Is depression a mental illness?

Someone asked: “Is depression a mental illness? Depression does not mean mental illness. To be precise: “mental” does not “sick”! Just like the heart does not suffer from cancer. The so-called mental illness is like a polluted mirror and air. When it is wiped and purified, it will restore its bright and ethereal nature. Just like people call certain undesirable results “failure”. In fact, in the final sense, there is no “success” in the world. Or “failure” is just an external name and description of its results! Mental illness can also be divided into a broad sense and a narrow sense. In a broad sense, all diseases caused by emotional factors can be called “mental diseases.” According to the statistics of the United Nations Health Organization, its incidence rate can reach 77%. It includes the “seven emotions” factors called “Seven Emotions” in Chinese medicine, that is, “all diseases are born in qi, anger is qi, and happiness is slow. In the narrow sense, psychosis mainly includes schizophrenia, manic depression, etc. According to records, there are more than 16 million people in our country. It is increasing year by year. Modern research confirms that mental illness is caused by unexpected stimulation of the mind, such as bad encounters, setbacks, fright or fear, and long-term emotional depression, depression, inner conflicts, etc. Further development will make it aggressive Behavior, or avoidance behavior, finally leads to a series of symptoms of mania or hysteria, or suicide or injury to others.