Two preventive measures for rheumatoid arthritis: diet and exercise

First, the diet prevention of rheumatoid arthritis    The daily diet should try to choose easy-to-digest foods. The cooking methods should be light and refreshing, and eat less spicy, greasy and cold foods. If you already suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you can eat more appetizing foods, such as jujube, barley, etc., especially barley has the effect of dehumidifying and expelling wind. It is a good choice to cook barley porridge or cook with mung beans. . In addition, the intake of fat needs to be reduced. The sources of calories are sugar and protein. If the patient’s weight exceeds the standard value, weight loss is required.  Second, exercise prevention for rheumatoid arthritis  Appropriate exercise is helpful to maintain the best condition of the body. When you wake up in the early morning in winter, in addition to keeping warm, you can also do some warm-up exercises. The specific actions are as follows: stretch your hands forward, palms down, down, and back to stretch and stroke, or raise your hands. As high as the face, with the palm facing the face, after inhaling, stretch your hands up and out, and then slowly lower it. Minimize prolonged bed rest. Do not exercise too intensely. Choose more exercises that are sitting or lying on the bed. When sitting, you can straighten your right leg and lift your calf and foot up to more than 30 cm from the ground. Put it down after five seconds, repeat the same movement with the left foot, do it several times a day, and follow the principle of energy load.