Recommended proportions of the three major nutrients for diabetic patients

Protein, fat and carbohydrates can provide calories to the body, collectively referred to as the three major nutrients. The ideal body weight can be maintained only when the intake of the three nutrients in the body is suitable. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Carbohydrates should account for 50%~60% of the total calorie intake throughout the day. Protein should account for 15%~20% of the total calories intake throughout the day. Fat should account for the entire day intake 20%~30% of total calories. The calories produced by the three major nutrients are: 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 kcal; 1 gram of fat = 9 kcal; 1 gram of protein = 4 kcal (1 kcal = 4.2 kcal ). &nbsp.

Relying on sex to lose weight? This method is not reliable!

A4 waist, waistcoat line and eight pack abs are the pursuit of countless people. Many people use various methods in order to burn off excess calories, such as fitness, dieting, and even sex… I have to say that people are really struggling to lose the extra “piece” of their body, but The effect of sex life to lose weight is really unreliable! Can sex life lose weight? Or is it too simple! Researchers from the University of Quebec in Canada selected 21 married couples aged 18 to 35 in Montreal, and based on these The motion sensor on the couple’s arm recorded a number of data such as the length of their sex life, calorie consumption, and skin temperature changes. Statistics show that men’s energy is 104 kcal per time and women’s energy is 69 kcal per time. For 30 minutes of jogging on a treadmill, men consume an average of 276 kcal, while women consume an average of 213 kcal. Obviously, the calories consumed in sex is lower than the calories of exercise on a treadmill. Therefore, it is very unreliable to rely on sex to achieve the goal of weight loss. The correct way to lose weight is to “keep your mouth shut” and “open your legs”! Reasonable sex life has 4 benefits. Although sex life is not reliable to lose weight, some old drivers do not go to the seventh floor in one breath since they have sex. Gasping. Some old drivers rely on sex and don’t sleep at night anymore…Although there are exaggerated elements, there are still 4 benefits to sex life. 1. To improve the pressure and work badly, was criticized by the leader? Can’t buy a ticket to go home when you jump in the line? Play games and be tortured? A harmonious sex life can promote the secretion of the happy hormone “endorphins”, activate the brain’s pleasure center, and make people feel comfortable and relaxed ~ help you forget These troubles! 2, to protect the prostate’s regular sex life, make the prostate fluid empty, reduce the swelling and congestion of the prostate, which is beneficial to prevent or relieve prostatitis. 3. Improving the quality of sperm If there is no sexual life for a long time, the fertilization ability and movement ability of sperm will be damaged to a certain extent, which will reduce the quality of semen. A reasonable sex life can make sperm excrete in time and enhance sperm motility. 4. Improve sleep quality. A physical exercise consumes energy and mental power, which can make people feel sleepy… and the prolactin released during sex can also relax people’s body, a good night sleep. However, these benefits have a prerequisite-moderate sex life. If you sing songs every night, it is easy to cause or aggravate loss of libido, premature ejaculation, and even induce sexual dysfunction such as impotence. How to judge whether the sex life is moderate? After sex, both husband and wife feel refreshed and feel refreshed. If there is a lack of energy and fatigue after sex, it is a reminder of excessive intercourse and should be reduced.

Intermittent fasting can lose weight, please pay attention to these 3 points when trying

