The beginning of autumn is here, vitiligo adapts to the seasonal changes, scientific prevention and treatment can not be tired

“Liqiu is the thirteenth of the twenty-four solar terms, and it is the beginning of autumn.” The beginning of autumn generally indicates that the hot summer is about to pass, and autumn is about to come. After the beginning of autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, but patients with vitiligo should not ignore the cool autumn weather, scientific prevention and treatment, in order to get rid of white spots as soon as possible. Liqiu and even patients with vitiligo should not be slack in prevention and treatment. Although Liqiu has arrived, we still need to be careful about the “autumn tiger”. The ultraviolet radiation in the sun is stronger and the damage to the human skin will be more severe. Therefore, patients with vitiligo must not relax their vigilance against their own diseases. , The treatment and conditioning should continue. Vitiligo patients should try to avoid strong light exposure, especially at noon when the sun is the most “toxic”, try to avoid going out, if you must go out, take relevant protective measures. Although high temperature weather is a high incidence of vitiligo recurrence, it is also a good period for vitiligo treatment. Therefore, patients with vitiligo must actively cooperate with doctors to recover as soon as possible. Seasonal changes, keeping warm from the cold is important. After the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night gradually increases. It is necessary to pay attention to adding or reducing clothing in a timely manner. Do not increase or decrease suddenly, or increase too much, so as to facilitate the body’s adaptability to the cold climate. Especially for patients with vitiligo, it is important to keep warm. Because it keeps warm, it can prevent the invasion of external evil and the leakage of yang. Don’t stay up late or sleep with your head covered, but develop the habit of living with windows open and sleeping with your head out. At the same time, keep warm at night after the beginning of autumn. After falling asleep at night, cover your abdomen with a quilt to prevent cold. It is worth noting that after the beginning of autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, the humidity gradually decreases, and the air gradually dries. The evaporation of moisture from the human skin and mucous membranes accelerates, resulting in dry skin, dry nose, dry lips, sore throat, headache, and hot hands and feet. This is what people often call Qiuzao. Therefore, the defense against vitiligo in autumn is to nourish yin and prevent dryness. This principle should be implemented in all aspects of life. The daily intake of water in autumn should reach 2.5 liters to maintain the balance of water and electrolyte metabolism and prevent dry skin. Vitiligo patients should adapt to the natural characteristics of autumn to prevent and treat vitiligo, which can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.