These three kinds of aerobic exercises are especially suitable for kidney friends, but you need to remember the 12-word formula

When nephrologists use drugs to treat kidney disease, they will also have corresponding requirements on their diet and lifestyle, especially in these aspects, that is, pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue and appropriate exercise (or exercise). . However, many doctors have not explained how to be well-rested or not tired, as well as the specific details of exercise (or exercise), etc. We found that some kidney friends stay at home all day long, some keep exercising every day, some continue to work overtime, and some are devoted to studying and so on. And these are often undesirable and are not conducive to the recovery of kidney disease. Among the rehabilitation exercise modes that patients with kidney disease need to do, the main one is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise refers to physical exercise or exercise performed by the human body under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply. That is, in the process of exercise, the oxygen inhaled by the human body is equal to the demand, reaching a physiological equilibrium state. The so-called “aerobic” refers to “aerobic exercise”. In fact, aerobic exercise requires the main muscle groups of the body to participate in addition to oxygen supplying energy. The exercise lasts relatively long and is Rhythmic. Most of our kidney diseases, as long as they are not critically ill patients, can do aerobic exercise. The nephrologist strongly recommends the following five aerobic exercise methods. 1. Taijiquan Taijiquan is a traditional Chinese boxing that is based on the dialectical concept of yin and yang as its core idea, and integrates multiple functions such as temperament maintenance, physical fitness and combat combat. Taijiquan also combines traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, Daoyin technique, and vomiting technique to form a boxing technique that combines internal and external, soft, slow, light and flexible. Patients with kidney disease often practice Tai Chi, which is good for their physical and mental health, that is, while “fitting”, they can also “nourish the mind” to better adjust their mentality. 2. Walking on foot, namely walking and brisk walking. Walking is one of the basic activities of human beings. Originally, the entire human body structure was “designed” for walking. Walking is also recognized as the best exercise method in the world, without any cost, and no special learning is required. Needless to say the benefits of walking here. Patients with more serious kidney disease can choose to walk on the bed, and those with kidney disease who have improved or alleviated or fully recovered can choose to walk or walk quickly. According to your physical strength and feelings, you can walk more and less or walk and briskly. 3. Jogging Jogging is a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. Compared with walking and brisk walking, jogging consumes more oxygen. Nephropathy patients who have been walking and brisk walking for a long time and are not tired can also gradually switch to jogging, which is aerobic exercise. Jogging is to run a relatively long distance at a slow or moderate pace to achieve the purpose of warming up or exercising. This type of exercise will be more conducive to the recovery of kidney disease, improve physical function and enhance disease resistance. The above three types of aerobic exercise are very suitable for the vast majority of kidney disease patients, but you still need to remember these 12 words, that is, do according to your ability, step by step, and persevere.

Men are most afraid of premature ejaculation

Many men do not pay much attention to the face of the disease of premature ejaculation. When suffering from this disease, they always dare not go to the hospital for treatment in time because of face problems. They just keep dragging on, but if they keep on dragging, they will The condition of premature ejaculation has been aggravated, and if you want to treat it later, it will become more difficult. Today, Lao Zong tells you about several exercises that can treat premature ejaculation. If men find that they have some symptoms of premature ejaculation, they can use these exercises to treat them. Do you know what exercises are available to treat premature ejaculation? Exercise for the treatment of premature ejaculation: Jogging is the most common exercise, and if you insist on jogging every day, you can treat the disease of premature ejaculation. If we jogging, we can protect the health of the heart and improve our physical fitness. Studies have shown that men with premature ejaculation, if they often jog, their recovery from premature ejaculation will be much better than those who do not, so men jogging is Can treat premature ejaculation. Swimming Speaking of swimming, this exercise has many benefits. It can not only improve heart function, but also shape the body. If men’s premature ejaculation is not very serious, we can improve muscle endurance through exercise and make the penis sensitive. The degree is reduced, thereby improving the situation of premature ejaculation. Push-ups Push-ups can also help us improve the situation of premature ejaculation, because push-ups can exercise the muscles of the arms, can also improve the body’s resistance, and can prolong the time of sexual life, so push-ups can also improve the situation of premature ejaculation. But when doing push-ups, you must follow the tutorial. Don’t do push-up exercises blindly, or you will lose out if you hurt your body. Squatting and squatting are definitely familiar to everyone, and squatting can help us improve our physical strength, and it can also promote the production of male hormones in the body, which may improve symptoms such as premature ejaculation and impotence. Men always give everyone a very hard-bodied impression in their daily lives. In their daily lives, many men are busy with their work and dominate the situation, but they always have more unspeakable concealment in their private lives. Male friends have symptoms of premature ejaculation, don’t worry, don’t worry, reduce pressure properly, improve your body, just around the corner! Follow Xinkangjun, updated daily without interruption!