Speaking of losing weight every day, you have to keep your mouth open and open your legs. Many friends have headaches and feel that this day-to-day persistence is too hard. Can you eat as you like under certain rules? There really are such eating patterns, such as intermittent fasting. Studies have found that intermittent fasting can really help you lose weight. In addition to helping you lose weight, it can also improve insulin sensitivity, help control blood sugar; regulate blood lipids, reduce vascular inflammation, and help improve cardiovascular disease; Survival rate of specific cancers, etc. [1] 1. Intermittent fasting is mainly divided into three types. Intermittent fasting is actually called light fasting. As the name implies, it is intermittent stop eating. At present, there are mainly three kinds of intermittent fasting programs that are most widely studied in humans. 1. Time-limited eating every day refers to eating for 6-8 consecutive hours, and not eating for the remaining 16-18 hours. Only drink water, tea, black coffee and other beverages that do not affect blood sugar fluctuations. If you still have to eat three regular meals a day, you have to eat breakfast at 9 am, and you have to eat dinner at 5 pm. Freelancers or partners who work late in the morning and leave early in the afternoon are still able to do so. We ordinary office workers want to try, we can only cancel dinner, and eat more during afternoon tea. 2. Fasting every other day means eating today-fasting tomorrow-eating the day after tomorrow-fasting the day after tomorrow. This cycle is carried out. Do not eat on fasting days or consume 500-600 kcal of food. If you work a day and take a day off, there are basically no gatherings on the rest day, and there is little activity. In short, it is very casual and relaxed, and you have the conditions to try. Like our little friends who work five days a week, they may be hungry on the day of fasting so that their chests will stick to their backs. It is really difficult to think about not affecting work. 3, 5+2 fasting means that there are 5 days of normal eating in a week, two days of fasting, and two days of fasting are not continuous, such as normal eating on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, and two days of fasting on Saturday and Monday. The energy intake on fasting days is about 1/4 of the usual, about 600 kcal/day for men and 500 kcal/day for women. If you take a non-consecutive rest ≥ 2 days in a week, the rest day is also very relaxing and it will be easier to implement. Like ordinary office workers, we still have to fast for one day during the working day. If you can do it, you can try. Two and four types of people are not suitable for fasting. The research on the health benefits of intermittent fasting mainly focuses on overweight young and middle-aged people. These health benefits and safety cannot be extended to other age groups. For example: children and adolescents in the growth and development period of the elderly during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, if you have physical diseases such as diabetes, anorexia nervosa and eating disorders (not limited to these two), do not try it yourself. It is necessary to consult a doctor whether it is suitable and how to perform it. If a diabetic patient tries it by himself, it is likely to cause hypoglycemia. Third, try fasting. It is recommended that you do this. If you try 5+2 light fasting, 4 points are recommended. 1. The principle of how to match 500 kcal food is balanced nutrition. The formula for reference is: cereals (90 kcal) + vegetables (90 kcal) + fruits (90 kcal) + milk (135 kcal) + Meat egg beans (90 kcal). The specific mix is ​​as follows: 1. Cereals (choose one of the following) 1 slice of whole wheat sugar-free bread (about 35 grams) 25 grams of pure oatmeal 65 grams of multi-grain rice (about 0.5 fist) 60-75 grams of cooked noodles 2. Fruit watermelon , Peaches, pears and other about 1.5 fists 3, vegetables, leafy vegetables and melons and eggplant vegetables, cooked about 5 fists 4, milk 1 box of whole milk (250 ml) or 200 ml of unsweetened yogurt 5. Meat eggs (below) Choose one) Egg 1 3-4 rolls Shabu-shabu pure beef rolls 8 ordinary shrimps, a slice of fish of the palm size and thickness, 2 small wings, 1 fist tofu/tofu silk/tofu skin and above five types of food can be flexibly matched There are N 500 kcal recipes that are not too heavy. You can mix them flexibly according to your favorite foods. As for the time to eat, you can spread it out, or you can focus on a meal, such as eating at lunch. Just pay attention to two points: (1) Cereals and fruits are best eaten in two periods, which will help stabilize blood sugar; (2) The amount of vegetables is large and it is not easy to eat at one meal. It is better to eat separately. 2. Decrease energy step by step and slowly enter fasting mode. If you take 5+2 light fasting, you will consume 500 kilocalories at the beginning of the fasting day. You may be too hungry and persist for only one day. So at the beginning of the fasting day you can be better than usual

There are 4 situations that are suitable for eating meal replacements, the last one can help you lose weight

