Ju Jingyi’s hair volume really scared me!

I have seen the mystery of Ju Jingyi’s hair volume often discussed online, especially recently about her hairline hairs. If Ju Jingyi’s fetal hair is born, it should not be easy to get, but at present, the beauty of the beauty of this beauty is doubtful, it is likely that it was acquired through styling and later, so it is quite good. Learned from it. To be honest, I was also scared by the amount of hair she showed before: simply a new generation of hair volume king in the entertainment circle! Fluffy hair, perfect hairline, cute fetal hair, she has everything you want. Such a dense hair volume envy many bald girls for a time, and many beauty bloggers also post and analyze her hair care methods. But the audience wants to learn, but she herself stamps her hair volume is hereditary: um. . . Young people with hair loss should feel a little tempted when they see these remarks: This statement deceived many people until I saw a post by Douban revealing her hair volume. There was a sharp contrast between the previous hair volume and the present. The seams were obvious before: now the hair is so much that it can’t even be seen? How much should the hair be to the extent that the hair seam is invisible? You should know that Fan Bingbing, the queen of hair volume recognized by the entertainment industry, has more hair, and there are still hair seams. I also showed it to many people about hair problems, and I have seen a lot. It is possible to have more genetic hair, but I haven’t seen anyone who originally had a small amount of hair and suddenly relied on her genetic hair. There is everybody who loves beauty, especially the female star who wants to manage the image is understandable, but this is obviously based on the styling or the thick hair volume brought by the later P picture. Why do you have to say that you are genetic? Looking at it now, Ju Jingyi has some cautions in terms of overall hair volume and hairline hairline. First, the overall hair volume. Look at the photo comparison of Ju Jingyi at the same period. The hair volume on both sides is quite different. The left side is the normal hair volume at the airport. After the styling on the right side, the head of the skull is obviously raised with a hair pad. Although curly hair also makes the hair look more fluffy, it must be wearing a wig to have a hair volume explosion effect. 2. Hairline fetal hairs Fetal hairs are an excellent partner for hairline hairline. Some of the fetal hairs can appear to be not so high in hairline and modify the face shape, creating an effect of youthful age reduction and thick hair volume. Observing Ju Jingyi’s photos in her early years, it can be seen that her hairline is still quite high, and she doesn’t have so many fetal hairs now: so where do the thick and realistic hairline and fetal hairs come from? Only one possibility is dense hair powder (hairline powder). It is not actually a strange thing for female stars to use dense hair powder. The secret artifact of Wang Ou’s red carpet is to use it to save the hairline. In Ju Jingyi’s photos, the hairline edges are black and blurry, probably with dense hair. Follow the direction of the hair, and apply it to deepen the sense of hair again, and modify the sparse areas. This photo is even more obvious: even Xiao Ju’s disappeared hairline may be a credit to the powder. In addition to the methods used by Ju Jingyi mentioned above, if the hairline is too high and the forehead is large, the effect of trimming the hairline and the thick powder is not very good, you can also consider hairline planting . Hair transplanting can not only design the hairline shape and fetal hair you want, but also it is not easy to fall off, and it is easier to take care of. I will talk so much today. If you have other hair-related problems, you can also contact me directly by private letter or by adding me on WeChat.