor told me that sometimes he was more serious about Kemeng, but Kemeng specifically sent a circle of friends to spit him: Why are you so gentle with other children, but so fierce to me. On New Year’s Eve, she held up her mobile phone to take pictures and asked others’ New Year’s wishes in the hospital. I first asked the doctor. The doctor said: I hope you are healthy and healthy in the new year. Then there was the older brother in the same ward. The older brother said: I hope the illness will get better soon. &nbsp. Then I photographed the patient’s mother, who shyly shyly shy away and said: Mengmeng, you don’t want to find me! &nbsp. At this time, here is so happy that it is unconscious that it is a ward. She also particularly likes cosplay. In the New Year activities organized for them by the hospital, she played as a boxer. &nbsp. There is also a little loli holding a weapon against cancer. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. She writes her own public account, and the style of painting is like this: she also wrote a rap to herself: she also shared her cooking skills: “I want to be red”, she also has A lot of things are said, and it is very arrogant: I hope that others like her because of her talent, not because of illness. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Chemotherapy requires hair loss, so she later cut her hair into a bald head. Then, I shared the experience of cutting into a bald head on the public account, and listed the advantages and disadvantages of the bald head. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. also has her own funny animation: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. She also writes poems. Some Tsundere: &nbs