What are the precautions after finishing Super Pico?

1. & nbsp.Do not wash your face with raw water for 3 days after super picoseconds. You can use mineral water or cooked water to cool to avoid scabs and gently wipe it. Remember not to use a towel to apply your face; & nbsp.2. & Nbsp. Medical sterile mask can be used, two to two times a week, and within three months, once in the morning and evening, 13 grams of special tissue nutrition JINMEI, after 3 to 6 months, dosage According to the skin recovery situation, once a day JINMEI, ordinary collagen is not available, and no repair factor can not achieve the repair effect. & nbsp.3. & nbsp. Taboo: Avoid eating soy sauce, spicy, hairy foods (beef and mutton, etc.), photosensitive foods (celery, leek, coriander, etc.); & nbsp.4. Thin crusting! Remember to protect well, do not go to the scab, avoid scarring and pigmentation. The scab is better to fall off naturally; & nbsp.5. & Nbsp. Be sure to do sun protection! Sunscreen, sun hat, mask, sunglasses are all indispensable. & nbsp. A woman’s life is also a life of pursuit of beauty. When spots, acne marks, and uneven skin tone appear, super picoseconds can help us make the skin more clean and translucent.