Cancer is easy to recur in the fall, so the patient’s diet prevents this

According to clinical statistics, the metastasis and recurrence rate of tumors in autumn is about 37% to 48%, which is significantly higher than other seasons. Cancer patients should pay special attention. Why is cancer easy to recur and metastasize in autumn? In the early autumn, the bleak air gradually rises, and people will inevitably have a sense of dusk. The fall should be in the lungs, and sadness can easily hurt the lungs. This is the time when cancer patients are depressed and the disease relapses or worsens. Negative emotions are the catalyst for cancer, and cancer patients must not be sad. In the autumn, people’s entire metabolic function is declining, and the immunity of tumor patients is even worse. Once the patient’s immunity declines, tumor cells are like seeds, and they “root and sprout” when they encounter suitable soil. Once attacked by a cold virus, the already fragile immune defense line collapses. How should cancer patients recover in autumn? 1. Prevent “autumn dryness” from hurting people into autumn. The weather is easy to dry. At this time, you need to be aware that people will often become dry and dry, and the skin will also appear dry. In terms of diet, you should eat more foods that nourish yin, such as bird’s nest white fungus soup, rock sugar stewed Sydney, mung bean porridge and the like. 2. Prevent the cold after the autumnal equinox, the temperature difference between day and night will become larger, so you must pay special attention to wearing clothes. You can no longer expose your arms and legs. Because at this time, the temperature is easy to change, especially in the morning and evening, the temperature difference is large, and the resistance is weak. People are susceptible to some diseases. 3. Drinking porridge is healthier. As soon as autumn arrives, some people begin to “stick to autumn fat”, but it should be noted that some patients with rhinitis and bronchitis are prone to get sick at this time. While paying attention to their own warmth, they should eat more Some porridge moisturizing. 4. Keep your head warm. There are many people who suffer from colds in autumn. To a large extent, they ignore the changes in temperature between seasons and usually don’t pay much attention to improving their own resistance. When the cool breeze begins in autumn and the temperature gradually drops, you must protect your head to avoid headaches, fever and other physical discomforts caused by the wind. 5. Pay attention to the warmth of the feet. There are 6 important meridians of the human body on the feet, and because they are far away from the heart, the blood circulation is mostly poor. Traditional health care also attaches great importance to the concept of “warm your feet and legs but not cold, and warm your legs but not cold”. Cold feet are the culprit of colds, bronchitis, indigestion, insomnia and other diseases in autumn. Therefore, the warmth of the feet cannot be ignored. 6. Strengthen physical exercise The autumn climate is pleasant, it is a rare good season for physical exercise in the year, and the focus of health preservation is to strengthen physical exercise. Although autumn is more suitable for outdoor sports, the choice of sports should be different from person to person, do according to one’s ability and persevere. The elderly can choose to walk, jog, and Tai Chi, and the young and middle-aged can choose to run, play ball, dance, climb mountains, and swim. While doing the above exercises, you can also cooperate with some “static exercises”, such as exhaling, closing your eyes and restoring your mind, so as to achieve a harmonious movement.

After the “Bailu” solar term, patients with rheumatoid arthritis are wary of “thermia”!

