Classical moment-Dr. Haishu’s re-reading of the Internal Classic-Wubian 0713

[Original]    Huang Di said: When he encountered wind at the same time and got sick at the same time, his illness was different and he would like to hear about it.   Shao Yu said: Ask me kindly! Please talk about Yibi craftsmen. The craftsman sharpened the axe, sharpened the knife, and cut the wood. There are still yin and yang in the wood, which are still crunchy, and those who are hard are not in, and the skin of the brittle is relaxed, to the junction, and the axe is lacking. Among Fu Yimu’s, the brittleness is different, but the strong ones are tough, and the brittle ones are easy to be injured. In addition, the wood is different, the thickness of the skin, the amount of juice, and the difference. The flea of ​​Mr. Fumu (early false character), if the leaves are flowers, the flowers will fall and the leaves will wither when the spring frost and strong winds are encountered; those who have been exposed to drought for a long time, those with crisp wood and thin skin, the branches will have less juice and the leaves will wither; Those with thin skin and succulent skin will be stained; when the storm is over, the wood will be brittle and the branches will be broken; the wind will be brittle in autumn, the roots will be shaken and the leaves will fall. All of these five have their own injuries, but they are all human! [Translation] Huang Di said: I feel the climate change in the foreign nature at the same time, but at the same time, I suffer from diseases at the same time, but the diseases are different. I want to understand why. &nbsp.   Shao Yu replied: Good question! Let me illustrate this problem with the example of a craftsman cutting trees. The craftsman sharpened the knife and axe to cut down the wood. The shaded and sunny sides of the tree itself are different from hard and crisp. The hard ones are not easy to cut in, and the crunchy ones are easily cut by the felling. They are cut in places where the branches and nodules of the trees are so hard that even the blades of the swords and axes will break and have a gap. Different parts of the same tree also have the difference between hard and crunchy. Hard places are not easy to be felled by a knife and axe, and crunchy places are easy to be cut, not to mention those different trees, the thickness of the bark and the amount of juice. Are different. Among trees, flowers that have long leaves and early flowers will wither and die with the frost and strong winds of early spring; woody crunchy, thin bark, long-term exposure or drought will reduce the juice of the branches and wither the leaves The bark is thin and succulent, and the bark will erode and the water will be wet in the long rain and rain; the wind will protrude, and the trees that are originally hard will break off the branches and hurt the trunk; The roots of brittle trees will shake and the leaves will fall. The above five kinds of changes in nature, even trees will be subject to various damages, not to mention people! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu press: Longsheng nine sons, why are they different, because the mother is different [laughs crying] wind, cold, dampness and heat, invading the human body, can Produce similar diseases&nbsp. Symptoms are also not easy [Rose] Good morning