How long will the chest be restored after prosthesis breast augmentation?

Life knowledge small encyclopedia, click on the blue word above to pay attention to our life knowledge small encyclopedia, click on the blue word above to pay attention to us. There are doubts about beauty and plastic surgery, click on the blue word above to subscribe to follow me. Many recent beauty seekers have consulted and made prosthetic breast augmentation After the operation, the relatives of the chest have different sizes. Can this situation be improved? The situation of the beggars who asked this question is still different. Some of them have just completed the operation for a few days, and some have completed the operation. Such a problem still exists for several months, and it needs to be looked at according to the specific situation. The chest size varies within 3 months after the operation. It may be that the swelling has not disappeared. In fact, there will be 1 month after the breast augmentation surgery. Because the swelling is not completely eliminated, I feel that the chest has different sizes within one or two weeks after the operation. There is no swelling caused, the recovery will be slower after one month after the operation, you need to be patient and take good care, and it will usually improve after 3 months. More than 3 months of chest size or size may require repair surgery. However, after 3 months, there may be cases of different chest size. It may be caused by the failure of the surgery. The main reason may be the height of the chest. You will feel as if your chest is different in size. Another is that there is actually an asymmetry before the operation. The doctor did not consider the position before the operation and performed the operation. For the slight asymmetry, the two breasts can be the same size by filling in fat, but the obvious asymmetry may require the prosthesis to be taken out and re-operated to improve. However, it is recommended that you find that the chest size is different after the operation and you need to consult a doctor in time to find a symptomatic way to improve it. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of doctors and postoperative care when going to surgery. Only if these are done in order to have better results.