After the “Bailu” solar term, the power of the cold air in the north continues to increase, sometimes southward, causing the temperature to gradually drop, and the temperature difference between day and night is increasing. This kind of environment with warm days and cool nights, patients with rheumatoid arthritis bear a double test Recently, the number of patients who come to see a doctor is also increasing. Among them, many patients with rheumatoid arthritis do not pay attention to keeping warm, leading to recurrence of rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is mainly manifested by pain and swelling, and is called “undead cancer.” In the current season, pay attention to keeping the joints warm and be alert to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. In daily consultations, many patients do not have the awareness of preventing rheumatoid arthritis. For middle-aged and elderly people, the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis is particularly important. It is recommended to start with the following aspects. Strengthening physical exercise People often say that life lies in exercise, and reasonable exercise is the best way to enhance immunity and disease resistance. Therefore, patients with rheumatoid arthritis should also participate in physical exercises, such as gymnastics, slow walking, Tai Chi, etc. Dancing for the elderly, etc., use various forms of exercise to enhance physical fitness, and reasonable and effective exercise can also promote physical health to a certain extent. However, patients with rheumatoid arthritis must be gradual when exercising, and must not be rushed, so as not to cause trauma and affect their normal life. Pay attention to cold and warmth. The joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis are easily affected by the season. Due to the rain in autumn, pay attention to moisture-proof the joints of the legs and hands, and do not touch water frequently. At the same time, cold joints can easily lead to rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, always pay attention to the warmth of the joints and do not wear wet clothes, wet shoes, wet socks, etc. The diet should be temperate. The diet should be regular and quantitative. The soft, hard, cold, and hot food should be suitable. Don’t overeating because of fear of weak physique and insufficient nutrition, which will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and damage the digestive function. Each body’s constitution, its own feelings, and the degree of pain are not consistent, so the diet is also different. Maintain an optimistic attitude and maintain a good mental state, treat the disease correctly, must not be irritable, anxious, not indifferent, let alone depressed. Be good at self-control, study hard, work actively, broad-minded, and live happily. Finally, to remind the majority of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, we must pay attention to the maintenance of joint parts, and also pay attention to reasonable prevention and conditioning in diet and living habits. Once symptoms of joint pain appear, you must go to the hospital for treatment. Reminder: The Bailu season has basically ended the sultry heat of the summer, and it is truly autumn. The sky is high and the clouds are light, the air is cool and the air is cool, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so you need to pay attention to adding clothes. While the autumn wind is cooling down, it also blows away the moisture in the air, which is prone to “autumn dryness”. You should also pay attention to light diet. If you have rheumatism, rheumatoid, gout and other related symptoms, please consult a doctor in time.

Bailu has come, blood patients should pay attention to the three do not show!

“Bailu” is the third solar term in autumn. The arrival of Bailu marks the official arrival of cool autumn. As the saying goes, “Don’t show your body in Bailu’s solar terms. Sooner or later remind you to take care of yourself.” This refers to the season of Bailu. In addition, with the advent of Bailu, blood patients should also pay attention to the “three-not-show”! What is Sanbulu? The first is not showing your feet. Since the feet are the farthest away from the heart, they are prone to poor blood circulation. Patients should change their sandals in time and use hot water to soak their feet to nourish kidney qi and promote blood circulation. The second is not to leak the belly button. Autumn is the season for gastrointestinal diseases. For patients with blood diseases, cold belly button can cause enteritis and diarrhea, which may aggravate the condition. Therefore, pay attention to keeping the navel warm, and cover the quilt at night. In addition, patients should pay attention to their diet and eat less cold and cold things to prevent abdominal pain and diarrhea. The last is not bare shoulders. In fact, it is not only the shoulders, but also the neck, waist, etc. If the cold air rises, it will cause the blood to flow poorly and may cause the disease to repeat. Therefore, after Bailu arrives, put on long-sleeved pajamas and avoid being shirtless. If patients who have already experienced discomfort in weight-bearing parts such as knee joints, they should bring protective and warm appliances in time. “Bailu autumnal equinox night, one night cool one night”, in addition to keeping warm, patients who like sports must wipe dry in time after sweating to prevent the occurrence of a cold, which is not conducive to recovery.

