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[Lanzhou Longda Andrological Hospital] Five psychological reasons for circumcision for circumcised men! Lanzhou Men’s Hospital free consultation telephone: 0931-4523019   I don’t know when, men began to pay more attention to JJ’s foreskin, maybe it is I was really hurt by it! This is the following for the foreskin men present here, please be seated!   Foreskin men choose the 5 psychological reasons for circumcision!    Reason 1: The most painful thing about surrendering a man early is that the beloved one has not At the beginning, you have already disarmed and surrendered! Studies have shown that long foreskin wraps the glans tightly for a long time, and the glans mucosa usually receives less friction and irritation, making the glans mucosa feel too sensitive. During sex, the glans will be exposed. When the glans and the Y channel are rubbed and stimulated, the glans mucosal nerves will be too sensitive, leading to premature ejaculation and premature ejaculation. Reason 2: The smell is too big. The girl is not going to be a girl. She wants to help you bite and let you enjoy the dessert before dinner, but she suddenly clutched her nose and ran away… This is because the foreskin is too long. , The dirt inside cannot be cleaned up in time, the sebum secreted by the foreskin can not be eliminated for a long time and the sediment in the urine will form a cheese-like smegma, and smegma is mostly caused by yeast or bacteria, which can cause the penis to smell bad. Reason 3: Female ticket gynecological inflammation is your fault. Beware that she is always troubled by gynecological inflammation, but you can’t find the cause. Then you have to see if your foreskin is to blame! Growth is easy to breed bacteria. If you do not take protective measures during sex, these bacteria will enter the Y tract of women, which will induce gynecological inflammation, and even more serious will lead to the occurrence of female cervical cancer. Reason 4: It hinders JJ’s growth and go to the toilet with a good friend. What he took out was a big banana, but what you took out was mung bean sprouts… This is all because of the glans and penis being damaged during puberty. The long foreskin is tightly wrapped, which limits the development space of JJ, which leads to short penis and underdevelopment of the glans.   Reason 5: You can’t indulge yourself when you’re watching a love action movie by yourself.    Watching a love action movie alone, with a slow motion with the left hand and right hand, and a slow motion replay with the right hand and left hand. Because many people have phimosis, the caliber of the foreskin is small. If you don’t pay attention to masturbation, the opened foreskin cannot return to its original position, which leads to the foreskin incarceration… If it is not reset in time, it may even cause the glans to die! Let’s take a look at what the men who have undergone circumcision say!    The patient’s self-reported circumcision is too long and feels after circumcision 1. Love love now feels superb! I feel that the entire operation is completed in half an hour, and the wound is closed in 3 or 4 days. The scab, using absorbable thread, will be completely lost in 7 days. I went to work on the second day of the operation. After that, I took medicine on time every day and recovered quickly. As for love, haha, I feel superb!    2. “Little brother” is clean and itchy! Postoperative and preoperative pictures Than, it feels really helpful for personal hygiene. There used to be white things on Tintin, sometimes smelling, and itchy after 2 days without a bath. Now it’s much cleaner and the appearance is much better. The key is that you don’t have to go to the hospital for the embarrassing disease of balanitis!   3. Looks good, feels stronger than before! When it was soft before, it didn’t show up, it looked like It’s ugly. Sometimes when I have sex with my wife, I’m always worried that she will laugh at me! Now it’s cut off, and the glans can be exposed even when it’s soft, and it looks a lot bigger than before! Now, sex with my wife Life is more confident and harmonious!    4. Sex life is harmonious, and my wife’s gynecological disease is cured! After circumcision, the “little brother” is very “prestigious”. After the abstinence period, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of sexual life Improve a lot and feel more pleasure. My wife’s gynecological disease has not been recurring for a long time. It seems that a man gives his “little brother” proper “beauty” in his life as a “sexual blessing”!    The gentleman is magnanimous, the villain hides JJ! How does the foreskin man win back the man? The dignity of the female ticket makes the female ticket forget the old king next door? Cut off the foreskin and solve all the troubles at once! Give you and your beloved a healthier and longer “sexual” blessing life…” “Lanzhou Longda Hospital Urology Surgery is a designated hospital for medical insurance