If you want to become whiter, you must improve the autophagy ability of cells

Our bodies and tissues are composed of cells. Every movement and thinking of ours requires perfect coordination among cells, tissues and organs. To put it bluntly, the body is like an ecosystem that is intertwined with each other. And each cell that makes up the body is also an independent workshop, completing daily production and sales, and destroying self-produced garbage in the production process. We call the recycling system of each cell to garbage as cell-to-autophagy. The so-called autophagy refers to the function of autophagy. The so-called rubbish refers to: cells make mistakes when they are working, appear wrongly folded proteins, or get hurt when they encounter external stimuli. These are just like garbage and must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will damage the internal and external environment of the cell. In the process of disposing of these garbage, cells will definitely produce autophagosomes and lysosomes. Among them, autophagosomes are like garbage bags, which sort and sort garbage reasonably, and lysosomes are garbage disposal stations. After the garbage is packaged, it is placed in the garbage station for final disposal. If a cell loses the function of autophagy, then the cell will face death. This function helps to maintain the stable state of the body, especially for the stability of DNA. But as our age grows, our cells’ own capabilities will decline. At this time, when the body encounters undesirable stimuli such as ultraviolet radiation, staying up late and stress, the garbage in the cells will become more and more difficult to dispose of, and this occurs. senescence. In addition, autophagy can also release nutrients such as amino acids, sugars and fatty acids, which play a role in the emergency survival of our cells. Many studies have found that the level of autophagy may also be related to skin color. Some scholars have found that compared with African Americans, white keratinocytes have more active autophagy and can quickly clear melanin. This means that the level of autophagy plays an important role in the regulation of skin tone, so in order to make the skin brighter, it is necessary to regulate the autophagy mechanism of the skin. Maintaining effective autophagy can prevent premature skin aging, especially in parts of the body that are easily exposed to the sun. What methods are used to improve the autophagy ability of cells? In summary, there are two methods, the first is to be hungry, and the second is to be in a state of stress. You can also use some specific ingredients to stimulate and induce autophagy in the skin to make lazy cells work harder. For example: Nicotinamide, an effective pathway that can induce and accelerate autophagy. It has the effect of blocking the transfer of melanin to surface cells, accelerating cell metabolism, and accelerating the shedding of melanin and keratinocytes; it can also maintain skin water content and promote dermal microcirculation; reduce free radical damage to skin and prevent skin aging. As an effective ingredient added to skin care products. Blue copper peptides can effectively promote the production of collagen and Elastin proteins, increase blood vessel growth and antioxidant capacity, and stimulate the production of glucosamine (GAGs) to help the skin restore its natural ability to repair itself. If it is used as a skin care product, it can only reach the basal layer of the epidermis, and cannot affect the dermis and deeper tissues, so we can use water injection: the above ingredients can be used. It is directly injected between the dermis and epidermis, and the skin melanin and autophagy are accelerated through the technology of transdermal absorption. Laser photoelectric treatment can also be used to quickly brighten the skin after absorbing the corresponding functions, and accelerate cell metabolism and repair capabilities.

What kind of diet is healthy? Will you gain weight if you eat too much “junk food”?

Speaking of junk food, many people love and hate. What they love is that most junk food tastes really good, and it is easy to be addicted to eating. What I hate is that these foods are basically not very healthy. All kinds of problems. Especially today, when people are paying more and more attention to health, many people have begun to adjust their diets, try not to eat or eat those junk foods as much as possible, but some people may not quite understand what is junk food. Some people think that junk food refers to some snacks as well as KFC and McDonald’s. In fact, some of the family dishes we eat may also be junk food, and those that we think of as junk food may also be healthy food, because of nutrition. Speaking of, there is no absolute healthy food, no absolute junk food, the key is how we eat. Take burgers as an example. Generally, hamburgers contain meat, bread, and vegetables. From a nutritional point of view, it contains protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. It is the same as our own cooking, and it becomes junk food. The reason is that the proportion of nutrients is not correct. Relatively speaking, the proportion of protein in hamburgers is too high, and the proportion of carbohydrates and vitamins is relatively small, which does not meet the needs of the human body. The same is true when we cook at home. If we only eat meat and rarely eat staple foods and vegetables, it will also cause malnutrition. For us, these foods are also junk food. Therefore, a healthy diet should focus on nutrition, not just exclude some foods. Because even a burger, if we can properly reduce the meat inside and add a little more vegetables and bread, it can also become a healthy food. At the same time, we should also pay attention to increase the types of food, because our body needs many types of vitamins, minerals, etc., too single food is difficult to meet the needs of the body, and sometimes eat some dietary fiber to adjust the stomach. So we not only can’t be picky eaters, but also often change the type to eat, try to ensure that every meal can intake protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients. In addition to the types of food, cooking methods may also cause food to become junk food. Some people with strong tastes like to put a lot of salt when they cook, and feel that it tastes more tasteful, but this will lead to excessive salt intake, causing problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, and edema, so we do n’t put it when cooking. For too much salt, try to keep the salt intake within 6 grams a day, as well as condiments such as oil, monosodium glutamate and sugar, do not put too much. The most important thing for a healthy diet is to control the nutritional balance and ensure the needs of the body. At the same time, control the intake of various elements, not to exceed the actual needs of the body, so as to ensure the health of the body and avoid obesity and highness caused by diet. Many diseases such as blood sugar and diabetes.