Nourishing kidneys in winter

&nbsp.&nbsp.The Liqiu solar term has just passed and the weather will gradually cool down in the future, and winter is the season for nourishing the kidneys. For kidney health, it is very important to nourish the kidney in winter. Because winter brings coldness, Chinese medicine believes that cold is the evil of yin and is most likely to damage the body’s yang. Since the root of human yang is in the kidney, cold evil is most likely to damage the kidney yang. The first thing to keep warm in winter is to keep your kidneys warm. In winter, stay away from the cold, try to stay in a warm place, and be careful not to sweat profusely, because winter sweat drains from the body to the surface of the body, which consumes energy. The winter clothes should be thickened gradually. Don’t add all the clothes as soon as you encounter the cold, and don’t wear too thin to feel the cold evil. When the weather is bad, try not to go out and avoid the cold. The mornings and nights in winter are extremely cold, so it is best to avoid going out to avoid frost. Also, brush your teeth and gargle with warm water. The water temperature is preferably about 35°C. If you do not pay attention to the water temperature when brushing your teeth or gargle, and often irritating your teeth and gums from sudden cold and hot, it may cause various diseases of the teeth and gums and shorten the life of the teeth. &nbsp.① Keep your head warm: Chinese medicine believes that “the head is the meeting of the yang”. The yang energy in the body is most easily dissipated from the head. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to keeping your head warm in winter, the body heat will quickly radiate from the head and even damage your yang energy. Avoid blowing on the top of your head, especially in the cold and windy winter. It is best for the elderly to wear a hat when going out. When the sun is good at noon, it is best to let the hair come out for ventilation. When washing your hair, it is best to keep the water temperature above 35℃. After washing, you should use a hair dryer to dry it immediately, and do not walk into the wind when your hair is wet. &nbsp.②Do a good job of protecting the waist: Kidney Yang is the kind of fire of life. When kidney yang is weak, the kind of fire is reduced, so the waist is cold. In the cold season, you must pay attention to keeping your waist warm to avoid wind and cold. In summer, don’t be greedy for cold to ensure that the kidneys have good blood circulation and good functions. &nbsp.③Do a good job of keeping your back warm: Chinese medicine believes that “the back is yang, and the heart and lungs dominate it.” The human back is the surface of the body, and where the Governor Vessel and the Foot Sun Bladder Meridian go, it is an important barrier to human health. For middle-aged and elderly people with various chronic diseases such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure and cardiovascular protection, when it comes to cold weather, sit with the sun behind your back and let the yang energy be transported through the acupoints on the shoulders. In the human body, it is easy to pass out the cold in the body, which makes people healthy. In winter, you should get more sun exposure. Pay attention to direct sunlight on your back when you are in the sun. Old people can deliberately turn their backs toward the sun when exercising in the park. Usually wear a feather vest and leather vest, which is good for warming your back. &nbsp.④ Keep your feet warm: “Cold starts from under your feet.” The feet are located at the end of the human body, far away from the heart, insufficient blood supply, prolonged sagging, poor blood circulation, plus the thin fat barrier on the surface of the feet, poor thermal insulation, so the feet are easy to get cold. In winter, keep footwear warm and dry, and wash them frequently. It is not advisable to sit for a long time, and you should move more to promote blood circulation in the feet. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed. Patients with old cold legs can expose their legs and feet to the sun for at least half an hour when the weather is good in summer. This method can well remove the coldness of the legs, accelerate the absorption of calcium, and help pre-osteothiasis. &nbsp. Changes in daily life, sleep early and wake up late. In winter, the sunshine time becomes shorter, and the work and rest time in winter must be adjusted accordingly. In the “Huangdi Neijing”, there is a saying that in winter, you should “lie down early and get up late, you must wait for the sun”. Go to bed early to nourish yang, maintain a warm body, and wake up late to nourish yin. Waiting for the sunrise, you can avoid the severe cold, seek its warmth, and make the human body reach the state of Yin, Ping, and Yang. Diet should reduce saltiness and increase bitterness, nourish yin and suppress yang. Winter moon belongs to kidney water, and the kidney governs salty taste. From the perspective of the five elements, salty taste enters the kidney to make the kidney water prosperous, while prosperous water suppresses the fire and causes heart disease. So in terms of the taste of the diet, saltiness should be reduced and bitterness should be increased.

What should be paid attention to rheumatoid arthritis

What should be paid attention to rheumatoid arthritis&nbsp. Pay attention to keeping warm Once a female friend has got rheumatoid arthritis, must pay attention to keeping warm Pay attention to the warmth, and the patient’s environment must be kept dry, and also pay attention to the usual ventilation. Never be cold in summer, blow too much air conditioning and cold wind, and pay more attention to your own in winter. Keep warm. Only in this way can the patient be prevented from getting cold, and the arthritis is getting worse. &nbsp. Pay attention to the diet. In the patient’s diet, you must eat a small amount of meals, and pay attention to the nutritional balance. Eat less irritating and spicy foods, such as milk and peanuts contain tryptophan and benzene. Alanine food, because these foods will make the patient’s condition worse, so we must avoid it. At the same time, patients also need a combination of work and rest, which can make the patient’s body healthier and enable the patient to achieve better resistance. Never be too tired to aggravate their own condition.

