What do those people who buy online keepers think?

Regarding the importance of wearing a retainer, science has been popularized many times before, thinking that there should be no more magical moths, right? So Yaozi came uninvited, and I got a question like this: Huh? Is the retainer a fashionable item? Change it if you want? And have to place an order on a certain online treasure? If you have any questions, please contact your attending doctor, don’t make your own claim! Unexpectedly, when I searched for keywords, I found that there are still many people who want to buy? When I said it was too late, I went to a certain treasure to search, and there are really many stores that have customized laminating retainers, and the operation is very simple. Just make your own dental mold and send it back to the store. exome? Why don’t you just buy some bracket arch wires to correct yourself? Is the retainer such a simple DIY manual? Moreover, the production process, environment, materials of the merchants, and whether the producers are standardized and professional are also unknown. Such consumption is really undesirable! We’ve taken the video of making the retainer before. This time, let’s take a look at the above picture↓ to see how the professional technique works. You want to buy it online. How do you know that someone is not a small workshop for you to process it? As the saying goes, the retainer is not worn well and the correction is in vain. The retainer is very important for braces. After all, the human alveolar bone is always in a fixed state, that is to say, after removing the braces, because of the lack of force control, your teeth will deform with the strength of the tongue and lips, which is often said ” Rebound”. So in order to avoid deformation, we need retainers to maintain the shape of the teeth. There are three common types of retainers: Harley retainers, transparent laminated retainers and lingual fixing wires. The Hawley retainer is large in size, it will affect the pronunciation to a certain extent when it is just worn, but the advantage is that it is strong and durable. At the same time, for different orthodontic patients, different Harley retainers are needed, which has a wide range of applications. The transparent retainer is formed by transparent laminating film, which is beautiful and comfortable. It is also the cheapest and most convenient retainer, but it is also very fragile. It may be damaged in half a year and needs to be replaced frequently. Because it is fully wrapped at 270 degrees, the teeth will still receive a depressed force after wearing it, which may not be conducive to the natural formation of the teeth with a staggered bite, but it is basically negligible and not a disadvantage. The lingual wire has the smallest volume and is the most comfortable. It is fixed on the inner side of the teeth, so that the front teeth do not change, and they are not visible from the outside, and are more beautiful. The disadvantage is that only the front teeth can be maintained. Therefore, these types of retainers have different functions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Please follow your doctor’s advice for specific choices. So, how long should the retainer be worn? Don’t ask, ask is the end! body! wear! wore! You feel that the teeth are all in place, you feel that your problem is not serious, and you feel that the removal is not a problem. Don’t feel it, but the doctor. Because there are many factors that affect retention, your tongue, lips, jaw bite, and even your breathing and panting will change your teeth. Some people feel that they have been wearing braces for 2 years, and they finally don’t want to wear a retainer anymore, but in fact it is impossible to get it right once and for all. Any good things have to pay a considerable price, the same is true for orthodontics, don’t be lazy and don’t covet small bargains.

Take precautions-how can aplastic anemia live best?

How can I live well? For patients with aplastic anemia, the prevention and life precautions can improve their own disease resistance, and then help promote disease treatment and maintain a good life condition. There are a few suggestions for reference as follows: One is to keep the air around the living room fresh and ventilated; the other is to keep the surrounding environment and space sanitary and clean; the third is to keep the individual with aplastic anemia and wash items frequently; the fourth is to maintain Patients with aplastic anemia can eat healthily and can make their own food; other aspects are mainly to strengthen the protection of aplastic patients from going out. Clinicians pointed out that-patients with aplastic anemia generally have low immunity, and remember to avoid crowded occasions when the blood has recovered. Try to stay at home as much as possible, and don’t walk around. If you need to go out, remember to stay away from the crowd, and don’t walk around in densely populated areas with poor breathing. To learn more about “disease knowledge” or “communications with patients with aplastic anemia” and other WeChat search public number: xuf120

Three kinds of retainers used after orthodontic treatment

After orthodontic treatment is completed, there are generally three types of retainers that may be used: Hawley&nbsp.Retainer: Harley retainer, which is more sturdy and durable, larger in size, and has a certain impact on pronunciation. You can choose to sleep or only need to maintain at night When wearing. Exxis&nbsp.Retainer: Transparent laminated retainer, beautiful in form, fragile and easy to damage, it is generally recommended to be worn during the day and has little impact on daily life. Bonded (Fixed) Retainer: The retaining wire on the lingual side is bonded to the inside of the upper and lower anterior teeth with resin. The requirement for consciously wearing the movable retainer is lower, but a higher awareness of oral cleaning and maintenance is required, otherwise it is easy to form tartar accumulation.