In the last article, we talked about what kind of meal replacement powder to choose if a friend who loses weight wants to replace one or two meals. After reading the articles and comments, many friends may directly put the meal replacement into the cold palace. Three reasons why meal replacements are not to be seen 1. The powder is flushed and finished in one minute. Although the stomach feels full, I still want to eat. A delicious meal will make people think, look, and smell it. It is even more enjoyable to eat one bite at a time. The happiness of eating is really unmatched by any meal replacement. 2. Many meal replacements promote fullness for four or five hours, but they are hungry for two or three hours. That’s why some friends say, “Eating meal replacements to lose weight depends entirely on the will. If the will is supported, you will lose it. If you can’t support it, you will give up all your efforts.” 3. Lose weight according to the advertised eating method. Although you lose weight quickly, Stopped the meal replacement, and soon got fat back. Meal replacements are not eaten right, there will indeed be such a problem, but if the meal replacement is totally denied, the meal replacement will be very aggrieved. Meal replacement is a good adjustment in these 4 situations. 1. No time to cook and dislike takeaway. Meals in the era of high oil and high salt rarely have high fat and sodium content. However, other nutrients have their own characteristics. A nutritious meal. Meal replacement occasionally, you don’t have to worry too much about nutrition. Some meals are better than nothing at all; but if you eat meal replacements often, it’s important to eat the right ones, otherwise it’s easy to be nutritionally unbalanced. ▲Picture: Screenshot of meal replacement powder e-commerce ▲Picture: Screenshot of meal replacement powder e-commerce For example, the above meal replacement, if you eat 50 grams instead of a meal, the energy is only 175 kcal, and you will be hungry before the next meal. Men and women who do not need to lose weight usually eat 540 kcal and 675 kcal or more per meal. Eating 100 grams of meal replacement powder like this can only provide 350 kcal of energy. For friends who don’t need to lose weight, this energy is still too low. However, if you eat 100 grams, you will get 950 mg of calcium, which has exceeded the recommended daily calcium intake for ordinary people. If you drink milk and eat soy products and green leafy vegetables in other meals, your calcium intake will be too high. In addition, although this meal replacement powder has sufficient protein, the carbohydrate is too low. If you eat 50 grams, you have to add 3 slices of whole wheat bread to almost enough carbohydrate for an ordinary person. Meal replacements like this are part of meal replacement foods, which means that they can only replace part of the meal in a meal and must be combined with other foods to form a balanced meal. In fact, most meal replacements on the market belong to this type. Some mainly provide carbohydrates such as five-grain powder, which must be paired with high-protein foods such as meat, eggs, and milk for a balanced meal; some mainly provide protein such as protein powder and protein bars, which must be paired with staple foods and vegetables for one meal. It is relatively balanced; some mainly provide dietary fiber such as barley flour and other vegetable powders, so the staple food and protein must be matched. 2. Hungry between meals, hungry overtime, or greedy. When you are hungry between meals, or when you work overtime at night, but don’t want to eat high-sugar and high-oil snacks, or when you are not hungry, or when your mouth is a little greedy, you can eat meal replacements. It is suitable for choosing meal replacements with an energy of less than 200 kcal. For the pursuit of chewiness, you can choose solid meal replacements such as protein bars and biscuits. ▲Picture: Screenshot of protein bar e-commerce. For example, the above protein bar is 35 grams, which can provide 127 kcal of energy, 9 grams of protein, 8.6 grams of carbon water, 5 grams of fat, and 5.2 grams of dietary fiber. The energy is not high, but the protein content is high, and the dietary fiber content is also acceptable, which can provide a relatively strong sense of fullness. 3. Friends who need to increase fattening choose meal replacements, and be careful not to choose dietary fiber that is too high, so as not to have a strong feeling of fullness and affect the normal meal. Various traditional five-grain flours are more suitable. ▲Picture: E-commerce screenshots such as the above five-grain powder. If you eat 50 grams with a meal, you can consume 215 kcal, 25 grams of carbohydrate, 8 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat, and 4 grams of dietary fiber. In addition to flushing with water, you can also flush with hot milk, which can also achieve protein complementation and increase protein utilization. 4. If you eat too much at the last meal, you will inevitably have a big meal, and at the next meal you will be afraid of eating too much. What should you do? Staying away from the table and eating meal replacements to control energy can be considered a remedy. Today’s sharing: In addition to the above four situations, what other situations do you think are suitable for eating meal replacements? How do you feel about eating meal replacements?

How to eat a healthy weight loss recipe of 1500 kcal/day? Dietitian cooks for you to demonstrate

