How to change

In this case, if Ruola does not understand the responsibility to express her emotions, desires and needs, she will continue to feel the love of her partner. However, one thing we should know is that women are born with a divergent cognitive model, and it is this nature that makes them naturally aware of the needs of their loved ones. However, if Raura never understood that if Mike loved her, how could he ignore her needs? In Ruola’s experience, loving someone means devoting all their energy to satisfying each other’s needs. When Mike showed indifference to Ruola, he mistakenly thought he did not love her. When Jola cannot feel Mike’s love, she first suppresses her feelings, desires, and needs. At the same time, she also strives to make herself look cute, instead of expressing them. The reason why Ruola suppresses her negative emotions and strives to give her husband more is to win his return. There is nothing wrong with giving, but Jorah’s problem is not knowing how to accept love. In the absence of rewards, the more love she gives, the harder it is to accept the goodwill of others. For Ruola, she thinks she is strong, independent and does not need to rely on others. However, as she became more and more difficult to accept the goodwill of others, Mike became less and less interested in her. When Jola continued to give but rarely accepted, she gradually became stronger and even lost the gentle qualities unique to the women who originally attracted Mike. When she repeatedly suppressed her negative emotions, she actually blocked her inner ability to experience love, joy, gratitude and trust. As for Mike, all of his attention was at work, and he didn’t even realize her change. From “The Art of Marriage”