Treatment of refractory eczema from liver

Ms. Niu, 43 years old, has had prolonged and repeated eczema on her hands for more than three years. She has been ineffective in several hospitals. The repeated attacks have resulted in severe skin damage and painful hands. At the initial diagnosis, he saw skin lesions on both hands, redness, erythema with yellow water, itching and unbearable night sleep, facial acne. Summary of the four clinics: The mouth is not dry, the stool is sticky, the tongue is pale and the teeth are scarred, the pulse string is slippery, and the left is weak. He was treated with Wumei pills. One week later, the skin lesions flowed to yellow water. The treatment with this side was modified for more than two months. The skin lesions improved significantly, the swelling subsided, and the itching disappeared, followed by the original prescription treatment. Treatment ideas: Acute eczema, mainly caused by wetness, accompanied by wind, heat, and accurate syndrome differentiation, can be cut off, but chronic eczema is often acute, from the six syndrome differentiation, it belongs to the wind, the heat is in Jueyin , Jueyin is a kind of visceral fire, internal trauma, often leads to the self-immolation of wood fire leading to acute eczema of the skin, so Yu Congyin has a good effect on the treatment of intractable eczema.