90-year-old man, blood vessel age is only 30 years old! The secret of maintenance is to do these 3 points

With the gradual improvement of the overall health level, there are more and more elderly people around us. Our neighbor, Grandpa Zhang, is one of them. Grandpa Zhang is 90 years old this year. He is still very strong. He speaks loudly, has a clear mind, his back is straight, and his legs and feet are very flexible. Because of his children and grandchildren, everyone is taking turns to honor him. He, the annual health check-up is indispensable. When he went to the hospital for the check-up, the doctor who did the check-up asked: Uncle, do you have 65? Grandpa Zhang laughed: 65? That was all more than 20 years ago, and this year is in the early 90s! The doctor could not help sighing: There is no obvious plaque sclerosis in the carotid artery examination, and the brain CT examination does not even have mild luminal infarction of capillaries. Many 30-year-olds don’t have such healthy blood vessels. Your body is alive. It’s okay to be a hundred years old! In fact, it is not uncommon for such elderly people to have healthy blood vessels. The reason for being able to reach such a level, of course, must first of all emphasize genetic factors and personal physique. The reason why the elderly can live a long life and maintain good blood vessel health, it has to be said that the physical foundation is very important. Familial high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, blood lipids, blood pressure and blood sugar have always been within the range of healthy standards. These factors are often the envy of others, and they can’t ask for them. This is an innate foundation. Well, it is the foundation of living a long life, but if you only have a good foundation and don’t cherish it, you also need to actively maintain your health if you want to maintain good health and keep your blood vessels young. Take the 90-year-old grandfather Zhang, many people say that his longevity is because of his good health, but in fact, people who know him know that in addition to his good physical fitness, he has maintained a healthy lifestyle for many years. He takes good care of his body and maintains vascular health and physical health. In my opinion, the reason why Grandpa Zhang can live a long and healthy life is not only his physical fitness, but these aspects are also worth learning from. Reasonable and healthy eating habits Grandpa Zhang loves to eat good food. Although he is 90 years old, his mouth is not bad. He will taste all kinds of big lobsters and small abalones, but he also pays attention to the good food while he loves good food. Appropriate amount, greasy things, high-sugar things, generally eat a little or not, and the most eaten is fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals. In daily life, a cup of milk is never stopped, and soy products are also eaten with If you stick to such a healthy eating habit all the year round, your body will be able to get a comprehensive supplement of nutrition. If your body’s nutrition is comprehensive, your body’s immunity will be better and your health will be more assured. In addition to paying attention to the diet, Grandpa Zhang also pays attention to regular diet, three meals a day, regular and quantitative, basically maintaining regular eating habits, intermittent meals, and sometimes eating fruits or nuts as snacks, so that regular and appropriate diets Habits are also an important aspect of ensuring good health. Grandpa Zhang does not smoke, but sometimes drinks a little wine, but this wine is also moderate, and does not drink too much. When family and friends get together, Grandpa Zhang sits in the main seat, blanchs a pot of white wine, and pours it. A small cup, drink this cup, and never drink too much. Everyone is happy and lively. This kind of practice that is not excessively restrained leads to depression, and is not excessively relaxed, which leads to eating and drinking. It is Grandpa Zhang. One of the secrets of longevity. Reasonable and persistent exercise. Grandpa Zhang not only loves food, but also sports. When I was young, I often took part in physical labor. After work, I also liked playing ball, running and running. Later, I got older and didn’t let go of my exercise habits. Even at the 90-year-old now, I would go out every morning after getting up. Walking, walking, walking westward from the house is a hill. Every day, Grandpa Zhang walks up the hill along the path, and he goes home until he sweats slightly. This is a long-term exercise method. It is also an important aspect of Grandpa Zhang’s health and longevity. If physical conditions permit, middle-aged and elderly friends must have a certain amount of physical activity, whether it is exercise or other labor activities. When the body moves, it can strengthen the body’s metabolic function, and at the same time exercise and maintain cardiorespiratory function. It is also very important to promote blood circulation and strengthen blood vessel health. For elderly friends, exercise can also help delay muscle atrophy and maintain physical strength.

