How to reduce swelling of gout feet

Many people may think at the first time that the best and most direct way for gouty foot swelling is to reduce swelling. This idea is understandable. In fact, I thought about it like this at the beginning, but this idea is not the best for us. . Because this kind of foot swelling is not a normal foot swelling, but caused by gout, the so-called cure for the symptoms, to solve this kind of foot swelling, we must also point the finger at gout, just like I used Hanfang Shuangjiang Tea to treat The body is the same.   Gout is caused by the oxidation of excessive purine substances in the body to form uric acid, and the excessive uric acid cannot be excreted and deposited in various joints, leading to gout. Foot gout is the deposition of excessive uric acid in joints such as toes. Therefore, to reduce the occurrence of this situation, it is necessary to reduce the intake of substances with high purine content, especially to reduce the intake of animal offal, seafood, beer and other foods. Pay more attention to the diet to maintain the normal level of uric acid in the body.   If you rely too much on drugs that reduce swelling and pass through, to a large extent, it will have varying degrees of negative impact on the body. While increasing your dependence on drugs, it will also cause damage to the kidneys and other organs. You can also try a tea therapy drink like Hanfang Shuangjiang Tea. My current gout has basically never occurred. When I went to the hospital for examination, the indicators have become normal, and I don’t need to take drugs. I believe this This method is very effective for you.