Psychological Counseling_Cure for Depression, Finding Happiness

In many years of psychological counseling, the cause of depression for many people is not an accidental life event, but a negative event accumulated over the years. Because of negative events, their cognitive thinking is negative and negative. After long-term automatic thinking of negative emotions, things that seem normal to others feel very painful. Long-term negative perceptions make them seldom see the beauty and happiness in life, and even fall into the vicious circle of negative emotions. Because I couldn’t find happiness, I was very desperate. In despair, I felt that I had nothing to love, so I hurt myself by self-mutilation and suicide. People with depression need to be good at discovering the beauty in life and the happiness in life. We have been searching every day, every moment, from childhood to adulthood, from birth to death. However, as we grow older, we gradually regard searching as pain or helplessness. This cannot but be said to be a great sadness in life. From a philosophical point of view, searching is a change, a new feeling and stimulation. What’s wrong with this? It’s a good thing that you are laid off. You always wanted to change your career and hesitated. This time you can finally find opportunities again. If you are broken in love, it is more fortunate. A person who can’t understand, forgive you, or even not fit you will leave. you. No matter how you love him or her in your heart, you have one more chance to find your sweetheart. What can’t you let go of? In fact, whether you are passively waiting or actively seeking, your life is always changing. If you can deal with changes objectively and dialectically, “changes” will become full of vitality! Maybe you would ask me, “I’m getting old every day, what’s so special? Especially for women, how terrible it is for women to be yellowish and wrinkled! Yes, but from one aspect, it can only be linear thinking. You use “diffusion thinking”, “three-dimensional thinking” and other methods to think deeply. Since things cannot be reversed and stopped anyway, why can’t you accept them happily? Practice has proved that the more you worry about getting old and ugly, the more you worry about it. You accelerate aging. If you are willing to accept and treat and treat with “light thinking”, it can delay aging, at least “old but not aging”. If you look at it from the perspective of “lateral thinking”, one day, you will get old Isn’t it also a kind of beauty, a kind of calmness, and a kind of elegance? Every change in the road of life, every search, is a good thing. The beautiful scenery is often on the strange and dangerous cliffs, and the magnificent life is often clothed. Full of setbacks and ups and downs. The magnificent rivers are the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, not the Grand Canal… Looking for setbacks is “Thinking about change if you are poor, changing through, and getting through is long”; looking for good times is “making progress “Further” transcendence; when you look for difficulties, you will often survive from desperation (such as the world-famous Long March); when you look for glory, you will be prepared for danger in times of peace, or if you succeed (such as Zhang Liang, Tao Zhugong, etc.) .As long as you are full of faith, hope, and unrelenting search, this is success in itself, and the essence is happiness. As long as you can deeply understand the “law of heaven and earth”, you can correctly appreciate the cycle of winter and spring, the cycle of profit and loss, and the alternating between prosperity and decline. ……No, you will be happy at the extreme time, because it is the darkness before dawn; when you are in Tailai, you will be cautious, and you will plan to get ready again when you are happy. It is often not something that makes us painful. , Or a certain result, but our views and ideas about them. If you don’t regard work as an end, searching becomes a means and a method. If you regard marriage as an end, falling in love becomes pain. The behavior and the result are unified and regarded as the same thing, that is, when you do something and look for nothing with no utilitarian color and purpose, the result is often happy. The reason why a child is happy is because he is constantly searching. He kept giving up. He got a new toy and put down the one in his hand. He never compares which one is better or more expensive. If adults don’t scare him, he will catch a caterpillar and play with it. Go on. The so-called realm of a philosopher is to regain the childlike innocence again. From “sophisticated” to “innocent and innocent”, the performance of this realm is that you just do it and don’t care about the result. It doesn’t matter if you have to distinguish between purpose and means, form and content, phenomenon and essence, result and process. Then take freedom and happiness as purpose, content, essence and result. Because the ultimate goal of all success is to strive for Time freedom, spiritual freedom and happiness in the soul. However, it is not difficult to get such results.

How does it feel to have hemorrhoids?

The things in life that you will do from the beginning of the memoir, and do not have to worry about it, have begun to have difficulty … 1. You can still walk normally, but the posture is not beautiful. In order to be as comfortable as possible, you will unconsciously walk with your legs crossed. At this time, your ass will rise unconsciously, and after a long time, your hips will be practiced. 2. You can still sit normally, but it will make more blood flow next time. For people who already have hemorrhoids, they can still sit back and relax for 8 hours a day, probably because the hemorrhoids do not hurt enough and the blood flow is not enough. 3. You can also defecate normally, but you will experience longer-term “pain of youth” every time you go to the toilet, it is a good time to meet with a close friend of hemorrhoids. The blood dripping from the pool is the mark of your meeting. 4. You can still live a normal life, but every fart and cough will make hemorrhoids rush out. The normal physiological reaction before, after hemorrhoids, everything has become so powerful … except for prolapsed from time to time, blood in the stool, wet anus, and itching are all the waves of hemorrhoids. In “Limiting Self-slutty”, your soul is tortured from the anus more than once: are you staying in the deepest night, eating the hottest hot pot, and squatting the toilet for the longest time?