Nourishing the kidney is equivalent to nourishing the life

Chinese medicine believes that kidney sperm affects the reproductive system, nervous system and endocrine system. When the kidney essence is insufficient, it will inevitably lead to sexual dysfunction or induce gynecological diseases. It is a hot summer now, and in the summer it is necessary to spend more time doing well to nourish the kidneys. How to nourish the kidneys in summer? 1. Maintaining regular work and rest only ensures adequate sleep, which is conducive to the biochemistry of qi and blood and protects kidney essence. You can’t stay up too much and maintain regular work and rest. You must enter a deep sleep state before 11 pm. Maintain a regular sex life, do not indulge in desire, maintain good energy, and achieve the effect of prolonging life. To adjust emotions, if excessive fear will consume kidney essence, resulting in kidney stagnation, causing people to have impotence and premature ejaculation, incontinence and spermatorrhea and other symptoms, so you must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude with a broad mind To face everything. 2. Prevent feet and waist from getting cold In the hot summer, keep feet and feet warm to prevent cold. Normally, you can put the two palms on the sides of the waist after rubbing it, rubbing it from top to bottom, and keep the local fever, so that you can achieve the effect of replenishing the kidney and qi. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney comes from Yongquan, the Yongquan point is the heart of the foot. You can use warm water to soak your feet and massage the feet before going to bed every night, which can achieve the effect of strengthening the body and already replenishing the kidney. The water temperature is controlled at about 40°C. Soak your feet for 20 minutes and use a towel to dry them immediately. Do not let the air conditioner or fan blow against your feet when you sleep. 3. Keep regular exercise. In summer, keep regular aerobic exercise. Try to choose gentle Tai Chi or yoga exercises. You can also nourish your kidney by insisting on blowing every day. The specific method is to open your legs, slowly spread out your palms, stand up, hold your fists inward, then retract, slide back to your waist, and gently cut your palms. Out of the waist and eyes, bend your knees slightly to squat, with both hands down the front of the legs for front row, and then spit out the words, so that the turbid gas can be discharged from the body. In addition, it can also swallow and nourish the kidney. The saliva in the mouth is mainly controlled by the kidney and spleen. Swallowing the fluid can protect the kidney and protect the kidney. After you brush your teeth, maintain a calm state of mind, close your mouth, use the tip of your tongue to resist the upper jaw, the tongue keeps turning inside the mouth, and then swallow saliva to achieve the effect of clearing away heat and nourishing yin and kidney. Tips: Drinking water is very entangled for patients with kidney disease, but if the body’s water is insufficient, a large amount of turbid poison will be retained, thereby increasing the burden on the kidneys. Drink water regularly in summer, and do not hold back urine. If the urine in the bladder reaches a certain level, it will stimulate the nerves, resulting in urination reflex, and timely urination can expel turbid gas and prevent damage to the kidneys.

Why should I wear a retainer after orthodontics? How long will it be worn?

Many people will ask: After more than a year of perseverance and cooperation, the teeth have finally become neat, but the doctor said that he will enter the next stage, the maintenance stage, and continue to wear the retainer for several years. Why? “Hold the retainer well” is what almost all dentists have to say to students who graduated from braces. But I found that many students have such doubts: “The teeth are already neat, is it really necessary to wear the retainer?” “Why do you need to wear the retainer after finishing it?” “It shouldn’t matter if you don’t wear it !” In fact, the retainer is very important in the whole tooth process! Why do you say that, listen to me carefully~ knock on the blackboard! Focus! The growth and movement of the tooth is memorable and releases itself. It is easy to “bounce”. We all know that during the process of dentures, the braces will exert a force on the teeth. The squeezed side will produce “osteoclasts” and slowly absorb it. The alveolar bone in the pressure zone, the opposite negative pressure zone produces “osteoblasts”, and grow new alveolar bone. However, teeth have a natural memory and move and grow for life. Although it takes a longer time to move the teeth to a new location, it is insignificant compared to the decades of growth and stereotypes. Once the braces control is released, it is like pulling the rubber band and releasing your hands, which will cause it to return according to the previous movement. In order to prevent the recurrence or rebound of the deformity, it is necessary to use the retainer to keep the teeth in the new position until the new alveolar bone is long and strong, which is why the dentist says “wear the retainer”! How long will the retainer be worn? This question is almost always asked by patients who wear braces. Generally speaking, the longer the doctor recommends wearing it, the better. It is generally recommended that in the first year, it should be worn every day and night. (Remove during meal) In the second year, wear it every night. In the third year, gradually reduce the wearing time, such as 2 to 3 nights a week. It is worth noting: Once it is found that the wearing of the retainer is particularly tight due to the prolonged wearing time, then the time cannot be shortened, and the current frequency should be maintained. What are the types of retainers? Transparent retainer: This kind of retainer is more beautiful, but because its material is plastic, it will aging and breaking with changes in oral temperature and humidity. If the retainer breaks or is lost, patients should go to the hospital to make it in time. Harley type retainer: The advantage is that it can be taken off and worn freely, which is relatively strong. But there will be a steel wire on the surface of the teeth, so it is not very beautiful. Tongue retainer: It is glued to the inside of the teeth with a wire, which does not affect the appearance and does not require the patient to cooperate with the removal, but there are certain requirements for the cleaning of the teeth. Do you see the role of the retainer here? In the process of whole teeth, the retainer is just as important as the braces. If you want to maintain a confident smile all the time, you must listen to the doctor’s advice and wear the retainer strictly. For more information about “orthodontics”, please inform me.