Can temporomandibular reversible joint disc dislocation (displacement) be reduced early to avoid irreversibility?

Irreducible joint disc displacement can be repositioned surgically or non-surgically. Regardless of whether it is surgical or non-surgical, the treatment method will suffer a certain degree of discomfort, and the treatment cost is relatively high. Regarding the temporomandibular joint, reversible disc displacement is usually not the scope of surgical treatment. Literature data shows that if the reversible disc displacement is not reduced and the cause is removed, it will continue to develop into the possibility of irreversible displacement. Reduction treatment at the stage of reversible displacement becomes very necessary, and early treatment is also of certain clinical significance for preventing facial deflection (crooked face, crooked face). The following picture is an 18-year-old man with bilateral reversible and complete dislocation, often stuck, and on the verge of irreversibility. Fortunately, he saw a doctor in time and had undergone reduction treatment. The picture shows comparison photos before and after reduction.