After the epidemic in Beijing, will the epidemic come again in the second half of the year? See what medical experts say

At the outbreak of the new crown epidemic at the beginning of this year, many people thought that the new crown virus would naturally disappear after the summer, because the SARS virus was also the same in that year, and the new crown virus was not heat-resistant and could be inactivated at 56°C for 30 minutes. But the reality is that the northern hemisphere of the earth has already entered the summer, but the new crown epidemic in many countries is still very serious, such as India in the tropical region of the South Asian subcontinent. The recent epidemic in Beijing, my country, has also made people nervous after a little relaxation. Will the epidemic come again in the second half of the year? On June 20, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infection of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, pointed out on Weibo: Beijing gathers the city’s superior medical forces to carry out centralized treatment in Ditan Hospital, which should ensure the efficiency of treatment. As for the direction of the outbreak, according to the current prevention and control efforts, the outbreak can be completely controlled within 2 weeks after the peak of the outbreak. While Beijing’s epidemic situation is being accelerated and controlled, high-epidemic countries are under pressure from the economy and gradually adopting a policy of comprehensive opening up, which will bring great uncertainty to the global epidemic situation. Regardless of the arrival of the vaccine, the global epidemic will spread at least until the end of the year and the first half of next year. Will we return to the state of shutdown and production again? In fact, this kind of thinking is too worrying, as our internet celebrity professor Zhang Wenhong said: “For a long time, local Chinese cases will continue to be in a state of “near zero cases”, rather than no cases.” This time Beijing The current scale of the outbreak is still in a state of dissemination, which has not reached the point where a major outbreak has occurred. Our government has already had very mature experience in responding to the epidemic. As Beijing quickly raises the emergency response to public health emergencies to the second level and adopts strict and detailed investigations, we believe that Beijing’s epidemic will soon get Containment and gradual quelling, so it is unlikely that we will go back to work stoppage. The virus can survive under normal high temperature. Will the epidemic come again in the second half of the year? Yes, as the weather turns colder in the second half of the year, the epidemic may indeed return. Although the death rate of New Coronavirus is not as high as that of SARS, its transmission ability is strong. The most important thing is that there are no vaccines and special medicines to deal with, so it is likely that the new coronavirus will coexist with us for a long time in the future like flu, adenovirus and other viruses. If we relax our vigilance, it may be A local epidemic will erupt. Even so, we must also have firm confidence, because our country is the most successful country in the fight against epidemics. The previous anti-epidemic experience also tells us that the joint prevention and control measures we have taken are effective, so we need to This joint defense and joint control has become a normalized work, and Professor Zhang Wenhong also said: “For sporadic cases, as long as we maintain the current joint defense and joint control system, the spread index can quickly come down.” In addition, our vaccine research and development is also in the forefront of the world, I believe that our new crown vaccine will be available for market soon, so in the second half of the year we need to do not relax our vigilance, but also do not need to overreact. Regardless of the epidemic prevention strategy adopted abroad, China will continue to maintain a cautious attitude and maintain the hard-won stability. On the basis of the continued consolidation of epidemic prevention work and the continuous strengthening of the public health system, while steadily advancing the resumption of production, it will be quite a long time in the future. The “new normal” over a period of time. Finally, for everyone, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, not gathering, and washing hands frequently is the best measure to prevent the new coronavirus. We must not forget at any time. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)