Teacher’s Day, let us pay tribute to every teaching teacher who sticks to the clinical front line, you have worked hard!

Nursing work is a highly experienced profession. Every experienced clinical nurse is a teacher. Every nurse’s speech and demeanor, professionalism, trainee nurses and newly recruited nurses will look at it, and have a profound impact. . Teacher’s Day, let us pay tribute to every teaching nurse who sticks to the clinical front line, you have worked hard! Anyone who has ever pursued or dreamed of nursing work hopes that this industry can grow healthily, and this kind of health is inseparable from the inheritance of the sentimental nursing predecessors from generation to generation, let alone every one who has The words and deeds of qualified teachers. So, how can we become a qualified teaching teacher and use our words and deeds to influence the intern students? 1. First of all, you must have a positive working attitude and give positive guidance to the intern students. Although the current medical environment is not favored by everyone, and there are endless medical incidents that appear in everyone’s field of vision every day. However, as a staff member whose mission is to save the dead and heal the wounded, as long as we stay in this position for a day, we will do our best. The responsibility that should be fulfilled in one day is to complete the work of the day in full. As the teaching teacher of clinical interns, we must have a positive working attitude. Facing the occasional difficulties, we must have the momentum of “soldiers and waters”, and use our knowledge and wisdom to bravely solve the problems. Don’t complain when you encounter problems, shrink when you see difficulties. With my own words and deeds, I will give the intern students the strength to continue working hard in a subtle way, so that they can see the development prospects of this industry, and then go on firmly. 2. Have compassion and empathy, and use your words and deeds to warm every patient who is at the bottom of life. The so-called “all things can only be done well with heart” refers to the temperature of a person when facing a thing, and nursing work is the same. If a nurse repeats the same thing every day with a blank face and purely mechanical, then he will never realize the joy and meaning of work. Nurses can only feel that this job has brought them to themselves only if they put in enthusiasm, endow the work with warmth, warm every hospitalized patient with their own compassion and empathy, and treat their recovery as part of their work achievements. Pride. As a teacher, nurses should use this enthusiasm and feeling for work to influence every student who enters clinical practice. 3. Be serious and responsible for the work, everything is not just a formality, and there should be no mentality of “almost enough”. Nursing work faces people who have only one life in their lives every day. The preciousness of life lies in its irreplaceability and repeatability. Not every mistake God will give you a chance to correct it, and not every omission can be forgiven by the patient’s family. Therefore, facing life, we must not tolerate the slightest sloppy, facing life, we must have a sense of awe. Work hard, not just a formality, be serious and responsible, and do things to the extreme. Use your own practical actions to influence the students who have just entered the clinical practice, so that they can form a concept at the beginning so that they can take their work seriously in the future. 4. Must have a high degree of caution and independence. Self-preservation refers to the need to exercise caution and consciously abide by various ethical standards when living alone and unsupervised. The nature of nursing work often leaves nurses unsupervised. At this time, the work of nurses depends entirely on their own sense of responsibility and consciousness. In the long night, have you patrolled the ward as required, have you administered the medicine to the patient on time and according to the regulations? When adding the medicine to the infusion bottle, did you not let the medicine fully dissolve in order to save time, etc., these are only The nurse in question knew it. Therefore, one’s concept of being cautious and independent directly affects the quality of nursing work. Facing students who have just entered clinical practice, teaching teachers must strictly demand themselves, and influence them to form a sense of responsibility and mission for nursing work with a high degree of cautious rest and concepts. What can intern students do to grow quickly and get the teacher’s approval? 1. Be willing to give, regardless of gains and losses. I once read an article that an intern student complained that the department teacher instructed him to do something unrelated to nursing work. They thought that the internship in the hospital was to learn knowledge, not to be a handyman. Personally, I believe that internship is a process of self-exercising, and the smooth completion of the tasks taught by every teacher is a kind of growth for myself. The nursing work itself is trivial, from the nursing operations that must be completed to the eating and drinking of the patient

Medical beauty’s “bow into the game”!

At the end of 2019, Luo Fat of “Logical Thinking” spoke a popular word in his New Year’s speech — bow into the game! What is “bowing into the game”? It means, do n’t “think before and after”, and do n’t “criticize”, just “do”! Just “do it yourself”! Only by doing it yourself and practicing it can we gain something and succeed! Inspired by this, looking at your past work, it really fits this “bow-in” style! My life is meticulous, and I am also a perfectionist. Therefore, I like to do things by myself, regardless of the size. Regardless of pre-operative communication, intra-operative design, especially surgical operation and post-operative care, I must personally operate and participate, completely letting “others” do it, I am not at ease … The following are some of my work scenes. You can learn more about the characteristics of my work. Preoperative communication! Pre-operative design: My habit is to “draw” design drawings in the operating room. You have seen a lot of these design drawings. The reason why I did n’t draw the design drawing in the clinic or ward is that the drawing of the design drawing in the operating room before the operation can more clearly measure the breast data according to the “full picture” of the thoracic cage. It is convenient for the doctor to have a deeper impression of the design drawing in the mind, and it is more meaningful for guiding the surgical operation. In most cases, I will accompany my customers into the “sleep” state of anesthesia. The “accompaniment” of the chief surgeon can greatly relieve customers’ worries and fears about surgery and anesthesia. In most cases, I personally prepare the sterilization for the customer. The routine assistant should do this. I’m doing “preparation” for surgery! This link is routinely done by a nurse with a desk. From the “outside the window”, all links are done by me alone, without any assistants or nurses to “assist”! I am “fighting” alone! The operating room is “quiet”, everyone is “busy” with their work, and there is only one surgeon throughout the operation! that’s me! The operation is complete! I have to rush to the ward to visit the customer, and also to accompany the customer to “playback” the operation process. I know the customer would like to know if their operation was successful? The last link: dressing change and thread removal! I “robbed” the work of the assistants again. As long as I have time, I must do the work for the customers personally until the customers are discharged! Is leaving the hospital “end”? Far from it! It is the “start” of our service after discharge! We set up a “post-operative care group” for each customer individually. This group is composed of customers, my assistants and me. The customers start their “spit” after they return home. They have many problems and “all-weather” Ask questions at any time in hours! We also have to answer these questions at any time. Of course, I will answer most of these questions, because customers still trust their doctors, because they trust them to come to you for surgery, so no matter how high your title is? How famous is it? We are first and foremost a “doctor”, serving customers is the doctor’s responsibility and obligation! “Wholeheartedness” and “Good beginning and end” is what a qualified doctor should do. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & bb.