What should be paid attention to rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a joint disease caused by autoimmune deficiencies. Once a patient suffers from this disease, there will be joint pain, which will cause great suffering to people. So what should we pay attention to in rheumatoid arthritis? How should patients eat and drink? Let’s take a look at it together. &nbsp. What should be paid attention to for rheumatoid arthritis&nbsp. Pay attention to keeping warm Once a female friend has got rheumatoid arthritis, you must pay attention to keeping warm. Never be able to withstand cold and dampness and rain, especially the joints of patients More attention should be paid to keeping warm, and the environment in which the patients live must be kept dry, and also pay attention to the usual ventilation. Never be cold in summer, blowing too much air conditioning and cold wind, and more in winter. Keep yourself warm. Only in this way can the patient be prevented from getting cold, and the arthritis is getting worse. &nbsp. Pay attention to the diet. During the patient’s diet, a small amount of meals must be taken, and the nutritional balance must be paid attention to. Eat less irritating and spicy foods, such as milk and peanuts contain tryptophan and benzene Alanine food, because these foods will make the patient’s condition worse, so we must avoid it. At the same time, patients also need a combination of work and rest, which can make the patient’s body healthier and enable the patient to achieve better resistance. Never be too tired to aggravate their own illness.

More and more young people have rheumatism? 3 reasons to pay attention to

Rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of “senile disease” in the impression of many people, a disease that only the elderly can suffer from. However, clinical data shows that the number of young rheumatoid patients is increasing year by year, and young people are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis. Reasons for young people to get rheumatism Diet factors: Daily diet is an important factor leading to the onset of rheumatism. Many people will consume excessive amounts of animal fats in their lives. Animal fats contain many substances that can cause rheumatism. Occurred, for some people who have rheumatism, excessive intake of animal fat foods will aggravate the symptoms of rheumatism. Immune factors: Our body will have some irritation to some exogenous or endogenous antigen substances, so it will activate the corresponding T cells. At this time, T cells will produce a variety of factors that lead to the production of inflammatory cells, causing a certain degree of damage to various tissues and organs, and some T cells will stimulate B-cells, which in turn will cause the body to produce a lot of antibodies and antigens. When combined, an immune complex is formed, which damages both tissues and organs, causing rheumatism. The problem of dressing: Many young people often have the concept of demeanor and no temperature in their lives. Will cause cold air to invade into the body, and over time will lead to rheumatism. Even when the weather is relatively hot in summer, it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm, especially for people who need to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Failure to pay attention to keeping warm will also lead to cold air intrusion and rheumatism.

What should I pay attention to when going out for patients with lumbar disc herniation?

Patients with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation should observe their condition at any time and protect them to avoid the recurrence or aggravation of the condition. Pay attention to the following points: (1) It is best to wear a waist circumference when you go out for a long time by car or walking , Strengthen the protection of the waist, and at the same time play a supporting role to avoid the sprain of the waist again. (2) Pay attention to avoid being fixed in a certain posture for a long time, so as to avoid fatigue of the lower back muscles and aggravate the symptoms of lower back and leg pain. (3) Pay attention to keeping warm, cold and moisture. When going out, especially in autumn and winter, clothes should be added as the weather changes. Pay special attention to the warmth of the lower back and lower limbs. In winter, it is best to sleep with electric mattresses or similar warm beds. (4) In addition to proper rest during physical activity, physical exercise should be paid attention to. Temporary places can be used for functional exercises of the lower back muscles, flexion, extension, and rotation. At the same time, the lower limbs should also perform corresponding functions. work out. (5) If you feel discomfort in your waist or accidentally sprain your waist again when you go out, you should go to the local hospital for treatment in time. The pain must not be neglected or tolerated, so as to delay the condition.