How to prevent the spread of vitiligo in the legs?

   Many patients with vitiligo will grow on their legs. The initial stage of the disease did not attract attention and attention, which made the disease serious and difficult to treat. Many people think that leukoplakia will only make the patient’s skin unsightly and will not cause other hazards. In fact, the harm of leukoplakia on the legs is not only reflected in the damage to the appearance, but may also bring other hazards and effects. So, how to prevent the spread of vitiligo in the legs?   1, pay attention to dietary restrictions  During the treatment process, it can often be found that the spread of vitiligo due to dietary restrictions. Especially when the weather is getting hotter, patients must avoid cold and pungent foods such as crayfish, grilled skewers and iced carbonated drinks, as well as foods rich in vitamin C. Because too cold and irritating food will disturb the microcirculation in the body, reduce the patient’s immunity, and stimulate the spread of vitiligo.  2. Reduce clothing friction    One of the reasons for leg vitiligo is caused by clothing friction. If the patient wears tight pants, it can cause constant friction on the legs during walking. Friction can also stimulate vitiligo, which eventually leads to the spread of vitiligo in the legs. Therefore, patients with leg vitiligo, in the choice of pants, must choose comfortable and loose-fitting, because repeated friction will cause the vitiligo disease to be difficult to recover. 3. Strengthen jogging exercises. Jogging is basically one of the aerobic exercise methods that all sick patients can use. Jogging can accelerate the blood circulation of the legs, transport nutrients to the affected parts of the legs, and accelerate the vitiligo of the legs. the treatment. In addition, jogging can also enhance the physical fitness of the patient, improve the individual’s ability to resist the virus, and reduce the probability of the spread of vitiligo in the legs.   There are many reasons for the spread of vitiligo in patients, so patients should pay more attention to them. For example, daily care and living habits need to be paid attention to. If you don’t want the spread of vitiligo, patients should go to the hospital for treatment and review in time, so as to better prevent the spread of vitiligo.

Sitting always at high risk of colon polyps

 &Nbsp.&nbsp.You may know that sitting for a long time will make your belly stand out, but you don’t necessarily understand that sitting for a long time will also make our invisible colon grow polyps. A study conducted by the institute found that people who like to sit still have an increased risk of recurrence of colon polyps, even if they participate in some recreational sports such as walking, jogging or golfing during the rest period, it cannot be reduced This risk. People who sit for 11 hours or more a day (such as writing or reading) have a 45% higher risk of polyps than those who sit for less than 7 hours a day. The longer you sit, the higher your risk of colon polyps. In addition, sedentary is also associated with the early onset and death of colon cancer.   suggests that to prevent colorectal cancer, you should change your sedentary state and get up and move around every hour. Second, exercise more. Studies have shown that people who jog for 30 minutes a day are 30% less likely to develop colorectal cancer than the average person. Finally, you should manage your mouth. Reduce the intake of sugar, animal fat and cholesterol, and eat more foods rich in dietary fiber and vitamins.

