What are the physical signs of people with a bad heart? The cardiologist makes it clear!

What do the signs mean? It is the physical manifestation that you or others can see, such as pale complexion, yellow skin, sparse hair, swelling of the lower limbs, etc. These are called physical signs; while symptoms refer to the patient’s own feelings, such as pain, fever, nausea , Chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc. When the doctor sees a doctor, the symptoms are combined with the signs and symptoms; but the symptoms are only the patient’s self-perception, sometimes there will be deviations in the description; although the signs are external manifestations, there will be errors, for example, you see the patient is pale and think it is anemia or shock Wait, but in fact, there is no disease after laboratory examination. Therefore, simple signs or symptoms have certain errors, and we have to combine various examinations to further diagnose the disease. So, what signs do people with a bad heart experience? We are cardiovascular doctors, and we deal with heart disease patients every day, but we rarely judge whether patients have heart disease based on physical signs alone. Because the vast majority of heart disease patients have symptoms before going to the doctor. Most of the signs of heart disease are only manifested in the late or late stages of the heart. Almost all heart disease patients will not wait until then to see a doctor. We judge heart disease based on physical signs. It is most commonly used in infants and young children. Because infants and young children have poor expression skills or cannot express accurately, sometimes they can’t detect heart disease in time based on the patient’s symptoms, that is, description, which may delay the heart disease. In the later period, various physical signs had already appeared before being discovered, and only then took the child to the hospital for treatment. Therefore, observing physical signs to determine heart disease is most commonly used in infants and young children, such as congenital heart disease, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, tetralogy of Fallot, and dislocation of large vessels. These children with congenital heart disease may have signs of weight loss, hyperhidrosis, slow growth and development, lips, nails, or bruising after activity, clubbing and other signs. If infants and young children have these manifestations, they must go to the hospital for further examination as soon as possible. In addition to the above signs, there may also be low immunity, frequent colds, repeated respiratory infections, and susceptibility to pneumonia; weakness, anorexia, poor physical strength, squatting, syncope, and hemoptysis. What are the signs of heart disease in adults? Adults with heart disease may also have some physical signs: for example, at the end of heart failure, they may appear pale, sitting breathing, profusely sweating, blue lips, strong fingers, edema of lower extremities, etc. Then someone will certainly ask, can’t we find coronary heart disease by looking at the five sense organs? There are still controversies about this issue, and the most critical clinical significance is not very great. We introduce a new study that found: back hairline, bald head, earlobe crease, ear crease, deep eye bags, deep crow’s feet , Deep wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, nasal grooves, deep nasolabial folds, age spots, pale lips and other head and facial signs may be significantly associated with coronary heart disease. With the increase of the above-mentioned positive facial features, the prevalence of coronary heart disease, single-vessel or double-vessel coronary artery disease, and three-vessel or left main artery disease has an increasing trend. But at least for the time being, it is of little significance for clinical diagnosis of coronary heart disease, and we hardly use the above characteristics to judge whether a person has coronary heart disease. How to judge a bad heart? At present, our cardiologists judge whether a person has heart disease, the most important thing is to look at the patient’s symptoms, past medical history, and various related objective examinations. The heart is simply divided into waterways, circuits, doors and windows, walls, and functions. Each part is not good and the symptoms presented are also different. For example, if the waterway is not good, the simple understanding is myocardial ischemia, which may cause chest pain, precordial pain, toothache, headache, upper abdomen pain, back pain, chest tightness, suffocation, throat tightening, and other discomforts; it must be combined with electrocardiogram, Or Holter, exercise test, coronary CT or angiography for further examination. For example, if the circuit is not good, simple understanding means that there is a problem with the heartbeat. There may be symptoms such as palpitation, palpitations, black eyes, fatigue, sweating, frequent urination, and syncope. It needs to be combined with electrocardiogram or dynamic electrocardiogram, or even electrophysiological examination for further diagnosis. . For example, the doors and windows are not good. The simple understanding is that except for the problem, the valve will not show any performance at the initial stage. It may be found overtime during routine heart examination, or it may not be discovered until heart failure occurs. For example, if the walls are not good, the simple understanding is cardiomyopathy, and there is no manifestation in the initial stage. Either a physical examination is performed for cardiac color Doppler ultrasound, or it is not discovered until heart failure. For example, the heart function is not good, that is, heart failure, chest tightness may occur, breathlessness, breathing

