Tumor patient’s partner for radiotherapy — Shishadihuang Decoction

Formulation: Dendrobium 30g Nansha ginseng 20g raw ground 10g Scrophulariaceae 10g Ophiopogon japonicus 20g asparagus 10g licorice 5g function: nourishing yin and clearing heat, benefiting stomach and regenerating jin. Indications: dry mouth to drink, fatigue of backache, red tongue and less body, even light red without moss, thin veins, weak feet, etc., is especially suitable for dry mouth caused by atrophy of salivary glands after radiotherapy. Usage: decoction and take 360ml of juice, take it twice a day in the morning and evening, once a day. Solution: Yin deficiency is closely related to the five internal organs, especially kidney and yin deficiency, and heart, kidney, liver and kidney, lung and kidney are often combined into diseases. Kidney-yin deficiency is dominated by Liuweidihuang pills, but clinically, the effect is not ideal, especially the symptoms of Yin deficiency caused by cancer patients, such as dry mouth, lack of backache, etc., and the effect is not good. In response to this situation, Chief Physician Zhang Shishun developed Shishadihuang Decoction for treatment. Dendrobium officinale, mild cold, stomach, kidney meridian, nourishing yin and clearing heat, benefiting stomach and nourishing; Nansha ginseng nourishing yin and clearing heat, reducing phlegm, nourishing qi, the difference from the northern sand ginseng is: Nansha ginseng improves immunity, Beisha Ginseng reduces immunity. Patients with advanced tumors generally suffer from decreased immunity, so Nansha ginseng is used; the combination of the two drugs is a total drug. Glycoside, bitter, cold, clearing heat and cooling blood, nourishing yin and replenishing body, Scrophulariaceae bitter, liver, salty, cold, clearing heat and cooling blood, nourishing yin and detoxifying, jointly assisting the king medicine to strengthen its nourishing yin, a total of medicines; wheat Dong and Tiandong nourish yin and nourish the lungs, benefit the stomach and invigorate the lungs. They are adjuvants to help the monarchs and ministers to strengthen their therapeutic effects; licorice blends various medicines to make medicines. Addition and subtraction: This side is the basic side of Yin deficiency. In clinical application, it should be added and subtracted based on this side, according to the specific syndrome type, such as: palms, feet, heart heat, plus Zhimu, Phellodendron; liver qi unwell , Add Bupleurum, turmeric to relieve liver; sweating, add calcined keel, calcined oysters, floating wheat; greasy tongue, those with no appetite, add patchouli, Perrin to aromatize moisture; insomniac add acacia flowers, acacia skin , Fried Zao Ren, Yejiao Vine, etc. For patients with advanced tumors, those who are squamous cell carcinoma, add Rubescens, Lithospermum, Hedyotis diffusa, Scutellaria barbata, etc .; those who are adenocarcinoma, aggravate Lou, Baiying, Shanci mushroom, etc .; those with obvious cancer pain Yuanhu, Rat-woman, Xu Changqing, Ji Yateng, etc .; Brain metastasis, add Angelica, Borneol; Bone metastasis, Jiachuan Duan, Eucommia, Bone Crush, etc .; Lung metastasis, add lung-shaped grass to introduce medicine into the lung; etc. .