The older the male, the worse the sexual performance? The main reasons are these…

Xiao Zhang has always been depressed lately, and he is also listless at work. He asked the reason and found out: he hasn’t been intimate with his partner for a long time. “I always feel exhausted after get off work every day. I just want to rest in bed when I come back. I don’t have the energy for sex at all,” Xiao Zhang said. In fact, not only Xiao Zhang, but many men who are running around in the workplace will find that their physical functions have declined, and they feel weak during sex. Male sexual ability will continue to decline with age. If a 20-year-old man is a “reconnaissance plane” and a 30-year-old man is a “fighter”, then a man after the age of 40 may only be a “glider”. It’s no secret that age is the most important factor affecting sexual performance. Studies have shown that the peak period of male sexual function is between 18 and 25 years old, and then it will continue to decline with age. However, as the pace of life accelerates, staying up late to work overtime and socializing in the workplace have become commonplace. Many men in their 20s have directly changed their physical conditions into their 50s. In turn, middle-aged and elderly diseases such as impotence and premature ejaculation frequently appear among young people. So why do more and more men have these problems? There are three main reasons for the pressure of social life. Modern society has fierce competition. People’s life pressure is too high. The incidence of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses is on the rise. Social life Increased tension and pressure will also change the level of male hormones, thereby affecting male fertility. The modern lifestyle of staying up late for a long time and reversing day and night makes men lose their physical strength and libido due to long-term mental stress. In addition, the body is overworked and the body consumes too much energy, which will lead to poor sperm motility. Environmental pollution has led to an increase in environmental estrogen due to the extensive use of pesticides, insecticides, detergents, food additives, preservatives, and stimulants. Male hormones should have been high in the male reproductive system, but too much estrogen was added at this time, which seriously affected the normal operation of the endocrine system. These are derived from life, but many people never pay attention. Slowly, these have affected your life, your mood, and the harmony of your husband and wife… How to improve “sexual ability”? Maybe the first reaction of many people is various drugs, folk remedies or kidney medicines ? But we all know that if we want to treat the root cause, external improvements can never solve the root cause. Sexual ability comes more from the male’s own physical problems, and the root of solving physical ability lies in the body, and the root of the body comes from “body” and “body”. It is the most effective way to improve the “sexual ability” by adjusting the body, using exercise, massage, diet and other methods to restore body functions. 1) Swimming Swimming can directly exercise many parts that are used more in sex, such as waist, abdomen, arms, legs, etc., and can also enhance people’s endurance. 2) Jogging studies have found that those aerobic exercises that can move arms, waist and abdomen can improve the quality of sex. The most typical one is jogging. Long-term adherence to jogging can significantly improve people’s sexual life, especially for men who have been sitting for a long time, jogging can effectively increase the body’s sex hormones, especially the testosterone content in men. 3) Cat stretching exercises The cat stretching exercise in yoga can exercise men’s arms, shoulders and back, relieve pain caused by work, and avoid lesions caused by excessive tension. Method: First, the male kneels on the ground, the hips sit on the heels, the arms are stretched forward, the palms touch the ground, and the hips stay still, hold for 15 seconds, relax, and restore the upper body upright posture.

How to prevent “the first pain in the world” —– trigeminal neuralgia!

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Trigeminal neuralgia is known as “the first pain in the world”, and there is no specific treatment in modern medicine. Therefore, trigeminal neuralgia focuses on life regulation and prevention of attacks. &nbsp.1. Live and eat regularly, ensure adequate sleep and rest, and avoid overwork. &nbsp.2, maintain a good mood, avoid impulsiveness, anger, depression and unhappy. Establish confidence in treating diseases and actively cooperate with doctors in treatment. &nbsp.3. Appropriately participate in sports, exercise, and enhance physical fitness. &nbsp.4. Slow action to prevent all causes of pain, such as washing your face, brushing your teeth, etc., try to avoid stimulating the trigger point. Keep warm in cold weather and avoid cold wind directly irritating your face. &nbsp.5. Eat soft foods. Patients who have pain caused by chewing should eat liquid foods. Do not eat fried foods, irritating foods, seafood products, and hot foods. &nbsp.6. Adhere to treatment for a radical cure. &nbsp.7. Jogging method Jogging for 15 minutes a day is good for curing diseases, prolonging the year, and recovering health care. &nbsp.8. Patients with trigeminal neuralgia should usually eat more foods that are rich in vitamins and have detoxification effects. &nbsp.

