For a heart attack, immediately take the quick-acting Jiuxin pills? The doctor dismissed the rumor: these circumstances can be subdued

Many patients with heart disease ask me when they are outpatient or discharged: What should I do if they are sick? What first-aid medicine? Because there are many kinds of heart disease, we can’t give the only first-aid solution when heart disease is gone, and there is no unique medicine. Someone asked: When a heart attack occurs, is it good to have quick-acting? Can you eat quick effects usually? I said: First of all, the instructions for quick-acting Jiuxin Pills stated that qi activating blood circulation, removing stasis and pain, increasing coronary blood flow and alleviating angina. It is used for coronary heart disease with qi stagnation and blood stasis. That is, fast-acting Jiuxin pills are suitable for the treatment of coronary heart disease; and are used to relieve angina. So for angina pectoris, can it contain quick-acting rescue pills? According to the instructions, of course, it can be included, and this medicine is taken when coronary heart disease is angina; Suxiao Jiuxin Pill was launched in 1981 and is very popular among patients. The main ingredients of Suxiao Jiuxin Pill are Chuanxiong, Borneol, etc. Chuanxiong is OK Qi Kaiyu, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. Borneol has the effect of rejuvenating qi and relieving turbidity. The combination of the two drugs complements each other and can be used to treat coronary heart disease with qi stagnation and blood stasis. Suxiao Jiuxin Pill has the effects of dilating coronary artery, relaxing vascular smooth muscle, anti-myocardial ischemia, protecting myocardial cells, inhibiting atherosclerosis, lowering blood viscosity and significant antispasmodic analgesia. Known as the “life-saving medicine” for coronary heart disease, it is on par with the western medicine nitroglycerin! But in the actual clinical, as long as it is a patient with coronary heart disease or angina pectoris, we generally recommend that patients prepare to carry nitroglycerin with them, rather than quick-acting rescue pills, at least quick-acting rescue pills are not the first choice. We know that angina pectoris is a manifestation of coronary heart disease with severe myocardial ischemia, especially unstable angina, which has the risk of cardiac arrest and the risk of developing into acute myocardial infarction, so when angina pectoris attacks, we must find a way to stop Angina attack. It is generally judged whether the drug used to treat angina pectoris is effective. The current standard is: 1. Significant effect: Within 3 minutes after general administration, angina pectoris disappears or basically relieves. 2. Effective: 3 to 5 minutes after medication, angina pectoris disappeared or basically relieved. 3. Ineffective: angina pectoris gradually relieved or did not improve more than 5 minutes after medication. That is to say, the criterion for judging whether the medicine is effective is preferably within 3 minutes. It is also a matter of 3-5 minutes. If it exceeds 5 minutes, it means that the medicine is ineffective. Current research shows that nitroglycerin is effective for 93% of angina, so when angina pectoris attacks, we prefer nitroglycerin. As for the quick-acting Jiuxin pills, there is no data in this regard, but it is not impossible to include. After all, the instructions written by others are adapted to angina. But everyone must be aware that only after the first aid medicine is included and relieved in about 3 minutes will this be the first aid medicine. Some people contain so-called first-aid medicines, which usually take less than 10 minutes to relieve, indicating that this medicine is not an emergency medicine. Because the duration of angina is generally 3-15 minutes, up to 15 minutes. It takes more than 5 minutes to relieve, not the effect of the drug. So do n’t think that if you take a certain medicine, it will be better in 10 minutes or half an hour, and you think it ’s a good medicine, but it ’s not! So under what circumstances is it recommended to use fast-acting Jiuxin pills, on the one hand, we only recommend nitroglycerin first choice, because both clinical and big data prove that nitroglycerin can relieve angina more quickly. But on the other hand, we also have no right to say that quick-acting has no effect. The most important thing is to use quick-acting Jiuxin pills when nitroglycerin is not available. What situations can not use nitroglycerin: 1. Severe anemia; 2. Glaucoma; 3. Increased intracranial pressure 4. Patients allergic to nitroglycerin; 5. Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy; 6. Hypotension; In case of angina, you can only take quick-acting Jiuxin pills. Another problem is that nitroglycerin and fast-acting Jiuxin pills, the instructions suggest that angina pectoris, that is, take it in first aid. That is, when it is usually uncomfortable, or when it is not clear angina, it is not recommended to take it, especially nitroglycerin. However, the quick-acting Jiuxin pills are not so strict. Many people have taken the quick-acting Jiuxin pills in times of panic, shortness of breath, and various discomforts. No matter whether it is effective or not, at least psychologically give people a comfort and take their own medicine Too. In addition, the instruction manual also recommends that you can eat it at ordinary times, so you can sometimes take quick-acting Jiuxin pills on occasion. Such as