A simple way to judge children with ADHD

   The number of children aged 6 to 7 who suffer from pediatric diseases every day is usually higher. Parents should pay due attention to the possibility of adopting a more specific and friendly attitude towards their children. Behavior has an important influence on development, because ADHD has a great influence on the growth and development of children, and even affects the whole life. Children should be sent to the hospital for examination in time. Then, what are the simple ways to judge children with ADHD?   First, Judging the ability of coordination in movement. Children with ADHD appear to be clumsy in movement, and some of the more subtle movements are not coordinated. For example, even small things such as buttoning and tying shoelaces cannot be completed well, and when walking, they also Can’t walk in a straight line.  Second, judge whether they are emotionally agitated.   Children with ADHD have poor self-control ability, are emotionally unstable, are often prone to impulsivity, and are easily irritated. In addition, they are more stubborn, impatient, and naive in personality. Such children lack a sense of honor, so they often have the habit of lying and playing truant.  Third, judge whether there is too much activity in behavior.    Children with ADHD are always moving hands and feet, unable to calm down, they always can’t sit still, even when sitting on a stool, they will constantly twist and behave fidgeting. Like to take the risk of climbing to high places, but also love to quarrel and fight with others.  Fourth, judging whether to concentrate on learning   Children with ADHD are more difficult to learn. They don’t like to listen. Although their intelligence is normal, they have poor memory, auditory discrimination and language skills, and their academic performance fluctuates greatly. In class and when writing homework, I can’t keep my attention, and there are many small movements, so I can’t concentrate on errands.   In view of this, we have learned several diagnostic methods. Simple, fast, and overactive children do not mean that they are suffering from ADHD. If you have any questions, please consult.

How do you know that the genital warts are cured

   Condyloma acuminata is a disease with a high recurrence rate. The general treatment is divided into two treatment stages. The local wart is removed first, then the HPV virus is removed, and then continuous observation and outpatient follow-up are enough. So, how long will it take to determine that the genital warts are cured?   The incubation period of HPV virus that causes genital warts is 2 weeks to 8 months, with an average of 3 months. Therefore, to determine that condyloma acuminatum is cured, it basically needs to be observed for more than half a year. Strictly speaking, it is best to observe for a year without recurrence in order to be cured. A very small number of people may have an incubation period of up to 8 months. It is recommended to observe for one year.   If the local wart has just been removed and it has not recurred in just one or two months, it cannot be determined that it is cured, and it cannot be intercourse. The latent HPV virus still exists in the spinous layer and basal layer of epidermal cells. If they have sex, they are easily cross-infected and cause partner infection. Some people have observed no recurrence for half a year or more than a year. However, when checking for HPV, there are some positive virus types. You don’t need to be too nervous at this time. HPV is positive to diagnose. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

How to judge condyloma acuminatum

   Condyloma acuminata has two major characteristics that make people very troublesome, that is, its infectivity and recurrence rate, which make many patients avoid it. In that case, how do we determine whether we have condyloma acuminata?   1. Judging by sexual behavior. Sexuality is an important way for the transmission of condyloma acuminatum. If you suspect that you have condyloma acuminata, you must first check whether you have unclean sex, because people who have had unclean sex are very likely to suffer from it. Of genital warts. Therefore, everyone must maintain clean sex and refrain from having sex with multiple people or people other than lovers.   2. Judge according to your own physical condition. Are there prominent vegetations on the genitals, small flesh-colored particles or papules in the early stage, or light red in the genitals, but not all vegetations are suffering from condyloma acuminatum, only the vegetation is large enough, The appearance of a variety of shapes may be suffering from condyloma acuminata. If this happens, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination. After all, making judgments at home is no more professional than a hospital.   3. Judge by one’s own hygiene. Share towels, bath towels, washbasins and other items with others based on whether you do not pay attention to your own hygiene in your daily life. If it appears, go to the hospital to check if there is any genital warts.

