A small way to improve “sexlessness”

#微博名医诊室##名医服务月#xing, originally born, was a beautiful experience, and it was an expression of love between two loves… However, some people did not experience xing Is happy, even hates it, avoids it, and the reason is that the TAs have a cold sex problem. How to improve the cold state? 1. Certainly have a healthy body. A person’s physical and mental health, TA will have an attractive charm, more likely to be appreciated and admired by the partner. 2. Appropriate decompression. At the moment, many modern people generally feel the pressure from work, family, economy, children, themselves, etc., it is really “Yali Mountain”. Under tremendous pressure, people will become lack of fun, and coldness is commonplace. Over time, intimacy is ignored. Therefore, decompression is a top priority. For example, setting a feasible work goal, balancing the relationship between work and family, making money within one’s own ability, it is not good to go far, do not blindly compare, do not rush to educate children, and strive to make progress. 3. Learn to be romantic and humorous. Romance and humor are definitely lubricating lubricants between couples or partners. A bouquet of roses full of flowers, a heart-stirring flirtatious expression, a tempting look, a dinner table full of appetite, all suggest your careful machine… …4. People are not old-hearted. Some people say that my age is up, but my ability is not enough. Of course this is a reason, but it is not a reasonable reason. Old man is strong, old man is prostrated, and old man has something to do. The so-called red sunset will also be happy! 5. Adjustment of cognition. In the minds of many people, thinking of xing is very dirty and very low-level, which is a very partial understanding. In fact, xing, along with our people’s life, is a high-level emotional expression. We should cherish it, love it, and enjoy it… Thinking with such a concept, maybe a trace of passion will remain in our hearts.