Hermes in hyaluronic acid, why does Juvederm dominate the beauty circle?

Hyaluronic acid can be said to be a very basic entry-level product for medical beauty, and many female stars in the entertainment industry are inseparable from it. Today I would like to talk to you about Hermes in Hyaluronic Acid-Juvederm, which is popular all over the world and the price is high. What makes it so popular? Part.1–Where does Joarden Juvederm come from? Qiao Yadeng juvederm, produced by the industry giant U.S. Air Construction Company, is located in beautiful France. We are familiar with the BOTOX botulinum we know. ▼It is currently the most expensive hyaluronic acid on the domestic market ▼The market share is the world’s first ▼Over 35 years of filler production experience ▼Global sales in more than 100 countries and regions ▼Cumulative sales volume exceeds 33 million ▼Has won European CE, FDA, CFDA and other certifications; Part.2–What are the models of Juvederm? Qiao Yadeng is divided into two types: elegant and extreme: Qiao Yadeng elegant: smooth wrinkles and reproduce beautiful youth Qiao Yadeng extreme: full face, reshape the perfect contour and meticulous molecular, wide injection range. The combination of the two models can solve various skin problems. For example, filling the chin, Fengyang Temple, apple muscles, removing crow’s feet, wrinkles around the nose, decree lines, lifting lines, etc. Part.3–Joyaden juvederm’s distinctive advantages 1. Soft natural gel without particles and no foreign body sensation easily blends with the unique HYLACROSS™ patented technology of Joyaden hyaluronic acid, producing a smooth, smooth and uniform, particle-free hyaluronic acid coagulation glue. The traditional hyaluronic acid is sieved by a sieve membrane (also called a particle layer sieve). After the technology produces hyaluronic acid particles, adding liquid hyaluronic acid can facilitate the injection, so that a granular hyaluronic acid suspension is formed. The texture is not smooth enough. And Joe Arden’s unique HYLACROSS™ technology directly produces a smooth, smooth, homogeneous and particle-free hyaluronic acid gel. 2. Long maintenance time, high cross-linking rate, good hand feel and lasting effect. Juvederm has a higher cross-linking rate than other injectable hyaluronic acids of the same volume. The higher the degree of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid, the longer the metabolic time in the body. To maintain support for a longer period of time. Therefore, the injection effect can be maintained in the human body for 12-18 months. 3. Shaping and lifting high concentration, high viscosity, not easy to shift, strong degradation and shaping ability, low pain, Qiao Yadeng is a stable and cohesive three-dimensional matrix, with strong cohesion, it is not easy to deform and move under the action of external force Bit. And the surrounding tissues are more swollen after injection, and the experience is great. It is more suitable for areas with high shaping requirements, without worrying about facial stiffness. 4. Emotional aesthetic injection technology improves fatigue, sadness, smile and more confident emotional aesthetics-EmotionalBeauty, is a new concept proposed by Dr. MauriciodeMaio combined with MDCodes. Highly summarizes the 8 kinds of emotional motives for beauty seekers to change themselves: thinner face, younger, less slack, less tired, more feminine, more attractive, less unhappy, less angry. Part.4–Qiao Yadeng Hyaluronic Acid Injection Case Comparison Part.5–Answers about Hyaluronic Acid Injection 1. Qiao Yadeng maintains a long time, so when do I need to make up? After injecting hyaluronic acid, the doctor’s injection method is different, the injection volume is different, and the maintenance time is different according to the body constitution of each person. Generally speaking, you can make up after 10 months. According to relevant data survey, Qiao Yadeng’s longest maintenance time is up to 17 months. 2. Can I make up just after playing hyaluronic acid? Within one day of injection: The eye of the needle must not get wet, keep it clean and dry, and cannot squeeze the injection site. Within three days of injection: Do not rub the medicine or cosmetics around the injection site or around the eye of the needle to avoid skin irritation; do not massage the face, do not laugh or cry. Within 1 week after injection: Do not eat spicy food, do not steam sauna, try not to take blood circulation drugs. Tips: If you really want to make up, it is recommended to inject one or two months in advance, the makeup effect is more natural. 3. Will Joyaden look unnatural after playing? Hyaluronic acid generally hits the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, or periosteum, and does not act on muscles, so it does not cause muscle abnormalities. Qiao Yaden high concentration, high viscosity, swelling after injection is more slight, no graininess, looks very natural. 4. Can I do skin care and laser skin beauty after injection? After playing hyaluronic acid, build