You must be cautious when judging “lambtail” by yourself!

Now many people don’t know much about relevant knowledge, so they easily put on a “sheep tail” hat. In fact, to judge whether it is “sheep tail”, in addition to the self-evaluation scale, it must also meet the following three conditions: 1. The partner’s stimulation must be sufficient. This stimulus must come from a fixed partner and is sufficient. Clinically, normal men can often be seen just because they look at the reeds and do not get an erection and mistakenly think of a “sheep tail”. 2. Whether apricot life can be completed. Even today, there are still some men who misjudged the short-term weakness after the end as “sheep tail”. In fact, only frequent weakness in the middle is consistent with the “sheep tail” symptom. 3. Regular apricot life. Occasional unsuccessful times do not necessarily mean there is a problem. Only after a long period of practice (2-3 months), when the erection is not firm, often very soon, etc., is it possible to belong to the “sheep tail”. In addition, any abnormal apricot behavior (with strangers or cheating, etc.) may cause erectile dysfunction in the apricot life, which will also bias the judgment of “sheep tail”.

How to interpret the syphilis test report?

The final judgment of the syphilis serum test results in the table must be combined with the patient’s history of infection, sexually transmitted diseases, family history, extramarital sex, history of prostitution, homosexuality, anti-syphilis treatment, etc. Judgment. Syphilis cannot be diagnosed or denied based on positive or negative results alone. Although the diagnosis of syphilis depends on the syphilis serum reaction, there are two criteria for judging whether syphilis is cured. One is clinical cure (refers to symptomatic syphilis); the other is serum cure (from positive to negative), the former is easy to judge, and the latter is due to syphilis It is not easy to judge due to factors such as the different stages of disease, the time of anti-syphilis treatment, the type of syphilis serum reaction, and other factors.

How to judge the appearance of vitiligo daily

If there is a disease, there is a certain amount of harm. Everyone does not want to get sick for themselves or their family members. When vitiligo appears, you must understand the diagnostic method of the disease. The correct diagnosis can let the patient know the disease. How to judge the appearance of vitiligo every day? Let’s answer it with an expert. How to judge vitiligo? Experts remind patients that for vitiligo disease, everyone must find and treat early. How to judge vitiligo? Vitiligo leukoplakia has no local inflammation and no symptoms before the onset of the disease. Generally, it does not hurt or itch. There are pale white spots or porcelain-white spots on the skin, and white hair can appear on the white spots. Some patients with vitiligo develop leukoplakia due to trauma. During the development of vitiligo, leukoplakia will expand if there is trauma, so in the advanced stage, care should be taken to avoid trauma and unnecessary surgery. Vitiligo is an acquired hypopigmentation disease, not a congenital disease. The pathogenesis of vitiligo is not very clear at present, but there are many theories, such as genetics, autoimmunity, melanocyte self-destructive theory, neurochemical theory, etc. The current research tends to be autoimmunity. There is currently a lot of clinical and laboratory evidence that it is related to autoimmunity. Through the above detailed introduction, I believe everyone has an understanding of “how to judge vitiligo”. Patients should not delay the treatment time, and choose a regular professional hospital to treat the disease as early as possible.