When it comes to weight loss, what you hear the most is eating less and moving more. How much less is it scientific every day? Do not lower than 1200 kcal, this is because: the energy intake of 800-1200 kcal / day meal is a low-energy meal. Although it can effectively reduce body weight and body fat, it is prone to nutritional metabolism problems and needs to be used under the guidance and supervision of a dietitian/doctor. As for meals below 800 kcal, it is a very low energy meal. It can be hungry and thin quickly, but it is easy for electrolyte disturbance and gout. Generally, patients who need surgery quickly need to lose weight before using it, and they must use it under the strict guidance and supervision of doctors and nutritionists. How much energy do you consume every day, there is no health risk, it is easy to persist for a long time, effective weight loss and fat loss? The recommendations of the “China Blue Paper on Obesity Prevention and Control” are: 1000-1800 kcal/day for men, 1200-1500 kcal/day for women, or a reduction of 500-750 kcal based on existing energy intake. According to Mr. Gu’s experience, most men and women consume 1,700 kcal and 1,500 kcal each day, which is better to stick to. Next, I will take 1500 kcal as an example to let everyone feel the amount of food. 1500 kcal weight loss recipes 1500 kcal three meals menu example breakfast water 500 ml, drink 70 g of low-sugar low-fat bread half an hour before a meal, about two slices of cherries, 144 g, about 19 grains of 1 egg 160 ml pure milk or 135ml of sugar-free yogurt 500ml of lunch water, drink 25g of noodles within half an hour before meals, cooked 100g with heart corn 200g kale fried pork: 200g kale, 100g chicken, 10g oil add 150g peach in the afternoon Sugar-free yogurt 135g 500ml dinner water, half a hour before meals, drinking purple rice 130g oyster green pepper fried tofu skin (200g gravy, green pepper and carrot embellishment, bean skin 100g, oil 5g) boys at 1500kcal On the basis of adding 1 serving of grain and 1 serving of protein is 1700 kcal. After watching this demonstration, some friends may want to count energy and weigh the weight of food to lose weight. However, I do not recommend this for two reasons. 1. Unless you cook for each meal, it is inconvenient for the scale. You can never go out to eat and bring a scale. Some time ago, “Sister in the Wind and the Waves”, Sister Jinsha really had a scale when she was dining out, which was called the calculated energy. But this is very difficult to calculate, because the data in the food composition table are all weight, and it will increase or lose weight when cooked. For example, dry noodles will absorb water and gain weight when cooked, and beef will lose water and lose weight when cooked. However, there is no cooked-to-cooked ratio for all foods with different practices. Besides, oil or sugar will be added during the process, which will increase energy. 2. Even if each meal is cooked by yourself, the meal is considered to be a scale, which is more troublesome. Once a thing is done more troublesome, it is easy to make people stressful and difficult to persist. 3. Each person’s food intake is different, you may not be suitable for a 1500 kcal meal. So the above demonstration is just to let you feel about 1500 kcal meals, how much to eat per meal. The key is to let you understand the basic collocation principle, and then follow this collocation principle, eat slowly and eat slowly, just eat enough. What are the basic collocation principles? 1. Every meal has staple food, vegetable and protein staple food as thick and thin as possible. For example, the lunch and dinner in the demonstration have thick and thin collocation, lunch is noodles with corn, and dinner is rice with purple rice. Vegetables prefer leafy vegetables and melons and vegetables with low energy, for example, small tomatoes for melon and eggplant for breakfast, leafy vegetables for lunch, and gourd seeds for melon and eggplant for dinner. Protein is low-fat, breakfast is eggs and milk, lunch and dinner are low-fat meat and soy products, such as chicken breast meat in the demonstration, and tofu skin for dinner. 2. Proper ratio of staple food, vegetables and protein Staple food is about 1-2 fists, vegetables is about 2 fists, protein is about 1-2 fists, if it is soy products, it is basically 2 fists, if it is pure meat, it is about 1 fist. However, protein and vegetables are often fried together, and the meat will be diced. It is not convenient for you to pick out the diced meat one by one as shown in the picture to see how many there are. What should I do? When you are cooking at home, when you give your family a stir-fry, you should put more vegetables and less meat. The volume or weight of the vegetables and meat is 2:1. It is appropriate to eat the fried meat directly for about 3 fists. If you eat out, don’t worry about this, because the meat is fried

Fruits on the road to lose weight

It is very common to use fruits and vegetables to lose weight and lose weight. The purpose is to reduce the intake of fat and sugar, because sugar and fat will make people fat, if the fruit also contains a lot of fat and sugar, eat too much, and overeating There is no difference in drinking, it can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, simple classification. Fruits that are relatively sour: hawthorn contains about 16.6g of sugar per 100 grams, with a calorie of 106 kcal, pomegranate contains about 13.6 of sugar, and calories are 83 kcal. This type of acidic fruit contains not only vitamins but also high sugars. Fruits with high fat content: coconut, about 12g fat, calories 241 kcal, avocado about 14g fat content, calories 160 kcal. This type of fruit not only did not reduce fat, but increased fat. Relatively sweet fruits: bananas contain about 12g of sugar, calories 89 kcal, fresh dates sugar 28.6g, calories 122 kcal, and bananas have a relatively high potassium content. Hyperkalemia and potassium-preserving medicines require caution. Stinky fruit: that is the big and expensive durian with 147 kcal. Most popular fruits have relatively low calories, such as pears, apples, watermelons, mangoes, strawberries, etc. are still very healthy weight loss fruits. Do not squeeze and drink these healthy fruits, you need to chew them to eat, because the cellulose in the pulp can produce satiety, and can also ingest other nutrients; the juice does not support the stomach, causing hunger and not being able to ingest The complete nutrition of fruit.

