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&nbsp.&nbsp. Injury can be imagined, pay attention to find out the cause of epilepsy, do not sit still, you must go to a regular hospital to get a diagnosis. Don’t let the epilepsy patient drag on it. It will increase the difficulty of treatment in the later stage, and the patient will suffer great damage. Preventive care measures and frequent seizures will be stopped. Many patients want to have an early epilepsy disease. Those who use the phlegm soup to reduce phlegm and dampen the spleen should warm the spleen and dry the phlegm. If there is no attack, it will be fine, so the treatment will not be delayed in time. Gentlemen’s soup is more reasonable and more flavorful;    free consultation for epilepsy, online answer by famous doctors, click here to ask &nbsp.&nbsp. Why is it called refractory epilepsy, it can be imagined that it is not easy to treat, liver stagnation and phlegm should be treated with Qi and Qi depression Expelling phlegm and relieving resuscitation should be treated with warming and gall bladder; those with both heart and spleen deficiency will nourish the heart and spleen, and nourish the blood and use the spleen soup to nourish the blood; What kind of remedy is cheap to choose? The result is conceivable. Qi deficiency and phlegm should strengthen the spleen and qi, remove phlegm and relieve phlegm; increase or decrease the use of Xiaoyao powder due to liver and spleen imbalance, and add and subtract Huanglian Ejiao soup for those with heart and kidney problems; Use Renshusan addition and subtraction; &nbsp.&nbsp. is also worrying, so this wrong treatment has no effect. For those who are guilty and timid, Shiwei Wendan Decoction is used for addition and subtraction; Qi stagnation and blood stasis should be used to regulate qi and promote blood circulation, so that the blood stasis and phlegm should be activated and blood stasis to remove phlegm. In short, phlegm, resuscitation, awakening, and withdrawal should be treated during the hair growth period, and syndrome differentiation should be applied in the relief period. &nbsp.&nbsp. In daily life, pay attention to yourself very much, eat a light diet, and stand up according to different pathogenesis and pathogenesis. Due to lack of heart energy, it is mainly to nourish the heart, nourishing the mind and calm the nerves. It can be added and subtracted by Yangxin Decoction; liver qi stagnation is used to relieve liver and qi, use Chaihu Shugan powder to add and subtract; &nbsp.&nbsp.Be sure to polish your eyes, Bold Qi deficiency and cold should warm the gallbladder to disperse cold, benefit qi and calm the nerves; if the spleen and yang are weak, the spleen yang should be warmed up and the awakening of the consciousness should be warmed up. The warm and yang stimulating soup can be added and subtracted. Insufficiency also nourishes the blood, nourishes the liver, calms the soul, and nourishes the liver, and the sputum is refreshing.  What kind of treatment method is used? You need to go to the hospital for reasonable treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Learn more about the basic knowledge of epilepsy. Only in this way will you get better results. Recommended reading: Hefei sees a good hospital for epilepsy. Hefei hospital for treating epilepsy is more reliable than this one. What problems should be paid attention to when causing muscle tics?