Drinking alcohol often, how to judge if there is any problem with the liver? Doctor: Pay attention to these 6 symptoms

Many friends like to use “feeling” and “symptoms” when judging their health, but in fact, it is often difficult to accurately judge specific problems based on feelings and symptoms to judge physical health problems. For example, a friend asked, if you often drink some wine and feel that your liver is not good, how to judge whether your liver is healthy? First of all, the most reliable way is to go to the hospital for examination instead of blindly suspecting some symptoms here. The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body and is responsible for multiple functions and functions. The liver may also have various problems, such as fatty liver, cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, liver cancer and other different diseases. The symptoms are also different, and if you want to know whether your liver is healthy, the best way is to go to the hospital for diagnosis. The specialist doctor will respond to the liver functions and problems through the related symptoms and problems. The examination, such as through B-ultrasound examination, can check whether the liver has fatty liver or enlargement. Through liver function examination, you can know whether there is a problem with liver function. Through the five tests of hepatitis B, you can determine whether there is hepatitis B. The problem of viral infection can be judged by the blood cancer markers, such as alpha-fetoprotein, to determine the risk of liver cancer. Only by combining the symptoms and conducting relevant medical examinations to confirm and troubleshoot can we better confirm whether or not there is a problem with our liver, and what is wrong. Regarding the symptoms of bad liver that many friends are concerned about, I will still give you a brief introduction here. If the following symptoms and problems occur and you feel that your liver health may be problematic, you may wish to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Is it true that the liver has related problems-1. Digestive tract related symptoms, the liver is an important organ responsible for digestion and metabolism, if anorexia, dyspepsia, fear of greasy, frequent diarrhea and other symptoms may be because If there is a problem with the function of the liver, you may wish to check the health of the liver on the premise of troubleshooting gastrointestinal problems. 2. Symptoms related to skin and eyes, some liver and gallbladder diseases can cause symptoms of jaundice in the body, and even cause yellowing of the sclera. In addition, the liver is also closely related to the eyes. The liver is open to the eyes and the liver is not good. People often have vision problems, which deserves special attention. 3. Liver palms and spider moles, liver palms and spider moles are two specific symptoms that often appear on the palms and skin when liver problems occur, but it should be noted that some friends with liver problems may also have palms Symptoms of redness between large and small fish will appear. Judging from these symptoms, there must be a problem with the liver, and it is not completely accurate. 4. The change of clay-like stools and color characteristics of stools should also consider the possibility of liver problems. If white clay-like stools appear, in addition to the possibility of cholestasis and blockage of the bile ducts, the possibility of liver cirrhosis should also be considered. 5. Sleep problems, some friends will have insomnia problems, in addition to rule out emotions, other diseases, liver problems may also affect people’s sleep, if you wake up in the morning, you should be alert to liver problems possibility. 6. Pain in the right upper abdomen, the liver itself does not have pain sensory nerves, and it is very compensatory, so it is often particularly concealed when there is a problem, but if there is pain in the right upper abdomen, it may be caused by the major oppression of other organs in the liver area. For the symptoms of pain, while checking the stomach-related diseases, you may as well check the liver for problems. Although I have said so much, it should be emphasized that these symptoms may be related to liver problems, but they may not be caused by liver problems. Therefore, if you want to know whether your liver is really a problem, you should still Combined with the symptoms, carry out the corresponding medical examination, it is more reliable to ask a professional doctor to judge. Finally, briefly talk about a few precautions for protecting the liver and protecting the liver. The most important thing to protect your liver is not to hurt the liver and liver. The first is the problem of drinking. You should pay attention to restrict drinking. If the liver has already For friends who have problems, it is also necessary to prohibit alcohol; second, do not eat medicines and health products indiscriminately. Many drugs have to be metabolized by the liver, and some drugs and health products may have certain liver toxicity. Therefore, for drugs , Health care products, if necessary, guarantee

Patients with hyperthyroidism eat less iodine-rich foods during treatment

In the morning outpatient clinic, a hyperthyroid woman was diagnosed clearly and given medical treatment. The diagnosis and treatment ended. She asked: Is there anything the doctor can’t eat? I said: Eat less foods containing more iodine, such as kelp, seaweed, and sea fish. She: Can the fruit be eaten? I can. She: Can you eat watermelon? I can. She: Can’t you eat fish? Me: Freshwater fish can be eaten, try to eat as little as possible from the sea. She: Can you eat lamb? Me: Foods from the sea should be eaten as little as possible, just use this standard to judge. She: Can’t eat the shrimp? Me: If you come from the sea, you won’t eat it. She: I know where the shrimp came from. Me: Don’t eat if you don’t know. You can eat if you are sure that it is farmed locally. She: Ah, so hard. I said: It’s not difficult, just judge like this, eat as little food as possible from the sea. First judge like this. For patients with hyperthyroidism, the doctor must be patient. Otherwise, the doctor will collapse.

