Novice dad thinks the baby is ugly and suspects that he is not biological

When it comes to the child ’s appearance, I believe that parents are still more concerned. Usually, the child ’s appearance will be more or less inherited from the parent ’s appearance, so we often hear, for example: “The child of XX and XX look like him. It ’s a kind of commendation, but what many novice parents do n’t know is that the appearance of these children is only after the appearance is opened, and the longer they look like their parents, during the time they were born, Since the children haven’t opened up yet, they will all look “ugly”. But it’s also because some novice parents don’t understand the reason for this, and they make a lot of jokes, and even get divorced because of this matter. During the period when Xiao Zhao was pregnant, Xiao Zhao’s husband can be said to be pampered to her, and Xiao Zhao lived like a princess throughout her pregnancy. But when the baby was born, her husband’s attitude suddenly changed. The reason for all of this is because after the baby is born, it looks so ugly. Although the husband of Xiao Zhao is not the kind who looks particularly handsome, but also thinks that the face value is okay, but after the baby is born, there is nothing similar to him. The eyes are not the eyes, the nose is not the nose, the husband of Xiao Zhao The more I looked, the more I felt that something was wrong, and I even doubted whether it was my own. In order to verify his thoughts, Xiao Zhao ’s husband concealed Xiao Zhao and took the baby to a paternity test. The doctor who did the test told him that the appearance of the newborn was not yet open, and it was normal to look ugly, but Xiao Zhao The husband has already doubted, but still insisted on the identification. The appraisal result is of course no problem, but this appraisal report was discovered by Xiao Zhao, so there was the incident of divorce that I said earlier, but who wanted to come to work hard to give birth to a baby in October. Suspected by her husband that she was not biological, she also secretly went through a paternity test, and she would not be willing to give up on such a thing. In fact, almost all newborn babies look ugly when they were born, and there have been ugly competitions on the Internet. Netizens have published photos of their babies when they were born, but after a while, you You will find that the baby’s appearance will change dramatically, and even some netizens ridicule, but fortunately, he did not rush to throw away the child. So, why do newly born babies generally look bad? This is mainly due to these 4 reasons. 1. Parents whose head is squeezed and deformed carefully will find that when the newborn baby is just born, the top of the baby’s head is particularly long, and the head shape is a little pointy, especially for babies born smoothly. This is mainly because when the baby is still in the mother’s stomach, the skeletal system, especially the cartilage, is not fully developed, and during the production process, the child’s head will be deformed by the squeeze of the birth canal, including the head, nose, and eyelids Will be squeezed to varying degrees. But novice parents do n’t have to worry too much. This situation generally returns to normal within 1-2 weeks as the child ’s bones develop gradually. 2. We know that the skin is dirty, the baby is soaked in amniotic fluid when the mother is in the belly of the mother, in order to isolate the skin and amniotic fluid, a layer of fetal fat will grow on the surface of the baby’s skin, this white fetal fat is both a protective layer, At the same time, it has a certain antibacterial effect. Therefore, when the baby is born, this layer of white material on the body looks a little dirty. This layer of fetal fat will gradually fall off a few days after the baby is born, and does not need to be cleaned deliberately. 3. The swelling of the eyes is also due to the pressure in the birth canal of the mother. Most of the eyes of the baby were swollen when they were born. Novice parents only need to give the baby a little time, after a few days, the baby will show big watery eyes. 4. Protruding chest I believe that many parents have encountered the situation where the baby’s breasts protrude, or even milk. This is because the newborn baby is stimulated by the hormones of the mother’s breasts to stimulate the mammary glands, and the situation can only return to normal after a few weeks. Novice parents must remember that if the baby’s breasts are milky, don’t squeeze them, it is easy to cause the baby to be infected. Well, the above is a summary of the general reasons why newborn babies are generally born ugly, and I hope to answer the doubts of novice parents. Although your baby ’s first impression is not good when he was born, do n’t disdain him. One day, “ugly duckling” will become “swan”.