Always have a high risk of colon polyps

You may know that sedentary will make the small belly stand out, but it may not be understood that sedentary will also cause polyps to grow in our invisible colon. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute found that people who like to sit still have a higher risk of recurrence of colon polyps, even if they participate in recreational sports such as walking and jogging during the rest period. Or playing golf, etc., can not reduce this risk. People who sit (such as writing or reading) for 11 hours or more each day are at a 45% higher risk of polyps than those who sit less than 7 hours a day. The longer you sit, the higher the risk of colon polyps. In addition, sedentary is also associated with early morbidity and mortality of colon cancer.  Recommends that to prevent colorectal cancer, you should change the state of sedentary, get up every 1 hour to exercise. Second, exercise more. Studies have shown that people who jog for 30 minutes a day are 30% less likely to develop colorectal cancer than the average person. In the end, you should also take care of your mouth. Reduce the intake of sugar, animal fat and cholesterol, and eat more foods rich in dietary fiber and vitamins.

Early morning running is easy to accelerate heart failure

Running created humans in order to hunt and find food in a large area. The great apes 2 million years ago began to learn to run. In the process of developing physical characteristics suitable for running, humans have gradually lost those traits that are conducive to climbing trees. Sacrificing the traditional ability to live on a tree in exchange for some qualities suitable for running, promoted the shaping of the modern human body. Compared with apes, humans have longer legs, shorter arms, and larger buttocks, and these characteristics make humans good at running. The legs are long and the stride can be great. The short arms help to keep the body balanced during running. The large pelvis can better relieve the shocks generated during running. Scientists even believe that if natural selection is not conducive to human running, we may now look like apes. Those who can’t run for a few hundred meters and pant, do they live up to the innate ability of mankind to run? Politician stars love to run. Some people think that running is both monotonous and mechanical. As everyone knows, some people like this simple exercise. O’Sullivan, who has just won the World Championship in Snooker, believes that Snooker brings him much more mental fatigue than running, but running is the purest relaxation, “I found the fun of running, which became my biggest Hobbies.” In the “Avenue of Stars” in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, every morning or evening, you can see handsome men and women jogging, including Hollywood stars. And their president, Bush, runs 4 to 5 times a week. Shorts, vests, iPods, the president’s running gear are no different from others. Jogging “young” bone running can exercise cardiopulmonary function and strengthen muscle strength. Continuous and effective jogging can also consume energy and reduce fat. Experts from the Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan found that jogging can also make the bones “young”. The researchers conducted a comparative examination of the bone changes of the two groups of subjects. They were 41 members of Chiba County who were 30 to 80 years old who often jogged, and 86 men and women who did not usually like sports. Finally, it was found that the bone density of the vertebrae, femoral joints, leg bones and arm joints of joggers is about 40% higher than that of non-exercisers. This bone density is close to that of the twenties. For men, the longer the jog distance in a week, the higher the bone density. As for women, the level of bone density is directly related to the history of jogging. Only those who persevere in jogging can achieve an effect comparable to the bone density of young people. Bad heart running in the evening Sports physiologists in Japan suggest that jogging in the morning will cause a lot of stress on the heart, because the heart usually fails to adapt to full exercise early in the morning. Jogging will stimulate the body to secrete a lot of hormones, which will speed up the heartbeat. When jogging early in the morning, the amount of adrenaline secreted by the person is 2 to 4 times higher than that in the afternoon or evening. Experts believe that jogging in the morning may cause blood clots and promote heart failure, while jogging at night may reduce the tendency of blood clots and prevent heart failure. Wrong running posture can hurt the body. Although the movement is simple, if the posture is incorrect, not only can not achieve the ideal fitness effect, but also may cause damage to the body. When running, the leg movements should be relaxed. When one leg kicks backwards, the other leg bends forward and the calf relaxes naturally, relying on the forward motion of the thigh to drive the hip forward and upward. Land on the heel first, then quickly transition to full-foot landing. Can’t run with the sole of the foot on the ground, which will easily cause tibial periostitis in the long run. In addition, it is important to swing your arms naturally while running. Correct arm swing posture can play a role in maintaining body balance and coordinating pace. When swinging your arms, you should relax your shoulders. Each arm should be bent at about 90 degrees. Fists in both hands, naturally swinging, slightly inward when swinging forward, and slightly outward when swinging backward.

