Are there any side effects from long-term drinking?

Everyone knows that Jinjiu has a certain health function, which can resist fatigue and improve immunity. It can better regulate the body by insisting on drinking it. However, any alcohol cannot be overdone, and many people don’t know it. So, do you know that long-term drinking of Jinjiu has side effects? Jinjiu has a kidney effect. Jinjiu is based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory that “the kidney is the innate foundation”. Jinjiu can nourish the kidney, nourish yin and yang, nourish qi and invigorate the spleen. It also pays attention to the overall regulation of human functions while invigorating the kidney. With nourishing the essence of acquired nature, the power source of human life is constantly enriched and strengthened. Jinjiu contains a variety of saponins, flavonoids, active polysaccharides and other functional factors, as well as a variety of nutrients such as amino acids, organic acids and trace elements required by the human body. Therefore, long-term drinking of Jinjiu is okay, and it will not have great side effects on the body, but if excessive drinking Jinjiu is harmful to health. Because the side effect of drinking too much is to increase the metabolism of the liver. Because the taste of Jinjiu is good and a little sweet, customers are very easy to drink too much inadvertently. Jinjiu contains a hundred flavors of Chinese medicinal materials, and the medicine is alcoholic. Help medicinal effects. And the ingredients in Jinjiu will keep the drinker agitated even after drinking too much, and can clearly recognize the uncomfortable level of the human body, so drink appropriately. Choosing Jinjiu is to choose a kind of physical and mental health The best way to drink is to drink in moderation without getting drunk. However, if you drink too much Jinjiu for a long time, you will also have dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, nausea, etc., which can lead to alcoholism. You can drink Xie honey water to relieve headaches after drinking. Bananas can help relieve heart palpitations and chest tightness after drinking. , Yogurt can relieve irritability after drinking. Generally, the amount of alcohol intake per person per day should be less than 1ml per kg of body weight. Taking a weight of 60kg as an example, the daily drinking volume of 35-degree wine should not exceed 200ml. Therefore, it is advisable to control the daily consumption of 50ml~150ml when drinking Jinjiu. The second is the frequency of drinking: the alcohol and functional ingredients in Jinjiu enter the human body to participate in the body’s metabolic activities. In order to reduce the body’s burden of metabolizing alcohol, it is advisable to drink Jinjiu again at an interval of more than 4 hours, and insist on drinking 1-2 times a day. Is the best.