Causes of insomnia

#夏健康打卡# Reasons for insomnia: 1 Counting but not making decisions, thinking and melancholy, resulting in insufficient blood and energy, unable to support the mind and insomnia. “Jingyue Quanshu” says: “Those who are innocent and insomnia must have insufficient blood. If the owner has blood, blood deficiency will not nourish the heart, and if the heart is weak, the god will not guard the house.” 2 The anger hurts the liver and causes the heart and liver to become angry. “Blood Syndrome · Sleeping Sleeping” says: “If the yang is floating outside and the soul does not enter the liver, you will be insomnia. The syndrome is not irritable, sleepless and sleepless.” 3 Deficiency of heart, gallbladder and qi, usually frightened and unable to be decisive Dealing with things, worrying, restless, fearful. “Shen’s Honored Students’ Book · Insomnia” says: “The heart is timid, easy to startle when touched, and sleepless if you feel annoying.”