Condyloma acuminata laser has repeatedly relapsed

The disease of genital warts is believed to be well understood by many people. This disease has the characteristics of easy recurrence and infection. Many patients will relapse after using traditional methods of treatment, and some patients even repeat it. Repeated relapse, the condition can not be cured.    The main reason for the recurrence after laser is that HPV virus has not been cleaned completely, the presence of the virus, condyloma acuminata will grow again, leading to recurrence. However, improper postoperative care of patients is also an important factor in promoting relapse. Medical doctor jrsyer therefore, recurrence and communication with the attending doctor, specific circumstances, specific analysis.    If the warts are repeatedly irradiated after repeated laser treatments, they should still recur, and it should be treated rationally at this time. Change the hospital or doctor as soon as possible and choose other treatment methods to avoid falling into the wrong treatment. Repeated laser treatment, not only the cumulative cost is high, but also may cause local skin damage, causing serious harm to the patient’s body and mind.    You can also make a sum of money yourself, cheap treatment, can’t cure the disease and relapse repeatedly, the money is spent, the guilt is gone, the time is also caught up, but the disease is still on your own. You can think about it yourself, treatment is not a trivial matter. The typical representative of the Chinese medicine group of the national invention patent not only has no pain in the treatment process, but also completely removes the warts and viruses, so as to achieve the purpose of curing without recurrence.    Some patients will relapse before going to treatment. In this way, relapse treatment, relapse treatment, but jrsyer stimulated the activity of this virus to metastasize and spread, which will aggravate his own condition.