Symposium | Why are all bald in the NBA? Is it getting more and more bald?

Do you think NBA players have always shaved their heads? The fact that NBA players shave their heads is not traditional. It’s just that the vast majority of fans now, including post-80s fans like me, have only been in contact with the NBA since the early 1990s, because then the NBA has just been introduced to China. The leading figures of the era at that time were all bald. Players of such historical ranks as Trap Jordan, Magic Johnson, Pippen, Malone and others are all bald. The stars who often appear in media reports, TV screens and newspaper posters are still the top players in the league pyramid, and most of them have a common feature: baldness. but! From my own professional point of view, there are certain scientific reasons for the baldness of NBA players. Are basketball players more likely to be bald? Common hair loss conditions in the NBA are medically termed “androgen-derived hair loss”, and this type of hair loss occurs under two conditions: androgen and 5α reductase. Together, they will produce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), commonly known as “hair follicle killer”. Once this ingredient appears in the body, it is then converted into DHT under the action of reductase. DHT will invade the hair nipple, make the hair follicle enter the rest period in advance and no longer grow, shedding to form hair loss. Generally speaking, the higher the DHT content, the greater the chance of hair loss, but it does not necessarily lead to hair loss. There are three key factors that cause hair loss: DHT, genetic factors and other external influences are not simply caused by excessive exercise. To put it simply, genes make you bald, and you will be bald if you exercise or not. Therefore, hair loss has nothing to do with whether you love to play basketball. In fact, the active basketball gods: Alphabet Brother, George, Paul, Harden, Durant, Curry, Wei Shao, etc., their hair is very thick. But if there is a genetic gene for hair loss, then super high-intensity sports training like the NBA will accelerate the formation of hair loss, such as the basketball god Jordan. When Jordan first entered the league, Jordan, after he became a god, had to dialectically consider the problem of hair loss. It is not that the stronger the game, the more bald, and the stronger the baldness. It is recommended that people with hair loss problems go for a hair follicle test and understand the health of their hair follicles before going to symptomatic treatment is the key to hair loss prevention. Send a private message or leave a message in the comment area to make an appointment for the department in your city for free hair follicle testing.