What is the problem with menstruation every three months? Need treatment?

Jiyin Gangmu [Original] On the first month of March, it is the Jujing Meridian: Master said: The pulse is small and the blood is weak, and the young people die of blood. It is OK to benefit from the breast; otherwise, this is the Jujing (this language pulse The Home Classics of Micro-qi and Blood Deficiency), come on March 1. Said: Cunkou pulse is weak and astringent, weak means insufficient qi, and astringent means full of blood. Insufficient health, short breath and impatient appearance. Insufficient blood, its form is inverted, the glory and the guard are in vain, and the speech is fallacy. The pulse of Pingyang is floating and astringent, astringent is the deficiency of the qi, the deficiency is short of the breath, the throat is dry and the mouth is bitter, and the stomach is astringent, and the fluid is lost. The Shaoyin pulse is weak and late, if it is weak, there is no essence, late is cold in the yin, and astringent is the blood does not come. This is Jujing, which comes on March 1. (In this statement, the pulse of the inch is slightly astringent, and the pulse of the stomach is astringent, and the yang is the home meridian of yin.) Asked: The woman is pregnant in March, the teacher’s pulse, saying that this woman is not a body, and the current menstruation, what is her pulse class? Why else? [Doctor Haishu said] The ancients disputed the aunt who came once in March. The Habitat meridian, which belongs to the deficiency of both qi and blood, has a pulse condition different from that of the normal pulse. In short, the pulse condition is different from the ordinary, and there must be hidden inflections. With modern medical methods, there may be no organic problems, but there may be insufficient health care or Deficiency of Qi and blood is weak. Although this condition cannot be defined as a disease, it may affect pregnancy. There are also some people who are normal and do not affect fertility. How important is the big aunt&nbsp., you know when you have premature ovarian failure. Flowers need irrigation and skin needs hormone moisturization. The internal organs need kidney essence to nourish. When the aunt disappears, all this will lose her health. Treat your aunt well [cute][cute][cute][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]