What does it mean to let go of judgment?

What does it mean to let go of judgment? -We are willing to open up to infinite possibilities. ——We no longer take “our own superficial experience” as a teacher. ——We are willing to take another kind of existence that is more infinite, wider, smarter and more inclusive as our teacher. Letting go of judgment means that the various anxieties we imprisoned ourselves in the past will no longer hold. Every time we are anxious, we must make a limited judgment. So because of this judgment, we seem to be more anxious. In fact, we have no ability to judge. We thought that if we wanted a sum of money, we would be happy, so we struggled for money. When we couldn’t fight for money, we suffered because we felt that happiness was far from ourselves. When we struggled to get money, we found out that after we had money, we knew that happiness had nothing to do with money. We who are ignorant actually cannot recognize what is most beneficial to ourselves. However, in fact, we do have a master—that is to let go of your experience, let go of your judgment, and admit that you ca n’t really recognize what is most beneficial to you. Let go of your judgment, meet your self, and walk with the Tao. We simply cannot recognize what is most beneficial to us. Indeed, this can be reflected in two levels: you think that with the approval of superiors, with intimacy, with XXX, you can be happy. This is the key to your real happiness. Therefore, we can always encounter tribulations in our lives, and tribulations bring us pain while growing. And because of our growth, we have become more free, more powerful, and more infinite. Do n’t take secular success as your primary goal, why? Because you are doomed to fail. Because the Tao does not care about this at all, he does not care whether your marriage is happy, he does not care about the success of your career, he only cares about how to wake you up and let you understand your essence. He only cares about how you can truly awaken and find your ultimate freedom. We cannot recognize what is most beneficial to ourselves. We thought we needed a chicken leg, and what he wanted to give us was the whole world. That is why, we always feel that life is unsatisfactory, and we even think that God is deliberately against himself. As everyone knows, our values ​​and our origins are different. We have forgotten what we really want, but our inner self has never been forgotten. We always look at the appearance of the world, we always see all kinds of injuries, but we do n’t know, we can see farther … We really do n’t know anything about the truth, but we like to judge very much. Once we have judged, our selfhood is obscured. Fear, anger, injury, and the reactions of all our judgments will cover our instincts and cause us to be lost. I really have no judgment. I really don’t recognize what is the most beneficial thing to myself. As long as we let go of fear, this vain world will begin to become a paradise on earth and a reflection of heaven. All we need to do is trust. How to trust everything? We just need to relax. Relaxation will let us walk with our own nature. Relaxation will give us inspiration. Relaxation will give us a lot of solution guidance. Relaxation will allow us to see the world more clearly. Relaxation allows us not to be trapped in our own imagination (projection), but to see everything is blessed. So, how to relax? That is, letting go of the judgment, I cannot recognize what is most beneficial to myself. If you think about it carefully, we have encountered many things in our lives. We thought that the sky was about to fall. As a result, it was still good in the future. The result was better than when we did not encounter difficulties. I thought I lost something yesterday, which is not good. As a result of this loss, I made some new friends and made me realize that I do n’t have to rely on myself for everything. I thought XXX was not good. As a result, it often changed me, and it was this that moved me deeply. I really don’t have the ability to judge. Holy Spirit, I do n’t have the ability to judge. I do n’t recognize what is my best interest. Let me give it to you. I ’m only responsible for peace. As long as I am anxious, I must judge; as long as I judge, I must be superficial. This superficiality, this judgment, this anxiety, trapped me in my fear, and I imprisoned myself. The most powerful thing is not knowing how to judge, but not judging. When I looked at the world without judgment, I found that the world is so wonderful. This wonderful makes you full of curiosity.