Eat rice dumplings healthily: control blood sugar without gaining weight, only 3 points

If you only eat dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival day, even if the dumplings are very sweet and very oily, for those who lose weight, they don’t have to worry about it. But many friends’ homes are often in the scenery of the Dragon Boat Festival. They pack a lot of dumplings and eat them for a week or more. Then you have to learn a lot about how to make dumplings and how to eat them. Homemade dumplings are 3 low and 1 high sweet dumplings are basically sugary, meat dumplings are basically oily and salty. Therefore, pay attention to low sugar, low oil, and low salt when making dumplings. If you can still achieve high fiber, the dumplings will be healthy immediately. How to do it? 1. Low-oil fried rice without lard or other oils, less peanuts, almonds and other nuts for filling, can use dried beans to replace salted egg yolk, lean meat instead of pork belly. 2. Don’t put white granulated sugar in low sugar, you can use chestnuts, red dates, wolfberry, raisins, etc. to provide natural sweetness. Jujube does not need candied dates, because candied dates are candied fruits and sugar will be added during processing. In addition, sugar substitutes such as xylitol, erythritol, stevioside, mogroside, etc. can also be used. 3. For low-salt fillings, put less salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate. 4. Use high-fiber buckwheat, brown rice, oats, barley, etc. to replace some glutinous rice. Add some yam, red beans, lotus seeds, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, dried shiitake mushrooms, shredded carrots, pleurotus eryngii, dried bamboo shoots, dried radishes, and konjac. This can increase B vitamins and dietary fiber, a strong sense of fullness, and control blood sugar without gaining weight. Pay attention to the nutrient composition table when buying dumplings. If you are buying pre-packaged dumplings, pay attention to the nutrient composition table and choose the one with low energy. Because of the different formulas, the energy of rice dumplings varies greatly, generally between 100 kcal/100 g to 300 kcal/100 g. If you buy dumplings in bulk, ask about the stuffing, add sugar, the rice is fried in oil, and the meat is char siu, the energy must be higher. In addition, when buying zongzi, pay attention to the zongzi leaves. If it is abnormally green, it may be the green zongzi leaves soaked in copper sulfate. Choose carefully. To control blood sugar and not gain weight, eat rice dumplings to do these three points. 1. The main ingredient for eating rice dumplings instead of staple food is glutinous rice. Compared with rice, its sugar-up speed is indeed faster. If the filling is high-fat, high-salt, High-sugar pork belly, salted egg yolk, candied dates, etc., are not conducive to blood sugar control. Therefore, friends with high blood sugar should eat less. If you eat rice dumplings, you should reduce the amount of staple food. Medium dumplings are about 100 grams each, just eat one. 2. With vegetables and clear soup, eat rice dumplings for a meal with less dipping. If you are full, no matter what dumplings you eat, the energy will not be low, and your blood sugar will definitely rise. Pairing with 1-2 fist vegetables, especially leafy vegetables and melon and vegetable with low energy, low carbon water, and rich dietary fiber, can delay the rise of blood sugar and reduce energy intake. Vegetables are preferred to choose cold or steamed dishes. The dishes that come out of this way are fragrant and refreshing, such as cold spinach fungus or steamed carrot shreds with celery leaves, which can alleviate the greasiness of dumplings. For friends with excessive stomach acid, matching vegetables can also reduce gastric acid secretion and avoid the heartburn of eating dumplings alone. Drinking a bowl of clear soup or water (300-500 ml) before eating dumplings can also control the amount of food you eat. In addition, in order to control sugar and salt, try not to dip the dumplings with sugar, honey, soy sauce and other ingredients. 3. The meals must be well prepared during the festivals, so apart from the dumplings, other meals should also be easier to eat. Then take advantage of the holiday to tidy up the house, this can also help control blood sugar, not grow meat. Don’t underestimate the energy consumed in housework. The BBC “The Truth About Calories” film invites three families to ingest 600 kcal for breakfast. The first family was arranged to exercise vigorously in the health room after breakfast. The second family needed to do housework after breakfast. The third family only sat after breakfast and did nothing. The energy consumed by the second group was 800. The kcal is the highest in the three groups. There are so many nagging ways about the healthy eating of dumplings. Finally, how to eat dumplings safely, I would like to give you three suggestions. 1. Wash your hands before eating dumplings! 2. Put the dumplings in a container with a lid and refrigerate them, and heat them thoroughly before eating to ensure that the center of the dumplings is also hot. 3. Too much needs to be frozen and stored. From a safety point of view, there is no problem for half a year. However, during the freezing process, reactions such as fat oxidation will occur, and the color and flavor will deteriorate. Finished.