Walking, walking or jogging, which exercise is best for lowering blood sugar? See what medical experts say

Life is about exercise. For diabetics, especially type 2 diabetics, exercise therapy is an important part of the “five horses” to control blood sugar, but unlike ordinary people, it is particularly worth warning that sugar friends cannot exercise blindly Because most sugar friends are on a diet every day, dieting and blind exercise are very easy to cause hypoglycemia, which may cause sugar friends to get worse. Here is the simplest walking and running exercise for analysis. Can you slow down blood sugar by walking, walking or jogging more scientifically? Diabetics, how to exercise scientifically? In fact, exercise is not just limited to walking or running. Various forms of sports such as swimming or playing can be used. As long as it is a reasonable exercise suitable for your body, it can play a role in the control of blood sugar and prevention of complications in diabetic patients. But be sure to grasp a principle: for most diabetes, you need to pay attention to avoid blood sugar fluctuations and joint damage caused by excessive exercise or a lot of exercise! . According to expert recommendations, diabetic patients should engage in moderate-intensity exercise. You can probably refer to the following indicators: (1) During exercise, you feel that the heartbeat is accelerated, but there is no rapid breathing. (2) The exercise can last 10min ~ 30min, there is slight sweating, the body has a fever sensation, a little fatigue, it can be recovered after resting, and it can still adhere to the exercise. (3) After getting up, the body will return to normal after getting up the next day, without fatigue. If the body does not sweat, no fever, no change in pulse, and no significant change in blood sugar after exercise, it indicates that the amount of exercise is insufficient, and the amount of exercise should be increased appropriately. If you are sweating heavily after exercise, chest tightness, wheezing, fatigue, muscle aches, and difficulty recovering after a short rest, it indicates that the amount of exercise is too large and should be reduced, especially for the elderly. Now there are sports bracelets, watches, etc., which can control the exercise intensity by monitoring the heart rate. In addition, the general exercise interval should not be too long, and you should insist on it. It is generally recommended to perform at least 3 times a week. How do diabetics walk, walk and jog? Diabetics are generally obese and have poor physical conditions, so it is more appropriate to choose walking or jogging as a safer and easier exercise method, and without other equipment and conditions, you can adjust the rhythm and time according to the state of the body. Different sports can be selected for different patients. (1) Slow walking is characterized by simple fasting blood glucose, high normal after meals, abnormal fluctuations, and the appearance of hunger, dizziness, and fatigue, remember not to exercise a lot, it is recommended to start one hour after a meal , Choose to walk slowly and end in half an hour. At the same time, pay attention to the balanced intake of brown rice, beans, fish eggs, and vegetables, supplement vitamin B family and dietary fiber, and pay special attention to avoid hypoglycemia caused by exercise. In addition, elderly patients with diabetes, gestational diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, and diabetic lower extremity vascular disease are also suitable for low-intensity exercise, such as walking slowly. (2) Brisk walking and jogging. If fasting blood glucose is not high and postprandial blood sugar is high, if there is no hypoglycemic reaction, you can choose brisk walking or jogging. Through exercise, you can better improve blood glucose metabolism, enhance insulin sensitivity, and control blood sugar levels to meet standards. It is recommended to start brisk walking or jogging about an hour after a meal, about half an hour. In addition, it is recommended from the perspective of age and physical condition. Most young and middle-aged diabetic patients can choose moderate-intensity exercise, such as brisk walking. It is generally recommended to 90 to 120 steps per minute, 20 to 30 minutes each time; patients with better physical strength can Choose jogging. In addition to jogging, brisk walking, and jogging, you can also choose to play tai chi, swimming, and other moderate-intensity aerobic exercises. And it is recommended to exercise after 1 hour after a meal, which is conducive to lowering blood sugar. But in the end, it is still necessary to remind sugar friends that if they have strict daily diet control and take hypoglycemic drugs at the same time, if they exercise a lot, they will be prone to severe hypoglycemia. In severe cases, they may even cause serious damage to the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. Therefore, no matter what kind of exercise you choose, the most important thing is to combine your own situation and insist on choosing a safe one that suits you. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me, I will delete it.)