What do you think of the recent “unexplained pneumonia” outbreak in Kazakhstan? See what the experts say

Kazakhstan’s unexplained pneumonia soon reversed, casting a fog on the truth of the incident. On July 9, Chinese media cited Kazakhstan’s media reports that unexplained pneumonia broke out in Kazakhstan, and 1772 people died in the first half of this year. , Including Chinese citizens, whose mortality rate is much higher than that of New Coronary Pneumonia. The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan also issued a reminder to Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan to pay attention to the protection of “unexplained pneumonia”. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health denied on the 10th that “unexplained pneumonia” with a fatality rate higher than that of New Coronary Pneumonia occurred in my country. Professor Zhang Wenhong of our country also believes that the high probability is still New Coronavirus Pneumonia. This matter has aroused the attention of all parties, how should we view it? It is unclear whether pneumonia is the new crown. According to the recent response of the World Health Organization, we have noticed the pneumonia epidemic in Kazakhstan, and we are still studying whether the new crown pneumonia is “false negative” because of local testing conditions and the quality of the testing reagents. sample. According to the analysis of the World Health Organization and many experts, the “unknown pneumonia” in Kazakhstan may be a case of new coronary pneumonia, but it cannot be detected because of the problem of detection conditions. However, this will only be known after Kazakhstan’s official and WHO investigations or genetic analysis of the unknown pathogen. Professor Zhang Wenhong of our country believes that the current epidemic situation in Kazakhstan has entered a period of rapid growth. From the epidemic situation curve, there are up-and-down characteristics, indicating that laboratory testing is unstable. Therefore, from a high probability, it is still new coronavirus pneumonia. At present, the most urgent thing is to quickly increase the detection capacity of new coronavirus, and use deep sequencing and other techniques to clarify the pathogen for cases of unexplained pneumonia, but the most critical thing is to Quickly increase disease control. Unknown pneumonia has a high mortality rate? Although the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan denied the media’s claim that the mortality rate of “unknown pneumonia” was higher than that of Xinguan. But from the data point of view, the death rate is indeed worthy of our high vigilance. It is not known whether the new coronavirus has a worse mutation or a new pathogen. How should we prevent it? Kazakhstan and my country are friendly neighbors and have close personnel exchanges. Therefore, our government must take more stringent emergency prevention measures than the outbreak prevention and control measures for the new crown epidemic situation to prevent the unknown pneumonia of Kazakhstan from reaching our country. I believe that Kazakhstan should understand. Moreover, at present, there is little knowledge about the epidemic situation in Kazakhstan, and further attention is needed. As residents in the country, we must protect ourselves. Whether it is the new coronavirus or this unknown pathogen, only self-protection can prevent their invasion. Conclusion The current situation in foreign countries is still not optimistic. The epidemic in Kazakhstan has brought some clouds to the world, and further investigation is needed to determine the cause. But as long as we take precautions, we believe that with the strength of our country and the cohesion of our people, we can still win the battle with the virus. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)