Choice of double eyelid width

Recently, Jing Tian’s double eyelids have attracted everyone’s attention. The fleshy strips of the double eyelids that are visible to the naked eye have become smaller, and the whole person has become more agile. You know she used to laugh at herself as a sad frog before her double eyelids. But now, visible to the naked eye, Jing Tian’s double eyelids were obviously repaired and narrowed a lot. The whole person looks aura, giving people a natural and comfortable feeling. Regarding the aesthetic standards of “double eyelids”, first of all, let’s take a look at eye aesthetics. The width of the eyelid of the Oriental is between 6-8mm, and the double eyelid is wider than 8mm, which does not meet the golden ratio, and it is easy to lose the natural and harmonious beauty. Asians do not have a three-dimensional structure forehead and brow bones, forcibly large double eyelids of European style, without makeup, showing no spirit. Bingbing with deep eyebrows can easily become apathetic without makeup. So the problem is that Asians generally have a long distance between eyebrows and eyes, so the ideal tarsal width is 6-8mm. It is best not to exceed the width of this tarsal plate. 10mm is already a very risky operation for most ordinary oriental looks. Therefore, a little aesthetic pass, and responsible doctors, will control the eyelid width between a reasonable 6-8mm, and the double eyelids are too wide, mostly because of preoperative design errors or unreasonable requirements of the beauty seeker. In the requirements of the width of the double eyelid, the beauty seeker must comprehensively consider the ratio of his own facial features and facial features, so as to avoid the inconsistency of the golden ratio of the eye and the unnatural consequences of excessively widening after surgery.